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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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• Name: Yoma Yazaki
• Date of Human Birth: June 18th
• Date of Human Death: July 20th
• Titles:
• Gender: Male
• Appearance Age: 19
• Age: 100
• Height:5 Feet 7 inches
• Weight: 138 Pounds
• Eye Color:Blue
• Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13 Squad 6/ Squad 7
• Sexual Orientation: Straight
• Residence: Under Any Tree in the soul society especially those near Squad 7 barracks.

• Appearance Description: (Please Put 1-2 Paragraph's on your character appearance.)


Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Yoma-Personailty_zpse5881e1d

• Personality:
Yoma is a very excitable and outgoing individual. He has a lot of natural energy and can be easily distracted by the simplest tasks as a result. Known to have bursts of energy randomly hug strangers or surprise them in any way he can. This comes from how excitable he can be when someone appears. Yet all this is done so he can spend time around new and familiar people. He loves the presents of people and enjoys what they can bring to the table. He wants to continue connecting with people and forming new bonds and enjoying the life he has.

With his love for people he also hates being a burden on others and during times like these he will distance himself from them and spend time alone. This is a common thing for Yoma as he goes through depression quite often and will push people away during periods of depression. During these periods alone Yoma will find a type of punishment for himself in the form of work and use that to make up for whatever he has done. Yoma carries a negative mindset that will often throw him back into depression. He considers himself to be weak, useless, a burden, and more but he tries to push these thoughts out with positive thoughts but this causes a struggle within him.

Yoma’s negative mindset might have him reach points of depression often but to make up for it he is a hard worker. He works as hard as he possibly can to show to people that he isn’t a worthless person due to the issues he can cause. With anything he ever does he makes sure he gives it his all. He does not want to waste his effort. His objective is to show others how useful he can be someone people can rely on. To make this objective a reality he has to show how far he is willing to go for others. Which, is as far as he can possibly reach.

Leadership, a position that Yoma fears. Caused by his Negative mindset Yoma fears at being in a position of power where he can affect others. He worries how he could drastically affect their lives and believes he would be one of the worst kinds of leaders. He would much rather follow the orders of others and his superiors then give his own. He would prefer to maintain a lowly rank then one of high power to cause less or no harm to the lives of others. The Yoma would like that everyone be happy and work as best as they can especially in a group setting. The best to help in a situation like that is for him to have a low rank. Yet as much as he fears the position he does have potential for it if given time. Leadership is a position that will take time to for him to adapt and grow into.

Even with the potential to become a great leader Yoma is considered to be a young, foolish and influence able child. He can have his mind shifting focus quickly from one topic to the next in a matter of minutes. That does not mean he is not capable of keeping his mind set on one thing. Yet because of his youth and quick shifting mind he can easily get lured by others and influenced. This also brings him to confusion quite often because he get lost and unfocused because of his own mind. Being filled with constantly with information something is bound to be lost as information is constantly being removed to make place for the new. Easily losing the past and only gaining the future Yoma must make an effort to remember that which he wants to keep.

Yoma is a very caring and trustful individual. He is one to easily listen to the words of others and allow that to judge what he chooses to do. If someone needs help he is willing to go out of his way to help and support them to his full extent. He will make time to help out others even if he has no time. To him every life is important and must nourished. Giving away anything he can to help others and even making promises willing to risk his entire being for, he will make sure that others can gain from him no matter the outcome.

Yoma is also an oblivious individual causing him to knowingly jump into something while having no clue what is going on. He is also bad at reading body language and tones in one’s voice which leads back to the being easy to trick and influence. He can miss the most obvious things in front of him and even fail to notice people around him. Once his mind focuses on something, things around him can disappear and simply vanish from sight. Yet how he focuses on things can change and differ depending on what his focus is at the time. If focus is on a fight then the whole area around him and his targets are all in sight.

As forgetful and unfocused Yoma can be he does not forget nicknames he gives to others. This is to make up for his bad memory and inability to remember one’s true name. The nicknames he gives are very basic names and are usually based on any trait that majorly appeals to Yoma. They can range from very insulting or very silly. Nicknames are not changed but only those who are close to him get multiple or new nicknames to show how close they have gotten to him. Nicknaming those who he encounters comes from his childish nature and evolve with him as well. This is common of Yoma to do and those who he dislikes would get insulting nicknames or even something that shows his dislike of the person.

Yoma’s biggest weakness are relationships with others. As childish and friendly as he is, He is also quite distant from people as well. He strives for the acceptance of others while fearing their denial. He prevents others from getting too close to him due to the fact that he does not want to end up harming them in anyway. How close he is to someone can be gauged from the number of nicknames he gives someone or the kinds of nicknames he gives to them. He still fears that others could betray him if they get too close and use him to obtain some sort of advantage for themselves. This often causes him to feel slight hints of fear when faced with the darker side of people.

Yoma at the end of day just wants to enjoy his life and have fun. Commonly spending his free time and energy to find and obtain some type entertainment. The more people he can grab and throw into the experience the better. Things become much more enjoyable when there are others around as they add in a new flavor to the mix. Yoma can easily be distracted by the smallest and simplest of things. Due to this nature he can get into issues with others. He loves doing things in the spur of the moment. Unexpectedly, he can disappear and reappear somewhere else attempting to pull some sort of antic. This can cause him to deal with many issues as a result of his own actions.

Grown used to pain and torment, Yoma uses his own personality to hide his true feelings about things and hide behind his own childish nature. Yet, his mind constantly gets to him, having him fall into a state of depression. Even when he is struggling with his own depression, he never allows it to affect others and make sure it stays hidden from others. Understanding the pain of abandonment and loss, Yoma enjoys supporting others through their pain. He hates the sight of others losing to their own personal battles and be willing to support them through the end.

Yoma suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), As a result of this he has a second personality. Also, due to this disorder he suffers from many different repercussions that affect him in an array of ways. One of the repercussions he suffers from is memory loss. Easily losing details obtained in the day, Yoma needs to make sure he goes over the memories he desires to keep to engraved a bit longer. Otherwise, he won’t remember those memories. To deal with this Yoma carries a notebook, in this notebook all the things he sees, hears, and experiences are recorded. Another thing he deals with is random headaches. The headaches come and go unexpectedly and can also range in how severe they can become.

The major issue Yoma has with his DID is his switching, because of it he switches between his other personality. Only the personality in control has full control over all the body’s senses. As a result this can leave the other in confusion of what is going on. The other personality that is not in control has to be allowed to use the senses or must either force itself to obtain usage of the senses. This is a common thing for alter to force his usage of the body. While Yoma is much more reserved about forcing access to his senses when not in control.

Yoma Yazaki Alter is the harsher personality of Yoma Yazaki’s DID. His way if thinking vastly differs from his other half and because of this he looks down on him. His belief is that in order to become stronger one must feel the pain of the strong and keep going. Without pain there is no growth. This is what he refers as taking someone’s power. Yet because of how this belief is the main focus of Alter’s core he can rub others the wrong way when getting into conflicts. Alter loves fights and is sandpaper to anyone he meets as he purposely adjusts his personality to create conflicts.

Alter is commonly harsh direct and blunt. He is known to grate on the nerves of others if he pleases. Yet alter prefers hiding himself and his thoughts. He keeps his true motives and ideals to himself while he puts on an image for what he wants to appear as to others. Alter will lie and lie to others to keep them confused and distant. These lies and images are there to create a wall between himself and people. He doesn’t believe he can trust in people and will create as many lies to further himself from them but doesn’t want to see them suffer.

Alter is a very caring and emotional person but he has very strong emotion control. It bothers him to see acts of bullying and the distress of people but he doesn’t want to be seen as weak nor does he want to be seen soft as his idiotic other self. He doesn’t trust others very much and would rather be left alone, he enjoys making enemies if he can as they can lead to future and greater battles. So when helping people out he will hide behind his lies and create a false reason to protect something even if he sets himself up to look like the villain.

Alter will also create many masks and state many lies to reach his goals and his desires. He will hide himself to learn gather information, experience life from another view, and even learn about emotions. Yet he never get close enough to others and push them away if needed. Alter believes what loneliness can be one’s strength as it pushes distractions away from themselves and allows them to push and push to become even stronger.

Alter enjoys the position of leadership as it allows him to stand at the top and influence his own changes. Yet if Alter can he would hide in the shadows of a leader and take advantage of their influence. Using them to allow himself to move closer to a goal or a fight. Alter can be very rebellious due to the face he detests being chained down to rules and would rather do his own thing. So the main reason alter would become leader is to be able to ignore others and not have to put up with others. This would also allow him to do what he wants without people annoying him about it.

Alter has a strong attachment to Yoma but hates to admit it. He looks at him as the Original and refers him as such. Alter understands he isn’t the original personality that was created when the body was given birth to. As such he refers to Yoma as original but never directly says it to him. He will say it in speech but leave others in confusion to what he is referring to. He says things to others that at times he would rather tell Yoma directly but doesn’t want to. Alter looks out for Yoma and doesn’t want him to see him suffer but he also wants him to learn from his actions. Alter will play any role he can to allow Yoma to grow and expand his own mind. He doesn’t want Yoma to stand in fear or loneliness as he has a potential all his own if he wishes to tap into it.

Alter also has a jealously so Yoma as well. It is due to the face he is not the original personality that he may one day disappear from Yoma’s mind as he is a personality that could be swallowed by Yoma’s mind unconsciously. This is something that is equivalent to death for him. This same reason is why alter searches for power to make sure he survives and doesn’t fade away with other being remembered. He wants to find something to keep him going.

Alter is very focused on his own goals and doesn’t allow distractions to bother him easily but he will create distractions for others. Alter keeps his mind going and settled on his goals. While enjoying at messing with the path of others. He does this while gathering information and strength to make sure he can keep reaching what he wants. Strength to keep going.

Alter has one true goal which it the only thing he can think about which is preventing his own disappearance. Alter doesn’t want to die he isn’t afraid of dying naturally or in battle but he doesn’t want to disappear because he doesn’t belong. He considers it unfair that he has to work to exist while his other side has no worries and can be relaxed about it. So alter works to find a way to prevent his own disappearance while keeping it hidden from Yoma. He doesn’t want Yoma’s idiocy to bug him about it.

Due to suffering from DID alter experiences headaches, mood swings, and his fears can cause him to lose control of himself combined with difficulty sleeping. When Alter’s fears starts getting to him he can lose control of himself and snap. He loses sense of what’s real and what isn’t, who is a friend and who is a foe. In extreme cases he can start hallucinating and use up excess amounts of strength. Which is a reason why Alter keeps himself distant from people. While his headaches are a constant thing and usually comments when asked about it that is caused by Yoma’s stupidity and he can’t deal with him. Yet Alter struggles to sleep when given an opportunity to because of the DID. This is a reason why Alter is constantly lazy. He takes any brief moment to rest.
Yoma Yazaki
• Likes: Enjoying life, having fun, hanging out

• Dislikes: being an annoyance, being useless, being a burden

Yoma Yazaki Alter
• Likes: Fights, Power, Strength, being left alone

• Dislikes: The annoyance of others, being stopped by those who are weaker then him, being restrained but pointless rules or ways of thinking


Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Yoma-History_zpse820178e

• History: -Last-


Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Yoma-Natural-Ablities_zpsf07fe6cf

• Natural Abilities:
Flame Adaptability:
Being the youngest in a set of siblings that use fire type abilities Yoma learned how to change the physical and chemical components within his flames in order to mimic the flames of others. Using this he is able to spend his time creating new methods to fight with his own abilities incorporating what he mimicked into them. Due to being the youngest and having a lot to look up to, Yoma tried to develop a way to be as strong and similar to his older siblings but yet to keep his own identity. He created his own way of fighting by mimicking others and incorporating it into a style of his own. This allows him to get creative with what he mimics, as what he mimics is as strong as his own abilities and he can change it to work with his other abilities.

By observing others and their usage of flames Yoma may be able to perfectly mimic them after obtaining the idea of how the power could be created. These mimicked moves are never exactly the same as Yoma can only mimic them and produce something that appears physically the same but the effects could be entirely different. So the moment Yoma spots an ability that uses fire he may attempt to use it but chances that it will result in failure is a high probability. This ability requires one to learn and understand what is seen to create a perfect replica within his own limits and strengths. The power of the ability is directly dependent on Yoma as the power of the ability depends on his power. Thus meaning that if a fire type user with great control and strength and surpassed Yoma with their control of flames. Yoma could copy their movements and actions and practice to create the same technique but the power would probably be nowhere near the original user as the ability would fall to Yoma’s level. The move no matter what will not work exactly the same as Yoma only mimic’s the physical aspects only. Even in cases where Yoma and the person being mimicked are around the same level the mimicked ability used by Yoma will not be the exact same ability as the other person’s ability. As stated before this is due to Yoma only mimicking the physical and giving the appearance of being the same ability.

The strength of these mimicked abilities grows as he does. These abilities evolve, since to Yoma they are a basis, the basis for something more and something his. As a result a unique new ability can be born. Yoma can even mimic abilities that require his flames to affect his internal body but these abilities are much more dangerous to use and more likely requires the original user’s support to master them and perfect them. Abilities that require affecting his internal body may not always be modified due to the risks and dangers they carry when attempting to learn them. In the worst case scenarios they can bring death if improperly dealt with. For powers such as these Yoma would need to prepare himself both mentally and physically to attempt mimicking moves of these type and occasionally have a watchful eye of a more experienced fire user.

This ability can be combined with Yoma's ash manipulation to be used a basis for multi property fire based attacks. Attacks such as Miaka's crystal fire can be mimicked but will not have the effects of the crystals that she uses. Other examples of this can be fire combined with any other property thus meaning the ash will have to be able to take on the form to mimic it if unable to then move may not be able to be mimicked properly. The ash can also be heated and mixed with his flames to have a property type similar to liquid to allow Yoma to mimic any type of fire based ability that could be closer to a liquid form of fire such as Tsui’s liquid metal manipulation. Another example of this could be lava. Yoma’s flames and ashes combined do not copy the same heat and properties of lava but can mimic its uses. This allows him to create a similar property to it. Any ability combined with his ash manipulation will gain the properties of the ash and Very unlikely the properties of the original attack due to the reasoning stated before, Yoma copies the external and changes it into something his own.

Another Usage of this ability is to mimic non fire based (or related) attacks. Meaning that the abilities have nothing to do with the properties of fire or even generate heat through any means to perform these actions. These abilities and powers can be mimicked in some shape or form by what Yoma can sees but they will be created by his power and end up more likely becoming something that externally looks fire based. This is caused due to his main powers fire and his ash being the ways he recreates the ability he sees. Meaning that if his Ash and Fire cannot take a shape or form that resembles the ability will as a result become something different and possibly be considered a failed attempt to copy the ability.

The limits of this ability is basically Yoma himself. Yoma’s eyes are nothing special so what he sees is what he sees. Yoma cannot mimic the abilities to the same extent of the opponent he fights as the ability only copies the physical so any effects they have will possibly be nonexistent in Yoma's usage of them. The Tier of the opponent does not matter as the power will always be at Yoma’s level. Even then once spotting an attack that can be mimicked it may not be used right away as Yoma will have to practice to at least perform the ability. Yoma must be in a thread with the character to even mimic their moves. Fire or heat related abilities that apply to the internal body must be trained with caution and in most cases with another experienced fire user if not then they cannot be learned as they will result in the possible death of Yoma. This ability can be used with in Yoma’s sealed, Shikai, and Bankai States.

Fire and ash hand to hand style:
Suffering from a lack of training in hand to hand combat Yoma had to develop an adaptable style for himself. Something that could grow and change as he does but continually get stronger as he kept moving forward with it. Knowing his advantages with his own flames his combat style is highly focused on them. Yet due to be having two personalities the usage of this fighting style changes depending on the one in charge. Both sides trained and focused on their own individual sides of this technique to make it something that fit them.

Within Yoma’s personal style he focuses on all three components of his power, ash, fire, and pressure. These 3 components are used to reduce the effectiveness of an opponent’s body causing them to become less effective over the course of a battle. Yoma will cover his own body with flames to cause burns on contact, these flames are used to break down any defense or to cause internal heat damage by using the conduction and convention heating methods if contacting a solid or organic body. The flames will eventually weaken the defenses over the period of its usage. The ashes are used to cause continuous damage throughout a fight. Being mixed in with his flames when it makes contact with a target it will continue to cause pain as the ash will contain the excess heat of any previous fire attack that was used previously. The Ash as it gets heated leaves behind small tiny bits of glass that form due to the particles of ash that react to the heat that pierce into the opponent’s skin. The same ash also enhances any used fire attack that contacts it. Pressure from Yoma’s heat is released as he fights and is used to put a downward pressure on any opponent’s using to increase damage caused by physical contact he makes with them and increasing any possible internal damage and body pressure he can on them. This same released pressure pushes any glass deeper into their body to cause more pain and increasing size of wounds. Effectively making his opponent’s suffer as he fights.

By contrast Alter’s style focuses on as much damage as possible using as little energy and as much inflicted pain as possible. While Yoma’s style focuses on being quick and causing lasting pain throughout combat, Alter throws this aside by focusing his strength into his body and using his flames and pressure to boost his hitting potential. Once his body makes contact he lets his charges of flames causing shockwaves that go through the body and injure the internal body while the physical contact leaves marks and breaks through possible defensives. Within his explosions as his points of contact Alter sends glass shards into the opponent’s body. Following this he continues to apply his mix of heat and pressure combined with his explosions with each subsequent moment of contact. This keeps a heavy amount of pressure on his opponent’s and causing their body to become less efficient with every strike. The ash is used to create the glass and leave remains of the ash on an opponent’s body to continue boosting the strength of Alter’s flames as he makes contact.

These fighting styles continue to grow as both Yoma and his alter grows. Combining in other abilities he has and taking advantage of what he can at the time. Even in merge states this fighting style changes to fit the state. Within a merge state either fighting style could be used independently or also merged together to create an unexpected flow during battle.

Fire and ash Swordplay style:
Another style created by Yoma, the difference between his this and his hand to hand combat was that Both Yoma and Alter created this style together. Something where they could switch without letting the opponent catch on that something has changed in his style. This style focuses on quick strikes and keeping the body ready for the next action. Using the pressure of his flames the opponent’s body’s is put under a constant heavy pressure to slow their reaction time. While any pressure on Yoma is pushed away to increase his own reaction speed. Yoma also releases his ash within the fight to have his opponent’s breathe it in and to cause explosions as his flames come into contact with the ash. Over time Yoma will strike in a magnitude of ways and mixing another abilities and switching in order to confuse and slow his opponent’s striking at any ligaments on the legs and arms to cause the most harm with his swift strikes and movements.

This combat style was created originally to give Yoma a specific way and method to use his Zanpakutō. Eventually this evolved into a method to add trickery into his combat style using his DID as an advantage rather than just as a weakness. Switching constantly changing up the moves outside their sword style and evolving to fit the fight. Even if to cause more confusion the opponent’s own combat style may be mimicked to keep them on edge as well to confuse. Yet this is the style that both Yoma and Alter continue to work on to perfect. To them their sword combat style is important and is their means of connection to one another with in battle.

Fire Sense:
As Yoma acquired new strength Yoma needed something to counter the cost of his strength, Sight. Yoma’s power reduces visibility making it difficult for him to even act. He learned and began to have a better understanding of his own flame to the point where it even grew to make up for the drawback. The more he fought with his new powers the more it was required for him to see to take full advantage of his own power. This ability was created to allow Yoma to fight blindly just using a feeling given to him from waves of heat almost as if this was an extension of his sense of touch. This ability is constant as Yoma releases almost undetectable waves of heat that are made up of very little to no energy. The Heat of the waves blends in with the current temperature of his surroundings as a result making these waves almost undetectable by temperature. These waves can travel up to 100 feet and go through objects up to its limit. As it hits something with any temperature it gives him a feeling and a sense of the layout. Allowing Yoma to Map out an area by simply walking into it. It moves in any and every location to give him a feel for the layout of the 100 feet from the point he is standing on. This ability also allows him to sense the presence of others just by their temperature. Even if they can mask their body’s temperature Yoma will still be able to sense them he may be unable to know who or what it is. As Yoma can detect people by heat it does not mean he will know who the person is. People’s Body temperature changes as they move so as it changes Yoma could mistake it for another person or a different being entirely. This is unless Yoma is able to figure out and understand the temperature changes that maybe happening within a person. The ability inflicts no harm nor causes any temperature change of anything it comes in contact with.

Once something is detected or made out if it stays within range of Yoma's fire sense it can be detected until it escapes range. Simple movements to the more rapid movements and even multiple amounts of movements can be followed and sensed. This sense is used to detect things from a physical sense then a spiritual sense allowing detection of people even if they can't be sensed through a spiritual mean. Once again due to this ability adding on to Yoma’s sense of feel. Being more like a touch to him then a normal detection through spiritual means that looks for one based on their energy giving one no information.

Personality synchronization:
The power to combine two into one, yet still be one. That is what this power is. This power allows the Synchronization of Both Yoma Yazaki and Yoma Yazaki Alter. This merges their minds into one entity that has the twice the mental capacity of one. This puts the two into a brand new state of focus and a new level of control over the body. This merges both individual personalities together into one allowing the strengths of both Personalities to come through. Yet, depending who was the one who is the dominant mind one at the time is the one who mostly remains intact at the time. This keeps them in control with trait changes fusing into them as the minds become one. The separated mines come closer together to pick up traits from the other and improve one's mentality. The other personality for the period is unable to speak or be heard as it is fused into the being. Due to the fusion it is considered the perfect harmony and synchronization that speaking is no longer required between the two as the thoughts now flow through one and one alone to push and tap into the power into their own ways. This synchronization allows self-limits to be pushed further and even broken as they can access their powers completely without the distraction of the other and even gain the experiences and the emotions of the other as if they were their own. This allows for them to be able to cover their own weaknesses while moving forward with their individual goals.

Yet, Because of this perfect unison the main flaws to it are that both personalities must be willing and able to synchronize with one another while matching each other’s emotions and wills. Their level of synchronization can change during the course of a battle and other situations. How this sync changes depends on the individual personalities. Adding in emotional and external mental pressures to each individually can cause a change in their sync. If this happens then it can cause this ability to fail, as if the two are on different levels of focus it can cause them lose their combined connection. If the two are unable to reach a level of connection and purpose then this ability will fail. The benefits of this ability is that a new inner peace is obtained and the power of Yoma’s abilities are increased by more than 25% while as allowing Yoma’s faster reaction speed to increase greatly and it even grants him a greater focus allowing him to be able to process information at a higher rate than before.

This ability also has the power to connect his mind and synchronize his heart to entities that exist within his soul or that exist as part of it. An example of this is his Zanpakutō spirit. Yoma can connect to his Zanpakutō spirit and allow it to exist similar to Yoma Alter as part of his mind. This allows communication with these other entities to happen in the same way and form as Alter. These same entities can also force themselves into a connection with Yoma and Yoma Alter at any time as well and also perform the same mental synchronization that Yoma And Yoma alter perform to gain control or to give knowledge. The stronger the connection to the soul the stronger the power of the synchronization becomes. This can only be applied to those within or part of him and cannot be applied to others outside those parameters.


Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Yoma-Zanpakuto_zpsc040c85d

Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Wvqwir

Yoma Yazaki Revamp  N4v1c1

• Reiatsu Color:Scarlet

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name:
緋深炎 ("Scarlet Intense Flame") Himika (Yoma Yazaki)
沙炎 ("Sand Flame") Safaia (Yoma Yazaki Alter)

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

• Zanpakutô Spirit Personality:

Yoma's Zanpakutō spirit has two true names to represent both Yoma and his Alter. As Yoma switches so does the spirit’s name, so both Yomas has a name that the spirit responds to because of this both of them have to unlock Shikai and their Bankai individually. Be it Himika or Safaia, the person they are responding to is one in the same. She has no multiple personality disorder like Yoma but she is connected to both. Being understanding to both Yomas she herself is able to pick at their individual weaknesses and even know what buttons to push in order to try to get them into the point she wants them to get to.

Himika has very high standards for herself and others. She wants others to meet these expectations and will work them hard to meet them. If something is short from perfect then she must improve it no matter what. This causes a lot of trouble for Himika since she will continue to work on something until she can no longer physically or mentally work on it. Making her in fact quite stubborn and resistant to the lure of defeat. She applies the same concept on Yoma and Alter as well pushing them to their best and not allowing them to strive for anything below that. She believes that making them strive for perfection will improve them beyond anything else.

Himika also loves being around people in general as she loves having them fill the feeling of loneliness and have that void filled to the brim with experiences of joy and happiness. Enjoying the company they bring, she also enjoys the influence and knowledge that comes with having other people around. She allows herself to quickly adjust to the comfort of others and increases her reliance on them until they disappear which is known for people to do. She knows how people will disappear but wants to create a lasting bond with them so she will do her best to create a powerful bond and a need for them to be around. She wants to be remembered and does not want to be forgotten by others. Even if forgotten she will look forward to the next person she meets as every person is different and bring something new with them. They bring a new heart, new soul, and new memories. The memories to empower her for the future and build the power up from inside of her. She may have a strong to be connected to people, but she is also highly independent.

Just because she loves others and enjoys relying on them she is very independent. She has high levels of confidence within herself that she does not allow it to change. She pushes herself constantly to move forward to the point where growth can be reached. Failure will never be an option for her because she will not accept it. She hates to admit defeat to others and would rather make them think they were wrong. She continues to keep herself in high regards and keeps her power right with her. She is very confident especially in her own strength. The further she pushes it the more it becomes something more and evolves. It is something that is part of her and something she can rely on. She relies on herself the most over any other person that she can rely on. Others are useful for information and growing but when it really comes down to it she has to keep herself in high regard and as the one whose power she can rely on. In the end fighting alone is something that must be learned because it is what will end up happening a lot. The person that one must protect first is yourself. Loneliness will always come no matter where you go.

Himika hates the betrayal of others and the destruction of bonds. She considers one's betrayal to be on the same level of murder. Himika considers bonds to be sacred and something that must be honored. Bonds are the key to becoming stronger and guide one towards a direction that they strive for. They allow for something that that cannot be obtained alone and allows for fate to be changed. She understands the feeling of loneliness and what it can bring as bonds help prevent or heal this they also help encourage one. Bonds hold so much potential so they are a gift that must be protected.

Himika can end up quite cold at times especially upon first meeting her. Himika understands pain, loneliness and the horrors that can be caused by others. She would rather protect herself from others until she knows she can trust them and keep her own distance from them. This is also because her standards are so high for herself and others that she will be very stubborn and keep her harsh side to people being much more direct and blunt with them then if she were friendly with them.

• Inner World:
Yoma’s inner world is a very fragile and easily affected Yoma’s true emotions. As Yoma’s desires, hopes, and emotional psyche changes so does the influence over the inner world. Normally Yoma’s inner world is an endless world of snow with beautiful scented pine trees that seems to reach up to the sky. The aroma they emit fills the world with a sweet yet comforting smell which seems to ease one’s soul. Each tree is evenly and perfectly similar in appearance with the distance between them being perfect enough that each tree has its own space yet close enough that trying to see the skies is difficult to do.

Yoma’s inner world represents Yoma and Alter as a whole so the combination of their psyche will determine the current status of the world. When one or the other emotionally weakens so does the world and the status changes on how deep they have fallen into their emotion. The status of the world changes gradually as they fall deeper into their current emotion. Due to this the world can become much more dangerous at times or even much more peaceful yet the changes to the world never makes one aware of who’s is cause of a certain change but it gives the feeling of who is behind what change.

When either personality is within much joyful emotion such as joy, excitement, hope, determination and the like the world recovers from any negative changes it had been in before with the world staying at its neutral state stated above before. With the snow fall being gentle and warming while it falls at a slow and constant rate. Yet the opposite happens when Yoma’s emotions reach a negative level. These emotions include fear, hated, depression, hopelessness, and the like. When these emotions dominate the inner world changes the trees rot till they die away and the snow turns black emitting an empty yet heavy feeling that consumes one joy away.

At the lowest level of negative emotions the world covered snow disappears and its almost as its been replace due to the world becoming consumed with rushing water covering all land in site and nothing can be seen for miles on end. The skies are consumed by the negativity and are covered in black. The rushing water emits gives a heavy pressure on contact and many wild and unexpected waves happen at any given moment. Yet when one attempts to look down on the rushing water nothing can been seen underneath it only one’s own reflection in the black waters. This world of black water is the darkest point of the world reflecting its soul’s true appearance and own sense of loss. The world is filled with nothing but joyless pressure and a feeling of drain and loss. It contains no warmth and drags one down further if it can even happen. At times if the negativity continues the water itself can begin pulling beings fuller below its surface.

Yoma and Alter’s inner world represent both at once so how the world heals or how it corrupts is based on the balance of the two’s emotions. The stronger emotion always takes priority yet the second emotion whichever is weaker gives the world benefits of the positive or the effects of the negative. When both emotions are positive the world recovers or reaches its neutral state. When both are negative the world reaches its lows at a quicker rate. Yet whenever the emotions are opposites of each other depending on which is stronger is what takes main priority. So negativity will cause the world to fall into its dark state so if positive emotions aren’t strong enough to overpower the negativity. If the emotions are strong enough to overpower it the world will be more in a positive state but never reach the neutral state until the negativity is lost. The world would show both emotions at once and become something like a hybrid due to the mix of emotions.

With in the inner world both Yomas operate on their own with in their own bodies in the inner world. Their strengths and weaknesses are the same as if they were sharing the body yet they lack the interference and the merge abilities of the other. As a result of this they must also individually gain the powers of the Zanpakutō. As this shows that they two different individuals. So they must each learn the name the Zanpakutō goes by for them and how to use the power. one having access to shikai or bankai does not mean that the other has access to bankai or shikai or the abilities.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance :
Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Sword_of_Seals

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Volcanic Ash & Smoke Manipulation:
As Yoma discovered his true usage of his flames he also discovered his secondary ability as his siblings before him had. This secondary ability became his key into forging his own path forward. Aspiring to reach new heights with his ability he developed something his own with what he had discovered to allow him to truly have faith in his goal to surpass his family and show his worth of the Yazaki name. He wanted to become someone people can look up to which was another influence in creating this ability. His dedication to his goal allowed him to create his Ash and Smoke manipulation.

Yoma can create Ash and smoke from his body by releasing small particles of reishi from anywhere on his body then heating the reishi and any possible particles within the air to create an extremely hot Volcanic ash and smoke that he can control up to 50 feet away and be created to be first released up to 30 feet away. The Volcanic ash and smoke is made to be extremely dark that it greatly reduces visibility and is very dangerous to inhale or breathe in. Breathing the Volcanic ash and smoke can burn the internal portion of one's body and build up causing them to become more and more sluggish as it cools down. The ash and smoke first burn on entry but cool inside becoming glass a moment or two after entering the body and possibly causing internal damage. This move mimics Sherri's usage of her dark flames which reduces visibility to fight and this move is used in a similar fashion. The portion that allows him to create glass relates to how his sister Miaka creates her crystals and combines it with her fire so Yoma has also used this this as a basis in using his glass.

By wanting the ash to perform or behave in a certain way it will do what he wants and move until it reaches its max range. Due to the composition of the ash it is made to be highly explosive only to Yoma’s flames and as a result releasing flames can cause the ash to erupt into flames and be controlled with in the ash allowing Yoma to create controlled blasts and keep it contained. The ash can also be cooled according to his will to become glass in different formations to be used against his opponent. This formation is a result of his desire to mimic his sister Miaka. While Yoma can also heat the ash with his flames in order to create a liquid style fire attack. This Style of the ash was created to mimic his older brother Tsui.

This move can be used with his Flame adaptability possibly forming the basis for any techniques that may require it. This also give the ability properties of the ash allowing new and different uses of the move and gives it the properties of the ash. As a direct result of this the move may solidify, possibly harden or even liquidize based on Yoma's will and properties of the ability.

Yazaki Flames (Fire Manipulation):
Being a member of the Yazaki Family control over fire comes naturally but comes in many forms. Yoma's original flames were a weakened and a more or less uncontrolled version of the Yazaki flames. His current version is now much more controlled to the level where it matches the control of other Yazaki flames and has reached the level where its true form and color have been unlocked. The Yazaki Flames color is changed due to reishi, creation method and even Zanpakutō influence. As a direct result of this Yoma's flames are a cross of scarlet and crimson in color. Yoma's dedication has allowed him to discover abilities connected to his flames as well and has allowed his goal to come into fruition of reaching his older siblings Sherri, Miaka, and Tsui.

Creating the flames has become a simple task for Yoma as all he needs to do is to just really think about it now. The actual process is releasing reishi from his body and as it releases the force of energy causes it to ignite and merge with what is in the atmosphere. This allows the flames to survive in almost any environment. These flames can entirely be powered by his own reishi or by burning any type of excess energy with in the atmosphere that’s not in use. As stated before the flames do not require oxygen and burns according to his will or wills depending on the case. So his own willpower can increase the intensity to the heat and even decrease it allowing him to gain many options while fighting with the flames. These flames are Yoma’s primary method of fighting and make up the bulk of his fighting style and is combined with his other abilities to push them and create something new and unique to him that can be used in his own style. These flames do not harm Yoma’s body if he uses them on himself externally.

The flames burn at high temperatures allowing it to be a powerful offensive and defensive ability. Yoma is very dependent on his flames and as a result this ability has many variants and impacts and affects his other fighting styles. This ability can be used to create pressurized areas by using the heat to create a heavy down force of pressure. This is used to slow down those around him. the second common use of this ability is the creation of mines that can be placed by contact within seconds by contact with his own body, flames, or ash that explode when Yoma wishes such as when a new heat signature comes in contact with the mine or when Yoma decides to detonate it. These mines are almost undetectable as they release little to no reishi until they detonate and leave no mark when they are created. Fire manipulation is commonly merged with his volcanic ash and smoke manipulation to create a liquid type fire based move similar to lava to mimic Tsui. This ability is also used to create the volcanic ash and smoke manipulation and combined with his pressurized areas they can help increase the slow down on the opponent and makes breathing much more difficult. Even his swordplay and hand to hand combat style have also received a mix with his fire.

There are not any major drawbacks to this power since it is part of him and can almost be considered a natural ability to him but when he is controlling it the limits of the range he can move it up to is 100 feet and any pressurized areas can only be up to 50 feet. There are no limits on how many mines can be created but they cannot be placed on other opponents or anything attached to them as their reishi constantly flowing cancels Yoma's creation of this ability with his reishi with a release of a small amount and negates the creation of the mines.

Flame creation/Flame butterfly
Flames with the power to create and to enhance. This ability allows Yoma to create moving creatures and items that react according to his will. He refers to this ability as his flame creation but it also incorporates his volcanic ash ability. As a result he can mix in glass and ash to his creations to add in even more power to his attacks.

This ability is commonly used to create butterflies created from fire that serve a wide array of usages. They can serve as a light source in the dark that moves, they can be used to scout an area, or even be used explode on contact with a target. These butterflies can be made from one of 3 ways ones of pure fire, ones of glass, and ones of pure ash. The ones of fire are more common in combat based situations exploding on contact and moving at high speeds. The fire butterflies have the ability to distort heat around them making them cause a heat haze that prevents these butterflies from being spotted easily. Due to the heat haze they create it causes a type of distortion that’s similar a fading effect in the air which gives it difficult to see property. These same butterflies can also be used in daylight or evening in bright areas to scout for an area acting as an enhancer for Yoma’s fire sense ability. All of Yoma’s butterflies are used to enhance his fire sense they each from their location have a range of 30 yards of Fire sense. Yoma’s ash butterflies can be used in conjunction with his fire butterflies to create more damage and bigger explosions. The ash butterflies are used in dark areas where it would be much more difficult to spot them. The glass butterflies are used in bright areas using refraction of light to stay hidden. They even explode into glass shards to damage the opponent.

Within battle the 3 types of butterflies are mixed together to enhance their effectiveness within combat. Yet each of the butterflies are used to scout an area as they all have a connection to Yoma and can use their fire sense which connects the information they receive back to him. The fire sense they use is only effective for up to 30 yards and can even pick up sounds and noises for up to the same range. Making these butterflies effective at scouting areas and retrieving info. Yet most of Yoma’s creations from this ability all share the same properties most of the time the only difference is size.

• Yoma Yazaki Release: Shatter the chains of restraint and burn what lies ahead, incinerate Himika

• Yoma Yazaki Alter Release: Cloud the paths before me and create the fragile glass restraints which binds us to this world, Suffocate Safaia

• Himika/Safaia Release: Burn away what was left behind yet forge the fragile key of tomorrow and let the dancing ashes of today decide fate, cloud and singe Himika/Safaia

• Shikai Description: (Your character or your sword's new appearance. The appearance is totally up to you.)

• Shikai Abilities:

• Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

• Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Yoma Yazaki Revamp  Yoma-Skill-Sheet_zps05904046

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Racial Skills
  • Hoho:
  • Kidō:
  • Zanjutsu:
  • Hakuda:

Yoma Yazaki
Will Skills
  • WillPower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

Yoma Yazaki Alter
Will Skills
  • WillPower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

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