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Hana Aoyama Upgrade [#1] Empty Hana Aoyama Upgrade [#1]

Mon Sep 04, 2023 9:57 am

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Hana Aoyama
» Character Application: App Link

» Upgrade Details:

1. I’ll be updating the history and personality to fit how I’m actually role playing Hana. There are some differences that I feel need to be addressed more accurately. I hope that's okay not to put in here. If not, let me know and I'll add it in.
Will be doing this in separate upgrade.

2. I’d like an upgrade to her Spirit Class by one or two levels. I'll take whatever you guys feel is right with the supporting material.

3. I will also be lowering speed to Beginner from Adept AND Willpower to Beginner from Adept. These skills reflect the way I’ve been playing her much more accurately. The girl needs some more time to grow into herself.

4. I’d like these additions to Hana’s app:
(These aren’t asking for skill changes. Just description additions.)

Reikaku: After struggling to sense reiatsu correctly, causing her to run into an Arrancar that could have killed her if she was worth it, Hana began to hone her sensory abilities to prevent these mistakes from occurring again.

Shunpo Focus: Hana is only a few months out of Shinigami Academy. The only thing she excelled at is her speed techniques, so Shunpo is where she thrived. Hana has risen above her expectations, and she has gained the expertise required to be able to pull of multiple shunpo in a short period of time.

Kido: Having trained with both Lerna and Mizu to increase her control over Kido, Hana has started her journey to becoming a skilled kido practitioner. While she cannot be considered impressive, her kido is no longer failing her like it once was. Recent events have shown she can successfully use kido in battle.

Zanjutsu: Hana’s struggle with reiryoku control has ended. Gaining the resolve to fight, she has successfully been able to use her reiryoku to sharpen her blade and exercise a hollow above her level. Recent training helped her start hearing the voice of her zanpakuto spirit, though she’s unaware that is what it is.

5. Finally, I would like an increase in zanjutsu from beginner to adept so she can start toward shikai

» Supporting Material:
Spirit Class Upgrade: The kido training threads are more about Hana’s control of her kido, not the empowerment of it, so I’m not looking for a kido upgrade here. Instead, just showing that her reiryoku and control of it is getting stronger.

1. Earning Your Scales
After attempting to half-ass her training, Hana meets Lerna, who pulls her into trying a bit harder. Attempting to use kido, and failing, Hana is first introduced with her struggle to control her own energy and use it in battle.

2. Training Days
On the recommendation of another, Hana travels to Mizu’s Division and ends up getting a good lesson in the implementation of kido. With Mizu helping Hana gain some resolve and confidence, Hana is finally able to fire off multiple kido spells without problem, while also recognizing when her control is faltering.

3. Englightened
Having trouble with multiple hollow, Hana is joined by Ikari in battle. During the battle, Hana is able to utilize kido confidently for the first time.

4. Nice to Meet You, I Will Beat You
Not realizing that she has no skill with reikaku, Hana overconfidently runs into a battle with someone much more powerful and is soundly defeated.

5. Always in Training
Minor mention of zanpakuto communication attempts in the start of this thread, showing she has been trying this entire time.

6. Just A Flicker
A second mention of attempts to communicate with her zanpakuto at the start of this thread, but it turns into a fight with a hollow, while Yumiko challenges Hana to step up.

I. Hazard Rating Information

» Power: N/A

» Influence: N/A

» Resources: N/A

» In-Character Summary: N/A

I. Additional Information

Nothing to add beyond a thank you for checking my upgrade!

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Hana Aoyama Upgrade [#1] Empty Re: Hana Aoyama Upgrade [#1]

Sat Sep 23, 2023 11:30 am
[mod] Spirit Class: I can approve a bump from Spirit class 9 to 8. Particularly given that her training seems to have focused on expending her reiryoku in the form of Kido training. However, I don't feel that the level to which Hana is exerting herself in these threads is sufficient for two spirit class bumps given the number of materials presented, especially given the additional focus of her Zanjutsu for this upgrade.

Zanjutsu: Declined, the supportive material does not show sufficient Zanjutsu training for focus to justify an increase in this skill to Adept. Though if you wanted a bump in Kido, that would be much more fitting.

App Additions (Reikaku, Shunpo Focus, Kido, Zanjutsu) These descriptions line up with her narrative and her current level with these skills.

Skill drops:
Willpower: Approved, she has consistently shown to be a little pee baby.
Speed: Approved I suppose[/mod]
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