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Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:48 pm
The Class Chaser

John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4120-1

» Name: John Doe
» Titles:The Chaser
» Appearance Age: Undeterminable with mask, 16 without mask.
» True Age: About 500; indeterminable.
» Gender: Male
Affiliation/Rank: Monsuta

» Appearance Description: N/A

» Appearance Picture:

Without Mask


John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4121-1

» Personality:

The Crimson Chaser truly is a magnificent being; he moves in a regal manner, never truly revealing his designs until it is time for them to be shown, and he is in essence without a truly lineage. However, he is truly on the side f protagonism, as he does refuse needless destruction and aids those in need. However, he is still technically a mercenary, and as such prefers to always work alone, without anyone else to help him.

He is a very cat like being, a tomcat to be precise. He is fiercely independent, never asks for another persons help even when he badly needs it, even though he may sorely, sorely need it. He prefers it when people do not touch his ears and tail, as they are special parts of his body that even he rarely touches. His observational skills are also very good, and he is highly skilled at detecting the patterns within things.

Brutal Combatant
Considering what his favorite weapon is t use as the Chaser, a gigantic saw-blade, his method of fighting is extremely destructive. He doesn't care what happens to the bodies of those he faces, although those who can hold him off he does feel deserve some amount of honor. On the other hand, highly disrespectful persons receive no mercy from the Cat-man, and he will brutally rip them to shreds without holding anything back. Other then that, unlike a tomcat he desn't usually play with his food before he eats it, but rather goes to make the battle go as swiftly as possible.

Fiercely Independent
He is highly independent, and rarely sees another person as an equal or superior. Rather, it is not impossible for him to recognize them assuch, but rather for him to publically express the view that he knows they are superior to him. Most of the time, he merely treats everyone with a lightrespect, referring to everyone in the same tone of voice unless he is insulted. He does not travel with a companion, nor does he ever ask for one. Hehas never taken a partner of any sort, and even feels uncomfortable doing so.

Strong but Silent
Very rarely does Chaser talk out loud to his opponent. Most of the time, he allows them to do the talking and himself to do the battling, taking note of everything that his opponent says. On the other hand, what he says should ALWAYS be noted, as in combat he never jokes. Everything he says is dead serious, and anything he doesn't say doesn't matter to him. Long conversations will be met by sure but short answers that are definitive in nature, without confusion, and he will never ask another person for clarification or explain himself if asked.

John Doe

John Doe is the character behind Chaser, the person he acts as whenever he is not on duty in his capacity as the Chaser, a position he only acts as around those whom he trusts personally.

The one thing that John has as a person is the immense amount of willpower within his body. While he does not have the appearance of a willful person, he never refuses something that he believes in, and will critically think on whatever he is told, no matter how far out there or unexprected it is.

John is a very hopeful individual. He is an optomist, and neverlooks on the dark side until there is absolutely no possible way that he could emerge from the situation with hope. His motto is that when you have a prblem, look towards the sun until it bursn the problem out with your eyes, and when you can no longer see, look at the moon until the ability to fill the darkness overcomes the blindness and allows you to strive orwards once again.

However, above all things, John is goofy. Unlike Chaser, his personality is a bright and positive individual, who loves to joke and play around. Literally, joking is his favorite hobby; he loves playing pranks on people and making himself and others laugh. When he does so is when he feels his most positive. Overall, his character is a fun one to talk to and interact with, as he is compeletely innocent without a bad bone in his body.

John also cares very, very much for his friends. Those he considers allies he will fight to the death of himself as many times over for, as well as those he doesn't even know very well. If he sees injustice he will attempt to make it right, and he doesn't like to see people sad. In addition, he depends on his friends, and trusts people to almost absurdly foolish amounts, something that he does to the point that other people literally will feel the fact that he trusts them so much that even if they are intending to betray that trust they will think twice about doing it.

John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4124-1

» Zanpakutō Name: N/A

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: N/A

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: N/A

» Inner World: Inner World
His inner world is a strange place. There is nothing but a deserted town within his inner world, which reflects the nature of his zanpaktou.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:
Chaser's sword is not…. Your normal weapon. The shape of its handle and body are rectangular in shape, making it easy for him to grasp the grip. However, more then this there the sharap spikes that shoot out from the sides, easily viewable to anyone who glances at the blade. In addition, the middle of the wooden frame in front of the handle contains a guillotine. Yes, a guillotine, within a weapon.

Shikai: The cat's yearning, a million toms growlat the enemy; Claw, John Doe!

Shikai Apperance Description
When Chaser uses his zanpaktou, he calls his own name instead of his weapon's, because of the fact that he no longer has a zanpaktou because of the surgery. Also as a result, his zanpaktou does not change shapes, and remains exactly the same as before.

Shikai Boost
In this form, Chaser's body focuses mostly on begin able to become a combatant, not going for fancy kills or anything short of the brutal beating of his opponent. When his shikai is realeased is when Chaser's true power come out. Up until that point he seems to be an enigma; his power seems little, and his body isn't very strong. However, once he releases his shikai it becomes obvious what happened to him.All of his raw power was stuffed into his release forms, and once those are released is when his true power comes out. While in Shikai, he also releases some of his mask power as well due to how his unique body works, meaning that it is not just shikai energy being released when he enters this form.

Increased Strength
Because of the massive boost gained by his shikai, Chaser's body becomes extremely laced with raw energy. As a result, his body's functions have become vastly increased. He has no problems with toppling entire buildings with a single swing of his arm, the raw force waves damaging things before even the extra air attack produced by his passive effect from his hollow can. His strength in this form is unlike any other Vizard, because of a single fact. Chaser has sum total of his mask ALSO added into his body as well when he releases shikai, meaning that his body is EXTREMELY strong, the muscles so laced with spiritual energy that it can actually hurt if he doesn't move after an extended period of time.

Increased Durability
In addition to the increased strength that he gets in this form, his body also becomes coated in the massive increase of spiritual energy, making him much more durable then before. Hisentire body is laced with the energy, so not only is he more difficult to break his flesh, but it is even more difficult because the inside of his body ALSO is as durable as his flesh. As aforementioned, this is because of the force of his mask being truly released as well, making his shikai release a double whammy.

Increased Cero Force
That's right, increased cero force. Why here? Because of the way his shikai and mask work. His mask doesn't ever become "active". However, he establishes his connection with his zanpaktou by using his hollow even more then he has passively. This means that when he goes into shikai, he also gains the boons of his mask in their full force. This includes the more powerful cero that he can now produce, which have all undergone an increase ot their sheer force and speed, as well as giving him enough energy to perform some new types as well.

Silver Cero
The silver cero is very similar to the weightless cero, in the fact that it goes EXTREMELY fast when it is released. However, this means that it isn't very powerful; simply extremely fast. However, the interesting thing about the silver cero is that Chaser can launch small silver ceros out of his body, shooting all around and even rediverting their paths with extremeaim. The blasts are usually only about tw oto three inches thick, meaning that Chaser can use them as a strafing fire or to catch an enemy off guard. When I said fast, I wasn't just talking about the weightless cero's level of speed. The silver cero is much faster then the weightless cero as well. The silver shoots out like a bolt of lightning, so fast that when they are fired it makes a sharp CRACK noise behind from where the air molecules are pierced and fixed nitrogen is produced. These amazingly fast cero are extremely useful, especially since Chaser can shoot them out of the end of his ssword.

Platinum Cero
The Platinum Cero, on the other hand, works much differently. The Platinum Cero charges itself up around the blade that Chaser carries, specifically the guillotine on the inside of the blade. When this shot is fired, all of his energy shoots around that guillotine edge, perfectly lining it as it shoots forwards in order to act as a guillotine should. When the guillotine slams into the wooden back on the other side, it produces a huge looking wave shaped like the guillotine before it. However, something rapidly changes. The guillotine of energy folds through in on itself, shrinking into the center become like a neele in size. When this needle is fired, air cracks like when Silver Cero is used, but that is only because the neelde is literally ripping the air as it approaches the opponent. This is because of the sheer amount of FORCE behind the needle; it has a massive amount of sheer cutting power from this force. The blade hitting into a target deals absolutely colossal damage and there are very few materials which can stop its sheer penetrating power.

Gold Cero
This is a rather different kind of cero. When Chaser uses this cero, gold- colored cero shoots out before him, or rather that's what it would do if there was anytihng visible. Rather, this cero makes a massive amount of formless markers, like a bed of the things which lay around the target in front of Chaser. While it is in this state, the attack is called Pyrite. Beings which can sense spiritual energy are more then able to sense the presence of this force when it is exposied in the air ,but they may have harder troubles detecting it if it is within the ground .The large beam, which looks like a structure beam to a building in its shape, long and rectangular, does not harm anything within Pyrite state. However, after this has laid for more then a moment ,Chaser is able to trigger their special properties and activate the true Gold Cero. It should also be noted that the Pyrite mode is completely colorless, formless… it cannot be detected by anything other then those who can sense spiritual energy, and it can lay inside of solid objects like the ground, as it doesn't have a form.

Then the second part of the attack triggers. When Chaser chooses to activate it, this massive attack shoots up gigantic spikes, like the ones on the sides of his blade, which shoot out around the targeted area. The spikes are only one per bit of width, and while they are not very large spikes, they make up for that in their sharpness and the force of them shooting up, because they are still cero. When they come into contact with a target, they explode. Normal objects can only trigger them if Chaser wils it, but beings who touch it will immediately be exploded. The spikes all shoot out of it at once with a force, rising up through the air a couple meters, like a comb.

Finally are the applications of this technique. Just like always, he can trigger the cero from any part of his body, sending the beam out from his hands, legs, or feet. However, there is anotherr special effect he can perform with this as well. He can align his blade with thi sattack ,lighting it with that golden energy. Then, from one or both sides of the blade th egolden spikes shoot out, possibly hittning a target or used before entering combat to blow an opponent away. It should finally be noted that Chaser can move thorugh the spikes unharmed; they are formed from him ,after all ,and they do not hurt their source.

Steel Cero
This is slightly like an evolution of the blade cero> What this cero does is it acts like a series of sword slashes. When Chase swings his sword, the energy is ripped from his spiritual pressure around him, forming these blades as a passive ability whenever he strikes with his sword. The blades shoot towards thetarget, following in the wake of the windslash, a good number of the. There is more of them for however long Chaser is swinging his sword before it reaches the apex, and the nubmer also increases the denser his spiritual pressure is. In addition, he can also haphazardly use the raw spiritual pressure of people around him, meaning that he can use another person's spirtual pressure to attack sa well. This isn't done if the person has a supreme control over their spiritual pressure, or if they have a small spiritual pressure. Finally, Chaser has to will for this to happen within other spiritual fields but his own, so while for his it is passive, to use any others he has to think about it before he can act on it.

Diamond Cero
This is the final cero art that Chaser has developed in his Shikai form. Basically, this turns his entire body into an utterly massive cero conduit. This means that his entire body will be unaffected by large energy attacks like Byakurai possibly and possibly absorb their energy, if the energy doesn't have a special mechanism in place to stop this. In addition, all cero that hit him are immediately drawn into it; typical Cero, Cero Gran Rey, and Cero Oscuras are immediately sucked up unless they have special properties. So for generic cero, his body merely auto-absorbs them. However, this obviously has its flaws. First of all, he cannot suck in more then one attack simultaneously with his body ,meaning that this attribute is extremely easy to turn off if th eopponent shoots a generic blast at him before firing off their true attack. The ability of Diamond Cero is passive after the activation of his Shikai ,meaning that he can't choose to prioritize which attacks to suck up.

That is the first effect of Diamond Cero. However, it has another attribute as well, in the form of the Cero attack in itself. When Chaser fires the Diamond Cero, his entire body shines a dark crimson beforeall the energy shoots into the place where he is releasing the attack. Then, the energy is released all at once, and the opponent learns just what kind of attack Diamond Cero is. Diamond Cero combines the aspect of two other cero, whether it be a Steel Cero changed to projecting Gold Cero spikes, or a Silver Cero combined with a Platinum Cero to make an extraordinarily fast needle of death, this technique is used to give the opponent a bit of a surprise ,and is only limited by Chaser's creativity.


Bankai Boosts
Just like his Shikai, with his Bankai come a variety of changes. The most noticable thing is that the red cloak on his back changes, covering his body and becoming a set of blue pajamas, with the red cloak turning into a red hood on the back of his head… an extraordinarily long hood. However, that's not the first thing that should be noted about this form. Rather, one should notice how when this form is released, literal TORNADOES shoot out all around Chaser, covering the area as well as massive gusts of wind shooting out all around him as he uses this form. His spiritual pressure can no longer be felt amongst the chaos, which isn't to say that he doesn't have any spiritual pressure worth feeling. He does, but it has become extraordinarily light. In addition ,the massive amount of energy is a part of his body once more, increased to an even HIGHER rate then before ,to a level that Chaser is glad that his pressure is released as light ,or else everyone who were not used to gigantic pressures would be utterly crushed around him.

While in this form, his entire body greatly increases in durability. Trying to damage him becomes difficult, although by no means impossible; typical medium-large energy attacks will still have visible damage against him. However, it becomes a more tiresome task to deal him a heavy amount of damage. His strrength also increases in hthis state ,to the point where he merely looks in disbelief as he literally juggles buildings, either with his pure physical strength or with massive gusts of winds that he controls. How is that this form works? Well, because of the surgery that he had (and failed) from the Kiyoraka, he was completely screwed out of ever getting a ressercion. That was supposed to happen normally. However, what wasn't supposed to happen was the failing of the Servant conversion. Instead, his Ressercion entered the realm of his bankai, a good amoutn of the poewr he would have had in that form but nowhere near the full amount. As such, his bankai is INTENSELY powerful ,as he becomes a state combined with bankai and somewhat of a ressercion all at once, which means that the boost he's releasing is completely full. This massive increase of energy is highly helpful; as now, his cero can reach city block level with the rate of fire-and-forget, but his brain is able to keep up with what he is doing as well.

Heir of Breath
The very air itself around Chaser quivers with anticipation ,because of the fact that it knows that he is completely in control of it now. An entire radius for no less then two miles becomes controlled by Chaser, with which he can manipulate in any way he wishes. Creating massive bursts of wind, entire leagues of tornadoes? Not only are these things feasible, they are downright simple for him to produce. This works because of the fact that the wind he manipulates is just that; manipulation. He never produces the wind himself, but rather uses the air around him. As such, he only has to use the energy in manipulation, which makes what he creates extremely easy to perform. He is known to literally ride tornadoes while in this form, acting from within the great windy monster.

Arts of Cero - Nature
While in this form, he also becomes able to finely manipulate the energy around him into even more special cero. These cero are special for just that; how well cotrolled they are. While most of histechniques before were fairly brute, with the Nature series of Cero Arts he fine tunes his attacks, making them like the sophistication and complication of nature itself. These cero, if performed before, he would not be ble to produce from the sheer amount of complexity and focus it requires to manipulate these attacks in this way.

Cero Art - Grass Blade
Just like before, where his blade could turn air and spiritual energy into bblades, now he no longer needs his blade. His spiritual energy form becomes strange; it can radiate from him, but it descends in a strange golden, shining color. These are really thousands of tiny blades; when they cut an opponent, they will experience the sensation of a sword driving itself through them. These blades are extremely many in number. Chaser can manipulate these cero either in a wave with his hands, or with an extreme amount of complexity with his mind. He can form weapons out of them, make cages, and etcetera, as the energy within them acts like a building block and can be used to create new things .

Cero Art - Frosting ice
This cero is qiute… strange. This cer ocan only be applied from Chaser's body to the target, meaning he has to be touching them in some way, shape, or form for it to work properly. However, when it does, from his body shoots a wide variety of what appears to be ice, slate blue in color and moving at a rapid pace along the surface of whatever he Is touching, whether it be an opponent or a surface. This "ice" has no cold temperature, and is even malleable; if it covers an object and the object performs motion, the "ice" will move just along with it like a second skin. This cero is truly activated when Chaser wills for it to be so, which results in the ice suddenly exploding, violently. Anything it is in contact with is slammed not only by the explosion, but the nature of how the ice explodes. As long as the ice remains in the field of Chaser's sight before exploding, and as long as he sees it epxloding, the secondary effect triggers.

After exploding, the ice can draw out another piece of Chaser's energy through the mental connection that he has established with it, although this is extremely strenuous on Chaser's mind. The additional energy splashes out, covering the area around where the old ice was. Obviously, this means that the ice can be primed and ifred on the same spot repeatedly, delaing consecutive explosions to that spot and spreading how much ice there is exploding on a target. However, again, this is an extremely taxing technique; Chaser has to give it his full attention past the first blast, meaning that he cannot even move his body while the attacks are exploding.

Cero Art - Blazing Inferno
This cero art transofmrs his energy into literal flames, greating an inferno around Chaser and the enemy, sending out a massive wave of flame-shaped cero around himself. However, just like sparks, these cero flames throw up sparkas well. Their sparks, however, are full sized cero. This means that as much as a normal fire throws sparks up, this fire shoots cero out of it. This fire can throw cero up every once and a while, or release an entire massive of them once perpost, like when fire hits an air pocket. This cero fire can be put out with anything that typical fire can. In addition, it is notable that he cannot control the random cero that fly out of it, either by direction or afterwards. However, he can cause the massive amount of sparks phenomenon to occur by pushing his reiatsu underneat the flames.

Cero Art - Gale Force
When this technique is used, Chaser's entire body must produce the cero. Basically, this produces an extremely thin cero, which blows out in a wave in front of the user. The cero slams into the nearest target, pushing them as hard as it can. That's correct, it pushes them. How so? Well, that would be from the sheer, utter speed that this technique has. This massive wall moves so fast that the air it is pushed into condenses in front of it, creating the very sond of lightning behind it from oxygen coming back into a space, but on a massive scale. This air then slams into the target, cutting them with any extremely stray winds, or just pushing them. The cero itself cannot hurt anything, but that is compensated for with its other special ability. This cero can be controlled by Chaser's mind ,meaning that where he wills for it to go is where it will go. This is in combination to its extremely fast speeds.


John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4127-1

» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality:

John acts just like the John Doe that comes out around those whom the Chaser trusts. In reality, John took on the soul of the one who got splintered in the experiment, which altered the way his true personality was.
» Inner Hollow Powers: See Vizard powers.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:


John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4128-1

» Vizard Powers:

Constant Mask
Because of his failed surgery, the being that was inside o f him was, for all intents and purposes, fused with the being outside of him. This means that he has all the powers of maintaining a vizard's mask at all times. This also means that he perpetually has an absolutely massive amount of base energy, even though this is considered to be small compared to his other forms. This also is a good place to explain about his forms. When he releases a form, he is actually releasing both a form and a level of his hollow's power, because of the way they are linked and Chaser's inability to release hollow power in any other way.

Master of Wind
Simply because of John being within his body, Chaser's body is able to manipulate winds to an immense extent. H ecan easily start msasive tornadoes around himself, blow winds with the force of an exploding volcano, float totally naturally, flex his body through the air as he wishes, cause disturbances in the air around himself, and finally create wind based weaponry and other things by concentrating the wind so hard that it becomes slid, and extremely dangerous. That is the level his manipulation is of wind in merely his passive state; he can turn wind into a solid object from the sheer amount of concentration ,never mind the other effects of what he can do at that level of mastery.

One with the Wind
In addition ,chaser has another special ability granted from his Vizard side. His body can literally become an extremely dense amount of wind ,moving from its curren location to somehwere else, becoming totally intangible until he reapears at his new space, making it impossible to badly harm him while in this state in deed ,you can blow the wind away ,but that wll merely cause him to reappear in the ssame space he was in before. In addition, the wind can travel a maximum of twenty five feet before it can be activated, and requires a few moments of concentration before it can be activated ,meaning that Chaser must have time to think to activate it. Finally ,the wind takes whatever is on Chaser's body or made of his reiatsu (So yes to executioner blades, no to other people.)

Immense Cero Skill
Chaser also has an utterly uncanny ability to use cero. A typical use of his cero can easily decimate a few city blocks, and that is without seriou seffort. However, his true ability is within his custom ceros and his ability to concentrate the attacks he is producing from his hands. Some of his cero have special traits ,which he can mix up with one other trait or simply edit how the cero comes out however he wishes.

Wind Cero
This is a cero typ ethat is often times not directly seen coming. When this cero is produced, it turns into a blue dense amount of wind, just like Chaser's body when using One with te Wind. However, this has another trait as well. When thisblast comes out of its wind state, it comes out spinning, meaning that it has highly penetrative qualities in addition to its explosion that ensues from the attack itself. This cero is typically used by Chaser in order to surprise a target, or break it off form himself while he is One with the Wind to get an advantage against the opponent with a sudden attack.

Blade Cero
This is a bizarre version of cero, although it is rather simple to understand. It has already been established that Chaser's unique body allows him to turn his reiatsu into solid blades, like those of a guillotine. Well, this cero work supon a very cimilar principle. When this cero emerges from Joh's hand, It appears as a million blades spinning in different rhythms of revolution, meaning tha tas they fly they leave quite an amazing spectacle. Each blade piece in the chain is smaller then the one before it, meaning there is a gradual decrease in the size of the blades as you go from the front of it to the tip. This creates an almost ghost-looking blob that shoots out at an opponent… at an immensely fast rate. Because of how much wind the blades are slicing through, it makes the blades increase in speed as they fly, making it immensely difficult to properly stop this cero with a physical or meta-physical force, as it will simply slash through both, or try to.

Weightless Cero
This is a cero that's weightless in quality, but what does that mean? This means that this Cero of Chaser's is ridiculously fast, like a bala in nature, but instead it comes out as a small beam, shooting out from his body at his opponent. This attack shoots out at them, slamming with a force as its entirety focuses on one central point, before without warning it explodes violently at the point of contact.

Executioner Cero
This is the beginning of the cero that Chaser uses because of having a massive amount of energy. Basically, what this cero becomes a guillotine, slamming down onto the opponent with an immense amount of force. When this shot is fired, bars shoot out with the speed of a weightless Cero, taking places on either side of the opponent and lining up the shot for Chaser, at which point he fires the main cero aprt of it. This makes it so that the massive blade rides along the rails of metal that have been created, shooting even faster towards their target before slamming into them with an absolutely massive amount of force. The speed of the guillotine surpasses that of bala by a good amount, and the force of the attack is enough to pierce through even incredibly hard materials.


John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4129-1

» Resurrección Appearance: N/A

» Resurrección Abilities: N/A


John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4123-1

» Background: (Different then rest of check, Aivee will check later!)

Background - The Failed Vocation
John was originally born John Egbert, a simple boy on the planet of earth in the nineteen hundreds. His love of computers and gaming was easily understandable., although his pranks perhaps were not. He grew up in a fairly sheltered home, only really having friends that he met over the internet.

When he died, it was a simple affair. He never had anyone that he loved, although this was mostly due t othe fact that he was just so dense towards relationships he didn't see them where they existed. So it was that he passed into the soul society.

He was discovered to have a very strange amount of spiritual power; but the problem was, no Zanpaktou would attune to him. HE had plenty of power, but there was nothing that would link with himself, so he never had a zanpaktou. This left him without any aid, and slowly overtime his personality began to change, becoming colder, more desolate. The reason that he eventually collapsed and stopped trying any longer was because ewhen the hollow defeated him, he merely had nothing left that he wanted to get up from.

When he awoke ,he was in a lab. He had no idea who he was or what he was doing here, looking around himself. He was worried; why did he have no idea of his own identity? He kept trying to look around and see something he recognized, but no matter where he looked it was al the same, all wires and steel. He saw a man approach him, and suddenly his entire body was covered in hate. He looked at the man, stared at him, his eyes demanding to know what had been done to him.

However, the man was not so forthcoming with the answers. He was trapped, and he knew it. The man loked at him strangely; Chaser was not acting as any of the others. His heart rate was skyrocketing, and there was somethng else wrong with him. He was growling, foaming at the mouth. The man could hardly believe what he was seeing, as Chaser began to tear at the straps. His eyes stared at the ma, their lifeless pupils filld with so much rage that he could barely prevent himself from losing his mind within the sheer wave of rage he felt. However, there was something he had to do first.

He tried t oremember again, and saw that he was supposed to be some "person". That was where the flaw in his programming was; he was designed to be like one of the most powerful Chasers of all times, John Paul the Second. However, a person who was a man like him would not stand to be chianed down like this ,and Chaser knew that this was not who he was. He could feel it from something deep inside; at the etime, he still had no idea that he had a hollow.

So it was that he finally broke the straps, his real body locked behind a glass pane next to some other beings. Chaser snarled, reappearing by the glass in front o fhis body in an instant. The man merely smiled at him, certain there was no way he would be able to break that. However, his smile quickly vanished, as a blade appeared in Chaser's hand, touching onto the glassas it opened wide, Chaser looking back up at the leader of the Kiyoraka project one final time befor esuddenly his soul was sucked back into his body.

The man's eyes opened behind the glass, slowly getting out of it. His body was malformed, disfigured from what had been done to it. His body was far too thin for a normal person. His entire body felt strange. After all, the Chaser was an experimental class at best and what had just been created wa sthe new form which would be obtained by the man who rapidly searched his memories now for a name, any name.

The only name that he could come up with from cross referenes was John. This saddened him greatly; he realized that he was without a way to find a name other then what the doctor had given him, Chaser. However, while a Chaser he would be now, the class in and of itself truly was never fit to be a Servant. Chasing is a very active skill, mostly done in one's self interest, which involves running away from what you are comfortable with to obtain something that is making you give it chase. As such, his existence as a Servant was flawed from the beginning, and now he was his own person, but changed completely as a result.

However, as much as he wanted to brutally murder the doctor, he knew he was too weak to so much as rise from the pod he had been confined to. His arms pulled feverishly, an expression of effort covering his face as suddenly he was risen, and he suddenly realized how utterly light he was. He merely looked at the man for a moment, his gaze pausing as the doctor realized what was about to happen, throwing out a hand…

But Chaser was already gone. His body moved faster then he had ever thought possible before, and he knew very well what he was doing. He was Chasing freedom. And it was not long until he caught it, leaping out of the lab at full force as he sailed through the air at a a rapid rate, soaring through the sky as the air flowed around him, something that felt immensely comfortable to the man…

As suddenly he stoped moving completely, looking very confused. Within him, he felt a strange presence stirring. It looked up at him, and he learned about his inner hollow, who introduced himself as John Doe. Chaser wasn't exactly sure how this worked, but he decided to just go with it, as John Doe exposed him to all his memories since becoming a Vizard. Chaser attempted to draw his mask, but Doe quickly explained to him that it was a strange combination that had happened from the experiment; Doe's hollow powers were passively active in Chaser now.

He rapidly began to move, flying through the air. He quickly escaped, and soon caught the first thing that he had ever decided to chase; freedom itself. When it finally came time for him to find an organization for him to join, he decided to join the Monsuta, after a fight with a peculiar vizard crops member. In order to get back at that member, Chaser joined the Monsuta, even if at the time he didn'agree with their methods. However, now the methods of the Monsuta are just to his liking, and he has been a faithful member eve since.


» General Abilities
Executioner's Body
Chaser's body is unlike most natural beings. His substance is not easily defined, sa most of the foods that he eats will literally just travel right through him. His physiology is such that the only substance he can naturally get nutrients from are liquids. However, because of this flaw in his body, he has another trait. Every single art of his body has the ability to create spiritual energy upon itself and create a balde, making it so that he can fight with any part of his body by creating a blade along it.

However. What makes these blades so special is their immense amount of durability. They are extremely hard to shatter and break, and their cutting power is quite powerful as well, although not as much so as the durability. His blades can easily break flesh, draw blood, shatter bone… but there's another thing about them. They are unable to cut organ tissue other then the human skin. They can tear muscles because they do not register muscles as related to how organs work. Interestingly enough, because of this flaw, they can cut the heart but nothing around it.

How does his blade growth work? Well, his body merely presses out the blade from him afte rpooling energy in that spot, forcing the blade to appear from his body. He can create these blades o n any point on his body, from his skull to his pinky toes. To make the blades go away, he merely dispells the atomic connection between them and his skin, which is their only weak point where they can be reomved as such. This means that detaching them takes an immense amount of Chaser's focus to make sure he gets the point of seperation right, and also making it very difficult for others to exploit the weakness of his blades.

Crimson Art Number One: Executioner Step
This is the first ability in the set of things which Chaser refers to as the "Crimson Arts". These are essentially the techniques that Shinigami use, but they are altered due to the unique nature of Chaser's body. Basically, this first art deals in the Executioner Step, which is Chaser's version of the flash step utilized by the Shinigami. When he uses this, his entire body vanishes in his cloak ,becoming covered over by the red color o9f the thing, before he reappears once again at his destination. It work svery similar to a flash step, although there is one difference. Whenever he performs this technique, between himself and where he reappeared, a single bloody footprint appears at the halfway point. This part of the technique is only usable when Chaser himself is bleeding ,and draws blood from that wound automatically when performing the step and places it on the ground.

By using his mind, Chaser can vanish his body, and the normal items on his body only, over to the bloody step; essentially a method of teleport that is too fast for even his own eyes to follow his movements. This technique has one other unique trait about it; it will transport Chaser no matter where he is. He could be locked in a soul cage, stuck in another dimension, or even lacking the mental capacity abilities to even take a step; that's how little is required for him to activate this technique. His body literally becomes de-created, changed from the point of where it is in space time and moved instead over to the new place where it is recreated from the step, using the fact of his prevoius existence to come back.

Crimson Art Number Two: Executioner Contact
The second Crimson Art is based off of the Shingiami's Hakuda, which he may or may not have ever learned. This is essentially the melle attack sthat he uses with his body ,OR with the blades that he projects from his body. This style focuses on the beating of an enemy, dealing them as much damage in a short time as possible. This means that his body is constantly omoving at high speeds very close to his opponents ,using the many blades on his body to deal them a considerable amount of damage. His movements work more on bashing the opponent then performing long, deep attacks, resulting in those he fights to have some small cuttings on their bodies, but the cuts are extremely deep and the spot where they hit are often times covered completely with bruises.

Crimson Art Number Three: Executioner's Snap
While Chaser cannot even use Kidō, he does have the Third Crimson Art. This Crimson Art focuses on making his own blood splatter on things. When his blood makes contact with something, it becomes a highly melding substance, sticking extremely hard to what it comes into contact with. Chaser's blood, however, contains an absolutely massive amount of spiritual energy, a ludicrous amount. When the blood's particles are ecountered by the supersonic waves made byh the action of two fingers snapping, the spiritual energy within them triggers. This means that when Chaser or even an enemy snaps their fingers it causes the blood to explode, EXTREMELY violently, usually with enough of force to destroy solid steel. This makes his blood very dangerous, but he does not use this Art often as he is not one for self harm.

Crimson Art Number Four: Executioner's Blade
Chaser does not use Zanjutsu. However, he does use the style known only as the Executioner's Blade. This style focuses on the chopping away of the opponent's bod; mutilation, as it were. The sheer force of his attacks is usually enough to deal msasive damage to things he cuases damage to, although they aren't long attacks. Generally, his am is to rip and tar things as opposed to slicing them. His attacks are rarely based around being over thought out; and instead go for a fast, violent approach. His arms are extremely fit ,which allows him to use this Art; as the techniques in this Art require an extreme amount of muscle to be ble to move the blade as fat and as hard as is required. In addition, as a result of the being within himself, his blade also has one other ability. In whatever direction it moves, the blade projects a single slashing force of condensed air, pushing it with the blade. This compressed air can slam into a target, causing it to attempt to cut them down in addition to Chaser's attack.

This is a rather different technique, as this is not involved with Chaser's Executioner Step. Rather, this technique is based off of the only Vizard to ever defeat Chaser, whom he developed this technique after. This allows him to gain an absolutely ludicrous amount of speed by suddenly jerking his power through his body, sending it in straight lines back and forth. While this causes a massive amount of pain from the sharp energy flowing into parts of his body, it caues them to reach absolutely ludicrous speeds INSTANTLY. The straight lines that are his energy slam against the inside of his body, harming them and causing what feels like a rapid burn retreating as the energy shoots back from the spot they touched on. However, Chaser as long since become used to the sensation of absolutely immense pain, which makes him extremely blunt to other sources of pain as well. He still feels them, but he chooses usually to ignore them.

King of Cats - Minor
While he cannot help it, he was still based off of the Heroic Identity of the man who was the first Werecat King. As such ,he has an uncanny alliance with cats and catlike creatures, although he is more then aware that he is no match for the current Cat King in this realm. However, he still hs the abilities granted by being a cat king. He can command lesser cats with very little effort, and as for those with a cat affinity he can influence them quite exponentially, all except for two beings. This is due to the illicit trade that was made by the way their powers work. In exchange for Chaser being completely immune to Madeo's influence, Madeo is protected from Chaser's influence. In addition, Assassin, who is also known as Judith of Bethulia, because she is a Servant and a cat, and Chaser refuses to have court with any of that group. His distaste brought such a change over him that she became immune to the effects of his voice, due to his need to disassociate.

However, this is Chaser's true ability. While his other techniques aid him solely in the midst of combat, this is the one that makes him a truly scary individual. This aiblity is known as Extremeaim, and what it does is allow Chaser's entire body to suddenly move slower within the physical plane. Now you may be asking yourself, what? But the truth is that on a mental plane, Chaser's abilities of perception skyrocket, becoming something the likes of which are never seen. With a small bit of lag, his body begins to react to what his mind sees at its highly accelerated pace, sa all of his sensesa re also highly accelerated. This makes it so that anything he does has a much higher chance of hitting then before, as he is able to process what is going on almost faster then the opponent can think of it. However, there is a way to overcome his extremeaim state, and that is simply moving at a ludicrously fast pace. By going at a speed not even his mind can consider he can lose where the target is due to the lag between his body and mind, meaning that his aim actually becomes much worse.

Hand to hand specialist
Chaser is very mcuh so a hand to had specialist. HE has perfected his skills for years through a variety of intense situations, testing his reflexes and his own muscles at an extraordinary rate. As such, his entire body is extremely skilled at fighting opponents up close and personal, and usually can win in close quarters combat due to his high levels of training and experience.

John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4122-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Master


John Doe || The Chaser[Approved 1-2/0-5+] Image4125-1

» Role Play Sample: Derp

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Will Skills
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Tier: 1-2 Sealed, 0-5+ in Shikai and Bankai

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Thank you very much for your service over the years.

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Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

Even without a theme track or a Ressercion, you were rather impressive, Chaser. You were one of my modern creations, and your 'Servant' class as Chaser was totally experimental, something the likes of which I slightly smiled about given your face claim, who also had the name of John Doe. I owned a John Doe. I wonder if anyone else will ever have a Mary Sue? In any case, you were a boss, and the Monsuta hardly exists now.. and I never got to truly use you. Sorry about that. Rest well, and who knows? Maybe I'll come back for your fun Cero again some day...


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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