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Sat Apr 29, 2023 6:41 pm

» Name: Noriai, Hideo___

» Age: 946
» Birthday: June 13th
» Gender: Male
» Race: Shinigami

» Association: Gotei United
-- First Division, 16th Seat
-- Men's Association
-- Gotei Banking United

» Marital: Complicated
» Nationality: Russo-Japanese
» Sexuality: Heterosexual

» Sons: 113
» Daughters: 95

» Height: 6'4"
» Weight: 256 lb.
» Hair Colour: Blonde
» Eye Colour: Blue-White

Noriai, Hideo FAKz1Bc
'*Hideo on one of his 'vacations' to the Human World.

» Shakkin Oni: (lit. Debt Demon) Known for a particularly brutal style of debt collection, Hideo gained this recognition after hunting multiple souls through their various reincarnations to collect debt from their previous lives. 'Pay your debts to the Gotei.'

» Shinigami no Kawari no Chichi: (lit. Father of the Substitute Shinigami) While not technically true, Hideo holds the record as the father to the most half-human, half-shinigami on earth. Indirectly, this has made the highest amount of spiritually compatible hosts for substitute shinigami that do not defy the law of Soul Society. Many of which he has had the 'bad habit' of bringing back with him on occasion, earning him the title.

» Appearance:


» Personality: Particularly obsessed with numbers, having spent a not insignificant amount of time researching numerology, along with numerous other factoids regarding number systems and their function. This is something he will often drop sprinkled throughout conversations, as he does not lack the inherent social awarness to spout his love for numbers day in, day out. Some part of him wishes for it, but it is far quieter than the brain in his dick.

Hideo considers himself a feminist, in so much that he thinks women deserve better. Specifically, himself. An incorrigible flirt, willing to wear an eyepatch without need because 'it makes him more interesting'. Irreparably an attention whore, he wears open chested shirts and takes pleasure in his own presence. Surprisingly, he is not very self centered outside of his 'peculiarities', often being jovial and rather upbeat about the abilities and appearance of those around him.

Notably, he has a particular fondness for human women, and preaches the benefits and luxury of gigai to those that will listen.

He believes in Karmic good and evil, and that one must use one to balance the other. 'Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people' being a saying Hideo has taken to heart. Using it to excuse his own behavior and justify actions, it can be a mystery at times what his next action will be determined purely on this 'karmic' scale. As a self aggrandized adjuster of karma, it is apparent with enough time around him that this is fairly ingrained selfishness, but otherwise appears as a unknowable intelligence.

Enjoying his work as a shinigami greatly, finding a 'peace' in his work aside from fervent number crunching and debt collecting. This carries into a level of nonchalant and casual confidence that permeates even his speech, rarely if ever using honorifics, but also very rarely talking down to anyone. A matter of fact approach that bites with sincerity despite a high level of positivity. Fairly greedy and gluttonous when otherwise allowed by societal convention, although he has been known to shy away if it would make him appear poorly in the eyes of a woman.


Coming into existence within the Rukongai's middle districts, the soul that would become Hideo was a small, fragile thing. The howling winds of an icy tundra on the child's back, faint memories of gnashing teeth and red snow. Bright, blue eyes opened to the Soul Society. A blinding sun, the warmth of it overwhelming. The tiny thing that would become Hideo cried, for it was the first time it experienced joy. Small hands pushed off of cobblestone, a wobbly step forward, from a cold, bleak nothing, and into the warmth of a new day.

Growing up on the streets of the Rukongai, Hideo was often seen as little more than an urchin. Not that he gave merit to it, outwardly. Nicely mannered, fairly polite, even popular with the girls. A level of confidence instilled him, even then. Outwardly, he was the perfect gentleman for a growing young boy. In darker corners of the street, where what one had was fought for, he was anything but. Greed and desire laid their roots deep and early, making wants into needs and needs into fists. From a meal to a home, the growing boy acquired nothing without force. What he could not get, well, he simply went without.

But that without would always circle back around. Another want to become another need. Another fist, another day.

Violence beget violence, street brawls turning into turf wars as the more powerful got involved. Hideo took the role of muscle, despite his young age, finding a thrill in both getting the shit beat out of him, and beating the shit out of others. The conflicts were unable to escalate for long, as a rising force amongst the Rukongai prevented anyone else from establishing footholds. As it settled, Hideo found his role and enjoyment amongst the chaos vanished, although it would not be a sign for him to turn legitimate. One of his friends within the budding gangs came to him with a job offer, a way for him to use the few skills he had started to learn.

Muscle for an illegal betting parlor.

During the sixteenth century, Hideo was assigned an undercover position in a university expected to be propagating Quincy teachings, highlighted for his numerical aptitude. This would lead to him forming a rather friendly reprise with one of their suspected Quincy, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. While his time knowing the man would be a few short years before his death, the talk and education they would explore shaped him greatly. The existence and culmination of his lifelong obsession in the form of numerology, something in which he would help Heinrich publish a work titled 'Three Books of Occult Philosophy'. His own existence as a shinigami played very close to the chest, as exposure to the 'occult' nature of the book placed a very wide set of eyes on him. The assignment would end shortly after Heinrich's death, leads drawing cold over the span of a few years.

Some decades would pass,

Natural Abilities

» Number Cruncher: A polymath of numbers, Hideo is not a formally trained mathematician or otherwise degreed individual. His computational power would make anyone think otherwise, formulae being trivial; any lesser mathematics encroaching things such as debt or payroll calculations a near instant breeze. In more fast paced environments, this elevates into a whirlwind of processing; a breathing computer. Unfortunately, when it comes to abstracting the numbers into something more, say with word problems, he is significantly slowed down.

» Memory Vice-Grip: Not an eidetic memory, but incredibly well remembered. Particularly in regards to a woman; Hideo can always put a name to a face. He can recall little details hundreds of years later, ranging from the clothes someone was wearing to their tone of voice. Whether or not what he remembers is relevant being an entirely separate concern, with the only fair guarantee he remembers in full being to his formerly stated passion and work. Hideo dose not have the capability to forget a debt, or debtor. Similarly he can remember paystubs and monetary organization to fractions of a cent, although it is rarely needed.

» Spiritual Pressure: Hideo actively acts to not suppress his exceedingly high spiritual pressure, preferring the attention it brings him upon entering a room of those spiritually aware. The feeling has been described as 'a too-warm hand on the shoulder'. This speaks not negatively to his aptitude to control it, but rather the opposite. From the perception of other spiritual powers to the flow of his own, Hideo has an incredible amount of expertise in regards to its manipulation. In application, this flow of spiritual pressure allows for techniques such as Hierro, a style of defense he found endearing from a previous combat division captain.

» Crushing Wheel, Collapsing Realm: A one handed sword style turned martial art; developed from the teachings at Shin'o academy, alongside several sparring sessions with various masters of their craft. Consisting of fourteen individual techniques, and split into two unique schools; one bearing the 'Eight-Spoked Wheel' moniker, the other 'Six-Enlightened Realms'. After several hundred years of iteration, these techniques are wholly Hideo's own, their names and stylings removed from whatever they originally were.

Eight-Spoked Wheel: Named for the circular arcs of the blade, there is no general drawing style accompanied, and various grips of the hilt. Each of the techniques takes some inspiration with their name, which follow -

Avidyā | Saṃskāra | Vijñāna | Ṣaḍāyatana | Sparśa | Vedanā | Upādāna | Bhava | Jāti

Six-Enlightened Realms: Two sets of three form to make six; throws paired in terms of their lethality. While the less lethal techniques can utilize both limbs or the hilt of his sword, the remaining throws and grabs are used nigh exclusively in a manner to kill Hideo's target, the blade being a pivotal piece of their function. From least to most lethal, they follow -

Deva | Asura | Manushya | Tiragyoni | Preta | Naraka

Racial Abilities

» Agrippan Methodology Kido: Hideo believes himself to have cracked a specific code within the categorization and numbering of kido, following a method he began studying sometime five hundred odd years ago. By assigning each letter of the corresponding kido class with its correct Agrippan numeral, adding them together should provide the 'mathematically correct' spell for that class. Following are his two revelations, regarding Hadō and Bakudo.

Hadō #63. Raikōhō: Taking the individual values of each letter within 'Hadō' - h=8 / a=1 / d=4 / o=50 - and adding them together, Hideo has come to the singular conclusion that sixty-three is the "perfect" Hadō spell. Capable of feats that twist and exaggerate the spell beyond most user's parameter, simply casting the technique with a full chant is comparable to a warhead.

Bakudo #67. Yashōka-ō Hashira Taking the individual values of each letter within 'bakudo' - b=2 / a=1 / k=10 / d=4 / o=50 - and adding them together, Hideo has come to the singular conclusion that sixty-seven is the "perfect" bakudo spell. Notably within the Agrippan Method, the letter 'U' is not recognized, although this has not been a discredit to his belief in the spell's function. From partial manifestation to size alteration, the base property of the bakudo can extend over an entire city when fully chanted.

» Blade of Reincarnation: A zanjutsu technique developed for the easy dispatch of low-level hollow. Focusing the user's reiatsu into the hilt of their zanpakuto, they temporarily exert the stored energy into the blade upon attacking a low level (Spirit Class 7-9) hollow, forcing the blade into a state of empowered konso. A strike to the mask with this technique is all but a guaranteed expulsion of said hollow's soul, with any body blows being capable of nigh-instantly obliterating their body. This attack still stings to higher level hollows, although without the dwarfing of spiritual magnitude it rarely comes as a killing blow.

» Blade of Rejection: A zanjutsu technique created to forcibly end blade clashes, requiring the user to actively match or overwhelm the connecting opponent's strength. As long as the user is capable of at least forcing a stale mate with two blades locked against each other, they can shunt a wave of spiritual pressure through and out their blade at the connecting point. In an instant, the blades are blown back from one another, creating a decisive opening. It does not save the user from any blade clashes they would've lost normally. When applied to a blade otherwise, it can be compared to throwing a punch in addition to the cut.


» Zanpakutō Name: Zankigeiwa [山鬼の鯨波 Battle Cry of the Mountain Demon]

» Zanpakutō Spirit: Colossal. Hog like, bipedal, and covered in muscle. ~~~ stands at roughly thirty-seven meters~ (one hundred twenty feet~), clad in little more than a waistcloth. His shoulders bear the wheel of dharma, with several thick black lines tattooed across forearms. Even in the nicest of lighting, ~~~'s skin is a dark, blemished pink. From the corners of his mouth are large tusks, bound on either base with further dharma wheels. Between narrow, arrogant eyes is a large snout, bearing a fat, golden nose ring. Despite his aggressively massive physique, his skin seems bloated, almost fat with muscle.

» Inner World: A singular, massive palace encompasses the inner world of Zankigeiwa. A room with walls infinitely far away, and yet close at the same time - the back wall of which is always seen. An enormous waterwheel, forever turning. Substituted for water are gold coins, amongst various other world currencies. Silks line pillars, sweeping high above various cushions strewn in over-luxury. The notable smells of perfume and incense emanate throughout, the smoke forming an eternal ceiling; reaching up, and into the nothing.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: A traditional katana, sheathed in solid black. The guard as it meets the sheath is shaped into a golden dharma wheel, rounded spokes numbering eight. The hilt is fairly unadorned, a golden sheen peeking through black twine. The blade has a small vein of gold, peeking through its edge.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Power: A soul killed by Zankigeiwa is permanently marked in the soul cycle, gaining a unique dharma-wheel shaped birthmark on the back of their right hand. Hideo can recognize people with this mark preternaturally, allowing him to identify souls between the spokes that are the wheel of the soul cycle. Furthermore, the residual reiatsu of someone killed by the sealed blade is condensed into a coin of their local currency - defaulting to an unmarked golden coin when killing a hollow. These are stored within his inner world, each providing a miniscule addition to his own reiatsu.


» Shikai Release Phrase: "Cycle, Zankigeiwa."

» Shikai Release Action: Stabbing forward into the air, the blade dissolves into the guard, causing the dharma wheel to expand and spin. As the wheel swirls backwards and into the user's hand, the hilt of the transformed weapon shifts back into their grip; settling it's blade onto their shoulder as the wheel disappears.

» Shikai Appearance: As the zanpakutō is released, it takes the form of an enormous cleaver of tarnished gold. The handle more comparable to a log, wood bound in black rope. A flare of red tassels from this end, the opposite bearing the base of the blade. Branching from one shoulder to another to be wielded in any semblance, the entire weapon is roughly three and a half meters (eleven feet~) long. The blade shows numerous chips, the back of the metal having a large hole situated as any butcher's tool.

» Shikai Abilities: With its inordinate size, Zankigeiwa possesses no other ability worth mention. It is, however, an incredibly proficient and powerful weapon by all means. While it has some latent potential, the strength it has it just that; overwhelming strength, raw power. The origin of the shikai leaves in in a somewhat vulnerable state if not for its own impressive durability; any battle damage in a fight maintained upon advancing into bankai. The damage inflicted by the shikai is such that defeated foes reiatsu will be fully dispersed, ending any techniques that otherwise might've maintained. In turn, it does not possess the same coin-smithy as the sealed blade.


» Black Eyepatch: Purely aesthetic. There's an eye back there.

» Gigai Pill: A storage device housing a specially made gigai in the form of a pill. Upon exerting their spiritual pressure, Hideo can force the pill to explode in a cloud of smoke, reforming into its original shape. It appears much the same as him, although it has been enhanced with increased levels of pleasure receptors and pheromonic excretions. Similarly it can be put back into the pill shape by exerting pressure, bypassing the need for a mod soul.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Advanced
» Strength: Elite
» Martial Skill: Master

Will Skills
» Willpower: Advanced
» Deduction: Elite
» Focus: Adept

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Untrained
» Kidō: Elite
» Zanjutsu: Advanced
» Hakuda: Untrained

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