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Wed Jan 17, 2024 2:58 pm


Enter Aiko's Post

That's all there was to it then! This trip was set in stone once he had agreed and she nodded her head to affirm that truth.

"Perfect! If you have any essentials for the trip, bring them along. I'm counting on you to guide me!"

With her smile broadening, Aiko stretched; taking a moment to look around and take in the sights around her. There was a sense of readiness for rest that was evident in her movements. Traveling here, using her powers, and dealing with the storm; it wore her out and she soon had a yawn exit her lips which further affirmed her that she needed to rest and recover.

"But if we are gonna go on such a journey, I think we both should get some rest. If you can point out where the bedroom is, I think I'm gonna go to sleep and we can regroup in the morning, alright?"

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Echoes In The Rain [Aiko/Akira]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Echoes In The Rain [Aiko/Akira]

Fri Jan 19, 2024 12:15 pm
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Akira smiled softly at Aiko’s need for rest, offering an idle gesture for her to follow as he tugged at the fabric of his waistcoat to assure it remained firm. The walk was easy though shifting into a cabinet, glancing over a wide array of different looking keys, purposefully made with the intent to assure that multiple occupants couldnt access another's room.

He plucked one out and gestured for her to follow.

Two floors later did they reach a higher case of winding stairways before halting in the corridor, handing the key over.

."Final room on your left Miss. There is little here as of this moment so one of the larger bedrooms can be yours, it has a bathroom within and some basic utensils like a kettle. It is designed off Western architecture so, enjoy the space in general. You’ll find a hook inside beside the door and one near the bathroom door, tug on either if you require me.

With that, a dip of the head came to pass.

."I wish you a goodnight.


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