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ENTER Saiko Mori

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


» Birth Given Name: Anael Azrael is the birth given name bestowed upon Saiko by her parents. The reason why they gave her this name is because it was meant to infuse the love they cherished for their child, while infusing the world of death in which they lived in. As Anael represented the love which brewed within her heart on the day of St.Valentines, while Azrael represents the death that demons brought upon their lands.

» Name: Saiko Mori is the name that Saiko was given after she became a hafling. It stands for "Brightest Forest" and had been placed upon her as because of the fact her soul shun with a bright life, but it would be devoured by the forest of darkness which is her demonic blood. Mana Asthavon would see to that. As while it is still quite the vibrant spirit, it is now coated and drowned in the blood of those she has killed and made to turn her soul into a sinful being.

» Titles: Saiko has quite a few titles to her name. One of the first and most commonly used is Archduchess of Sixth Circle. This is, obviously, because she is the archduchess and leading force of that circle within Shadow Fall. The second most common title is "The Void Enigma". The reason why she was given this alias is because many within Shadow Fall never could get a read on the girl, so they simply referred to her as an enigmatic void.

Thirdly, another generally known title that Saiko goes by is "The Mistress Of Melancholy". Since this is because her powersake and core is filled with glum and sorrow, so it makes sense she'd have some form of alias associated with her prowess. Some have also called her The Forsaken Traitor because of her betrayal of The Gotei 13. As, originally, she was apart of the former first division of that organization, but betrayed to align herself with demons and had many of her allies killed because of it.

» Age: Saiko is currently 176. Her birthday is Feb 14th, 2240.

» Place Of Birth: Saiko was born in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

» Gender: Female

» Species: Half Shinigami & Demon

» Sexuality: Bisexual.

» Martial Status: As of now, Saiko is in a committed relationship with Ash Iramasha.

» Nationality: Saiko is half Asian, half Caucasian. The more dominant side appears to be her fathers blood, while her oriental blood is the more submissive side.

» Appearance: One of the first things that is noticeable about the appearance of Saiko is the length of her hair. Following the months after the war in Iceland, it seemed she decided to let her hair grow out to her waist. This is a rather noticeable change from before because of the fact she was so insistent on it's short length. Additionally, the hue of her hair seems to have a faint, secondary plum hue when her energy arises to the surface.

Moreover, this orchid shade of color seems to be constant in her bodily appearance as well. Since, after that event, it seemed her eyes reached a deeper and more vibrant shade of indigo as well. The same can be said of her reaitsu and most attacks which are produced by Saiko's energy. This is attributed to the stronger impulse and pull of emotions, thoughts and sentiment that brews within her spirit igniting these more dynamic pulls.

Digressing, the rest of her body seems rather slender, but firm for her 5'3 height. She was an archduchess for Shadow Fall, so it stands to reason that Saiko's frame would be reasonable fit and durable. Granted, she might not look it as her skin is often quite pale skinned. And, most of her abdomen is covered in scars and injuries. For instance, there is a major gash across her stomach which stemmed from an injury that never healed from her conflict in Iceland.

Which is rather funny when considering Saiko now wears even more revealing clothing than before. Most of her armor and leggings cover her arms and legs, but she doesn't seem to care much about exposing her gut region. It's almost as if she is subconsciously proud of the scar. As it tells the story of abuse her body endured and that she has come to terms with it.

None the less, the final thing to note -- is her attire. The girl wears more black than the masses of people at a funeral. Whether it be her gloves, leggings, armor or hoodies; she is always adorning some shade of midnight to her clothing and never leaves the house without it. Perhaps it's just a preference, but it's still quite a bit excessive.

Note: It is possible for Saiko's eyes, energy and highlights of her hair to turn black or even blue at times. This is because she and her Zanpakutô spirit share a strong bond and often swap each other's energy frequencies with one another. This is because he possesses elements of who she was prior to becoming a shinigami and a half-blooded demon.

Although, as of recent, she has noted this form becoming more common around Ash. As, the plum represents her melancholy, while the blue represents more of her true and placid nature. And, with him, she feels safe enough to unveil that side of herself and may occasionally revert back to that state since it dwells into this aspect of her personality that is buried beneath everything else wrong with her negative aspects

» Rank: As of now, Saiko is the Sixth Archduchess of Shadow Fall. This position allows her access to a lot of Shadow Fall's inventory, reserves, soldiers and other resources. She is often in charge of maintaining Shadow Fall's inner order, ensuring new members of Shadow Fall aren't dead or injured, the disposing of traitors and other problems. However, it also isn't uncommon for her to dash out to the main battlefield as she is considered one of their stronger front liners. She has a high rate of successions on her missions and is an accomplished Archduchess.

Additionally, she can also be considered an un-named Asthavon. The reason for this is because she was marked and turned into a Demon by Mana Asthavon. So even if she does not actively claim the family, it is still very much apart of her blood and they accept her into their family. As that is what it means to be turned by a demon. It is a bond that is rather hard to displace and ignore.

» Residence: As of now, Saiko currently resides in the Outlands of The Sirsa Nation. In her own forest drenched in plum and twinkling stars is where The Maiden of Melancholy's manor is located at. It is a rather massive compound that sits upon the peak of a mountain and overlooks the a rich, luscious plant life below it. It resembles older Gothic styled architecture and expands for roughly a half mile across the peak. So it is here where she hosts her own small faction of followers from her circle within Shadow Fall. Her own little escape from it all.

However, this isn't her only residence. It's only Saiko'sp primary location. Due to the wealth of money, resources and connections she invested in with Shadow Fall, she has been able to expand her bases to many other different regions that are based in Demon World, the human world and even in Hueco Mundo. She's even gone as far as to invest in underground facilities in the out lands of the Soul Society in times of emergency and escape.

Most of these structures have many sorts of stations for magic based healing, food, shelter, security, defenses, weaponry and other material to assist her and those whom follow her. These bases of construction also vary from above ground buildings, to aerial fleets, spacial bases and below ground compounds. So it's safe to say that she has more than a few assets to fall back on if something should go wrong. That anxiety is certainly being put to productive work.

» Frequent Locations: Saiko Mori is known to venture constantly between the living realm and Demon World. This is because most of the bases she owns are located within these dimensions. Additionally, she is often assigned missions by Shadow Fall in these regions; so it goes without saying she has a strong knowledge of their layout and terrain. This is relevant due to the fact Saiko loves to lose herself in these worlds.

Although, she does occasionally make ventures to dimensions such as Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society from time to time. As she often handles Shadow Fall related business when it comes to maintaining relations with the hollow creatures of that realm. And, again, for Shadow Fall, she has made more than one incursion to the Soul Society. Such as when she fought against most of division one in Demonic Incursion.


Somewhat Reserved: Even before her ability to speak verbally was taken away, most thought of Saiko as a mute because of her lack of dialogue and speech. This is because Saiko is more of an observer and listener more so than she is a talker. Granted, over the years, this has changed somewhat and she seems to be working on engaging those who captivate her attention. As, in order for her to give a person her energy, she has to feel there is a way for her to trust or feel relaxed with said person.

Otherwise, Saiko has no desire to expose herself to any further hurt than she has already. Hence, she is quite selective with who she shares the sentiments of the mind and heart with. Most spirits around her are nothing more than a whim away from inflicting harm upon her and she is more than well aware of that. Thus, she guards her heart with an iron blade and cast a wall of stone to protect it's fragile constitution.

Wanderer: Searching, searching -- searching for something. That is what the mind of Saiko is always doing. She isn't quite sure what she desires from life, but there is something she wants to make whole and she wants to use it to absolve the abyss within her mind and heart. Therefore, she has gone through great extents in order to find this aimless goal.

During the crux of the Iceland Conflict, she was noted as wanted to preserve the light, innocence and naivety of Ash due to the way his spiritual aura presented itself to her. Hence, she risked life and limb to preserve it and even suffered significant brain injuries because of it. Yet, even with all of that, she was still determined to pursue him. As, to her, she believed his perceived warmth and altruistic nature could help fill the void within her own heart.

Therefore, she battled her way through imprisonment, slashed her way through many foes and snuck straight into the nerve center of the Earth's defenses in order to find and take him away from the depths of Karakura Central. All in the hopes of finding some vague vision of a happy future. It's still all black, but at least she has a hand to guide through the darkness now.

Melancholic Detachment: There often isn't a day where Saiko doesn't feel the impulse of sadness flow through her being. She views the world as a place that is quite grim, sullen and devoid of most pleasure and life. Everything can be taken away in an instant, and there is a disconnect and detachment had from that sentiment. Often times, she desired not to cling to anything; in spite of the ramblings of her mind and cravings of her body screaming the opposite.

No. She often yearns to drown herself in a void of glum and sorrow because it is easier that way. Rather than embrace the flare of ecstasy, she sinks in the space of turmoil because that is simply what her mind is used to. From the events that molded her into what she is today, there is nothing else that Saiko can honestly expect. As, raising her hopes only leads to further pain and hurt, so it is easier to numb and accept things for how terrible they are.

It is a form of coping, a crummy one at that, but it has kept her sane enough from her point of view. Why bother investing such strong emotion and energy into a future that was otherwise uncertain in a world full of cruelty? Instead, it's better to expect the worse, feel pleased when things are not and work your way through the realm of troubles and grief with your head in the clouds of discontent.

This personality trait can seem quite illogical, and even contradicts itself, but Saiko would not be herself if such a trait did not exist within her. As it's always a battle between what is logical and what isn't.

Unreal Perception: Distorted is one way to describe how Saiko experience the world around her. During times of heightened or uncontrolled anxiety, dread and tension; it's quite possible for this maiden of melancholy to experience total separation from her environment. Imagine yourself being detached and broken from the familiarity of of the space around you. Then, with that sense shattered, envision a wave of terrifying surrealism; as if everything around you is out of this reality and ready to melt your consciousness into a fine oblivion.

That is what it is like at times when this Unreal Perception grips hold and throws Saiko into a whirlpool of horrifying self awareness. Anxiety is nothing new to the girl, but this level of dismay and panic is one she tries to quell and suppress as best as she can. It is why she would rather die than keep facing these tormenting feelings over and over again; and why she throws herself into so many different obstacles to absolve and forget about it.

Yet, even in her rest, she can barely find rest from these ethereal frights. The mind splits and feels as if it is a fractured self of many thousands of broken pieces. Thoughts go every which way but right, terror flows up her core and she is but a victim of unyielding anxiety from the life which she leads. Saiko often casts these worrying thoughts to the side while conscious, but her sub-conscious is more than aware of the hell it is to constantly live your life on the edge. Thus -- it eats at her as punishment for these crimes. For this is her retribution to pay for all the atrocities she committed in her lifetime.

Always On Edge: If there is one thing that Saiko is, it's the fact that she is always apprehensive, tense and rigid and ready to react at a moments notice. This is directly related to her unreal anxiety levels; as her body was reacted by constantly feeling a sense of fight or flight response whenever she is out and about. It causes her heart to feel heavy, limbs to feel as if they are made of electricity and head to impulse with delusions. These range from sensations of weightlessness, needless worry, hallucinations and unending thoughts of dread and worry.

It seems to almost never cease. Again and again these feelings repeat on a loop and they eat at the very body and soul of Saiko. As, during times of intense psychological distress, The Maiden of Melancholy could not even so much as harness her full power to defend herself without her zanpukto spirit at her side. That much was proven during her conflicts in Iceland, Demonic Incursion, The Black World Immersion and so many other events.

The only times that Saiko seems to notice that this feeling goes away is at rest, around those whom she feels she is safe with and when too stimulated to reflect and mull over these notions. Although, her richer shades of melancholy can also overpower this feeling and numb it at times; it turns into a nightmare when the two are infused together and makes just breathing, living and experiencing life a bad dream that never ends.

It is why she is so thankful to have a being like Ash in her life to help keep these feelings in check. As, if nothing else, his love and touch seems to absolve her of these notions for as long as is he spiritual wavelength is near her own. This frequency she feels almost makes her believe in "soul-mates" in this world of spirits. It would make sense given the context of the world they live, after all.

Suicidal: There is a large part of Saiko that is rather suicidal. As, for the most part, a lot of her actions are reckless, filled with emotional thought and done on whims. This is because she doesn't care much for the consequences of her actions until they come to bite and devour her whole. It is the whole reason why she decided to seek out Ash Iramasha and kidnap him from Karakura Central. The only thing that ran through her head was tracking him down and being showered in his warmth, or failing and dying in a pool of her own cold blood.

At this point, she doesn't care much for her own life and that gives her a sense of liberation and freedom. As, with this new perception on life, she is free to do as she pleases as she is more than prepared to deal with whatever comes after. Therefore, even with the chains of bondage on her soul, no one can ever take this sense of empowerment away from her; as no matter what happens -- she will be alright. If she lives? Perhaps she'll find a way through this darkness. If she doesn't? Then death will release her from this non-sense. It's as simple as that.

Yearning For The Past: Saiko wasn't always a monster to herself. There was a time in her life when everything was fine, care free and filled with hope, light and life. So, it isn't a wonder that she holds nostalgia and desire to return to simpler times. The life she leads is one filled with stress, endless worry, pain and death; the life she lived as a child was serene, happy, loving and filled with endless comfort. This sharp contrast in life changes over the decades is one that stabs in her heart as she continues to corrode and waste away.

As, no matter what she does, there is nothing she can do to mend back the sands of time which fall away from her hands grasp. It only keeps accelerating further and further until the point of her demise comes. And, despite her acceptance of that fact, it does not do much to quell and ease her fear. There is nothing that can stop this path and it horrifies her at every level; to the point of wanting to kill herself to find an escape out of this torture. That is apart of the reason why she is suicidal to begin with: this life -- it's too much. Too much for her to bare.

Immense Guilt Within: At least once day there is a guilt that eats and stabs at the embodiment of Saiko's being. It's akin to being stabbed with knives over and over again in the chest and it hurts the soul. Although she'll never admit, there is a regret and remorse which devours her for all of the ill-deeds she has caused throughout the world based on her wish which turned her into the demon she is today. Although she wanted to ensure that those close to her heart would not be tormented in the embers of hell, she had ended so many hundreds of thousands lives with her hands; and millions of more lives indirectly through her mind's actions and guidance to those she leads over in Shadow Fall.

And, despite giving them a chance to flee, she still cannot forgive herself for that. As this was all her conscious decision and choice to end their life. Yet, even so, the gentleness inside of her is so broken up and torn over the ordeal. This isn't what she wanted and it hurts. And it hurts even more so to have forsaken all of the positive aspects which once made a healthy, vibrant and loving girl to what seemed like an eternity ago. There are still aspects of herself which try to shine and break through this wall of blood and shade, but she is so far gone in her mind that there is no point in trying to stop.

Nothing can take back the time wasted, no one can save her from the lives ruined and she can't hope to truly find a way back to the child she used to be. Naive delusions won't do the trick and trying to do good won't magically erase the wrongs she committed. It's just too late to go back. Thus, even if it agonizing to have such levels of guilt and regret, Saiko still is stubborn in her stance and seeks to hold this weight on her chest. For that is her burden to bare and one that she intends to carry until the very last blood-filled breath exhales from her lungs and the light of her spirit is extinguished.

Even if she regrets every last action she had ever committed on her life on her death bed -- that will be the price to pay for the life she so willingly led.

Distrust: Perhaps one of the burning factors of her reservations and detachments from most beings is the fact that she does not trust them. In a world of monsters, beasts, killers, abusers, liars, manipulators and sadistic freaks; it's hard to trust anything anyone says or does. Her own heart and mind is a fragile thing, and she isn't keen on giving that fragility to just anyone. It's why she questions why she decided to let Ash in her heart with all this paranoia and suspicion looming in her heart. As there are aspects of herself that doubt even his love.

Shattered Self: With all the many different aspects of Saiko that compromise her personality, and all of the many souls she has claimed with her reaping, it's hard for her not to feel a sense of fractured self. That is to say: Saiko isn't quite sure who she is or what aspects of herself she wants to let blossom. Despite her claims of being a monster and killer, the girl isn't quite sure what she is on the inside. There is so much doubt and confusion which plagues her mind and soul that it's like being lost in a void of uncertainty.

Slowly Finding Conviction: Following the ignition of her love for Ash, Saiko noticed that something had changed in herself -- there was a small flame of resolve beginning to burn and spread through her soul. Although she'd never admit it to anyone but her beloved, this spark of passion caused a radical shift within herself. As, following her awakening in Dr.Hebi's laboratory, she noticed a stronger pulsation of emotions and willpower to seek out what her heart desired. It is why she recalled being so angry at Dr.Hebi for restraining and restricting her from the outside world. As, with that subjugation, she could not be with her soul mate and that angered her and caused her to take action and become wild.

Prior to this point, Saiko had tried her best to avoid, run away and stop all intense emotion, fascination and desire from within herself. Yet, following her near death experience, something broke within her and wavelength of Ash's soul unlocked a phoenix within; one that was waiting to arise from the flames of it's imprisonment and break free. Now she has become more focused on what she wants, is willing to put in the work to achieve these worldly cravings and is trying to harden her mind to better meet the increased demands of caring for another and finding her place in this world.

Even if this is all occurring on a sub-conscious level, and even if she refuses to admit or accept it, it is a process that is happening and one that she feels she cannot stop. For as long as her heart beats with this affection and longing for Ash, this ambition, will and determination will continue to fester and expand in order to lessen and ease the instabilities of her melancholic heart.

Empathy For Those With Melancholy In Them: This one deals more so with the element of her powers. Saiko seems to have more fondness and mercy for those who have the seeds of sadness, depression and hurt sowed within their bodies. The reason for this is because it resonates strongly with the element of her Zanpakutô spirit. And because she has such a strong cluster of sorrow within her heart, there is a vast amount of understanding and insight that Saiko shares because of her struggles. Thus, she would want to avoid hurting someone inflicted with this curse if at all possible.

As, to Saiko, it is almost like killing one of her own when she has to slay someone with visible melancholy in their hearts. It is apart, but not all, of the reason she believes she did not harm Ash Iramasha on the day that they met in Iceland. Or, when she fought against the hopeless angel of Carter during their clash in the hell of Demonic Incursion. These were two prime chances to kill her foe, but she seemed to opt out that route entirely because of this factor playing a role in her sparing their lives.

Seeds Of Cognitive Dissonance: If one hasn't guessed it, there are some aspects of her personality which conflict with another. This is because there are conflicting beliefs battling and yearning for total control of her persona. One of the main ways that this is shown is by the fact that her actions seem to indicate that she finds hope and light in the love that she offers Ash Iramasha. Yet, there are many beliefs within herself which believe otherwise. As she claimed herself as a lone wolf many times and that of a monster, yet she still attempts to spare and plead with those she slaughters to back down more often than not.

More importantly, there is a deep seated kindness that is nestled within her heart that greatly empowers and drives the source of her guilt and wants to fight against her instabilities. It is this seed of awareness and consciousness that seeks to drive her back to the happiness she once had. Even if Saiko's consciousness mind vehemently fights against it, this cognitive dissonance still thrives and runs amok in much of her thoughts and actions.

It all leads into the finale aspect of her persona...

A Love That Never Ends: Past all the layers of blood, corruption, melancholy and fear is a heart that beats with love. Even if it had been so torn up, damaged and bruised from years of abuse, it still thumps with affection and tenderness to those select few Saiko deems worthy as receiving her love. For this aspect of her persona is the remnants of her younger self that still flow and live on within The Maiden of Sorrow.

For it is this side that has given her enemies a chance to retreat from their path and cease their progression to Saiko's Arm of Grief. Despite the blood she has spewed, this internal self saw to give them an opportunity to end needless fighting and seek to spare them of that torment and agonizing death.

As despite everything else Saiko says and does, this internal self is there to counter it and speak otherwise. It gives her conflict as she finds herself at ends with this compassion within herself and seeks to stifle it to better suit the life of a corrupted killer she has led all of these years. As it does not suit a monster befitting Shadow Fall and it certainly doesn't belong in her personal life; as that had long since been destroyed, shattered and obliterated in the fires of war and hell. Yet, in spite of her protest -- it still persists. And it still hurts so much.

Other Mental Traits Unrelated To Her Persona

Cautious Tactician: Having an overthinking mind does have some benefits; and one of those benefits is that Saiko understands how to lead tentative battle plans. She did not get to be an Archduchess of Shadow Fall without having a knack for organizing massive undertakings. There is a natural instinct for combat which beats within The Maiden of Melancholy from her time living in Earth's outlands. She understands when to follow her gut, when to fight with a plan and when to just go in guns blazing or retreat when the fight cannot be won. It seems like basic things, sure, but most spirits in this world seem to lack those common sense traits of fighting and waging war.

One of the finest examples of this is when she managed to penetrate through Karakura Central's air-tight defenses in order to take Ash Iramasha away from that horrible place. Or, in terms of combat, she successfully managed to take down one of the Rukogani Districts during the Demonic Incursion invasion and destruction of the Soul Society on her own. Lastly, as a final example, Saiko has even taken on multiple opponents far stronger than herself at once and managed to successfully complete her operations despite all the disadvantages thrown at her.

Body Attuned To Combat: Loosely related to Saiko's tactician skills is her rich experience on the field of battle. However, this deals more with sub-conscious movements and memories. She has spent many decades, if not, a whole century in many constant battles, fights, clashes and wars. So, it goes to reason that her body is naturally attuned to the art of combat.

Therefore, she is often able to perform dynamic feats of bodily control, spiritual attacks and reflexes with effortless thought and movement. Even when she is under extreme psychological stress, her body still appears to react on it's own because of it's keen instincts which had been hardwired into her for so long. It's almost as if it is an involuntary movement at times due to the nature of how quick these signals reach her metaphysical and physical circuits.

Knack For Pain: More than anything else, Saiko does have the stomach to endure blinding amounts of pain and grin through it. After serving in Shadow Fall for many decades, it's hard not to have run into instances where you weren't subjected to horrifying physical anguish at some point or another. She has had her limbs torn off, organs pierced, body scorched and even gone as far as to endure multiple stabs in the head that induced varying amounts of brain damage. All the while, she was more focused on her mental anguish as opposed to the physical and found the strength to continue fighting even under these extreme conditions.

So to say that Saiko doesn't have a strong tolerance for pain is a massive understatement. The woman was practically made for abuse, and her mind is no exception. Every waking moment is almost a form of mental anguish and it has strained itself to the utmost of it's conscious perception coping with such a agonizing thing.

Keen Mind: The mind of Saiko Mori is one that has had one hundred and seventy six years in order to expand its intelligence, knowledge and overall understanding of the world and the subjects and beings which make it up. Therefore, it is a fair assumption to draw that Saiko is a highly intelligent woman when one looks past her unstable and irrational traits. As from her magic based studies, she has had time to ingest and mull over a variety of topics, subjects, sciences, histories, physical and metaphysical understandings pertaining to the many different realms which make up the PH Verse.

For, prior to becoming a half demon and joining Shadow Fall, Saiko was a woman who did have a higher than average intelligence. However, with these augmentations, there was a definite increase in her perception of the world. These came in the form of magical runes which sealed and compressed the information of numerous subjects that those in Shadow Fall were able to seal and imprint into their minds. After constant decades of this, it isn't a wonder that she is such a dangerous and well trained weapon. As she has a firm understanding of the principles which make up our existence.

Such illustrations of this mental ability is the fact that she can often learn a subject rather quickly with enough hard focus. If you give her the needed studying materials? She can learn a magical art within a few hours, to days or a week at most depending on how determined and pin-point her focus was. Or, in combat, her ability to decipher attacks is accelerated due to the higher concentration needed when in the heat of combat. So, she could attempt to de-code and understand the patterns, particles and energy frequencies of opponents she fights with enough fixation on them.

Which, in this example, is the keyword: focus. She still spent many years trying to comprehend the knowledge infused into her mind and had to spend a fair amount of time memorizing, comprehending them and allowing her brain to process this information. So, she isn't the type of person of high intellect who coasts by easily; she has had to work and earn her way to have this understanding.

An Outliner Of Worlds: Saiko does not belong anywhere. When she looks at her humanity, shinigamihood and demon blood -- she doesn't identify with any of them anymore. With how disarrayed, distorted and broken her mind, body and soul is, there is no point in claiming either world. Instead, she simply sees herself as something that shouldn't exist and a monster which finds it stuck in between realms.It fuels the wandering aspect of her persona because it helps to add to the feeling that she is a lost soul.

The only reason she is even apart of Shadow Fall is because of her bond to Mana Asthavon from the union made when she was turned into a half demon. If it wasn't for that lingering chain on her soul, she'd have left that a long time ago and truly be alone. So, it is safe to say that she holds no qualms killing either species as she holds no claim to either of them. Thus, to conclide: Saiko has long since given up on her humanity and demonhood and is merely an ugly beast that roams between worlds.

Deep Rooted Instability: This goes something beyond her own psyche. This is a feeling that Saiko gets when she senses and feels the demonic blood within herself brewing and churning around within. More noticeably, in the past six years, Saiko's growth in power has agitated the maddening blood of The Demon Queen which still slithers within her body. It is attracted and pulled towards desire for more power and the core of instability within her Zanpakutô and mind.

At times, it has even gone has far as to totally have her become unhinged. For example, during her clash in Iceland, it nearly fully came out as she was prepared to let go of her restraints and tap into the foul essence that is The Danava of Discord and Lunacy's madness. However, the spiritual wavelength of Ash's pleas and cries quelled and subdue it like an infant being pacified with warm milk and food.

Ever since she vowed to stay by Ash's side and be his knight and partner, this portion of herself has grown, yet been subdued. As, with her new fond power, she has felt these tendrils of instability grow within herself. However, the depths of her love and the healing elements of Ash's energy have otherwise kept this in check. If it had not been for that, Saiko believes she would have been devoured by this spiraling chaos within herself. Therefore, this is more motive than ever to keep her soul mate in her life so that this ugly nature does not overpower her soul. She needs him now more than ever.

Fear Of This Intense Love And Passion: There is a fear that beats and thumps within the heart of Saiko. That fear is that one day perhaps Ash will awaken to the monster that Saiko truly is. And, when that moment comes, the inevitable end of his light and love will cease. For, even when she is with him, she cannot help but feel there is something within him that feels disgust and distaste for her being. She doesn't quite understand what he sees in her, but she wants to hold out hope and belief that these feelings are truly shared with him and aren't done out of guilt or some sense of obligatory duty.

As, even pass that, she wants to ensure that her own possessive traits are submerged and kept in order. Since, over the time she has spent with Ash, The Maiden of Melancholy had most certainly experianced intense feelings of wanting to look over and keep him safe. It bordered on the edge of obsession and she doesn't want that ugly and putrid side of her passion to taint and ruin what they have. His altruistic and gentle nature doesn't deserve that horrible corruption.

But -- didn't he know he loved a monster? And -- didn't she know that everything in this world ends in a tragedy? After all, is always ready to die at any moment. It's the fate of a soul who kills and takes. So how far gone in her delusions did she go to believe that she could make him happy? Damn, it hurts so much to even find this light and affection. And yet -- she can't live without it anymore. Cursed once again by the chains of life and fate.


Chapter One: Birth [From 2240 to 2443]

The world that Saiko was born into was a dead one. Living in the outlands of the Arizona desert, there wasn't much life or prosperity to be had following the aftermath of World War Three. While the climax of the war had died down by this point, there were will many regions of instability that would be worked on during the years. Constant clashes for control over of the terrority were all but common place. Whether it be by man, demon or supernatural being alike. Bodies dropped day after day and the fragility of life was more than scarred into the land and it's people during this time of rebuilding in the world.

However, despite the hellish atmosphere of the state at the time, there were still many humans who held on to hope and love. In a band of small, but capable rouges, both of Saiko's parents conceived their bundle of light a world of death and decay. Born on Feb 14th, 2240, Anael Azrael was the original birth name which Saiko was given by her mother, Ariel Azrael. Each of her parents named them this as they both clung to the faith and belief that perhaps the embrace of angel's will help save this world cast in the blood of demons.

Ergo, the name "Anael" was bestowed upon Saiko because it represented an angel of love. While, Azrael, their family's last name from her father, Uriel Azazel, embodied the world of death they inherited from World War Three. Thus, their child of St.Valentine was meant to do great good in the world and they held on to that unfounded belief as strongly as they could. Since, against all odds, they believed that their daughter would be a miracle child and perhaps that she could arise to the ranks of being someone capable of changing this turmoil with these elements of love infused into her birth. It was quite absurd to believe in the grand scheme of things, but they needed something to hold on to and to have hope in.

Therefore, they raised this child with the utmost of love and compassion. Even in the midst of bloodshed and destruction, they shielded her from the hostile reality of the world and did their best to provide as much of a stable infancy as two superhuman beings could in a world of supernatural strife. They always kept her locked away in the many compounds they traveled through when on the run from enemies who wished to kill them and their families, always had powerful relatives at her side to keep Saiko safe and gave her the best of what limited resources they could provide. They would both often even starve many nights if it meant their child would have more to eat than them.

Hence, Saiko grew and turned into a child who knew not much sorrow despite all the odd happenings occurring around her. From what she recalls, this period of development was filled with happiness, warmth and freedom from the stresses of the world they called earth. She was allowed to thrive, flourish and latch on to her own inner love in order to awaken an abnormal power. As, at the age of three, the potential for Saiko started showing in the fact that her powers seemed to highly resonate with her spirit. During times where she felt extreme happiness, glee and affection, the toddler of Saiko would exhibit odd flares of powers that soothed and relaxed the tense souls of those hardened soldiers around her.

From what her parents recalled, it was almost as if her soul was capable of taking the sorrows, heartache and glum of a persons heart and absolving them into her own. And, more than anything else, this power seemed to feast and grow stronger from the sources of carnage, melancholy and death which permeated the lands around them. However, the child did not seem to be too altered by it because of the fact her psychological state of mind seemed to be healthy and she could properly wield this power without any cognitive thought put behind it. As it was almost as if it were mere instinct more than anything else.

In spite of this gift, many of the others within their family were more concerned about what this could lead into as she developed into her teenage years and became more aware of the world. The reason for this is because it seemed that this strength seemed to stem more so from the child's mind, and like anything from the mind, there was a chance for things to go wrong if that mentality broke or shifted. Therefore, each of the parents, while still loving and supportive, aimed to keep the child of Saiko at a leash and close to them during most times because of this looming fear that a power like this might backfire.

At the time, though, Saiko didn't seem to mind much. As long as she had her friends, family and happiness -- everything was ok! None of the troubles of the world mattered as long as this love and childish optimism kept her going. Because of this, Saiko was noted to be a child that was always talkative, social, loving and always had a smile across her face. It served as a morale boost for many of the people around her, though quite a few still held their reserves about the child's unknown power and what it might lead into later.

For now, however, life was alright.

Chapter Two: Embers Of Nostalgia [From 2244 to 2254]


That's one way to put her childhood from the rose-colored glasses that Saiko paints it as.

Even as Saiko's family ran through the out lands of America to find stability and peace, she came to find serenity and placidity in the midst of nature. This is because they were always safe when the lush forest life surrounded them all like a blanket of protection. For in these years, the ever constant leash that her parents pulled around Saiko's neck grew tighter. So, whenever they reached the beauty of mother nature, she knew it was safe as that leash grew less and less rigid. Thus, when in these serene locations, she rarely, if ever, felt sadness when coated in the depths of the woodlands.

This was important to her as they ventured through as her family traveled throughout southwest of the United States. Throughout these travels, and as she grew older, Saiko started to notice how much conflict there was in the world. Humans, demons, shinigami and so many other beings were always fighting one another or trying to fight them. It was a terrifying reality to try and comprehend, so with the help of her parents -- she shut it off.

What else could a child with such protective parents do? She had no coping skills to deal with the stresses of the world, so she simply ignored them and clung to others in order to keep feeding her happiness into them. All the while, she'd slowly accumulate their sorrows, heartaches and misery for her own. As with each person her powers touched, a small piece of Saiko's self grew further and further conscious to the world around her. And, while her own inner world flourished, it was hanging on by a piece of wire which grew weaker and weaker with each year that passed.

So while her parents and family took care of the monsters which loomed in the distance, Saiko stayed increasingly sheltered throughout her developmental years and grew to live her solitude. For it is in this isolation where she learned to expand her mind and find something so far away from the hardships which loomed in the horizon. She lost herself in many books pertaining from the sciences of this existence, histories of the world, fictional stories and so many other subjects in between. They were her comfort and helped to expand to her knowledge so that she could further cultivate the empathy, warmth and love within herself with this early wisdom she perceived herself as having.

As it would be something which was key to her finding some of the best friends of her life. After many years of searching, both Saiko and her parents would find a refuge for those who were effected by the aftermath of the third world war. Placed in an unspecified location of Texas, there was a vast desert where a large gathering of disbanded humans, shinigami's and other neutral supernatural races alike called home. They made a community and ensured that none of the killers, demonic freaks, hollows, Arrancar or any other mad man of this world would bring harm to it.

Called "Ranger's Haven", this location would be the perfect place for Saiko and her parents to set-up their new lives. So, at the tender age of 7, Saiko found a home and she was very much keen on befriending all those she came into contact after being sheltered for so long. Always the life of the party, she tried to make as many friends as possible at the asylum. As, all she truly wanted as a normal childhood where she can run, play and have fun to her hearts content without the need to fear for her life, her parents life or the lives of those around her in this strange, nightmarish world of boogie-men that played outside the walls of her sheltered life.

That was just stuff that happened to people with bad luck. So, she would enjoy her life and invest in finding a good circle of friends. As when her parents were away, they often left her in a children's education center. At this center they taught children history, science, mathematics and all the traditional aspects that are typically taught to children. However, what was different was the fact that this school also specialized in developing the powers of those children who showed promise in developing into people who could help change and shift this world. Whether it be through the art of combat, the mastery of healing, the methods of defense and everything else in between.

Therefore, it was aptly called "The Dream Institute" because they aimed to invest in the future and help the children of that era become champions of tomorrow. So, given that they sensed her abnormal power from reports received to them by her close family, she was automatically enrolled and placed into this program. And it is in this program where she found many whom seem to accept her for whom she was. Thus, having a strong backing behind her, it was hard for Saiko not to thrive.

When she was apart of this program, Saiko always seemed to ace through her studies, achieve a greater combat prowess and enhanced her overall potential as a person. Since, with the love of her friends and family, she felt she wanted to do them good and perform as best as she could. Therefore, she pushed herself to become one of the top ranked students in this intuition. As each time she succeeded in her courses, the further her friends and family seemed to be proud of her and that made Saiko feel increasingly cheerful and content.

Yet, as the years went by, something nefarious swept through the lands as children started missing in mass droves. Many thought it was the work of some renegade demon force, or just a band of sadistic humans out to get their sick kicks. However, the truth was far more sinister than that. On one sunny day, an explosion erupted towards the town center of The Ranger's Haven Refuge. When this explosion occurred, a mass carter, about a mile deep, became unveiled beneath the city.

What was unveiled in this hole? Unspeakable evils. As Saiko's parents were some of the first responders to the scene, they were extremely concerned that their daughter had been missing for many weeks prior to this incident. And as they ran through the labyrinth of mazes, they eventually found blood. Blood dripping from the floors, ceilings and walls of this hellish laboratory located underneath The Dream Institute.

Past the sea of human waste, half-mutated creatures between demonic and human origin started appearing in droves. Some were still breathing and begging to be killed, while others were puddled messes that mended into the floor as liquefied corpses. As the smell of death spread throughout the compound, it was only natural for her parents to switch into panic and try to find their daughter.

However -- it would be too late. She was already corrupted at this point.

As reinforcements stormed the lab and killed the researchers whom were apart of this project, they would soon discover that The Dream Institute was nothing more than a ruse. In truth, it was an operation to experiment and test on the supernaturally gifted to see if they could bond with demonic matter. For, if they could, they had hoped to create their own super soldiers which were mind-controlled and enslaved by their bodily modifications.

Since they believed that with humanity's natural ability to evolve and adapt, together with the savage strength of a demon's body, could a hybrid soul surpass and exceed both races once their science had been perfected. Then, once enough had been amassed, they had hoped to be the saviors of the planet once they ushered in their radical change to the planet. They would be deemed as heroes with the faction of monsters they controlled and receive power, wealth and recognition; which were the primary motives of them working with demons to begin with.

As many of the parents and police force of the refuge continued to search the lab, some of the last documents they discovered were instructions that informed most of the researchers apart of this project to seek out the aftermath of major battle locations waged in War World Three. Their task was to extract the remaining organic and energized remains of known powerful demons in the globe. Then, they were to infuse their extract into these children in order to record the results of what happen to the test subjects. The majority of their victims could not handle the demonic host, so it was natural that most of them died or became far too unstable to control.

However, it is at that moment where the lab burst into flames and a deformed Saiko came crying from the darkness. This disturbed all further information from being amassed by those trying to divulge the attack and left a trail of blood on her hands. After a short battle, a berserk Saiko slaughtered some of the remaining children and adults in the center before finding her parents. When they discovered her, Saiko was entirely covered within what appeared to be a mess of liquidized black fluids. Yet, despite that, her oceanic eyes peered through the melting material and cried for them to kill her.

Horrified by this discovery, they pleaded for Saiko to be strong as she resisted these intensive urges to kill, devour and spread destruction and chaos. Still begging, this time the mortified Saiko prayed for her mother and father to save her as she was utterly terrified by the actions she committed, the experiments performed on her and the bond she forged with this demonic substance. But, unknown to all of them, the empathetic traits of Saiko's power bonded with organic material from Mana Asthavon, the current Demon Queen and embodiment of Discord and Lunacy.

This is why many of the researchers apart of the "Dream Project" believed she would have been their best hope of realizing their dark dream. As she was one of the few children to actually maintain her psyche, keep her form and receive beneficial boosts in her powers as the parasitic values of her demonic matter turned Saiko into a killing machine. After many painful procedures, they instructed for the primal Saiko to begin killing other of the children in the facility and extract the pain of their essence to make her stronger. For, it seemed that this demonic extract appeared to grow stronger the further she killed and more she feasted.

And -- it is why one of the researchers apart of this dismal project saw mercy on the unfortunate child. Before this unstable rampage could go on, Saiko was put under sedation by said researcher. With a shot to the neck, she was injected with a supernatural medicine that suppressed and kept her demonic traits under wraps. It would allow her humanity to be the dominant side and keep her from fully turning into a hybrid. As, soon after, he informed the parents of what occurred to their daughter. And, before Saiko's father murdered the scientist, he divulged the methods of how to find and keep producing the medicine to keep their daughter from losing it and becoming a full blooded demon.

He further explained that she has great potential to become a powerful hybrid of each races if allowed to grow, but his father didn't care to hear any more of his words and promptly killed him before taking both he and his daughter out of that hellish underground. As far as they both were concerned, their daughter was still human and whatever that researcher cleansed their "angel" of those toxins. Since, neither of them could sense that presence within Saiko and assumed she was fine. So, to spare her being an outcast, they would keep this secret to themselves and merely cover up by saying that Saiko was injured in the debris.

Only those close to the family and Saiko herself would ever know of the dark deeds which occurred on this day. They would see to it and suppress any word that may have gotten out. Their daughter wasn't going to be some monster, not as long as her father was in control of this operation. Therefore, after things died down following the freak incident, their family and close friends decided to seek a new life and leave the ruins of that horrible place to seek a new refuge in this chaotic world.

All the while, Saiko was left to cope in isolation and heavily question the bonds between humans, demons and her own family for the actions all parties took. As, this whole event crushed her safety net and awakened her to the existence she was apart of. If it weren't for the heavy drugs which kept her psyche in check, Saiko would of had a break down then and there. Instead, she only felt a numbing sadness and a heavy confusion that took her into this new stage of her life.

As, what bonded with her was something that would forever change her human and spiritual life forever....

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ENTER Saiko Mori

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


Chapter Three: The Final Years Of Humanity [From 2255 to 2259]

There were still many troubling thoughts that lingered and weighed down on Saiko's soul following the experiments done to her following the crash of The Dream Institute. And, given the traumatic events, it was only natural for a newly made teenager to feel traumatized. There was a large amount of anxiety brewing within the heart of Saiko given the fact her world was no longer stable, while the urges from the demonic extract she bounded with induced so much pain into her beings. Yet, something within kept absorbing and binding with it to drive her inner source of power to reach new heights.

This feeling of melancholy, tension and strain, intermixed with the bodily modifications made to her body, caused Saiko to shatter, break and retreat back to the safety of the womb. When her parents finally found a source of stability in the forest of Oregon, they managed to build a small refuge and Saiko hid within that compound for roughly one year. During this time, she was allowed visits from her friends, and they did soothe her soul, but she wanted to keep far away from the world around her.

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] Img-thing?

There were multiple reasons for this period of seclusion and isolation. One of the first and primary factors for this was that her powers were growing more unstable. It took most of her waking energy to suppress this feeling of pure terrifying energy from breaking her, rupturing her mind and breaking free from the bond her body made. So, during this time of reclusion, Saiko endured these ghastly pains in hopes of making this satanic blood ease and cool off.

Secondly, she could feel herself beginning to feel terror and fear for the world. As not only were demons aiming to tear apart her souls, mankind itself turned just as brutal and devilish as they teamed up and experimented on every square inch of her body. Past the dull ache of the medicine they tried numb her with, Saiko could still recall the burning red imagery of the forced mating sessions with other test subjects, every orifice of her body being yanked with many scorching hot instruments and feeling her very spirit invaded and violated on every level imaginable. It gave Saiko a mistrust of people, a fear of spirits and paranoia of the world that would never leave her entirely.

Thirdly, Saiko's entire body felt as if it didn't exist at this point. The way she perceived reality was forever changed and constant series of panic attacks broke the way her mind recognized the world. Walks in nature that were once placid had been filled with a loud static noise in her hand, a sense of absolute surrealism and absolute panic that struck every fiber of her being. It was if just stepping outside the safety of her enclosed shelter induced feelings that she was being dissolved straight out of reality. All of these new and alarming feelings horrified Saiko to the point of nearly losing her psyche and grip on the world around her.

It became such a downward spiral of a time that even many of the residents of their current refuge and family began to wonder if she were turning into a danger. Although never spoken in front of her, Saiko's heightened senses overheard many hushed conversations about the state of unstable being she entered. Many could feel the fluctuation in her energy and often questioned if she was a flight risk or not following the fiasco with The Dream Institute. Aside from her small group of friends and immediate family, most simply kept their distance away from Saiko as they did not want her new ominous atmosphere clouding their lives.

Even her own parents seemed less warm and felt more distant during this period. Perhaps it was her own perception, but everything seemed dull, devoid of hope and the light in her life was beginning to fizzle out and become drowned in shadows. She wondered if there was even a way out of all this mess and pondered the horrors of the world. Horrors that that both her new found grip on reality possessed -- and the demonic parasite living on within her whispered to her.

So as all this bared down on Saiko, one had to pose this important question to the great beyond: Saiko couldn't live her entire life like this, right?


No one could.

Something had to give and there came a threshold point towards her 14th birthday where she decided that enough was enough. She wanted to regain the person who she was before all this and begin her march back towards humanity. Therefore, Saiko learned many meditative techniques in order to help suppress these feelings back inside and gain control over herself. It was a struggle, but eventually she discovered the needed strength in order to break out of her prison and begin stepping back into the world she so shut herself out from.

After doing so, Saiko clung hard to those who remained in her life. By leeching off their remaining love, she'd grasp hard to the fact that people were still there for her and she'd try to live for them -- and herself. Therefore, living under a sea of such strong angst, she became devoted to the work of fighting against the demons, sadistic humans, hollows and other nightmarish fiends who sought to make the world hell. She joined her parents, family and friends on constant incursions where they clashed against these forces in order to gain some control over her life once again.

She liberated people from prison camps, killed these beasts on the daily bases, endured life or death battles alongside her parents and pushed herself to the limit and beyond with her mental, physical and supernatural training. Everything from honing her skill with all sorts of equipment, instilling the body memory to have her instincts become a weapon to use, increasing the volumes of energy that brew within herself and expanding her knowledge in order to make the overall make-up of herself dangerous and lethal.

In doing so, her newly adapted body quickly saw vast advancements over the few years she spent honing her skills as a fighter and killer. She could feel something inside of her being satisfied, fed and empowered each time she engaged in her conflicts. Nagging at her, pushing at her and guiding her towards the path of strength to find her own salvation. So while the world was ever turbulent around Saiko, she had the strength to subject it and fight against it's ugly fangs with the power given to her.

In fact, she felt quite confident, smug and downright arrogant with this new strength she acquired. There was still love, compassion and kindness that she showered those close to her in; but they could definitely note the radical change that occurred in Saiko and thought of her as a new person entirely from it. She was determined to not let the likes of this demon win and to reclaim her life.

But could such a thing ever come true for her?

Chapter Four: Death Of Self [Summer 2259]

Things seemed to be going up for the newly developed Saiko. She was attaining a reputation for being a slayer of demons, hollows, villains and all those who wish to perform ill-deeds upon innocents. Many thought she had the potential to change things in their small region of the world. Sure, Saiko wasn't the most powerful person in America, but that didn't matter to her. She just wanted to ensure that her piece of existence was guarded to the best of her ability. However, it seems even that wish was well out of her grasp.

On the night of June 3rd, 2259 Saiko, her parents and a group of her closet friends and family were making their way to the Grand Canyon to deal with a distress signal they picked up. At this point, they were known as a band of vigilantes who acted as "superheroes" of sorts trying to save those whoever needed their help. From the vague reports that they were able to overview, it was apparent that a cluster of demons were destroying, consuming and killing all life within a one mile radius. Yet, in spite of the grave warning, they merely brushed it off as another settlement of people who got in way over their head with a bunch of run of the mill demons. So, Saiko was one of the first to go gung-ho into battle; anxious and ready to kill off some of her bad nerves at the time.

However, what she had not anticipated the sheer strength of these creatures. Unknown to them, these were a cluster of powerful demons which had somehow escaped from a mad scientist's lab known as "Dr.Hebi". They were meant to be experiments in order to test the boundaries of how potent both demon and hollow blood could be when infused, but it ran wildly out of control and the savages started killing everything in sight with unbelievable power. Not even Vice Captain Class Shinigami were enough to dispatch these threats, as the group whom sent the distress signal to begin with were a group of division one shinigami of the then Gotei 13. This squadron had originally been sent out and tasked to deal with the disturbance, but they were quickly overwhelmed by what they had found at the time.

So, what hope did Saiko and her friends and family stand against these threats? Not much. As after a few minutes of enraged combat, most were brutally wounded, maimed or outright killed by these beast. It was one of the most terrifying experiences that Saiko ever experianced because of the fact she was powerless, her mind was disarrayed and her life was burning at the seams around her. And while there was a power yearning to be released at the time, it was deeply suppressed, sedated and numbed from the years of drugs and meditation used to keep it constrained in order to prevent this demonic influence from taking over her humanity.

Therefore, while consumed by absolute horror at her existence ending, Saiko screamed in bloody pain and terror as her body was feasted on by these creatures until she eventually passed as a bloody and crumbled piece of flesh. Now, in between worlds, the soul and spirits of these heroes were in limbo. With the infection spreading quickly, they could either be transformed into new fond hollows, be sent straight to hell or find the path of release if a Shinigami were able to cleanse their spirits. Which, fortunately for them, happened to occur.

As the last bits of life flickered out of Saiko, it attracted the attention of a Captain-Class Shinigami known as Zen. Since numerous Vice Captain Class Shinigami were unable to cope with the threat, he was assigned to the area to try and make sense of the killings. Therefore, he and other similarly powered Captains managed to otherwise destroy and kill these monsters. While, at the same time, managing to save the souls of Saiko, her family and her friends at the same time. As without that assistance, most of them would have probably mutated their souls into an atrocious monster of a being.

With their spirits cleansed, however, they'd soon be sent into the Soul Society and ready to pass on in order to enter the next phase of their after life.

But -- Saiko would never be the same.

Chapter Five: Rebirth Of Self [From 2259 to 2269]

There was a flash of light -- then feeling. So much feeling. Saiko's vision returned, hearing faded in and the wholeness of a body formed and she found her new spiritual form landing in the out lands of the Soul Society. Shaking and unstable, Saiko's mind was not right, but her body -- was alright -- for now. As during the transition from life into death, Saiko felt a coldness envelop her essence. It brought with it a very dejected, lowered and blackened feeling. It signified the end of her bliss and she could feel her happiness steadily being snuffed out by this new power which was birthed within her.

Though -- much of the same couldn't be said of her family and friends. When they made it through the other sides, most of their memories had been fractured and broken to the point where they barely even recognized Saiko. In fact, both of her own parents had entirely forgot who she was and why they ended up here.

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] LZvOjkh

After much pleading, crying and begging, there seemed to be nothing that triggered the flame of acknowledgement which she so craved to see from them. All of their memories, love and protection they bestowed within her -- eradicated.

No more mother.

No more father.

No more family.

No more....anyone.

Her life as she knew it -- died.

. . .

It was in that moment that she understood that she was now all alone in this life. That imprinted a strong sense of hurt within her heart, one that would never go away on top of the previous strains of heartache she endured in her human life. Everything within herself became glum and she found herself embracing the element of melancholy as two male and female voices whispered sweet nothings in her ear. One voice pleaded for her to remain strong, while the other called for her to accept this glum reality for all it is worth and become numb.

She wasn't quite sure what to follow, but Saiko certainly felt a void within herself and would allow it to grow in this new age. Yet, even still, she had them in physical form. Therefore, all hope wasn't entirely lost, right? So, with her friends and family still breathing, she would guide them through the ways of the Soul Society and try to stay at their side for as long as she could. She would begin to explain the lives they all lived to the best of her own memory, have them understand that they were all dead spirits and that this was their start at a new life.

It would be the second time that Saiko would need to entirely start over, but this time, she grew more detached from it. Instead of letting the instabilities consume her, she merely accepted it as time went on and allowed it to fester and grow within herself as she felt further power from it. As she and her family and friends traveled through the lands of the Soul Society, she'd re-teach them the lessons they gave to her and instruct them on to fight, what earth was like, how to fend for ones self and the kinds of people they all were prior to this restart.

They all seemed so confused and scared, yet at the same time they were content and happy to have someone like Saiko guiding them. It killed her on the inside to have to lead a tribe of people like this, as she could only see the shadows of the people they once were burned into her mind forever. Thus, it's perhaps for this reason why her Zanpukto spirit called out to her in these times of great trouble and glum. As during one night where she found herself wandering into the depths of an uncharted forest, a strong sense of sorrow over washed herself and she found herself in a plum forest with blackened waters.

Sinking deeper and deeper into it's murky depths, Saiko drowned, but still was able to breathe. So, she did not dare to resist this pull and simply fell into the abyss. For, at the bottom of her inner world is where the reflection of her spirit lay. And this mirror possessed fragments of her former self, shadows of the person she wants to be and attachments of the demonic host which still lived inside of her soul. Therefore, since they were both one in the same, there was no sense in playing games with his master. Ergo, the Zanpukto spirit of Saiko quickly divulged his name to her:

"Ude No Kanashimi" [Arm Of Grief]

He was the arm of her grief materialized and given an empowered form to let her sorrows breathe and take life. Henceforth, he announced himself as a presence that had constantly watched over her the entirety of her life because he WAS her. If nothing else, he could almost be considered an extension of Saiko by acting as the embodied form of her alter ego all things considered. In his company, she would be given an eternal friend and spirit which would never leave her side. As both understood one another desire for company, loyalty and love in this world of horrors, melancholy and death.

Thus, unlike most other shinigami, Saiko had a strong bond with hers from the start because of this mutual knowledge he shared and the level of understanding and comprehension her Zanpakutô. Furthermore, given the fact that she still seemed to possess all her memories and energy from when she was a human, it was almost in this moment where he bestowed and crowned her The Maiden of Melancholy. In doing so, she unlocked The Essence of Melancholy and was allotted privileges to activate her shikai whenever she felt she was ready to embark on the next step of her journey into this world of heartache.

And, at the same time, she unlocked another crucial step in her evolution of a soul: the understanding of the demonic extract which was bonded to her body as a human. With the chains of restraint broken from her mortal body, the strains of demon essence that were still flowing around within Saiko's soul developed a consciousness. This consciousness unveiled itself to be not Mana Asthavon, but instead, the first human host she originally possessed to attain her corporal form: Haniel Iahhel.

Due to the fact that Saiko's soul was able to absorb and ease the strife held within her demonic blood with it's emphatic prowess, fractions of this human's consciousness was able to break through and protect Saiko further. As, more than anything else, this remnant of Haniel was apologetic and regretted how much grief this curse must've given her. It also vowed, that from this moment forward, it would do whatever in order to ensure the protection of its host.

Since she further explained that Mana Asthavon herself is nothing more than a symbiotic parasite that attached itself to material beings who were unfortunate enough to be claimed by her mark. This was done in order to attain a physical form and reach frightening new levels of power in order to turn the world into chaos, madness and disorder. As, more than anyone else, this Queen was unveiled to be the main hand at causing World War Three due to her endless lust for mayhem, power and depravity.

The same fate would have befallen Saiko herself when The Dream Institute first experimented on her if not for her ability to quell the tensions of spirits. For it accepted this madness, purged it of it's possessive traits and managed to stabilize it for the time being. She explained that could change in the future based on how much control Saiko yielded over her prowess, but that both her and Kanashimi would be there to protect her like the family so she so yearned for.

After these bombshells were unveiled, there was a sense of peace that brewed within Saiko's soul and she felt another evolution of her power awaken because of it. As, following that night, she appeared to become strong enough to fight on par with veteran and experianced Captains of the Gotei 13. Enough to where she caught the attention of a recruiter which wanted to enroll her in the Soul Society given the grim circumstances on Earth. This recruiter would then turn out to be Tsubasa Unabara, someone who would go on to become the first captain of the commanding division of the Gotei 13.

She was offered a chance by him find a stable life for both herself and her family and friends who followed Saiko. With the shelter, protection and power the Gotei 13 promised, there was little reason for Saiko not to. As the only thing she cared about was herself and those close to her. So, this was just another way to better their lives and perhaps spread her love for others if her power could further develop to the way it was on Earth. Since, while she was a much more quiet person, there was still a fondness for light and love that beat within her life in this time and led her towards the path of fighting for the side of order.

Thus, she took up their oath and enrolled quickly into the the first division of the then Gotei 13. It is here where she would take up the next phase of her life and bring all those around her for the ride so that they can see a new dawn.

Chapter Six: Adorning The Oath Of The Reaper [From 2269 to 2300

This era in Saiko's life was one filled with purpose and light. Though to her promise in power as a Shinigami, she had skipped the whole process of the Shino Academy and was placed into the ranks of the first division of the then Gotei Thirteen. The reason why she joined the first division was because she wanted to be there for the organization during their rebuilding process. This was because she believed that her ability to bare others pain would come in handy in trying times such as these.

And these were trying times for herself. They couldn't afford to live in the outside districts of the Seireitei. Things were becoming increasingly unstable, dangerous and downright dire. It was hard to lead them, raise them and help them become themselves again in an environment such as that. So Saiko took a personal sacrifice in joining the Gotei Thirteen so that she could properly provide for them in this new world as they provided for her in the old. Thus, Saiko decided to move both herself and her family into the first division barracks.

Once they established a new residence in this place, it is here where Saiko would extend her warmth and forge a following. As she became increasingly molded into the first division, her loyalty to her comrades was something that was insane. Even if it risked her life and limb, there were many wild stories that Saiko would do whatever it took to ensure all those who fight alongside her would be protected and make it back in one piece. And, if that couldn't be ensured, then at the very least they'd have a second chance at life even if they were maimed.

One such illustration of this event is when she was paired up with Kuro Ookami during his rise to power in the first division. While they were both tasked with taking out an unnamed demon lord attempting to break through the Seireitei, Kuro found himself in a position where his back was exposed and the demon was ready to go through with the kill.

However, Saiko scarified herself and took a direct energy blast to the stomach in order to ensure that his attack would be the one to finish off the weakened demon. Once he was able to arrange that, the trust between the two had been cemented and she was seen as someone highly reliable and respected in the first division because of her commitment to whatever cause she found herself apart of.

Therefore, news of her highly successful missions reached the higher-ups in the Gotei and they were impressed with her track record. All of those years fighting demons, monsters and the worse humanity had to offer were paying off. She could feel the bond between her demonic bond and Zanpakutô accelerating in development with every fight she engaged in.

While, her family and friends were finding their wings and becoming whole again as their old personas started to return; even if their memories were long gone. And, on top of all that, it seemed she had the trust and faith from her comrades with the amount of genuine and earnest love she gave this company to keep it together.

It all served to mold and push Saiko well beyond her limits and reach the threshold of captaincy without having even attained her bankai. She was turning into quite the polished weapon at a rather young age and these factors were all to thank for it. It is why she was then promoted to the Vice Captain of the first division because of these talents beginning to finally flourish and mold her into the proper champion of light that she was meant to be. Finally, she was beginning to find her place in the world and have a sense of balance in her life with all of these people at her side.

But could such a happiness last?

That was the ultimate question posed to this all. As the final days of her shinigamihood drew closer, there was something inside of Saiko that felt terrified of the future. It was a feeling of absolute dread as if she were about to die. She wasn't quite sure what it was, but something horrifying was on the horizon....

Chapter Seven: A Melancholic Betrayal [Fall of 2300]

One of the largest assignments of Saiko's life had been bestowed upon her in the fall of 2300. She was going to lead a team of some of the division one's finest members in order to take down and weaken some of the power that the Asthavon Family possessed. They were tasked with the mission of venturing to New York State, infiltrating a known Asthavon meeting and taking out as many members as they can. The reason for this is because they assumed that this family had most of the royal control over other demons. If they could disband them and throw them into array, then perhaps they could cut the snake's head and have the body die after the control they yielded crumbled from the inside.

Therefore, Saiko assembled many of her comrades, family and friends in order to carry out this huge mission. As, by this time, many of them were deemed capable and strong agents of the Gotei after having many years to restore themselves back to their peak fighting form. With all of this weight being thrown on the shoulders of Saiko, however, it was going to make or break her career in the Gotei. For the results of this mission success or failure could possibly even thrust her into the ranks of becoming a Captain for one of the other vacant squadrons.

Hence, there was a high amount of anxiety and tension brewing within the soul of Saiko as she prepared to engage on the most dangerous mission of either her human or shinigami life. And, while Haniel gave her warnings not to engage on this task, she threw her warnings them carelessly aside because her latent desire for glory started to consume Saiko. As, once again, she found her ego and wanted to exercise a bit more by taking out these creatures. If she could do that, then she could serve as a symbol of hope for the Gotei and usher them into a new age.

With a whole army backing her, Saiko then dared to charge head first into peril! They were able to kill the first wave of Asthavon's and their followers with relative ease. The compound in which they were holding out in had been destroyed, many of their allies had scattered out and it seemed as if victory was going to be had on this day. However, something wasn't right. They were dying a bit -- too easily. It was unnerving for Saiko, but she merely played along with it as she was still being pumped and fueled by her growing ego. A mistake that the scattered consciousness of Haniel warned her not to repeat.

It was a mistake she'd rue for the reminder of her life.

In a storm of power, The Demon Queen herself arose from the shadows and promptly began dropping bodies as she identified her targets. One after one, the blood flowed all around Saiko and she could feel the walls of her new fond life crumbling. Even as she tried her damnedest to fight against the Demoness, her power was just too unreal to counter and she promptly found herself beaten near death. It was a horrifying feeling to experience and she could feel absolute terror fill her spine as she was losing what was precious to her once again -- and there was nothing she could do to stop it.


In fact -- this was her fault.

All of it had been her fault. If she had just listened all the times she found herself in these circumstances, perhaps none of them would even be here. So as she lay in the crimson remains of her families essence, Saiko would be the lone survivor of The Demon Queen savage rampage. Her father was dead, mother dead, family dead, friends dead and all of her squad mates -- dead. Every last one of them was butchered, devoured and crushed by this monster.

And once again -- she was left with nothing.

She had failed them and her whole build-up had been for not. Why did she have to be so cocky? Why couldn't she attain that last boost of power needed like the heroes in her stories? Why was reality -- so cruel? Because of this grim world, she was now at the utter mercy of the devil herself and there was nothing left to do but accept her death. Despite all the dread in her heart, she knew there was nothing she could do against this entity and had given up entirely on finding a way out of this. Instead, she was prepared to go straight to hell with all those she led down the path of destruction.

Yet -- death would not come.

Instead, Mana offered her a deal. In exchange for ensuring that the souls of her "lovely" family would be tended to in hell and made to have their dreams come true, she would finish the transformation of turning Saiko into half-ling and she would serve her as one The Demon Queen's familiars in order to work under Shadow Fall. It was an act of mercy that the remaining influence of Haniel induced upon Mana.

Since Mana herself stated that if she was strong enough to endure her influence for this long, it would be a shame to waste that potential as she could grow into quite the fearsome hybrid. As, to her, Haniel was inducing thoughts of great ego into The Demon Queen as she hadn't much desire to destroy what was already marked as hers. Additionally, it would serve to beneficial to have someone who was so closely rooted to the Gotei 13 to divulge their secrets so that she may further her own agenda's and power.

So in exchange for betraying her comrades, she would give Saiko a second chance at life and her family the salvation they so desired.

Scared, beaten, alone and on the verge of death -- what other option did Saiko have? If she didn't, then she to would die and everyone would simply be tormented and agonized in hell. Therefore, in an act of cowardice, she compiled with the Demon Queen's request and transformed into a cross-species monster. With the marking of Mana Asthavon complete, her essence would be injected, infuse and forced into Saiko in order to override the gentleness of Haniel's touch and drown her in a world of instability and glum.

In this way, her last remaining drops of humanity would bled out and she'd forever be a spirit stuck in between worlds. Not was she a demon, nor was she a human; but a traitor who held no loyalties and had no place to call home. Therefore, after a terrifying shriek, she'd arise The Great Betrayer and seek to finalize their pact in blood. Since, as soon as the reinforcements came, Saiko promptly slaughtered them all with her new fond prowess, and left the likes of even Kuro Ookami staring in dismay at the potential wasted by this girl as she aligned herself with the demons they so rigidly fought against.

It would permanently label her as a criminal of the Soul Society and cement her allegiance to Shadow Fall for the rest of her days. And, for Saiko, the last shreds of hope for a life of happiness fizzled and faded into the abyss of hell. As all that she could do now was become a husk of herself and embrace the pain of life. For this was her new, bitter reality to accept.

Her life -- was over.

Chapter Eight: Embracing Two Worlds [From 2300 to 2410]

Kill, kill, kill, kill.

That was the only word which could describe this phase in Saiko's life. The remnants of her humanity were killed, the beauty of her inner world was killed, the lives of those she loved for were killed and last rays of happiness and light were killed within herself. All that was left following her transformation to a proper half-breed demon was the slaughtering of others. Therefore, as she was crown the Archduchess of the 5th Circle by Queen Mana's decree, Saiko was then issued to begin tackling many assignments which had her destroying the lives of others.

Day after day, she would skewer entire villages, take over numerous lands and lead constant scenes of destruction on the call and order of her superiors. All the while, her committed mind soaked up the needed training in order to become an efficient killing machine. With Mana's blood further breaking down the body of Saiko, the instabilities within her heart grew, but as to did her affinity for the magical arts and regeneration. For at one point, Saiko went an entire month without regenerating or healing form her injuries in order to further push the extents of her tolerance for abuse. As this was considered punishment to herself and a way to continue the evolution of her demonic build.

The bodies just kept adding up and it ate at the consciousness of Saiko as their blood further drowned out the person she used to be and crushed it deep within herself. There were many days were she was buried within an inescapable depression that clouded everything around her within shadows. It made Saiko feel as if she were dead, her body lacked the vital essence of life and as if she were utterly and totally defeated. That making anything alterations to this lifestyle was futile because of the actions that she committed. To change who she was now was a joke because of the consequences that came with her moment of weaknesses and cowardice.

Thus, instead, her deluded logic pushed her and guided Saiko towards staying on the side of beast and monsters. What other choice was there? She was already a wanted fugitive in the Gotei 13, she had no family to return to and she'd only live her days on the run if she were to disband now. Only, this time, she'd have both the forces of light and darkness seeking to kill her. So what point was there? Because of that lack of point, her suicidal urges grew and she began to see less and less value in her life as the years went on.

In the meantime, this internal pain caused for a great power to become awaken within herself. Since, as her anxieties and sorrows grew, as to did the extents of her strengths. After many sessions of internal meditations with her Zanpakutô spirit, Saiko even discovered that she was capable of unlocking a bankai at this point, but was far too terrified of it's applications and side effects to ever use it in her current state. It embodied the core of anxiety and it sought to change the very essence of whom she was. It -- wasn't worth it for now.

Instead, to not totally become consumed by melancholy and dread, Saiko put as much discipline and focus as she could into learning the magical arts, honing her body to inhuman limits and learning the depths of her Zanpakutô in order to submerge herself in a task that never ended. Since her powers ran deep, there was no end to how far she could develop them and she'd use this to continue her ascension towards being one of the most efficient and successful Shadow Fall operatives to date.

As, while she lacked the raw strength others possessed at the time, her operations were usually successful because of her precision, knowledge and ability to lead a coherent team and mission. Which, at the end of the day, helped played a major role in Shadow Fall gaining more power, control and land with her attributes being contributed to the cause. For at this point in her life, Saiko merely accepted the monster that she was and sought to be as good as one as she could be to properly represent her alignment.

Thus, the development of The Silent Killer had been finalized and her corruption was all but complete. It is why she then became quiet, secluded, paranoid, mistrustful and all things reserved because of these experiences which impacted her up until this point. There was no light in this world, no camaraderie and no sense of balance to hold herself on. The only thing she looked forward to at this point was the end-all of death when she could no longer perform her duties.

Chapter Nine: Present Day Events [2410 to 2416]


This year was one where Saiko felt a change in the air. The reason being is because there was a lot of change in the way the world worked in this time. It was around this period where the then Sin Fall, Nuevo Espada, Kokuryuteshi and other smaller factions that were deemed "antagonistic" to the world teamed up and formed a super union. And due to their heightened activity at the time, Saiko took part in many operations which helped further Sin Fall's reach.

Nearly every week she took part in operations to further amass land in Europe in order to help Sin Fall extend their reach. She took over many small cities, townships and nations in order to start out small and build their way to the top. While, on other weeks, she was assigned duties to assassinate and kill other enemy targets from rivaling organizations and factions in order to keep their pull strong. This even went as far as murdering traitors within Sin Fall and was something Saiko herself found sickly amusing; considering the context of her joining Sin Fall to begin with.

All in all, it geared and moved towards them becoming a bigger face on the map of the world and she could feel that their efforts would not stop going into the year 2411. Since, from what she could sense from Mana Asthavon, that Devilish Parasite was undoubtedly up to something huge. With the massive push for Khalaism becoming more prevalent around this time, she could only see grave things for the next five years to come.


The takeover of London. By far this was the biggest event of the 2410's because of the fact it cemented Sin Fall's regime and control over Europe. As, at this time, they had already expanded and invaded most European countries. So, Saiko recalls earnestly fighting against Captains and the protectors of the planet in order to ensure her makers goals were realized. The initial takeover was a success, but she was still engaged in heavy combat for roughly a month after they stabilized and Sin Fall was able to successfully claim these regions.

In the meantime, things got further compounded when Sin Fall merged with the Nuevo Espada in order to form Shadow Fall. This would prove to be a nightmare for the planet going forward into 2412 because of the fact it turned them into a super organization. Not many could hold a candle to the fire power they had at this point and Saiko felt as if she made the right decision joining among their ranks as she watched the bodies drop at alarmingly high rates. It was a time of great strife and war and reminded her much of the days of her own radicalized youth as a human. Expect, this time, she was on the side of the beast who once terrorized her.

Never the less, she did also play a role in amassing additional resources from Chaos Island in the summer of 2411 for Shadow Fall. As, around this time, there was a freak accident in the world where a chunk of Aether Energy crashed into the globe from the Iramashsa Faction. It was relevant to Shadow Fall's interest because of the fact that there were many sacred and ancient sources of power for them to abuse scattered on the island. So, Saiko was dispatched to kill as many as possible, take the objects and report back to the research department of Shadow Fall in order to further improve their defenses in the future.

Needless to say, no one could cease The Silent Killer and she succeeded in her mission without fail. Following that success, Saiko would resume her roll in constant conflict as the wars only seem to worsen in the globe



At this point, Shadow Fall was the most feared organization in the world. And Saiko couldn't care much about it. The reason being is because she had no attachments to the organization and it just served to give her further task to take her mind off things. Since, as the instabilities grew within her heart, Saiko needed to stay as busy as possible to prevent them from devouring her alive. As, around this time, Saiko could feel something attempting to consume her from the inside out. However, she stayed very much resistant to it and refused to give fully into it.

Towards the end of the year, the conflict in the world grew. Around the fall of 2412, there was an incident in Antarctica where the essence of madness was infused and made into a stone that devoured and consumed an entire city. It dared to spread to the whole of the world and threatened anyone that tried to take it away from it's roots in the metropolis. However, this was important to Shadow Fall because it held a core piece of Mana Asthavon's element. Granted, she never spoke a word of this verbally to anyone. The only reason why Saiko herself knew it is because of how bonded and close she became to her demonic extract by this time.

Henceforth, to assist her maker, she ensured that no one would stand in her way while she was busy with her operation. As Saiko was noted as slaying through hundreds of Vanguard, Gotei 13 and other local protagonist groups to prevent them from meddling with the battle. In the process, she further grew a name for herself as she was seen as one of the iron walls of Shadow Fall due to how difficult it was to bypass her killing blade.

After the catalytic battle ended with a brawl between two gods, the angel of Truth, and the essence of Mana Asthavon, Saiko assumed her master was finished with her conquest of this island. Therefore, with madness spreading throughout the globe, Saiko departed from the island felt her own instabilities growing stronger within. As, whatever effected Mana, also influenced Saiko as well.

However, going forward towards the start of the new year, Saiko ended and began it with a bang as she took part in Operation Blood: a major scale war that was intended to have Shadow Fall amass further control over Malaysia. In this combat, she helped secure many of the outlining cities and succeeded without fail in skewering much of the resistance that attempted to stop her. Though, it bought her no joy at this point. She only wanted them to stop since it was a futile effort, but many men great and small all came rushing to their deaths. It would spell a repetitive tale that spun in the world as Shadow Fall furthered their efforts going forward into the year 2413.


This was another year where Saiko decided to recluse and hide herself. Due to the fact that her instabilities were growing worse from Madness City, Saiko decided to seek refuge in the outlands of Demon World in order to tame the monster inside of herself. As, prior to this point, her powers were acting of their own accord and killing many members of her own circle by accident. With The Demon Queen MIA during this time period at the start of the year, she saw it as the perfect time to do something of her own accord and attempt to mend the damage to herself.

In doing so, she began to realize that the depths of Haniel was still very much alive within herself. While she was weakened and more fractured than before, it was her light that kept Saiko's embodiment from entirely collapsing in on itself and destroying her on a physical, spiritual and mental level. Thus, when she was able to further contact and pull into that portion of herself, Haniel expressed that she did not want to see the angelic beauty of Saiko's true self permanently destroyed. For, even if she was a fallen angel, and a demon no less, her persona was what was important and she kept Saiko's sense of self in tact because of that capacity to love.

Upon realizing this, something triggered within Saiko and she felt semblances of her former self beginning to return to her. As, following that incident, she started to seek out more mercy on her opponents. Many would often note that she had no interest in killing those who would run away, flee and cease fighting with her. Only when she had no other choice would she slay and skewer those determined to face their end. For that sense of empathy and compassion was beginning to come back to her; even as her soul and body remained shackled and chained by the bonds of her demonic roots.

So while the world was further turn towards the seas of chaos by the likes of the Australian war, Saiko herself found great inner peace and decided not to enlist in that war. The reason being is because it served no purpose to Shadow Fall and she could sense that her maker had something far more nefarious up her sleeve. Therefore, she merely took the roll as a bystander and watched the planet become further consumed by the flames of chaos.


Perhaps one of the most horrifying missions that Saiko had been apart of during her time with Shadow Fall, Demonic Incursion served as a shock to the senses as she enrolled on a suicidal mission to invade and destroy the Soul Society. Weeks leading up to the mission, there was word that Khala Asthavon was ready to wage total holy war among those who claimed the mantle of the spiritual realm's protectors. She wished to destroy it, break it and mold everyone into a unified substance within hell to crush this shattered reality into a happy oblivion.

It was a nightmare of an operation to take, but what choice did she have? She didn't care whether she was killed or not, yet it still filled her soul with terror to think of returning to the place she betrayed in cold blood. That aspect of it instilled more terror in her heart than any of the satanic miracles that Khala preached. Her own personal hell awaited in that battlefield and that scared Saiko above all else. To see their faces, to feel their hate and to see the dismayed legacy she left behind was something she could not cope with all too well.

Therefore, even as she tried to shoulder the fear and uneasiness in her comrades souls, the anxiety building up within Saiko's was enough to drown an entire ocean. It is why she tried to think back, revert her mind and act as the child who was able to consume the burden of others. As, even if she was a monster now, that feeling still came around time and time again and helped to soothe herself before this mass war. For Khala was calling for total and complete blood, and there was no telling if she was going to come back. Thus, she had to make peace with her own inner demons while she could and march forward to what she assumed would be her total demise.

After having a brief exchange with Styn to wish him the best of luck on his conquest, Saiko was assigned to handle the Western District of the Rukongai. By the time she arrived, however, the war was well under way. Many millions of bodies were piling up in the Seireitei and other districts, while huge mounds of destruction and larger than life-battles had been taking place all around her.

At this point, she half-wondered if the realm could handle such a damning load. It was then that she learned the frightening depths of what her demonic blood was capable of. As she knew Khala herself was associated with the Asthavon family, but held a portion of The Demon God's heart within herself. So perhaps she to could become so lost and engrossed in her own power that she loses her entire self. Something which caused Saiko to fear Khala in that moment -- because she to could end up the same way.

As when the bodies started piling up following her commencement of this operation, the dread in Saiko's embodiment was beginning to consume and devour her. Even as Haniel fought to keep her soul stable, the trauma associated with her memories of this place proved to be too much and she was having to rely heavily on Kanashimi to move for her. For when she encountered the core of division one members, she was met with much hate, malice and scorn for the traitorous actions she caused.

And worse than anything else? There was nothing she could do to stop it because they were on the right side of this fight. No matter if she begged and pleaded for them to stop or to cease moving towards their deaths, they had all the right motive in the world to loathe her very existence. Each breath she took as an assault to those she killed, the trust they possessed within her and the hole she so wedged deeply in their hearts. So it hurt to slay and claim each of their souls because of this sentimental bond she held to each of her former allies, brothers and sisters in arms.

As she found herself engaged with the Vice Captain of the division one, Hiroshi Saito, Captain Kyouhai Suzumori of the Seven Division and The Angel of Truth known as Carter; she could only see nothing more than ruin awaiting these men as they attempted to stop their satanic progress through the lands. While the battle was intensive and rough to endure, the end result of it was the fact that this Silent Killer would finish her crazed mission successfully. Even as The Angel tried to save the fallen wings of Saiko, she knew there was nothing more he could do and promptly stopped him in his tracks because of it.

Once all obstacles had been defeated, the barely stable Saiko called for her reinforcements to seize the lands and to finalize the take over of this portion of the Soul Society for Shadow Fall's gain. After which, she would slither back into the murky depths of Demon World for a lengthy period of time in order to regain her psyche and keep herself from collapsing inward on her powers. Since, from this battle, she could feel her grip slipping and she was going to need a long time to repair it in order to ever be right again.

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ENTER Saiko Mori

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK



From all the abnormal supernatural incidents which were increasing in frequency in all the known realms, there had to be a backlash to it, right? Stepping forth from the depths of the Vicara Nation itself, a freak merger between inverted words started to fuse all the known dimensions together with their counter parts. Dubbed as "The Black World Event", a mirrored version of The Living Realm, Soul Society, Demon World and other similar domains were created. These contained their negative replicas and sought to bring the yang of their hearts to become one with the yin.

Gauging from what Saiko understood of Demonic Incursion, the damage Khala sustained from that battle undoubtedly had an effect and influence on this event. As, during this time, her demonic bond to the Asthavon family alerted her to a great disturbance brewing within her heart. She was almost tempted to try and soothe that ache, but Saiko was far too terrified to do such a thing. Dealing with anything that pertained to the divine was just a bad thing in this day and age. Therefore, she let those who understood her best deal with that situation.

So, instead, Saiko was assigned by Shadow Fall in order to retrieve specialized cores from the depths of the Inverse Realm located within the Soul Society. The reason for this is because Shadow Fall wanted to further research it and use it to improve their ever-growing offenses. However, they were also curious to see how Saiko would have performed given her time off from Shadow Fall. Therefore, she needed a test and a way to further her powers. Thus, she was sent into the front lines of combat and observed closely by Shadow Fall's higher-ups.

By the time that Saiko reached her destination, it seemed that two Shinigami were already there and beat her to the punch. So, whatever this thing was had to have been valuable and she needed to see this through to the end as her blood was subconsciously craving a strife from the maddening pull of Mana's influence. Therefore, she attempted to break her way through and many division members of 7th company of the Gotei 13 were already there. Despite her pleas for them to step down, they still refused and she promptly disposed of them and neutralized their offensive capacities with precise attacks to their spiritual energy.

This prompted the attention of both Captain Cogimo and Tessai Morrowend. They were dispatched to deal with the threat Saiko posed and she engaged them in heavy combat. However, she was noted as being quite terrified of Cogimo. The reason being is because he was a known scientist type and the memories of her experience from The Dream Institute came rushing back into her mind. Therefore, she begged heavily for them to stop, but, like many of the other times, they just didn't listen and proceeded to carry on with the clash.

Eventually, after a hard struggle, Saiko gained the upper hand and managed to seize the material she came for. Following her placing a critical blow to Cogimo which placed him into a hard coma for many months to come, Tessai was promptly neutralized, but the mercy within Saiko's heart and she spared her being slain. Instead, Saiko allowed her a way back home with a demonic spell that patched a vortex back to the division four barracks. With one final goodbye, Saiko would bid her farewell and move back into the shadows in order to recover back in the depths of Shadow Fall's village within Demon World.

Iceland War

Iceland marked the beginning of the war between Shadow Fall and Vanguard forces. It began with the brawl between both Neoveta and Azure Iramasha in the capital of the nation. These two powerful leaders of their people waged all out vengeance upon one another when those of the Vanguard attempted to invade the nation. They dragged thousands of people into this vast of death with them and Saiko had been one of the many whom fought alongside the side of the monsters.

During this mass event, Saiko was dispatched to Akureyri, Iceland in order to maintain the grip and hold that Shadow Fall possessed. However, she was additionally compelled by the demonic mark on her soul by Neoveta to assist in her dark goals of annihilating her mortal enemies. Therefore, Saiko suited up once again to dash into the fires of war yet again. Yet, this time -- it would be different.

As soon as she arrived to the battlefield, The Silent Killer cried such hard tears as she was compelled against all else to follow her demonic creed and slaughter thousands of Vanguardian troops in a trail of cold blood. They wouldn't stop, and she didn't want to this. So, it began to break her finally after all these years and she honestly couldn't care less what happened to her at this point. In fact, she was waiting for a proper hero to find her, overpower her and kill her so that her miserable cycle of life could end. She didn't deserve to live, she hated the world she lived in and she was prepared to die on this dark day.

Which is why when the group of Hayden Desmond, Ash Iramashsa, Tsubakia Unabara and Tetsuya Crow all arrived on the scene -- Saiko was prepared to engage them to the bitter end. She fought against all four combatants and their men alone and clashed against them to the best of her ability. While she was out numbered and outgunned, Saiko still gave a hard fight and brawled with absolute savagery against these forces. Without anyone at her side, she was reminded of the pitiful life of a traitor that she led and how befitting it would to endure a death like this for a villain such as herself.

Thus, she was pushed to the utter brink as she refused to give into the calls and urges of her Zanpakutô spirit to ascend to her release forms. She didn't want to transform into those states as they would further decay and ruin the moment. There was simply far too much fear to bring those releases to the battle. If she was going to die, she was going to do it in her natural form and face it head first. It's why even her demonic blood grew further unstable and compelled to push Saiko to absolute madness.

As, throughout this fight, Saiko was noted as becoming increasingly unstable to the point of sobbing, losing her voice, enduring hallucinations and screaming such horrible bouts of despair for everything that led her to this point. She was losing her grip, and the opponents were capitalizing hard on that. Yet, even as Saiko's own blood spewed all around her, there was something beautiful in this cyclone of heartache -- Ash Iramasha.

Despite being on the verge of death, being the epitome of a monster and his sworn enemy -- The Iramashsa truly hadn't the heart to fight against her. He pleaded with her, tried to understand her and was quite hesitant to fight her as opposed to many of the other brutes. In that moment, she found her senses becoming greatly attuned and focused solely on his loving aura. The gentleness of his light was far too delicate and rare to sully on this battlefield of her outright corruption.

In these moments of weaknesses, Ash reminded Saiko of her former self, family and previous life that she led. Even if she was an unredeemable and fallen angel, she didn't want to see another walk down that path and become tainted by this world's cruel fate. Therefore, she pleaded with him in return to stop and attempted to throw him away from Iceland outright by crafting a vortex back to one of the Vanguard bases nearby. Yet, he still refused to leave and fought alongside the likes of his comrades.

It all spiraled on until it reached the point where they all weakened Saiko's physically, while Ash unintentionally put the final nail in the coffin and managed to induce heavy psychological damage upon Saiko during her moments of mental weakness. Through the prowess of the Eldritch at his side, this corroding force broke the last semblance of restraint keeping her powers in check and broke the walls of instability to come crashing all around Saiko. When that moment occurred, Saiko became totally drowned in madness and attempted to take her own life by stabbing herself in the skull multiple times to the point of causing brain damage and losing her ability to speak.

Yet, even as she fell to the dirt in tears, blood and defeat; the heart of Saiko hadn't the tenacity to hate Ash. She was the monster and he was only doing his job to try and slay this beast. So, before any of her higher-ups could get their hands on Ash, she begged for him to turn back and stop this. As, more than anything else, Saiko saw herself as sparing them a worse fate if others were to be drawn to that location to avenge Saiko. She was an Archduchess of Shadow Fall and a high-profile target, so their lives would be forever ruined if something were to happen. And, because of that, Saiko never wanted such a hardship to befall the bundle of beautiful grace that was Ash.

Therefore, the likes of Kanashimi stepped in and prevented her from totally losing control; although it was hanging on by a fragile edge. Hence, with the time he had, he pleaded with them to cease in their battle so that his master could live. He didn't care about the mission, nor did he care much for Ash at the time. All he cared for was ensuring that his master could live to see another day and for them both to tend to their wounds.

However, unknown to all of them, the energy from Ash was one of the few things keeping Saiko together. For her body craved, resonated and bonded with the energy that seeped into it's murky depths. It is what would allow her to retain herself long after this battle and help to ease the mental burden to follow. As, more than anything else, her body was spiritually compatible and highly receptive to his tender and empathetic elements and her body wanted to make it's own. So, as the world around her started fading to black, all Saiko could think was warm thoughts of Ash as she felt herself fading out of consciousness.

Even as Hayden and Tetsuya before went in for their final kills, Saiko was prepared and ready for this cursed life to end for her. However, she would not leave this world without allowing Ash to know one thing: that she forgave him. Since, through the clash they waged against one another, the male couldn't handle the damage he had done to Saiko and blamed himself for further breaking her spirit. While, from her point of view, he was only doing what was right and slaying a monster. So, in her final breathes, she craved out a demonic spell within a piece of paper that would activate upon Ash's awakening. In it, a simple written and telepathic message would be bestowed upon him:

"I. Forgive. You."

And with that, she'd become neutralize and send her remaining energies to bond with Ash in order to oversee his recovery and ensure that the boy makes it through the battle. While she didn't deserve to live, this boy did and she would see to it he'd have more wonderful days to experience after this hellish battle. So, as her body grew further cold, she couldn't have cared less about another ally rushing to the field. That is -- until that same ally started to save her life.

No. She didn't need to be saved. Not by this freakish man. She knew OF him as Dr.Hebi and only bad things could occur if he were to spare her. If he thought he could achieve some sort of savior complex by saving her? She wouldn't allow it. It was her body. She was going to do with it what she pleased. An outsider had no business in meddling in the affairs of one on the verge of death. She hated it, she loathed him and didn't want this to happen.

Thus, despite lacking the ability to talk, the ability of telepathy awakened within Saiko in that moment and her fading consciousness swore that Dr.Hebi would regret this decision. As sparing her would only lead to further pain for himself, unending torment for her and more bodies to drop. Since, there was no way that her demonic blood and unstable mind would rest after this. If he thought he could change her? He was wrong. Dead wrong.

Yet, with her weakened state of body and mind, there was no resisting his pull and she was promptly put to sleep as the battle resolved itself as a neutral conclusion. Since, following each of their forces pulling out, the area in which they clashed in turned into a region of constant conflict soon following. Much like what was going to occur within Saiko's own spirit following the aftermath of this war.


Not quite living, not quite dead. That was one way to explain the state Saiko was in prior to her awakening within Dr.Hebi's Lab. She was on the cusp of worlds once again and there was a void within herself that she was cast into. However, there was no sign of Haniel or Kanashimi to be found inside this abyss. Instead, everything turned white and Saiko found herself face to face with The Devil and person who gave her this demonic life: Mana Asthavon.

When she found this demon within her inner world, Saiko could only thing one thing: she was here for her soul. That's the only reason her foul maker would ever bother to directly invade and swarm into her spirit. However, there was no ill-will to be found. In fact, there was a sadistic pity to be had from Mana as she poked fun and felt great disappointment in how she was wasting her talents. As, to The Queen, Saiko had all the potential in the world to prevent her circumstance, yet each time she wasted them and fell prey to her own weaknesses at every crucial moment in her miserable life.

No matter all the confidence, bravado, progression, effort and work Saiko put into her lives, they always fell short of reaching their intended goal and crumbled into the depths of a depressive oblivion to form the pathetic creature she was now. All of the blood on her hands, the destruction of her soul and the brink of death that she was on now -- was all her fault. All because she kept blaming herself, blaming herself and blaming herself as she sunk further and further into her own tomb of dread, depression, fear and wasted potential.

Never once did she earnestly tried to break the cycle. That much was obvious to The Queen. Round and round she went, like a hamster stuck in a wheel, she repetitively continued to make the same mistakes consciously to self-sabotage her own growth because she was terrified of what awaited her beyond the walls of her own sorrow and misery. In fact, she RELISHED in this pain and her body sought out SUCH pain because it was the only thing that made her feel alive, complete and whole. And for that reason is why she was just as mad as The Embodiment of Madness and Lunacy, or that Crazed Doctor who saved her from certain doom.

All the disadvantage she suffered in this world was from her own doing since day one. She was a fool that ignored, hid and suppressed the ways of this world for nearly two centuries and paid the price for it with her soul and the blood of those whom were close to her. If she had just been strong, even in spirit, for those moments in her life where she was killed -- perhaps things would not be as they are now. For what Mana intended to teach her feeble progeny was that this world worked on resolve.

No matter if it was right, in just or some twisted force in between; Saiko would never discover what her heart truly seeks in the subdued state it was in. For it was like a bird whose wings were chained to the ground and unable to find their place in the sky as they were constrained by Saiko's own cowardice. So, because of this, this was the future she chose and she would rather be hurt, tormented and broken for eternity than own up and face this fact, this reality and this world.

With no way to fight her logic, there was only one thing that Saiko could do: accept it. There was no way out this time. On the 3rd cycle of her lifetime, she had to own up to these mistakes, these faults and properly figure out ways to deal with them. Otherwise, as both Saiko and Mana came to realize, these instabilities would devour, break and destroy the very essence of who Saiko was. Much like the plague that that cursed her makers own body; as she even found empathy enough from Saiko to divulge her own enslavement to madness and being compelled to follow her nature. And, being that she was one of her children, Saiko to would have to find her tainted wings to fly and soar above it all with her will.

Therefore, as her heart yearned and craved to taste Ash's flesh once more, Mana advised for Saiko to dry her tears, find her strength and embrace her maddening blood because they were both cut from the same cloth. And, while she wasn't doing this for the most noble of intentions, she hadn't much intent for one whom shares her mark to die such a woeful and sorry death.

So, it was in that moment that Saiko decided she would do whatever it takes to destroy her own isolation, loneliness and melancholy from causing her such pain. And, to do that, she would need Ash's light and she would take it no matter what for her own selfish motives and desires. Even if it meant forsaking her principles, even if it meant becoming a betrayer again, even if it meant hurting someone, even if it meant ending the lives of others; she would find the resolve to discover what it is this demonic blood in her desired and she would allow it to pave the way to her happiness.

That happiness she so vehemently fought against her entire life. The happiness that she was so scared to claim and call her own. Within her fragile hands, this happiness clung and she would cling to it for dear life and would let no force, no person and no event prevent her from attaining it. She wanted to bare all the love her heart had to give and bestow to the one person in this damn universe capable of baring that burden. That was her one true desire. Which, in the end, was all Mana desired to see of someone who dared to be an Asthavon. And with that, The Demon Queen allowed Saiko to feast upon her power and reach a new level of strength to see her ambitions come to life.

Hence, by the time Saiko had awaken out of her coma, those intense feelings which festered from her meditative state rushed over her and transformed the psyche of Saiko into someone more resolved, determined and reckless with her suicidal desires giving her a new leash on life. She was unbound by consequence and laws because her life could just as easily be taken away or allowed to be prolonged. Therefore, she was free to act and operate however she saw fit as long as she was willing to see her desire through to the very bitter end.

Ergo, as memories of The Dream Institute flooded her mind, Saiko realized that once again she was trapped within a laboratory and she wasn't going to be abused, used or tormented by anyone or anything any longer. Therefore, for the first time in many years, she felt a surge of genuine anger rush through her veins. In part because her emotional numbness wore off, and because this bastard was serving as a blockade to the warm embrace of Ash's light she wished to hold for her own. Not to mention the fact that she loathed scientific types with a passion, there was all the reason in the world for her to obliterate and destroy anything she saw that stood in her way.

Thus, Saiko began her rampage through his lab and demolished entire chunks of his underground base in order to make him rue daring to save her and then standing in the way of her salvation. She brought ruin to many miles of experiments, devices and bases until Dr.Hebi himself finally sealed her within his War Time Barrier and kept the feisty Saiko contained. From there, he began to interrogate her and ask Saiko what were her reasons for wanting to leave so badly and get her to confront her own cognitive dissonance. To which, Saiko responded with venom and went as far as to produce cracks within one of the strongest barriers Dr.Hebi could produce as a sign of how committed her will was to this task.

However, she did grant him this much:

"I will go wherever my heart pleases. I don't care where it leads, but anywhere is better than here."

Those two sentences described what Saiko was running on at that point. The only thing she cared about was fulfilling the yearnings of heart and she would not stop until they were satisfied. To which, Dr.Hebi picked up on, forced Saiko to realize and eventually had her reclunatly agree with his stance that she desired to live; even if it was a more wreckless version of her life. Internally, however, she was grateful that he had spared her life because this was another opportunity to find the love and light she subconsciously desired in Ash.

Therefore, after the barrier dissolved, The Doctor saw no point in keeping her held up and allowed Saiko to be freed. From there, she would silently thank him and move on to the outlands of Demon World. It is there that she would move on with recovering from her injuries substantiated from Ice Land. With her demonic blood at it's peak, now was the time to develop her new sense of self and power to make her stronger in order to reach and ascend to the goals she held so highly in her heart.


Seeking Out Her Lover

Following the months after her mad stint at the doctors, a lot of things had changed for Saiko. She had recently spent a few months off from Shadow Fall and focused that time in honing her skills to become a proper knight and warrior to save Ash from the darkness surrounding him. As, following Iceland, his health had greatly deteriorated to the point where he was restricted 24/7 to a hospital bed. That hurt Saiko in so many ways because she knew she was responsible for that and she didn't want his beautiful light crushed by her putrid clutch.

But, one has to ask the question: HOW did she even know that? Karakura Central was one of the most secure and locked down places on the planet. So, to even so much as get a peak, you'd have to be near suicidal to have a chance at breaking into it's depth. And, the answer was simple: it lays in the blood. To be more precise: the blood and energy which flowed through Ash which kept him from dying on that day made a pseudo bond with his essence.

While he was not entirely marked and claimed by Saiko, she could still observe and feel every pain, ache and sight which took place in his hospital bedroom as he kept both the note she left him and the traces of her energy within him. From this, she was able to observe and witness how all of his cherished loved ones steadily left his side and left him alone to cope with his injuries in isolation. The bond between them became so deep that she even shared his dreams, listened in to his thoughts and felt his whole essence ache and quiver from the entire ordeal.

This -- was unacceptable.

She was going to do whatever it took to hold him, love him and break him from his prison. Saiko had to save his dream and free him from the nightmare she bestowed upon him. Luckily, The Demon Queen seemed to be quite lenient on her at the time, as it appeared she never bothered to send anyone after her following their spiritual meeting upon the cusp of her near death experience. Therefore, she took it upon herself to forge a new mission: infiltrate Karakura Central, locate Ash, free him and take him back to Demon World. It was as simple as that.

Therefore, she started her operation by hiring paid spies through Shadow Fall's wealth of resources in order for them to visit Karkaura Central. Once there, they would have found the location where Ash was being held, mapped out the building, it's defenses, employees, daily routines and tons of other miscellaneous data until Saiko had a fall understanding of the building.

From there, Saiko would follow and learn the schedules of those in charge of protecting and guarding Ash Iramashsa. As, with that knowledge, she was then able to assassinate one of the Vanguard's unnamed elite and utilize her demon magic in order to infuse their skin and energy frequency to mask her own. After that point, she would then be able to set-up her traps across the hospital to ensure that the mission would have fallbacks in case it resulted in failure. Proceeding that, it was all about enacting the plan, breaking Ash out in the middle of the night and running away from it all.

Hence, with all the plans put in place, she'd then single-handedly commence her stealth mission and seek to kidnap Ash away from the hospital at the peak of midnight. Hiding in plain sight, Saiko ventured to the ward where he was located in and locked it down promptly after she was assigned to watch over him. With little time to act, Saiko awakened Ash and signaled that his time out of darkness had came.

Sickened from bodily illness, but relieved by her presence, Ash accepted and embraced Saiko as he was soo happy to see her once again. As, with the blood which flowed through him, she could sense the love beating inside of Ash and Saiko knew he was hers. Thus, after they caught up, Saiko asked him to just run away from it all with her. They both were in pain, and they both needed each now more than ever. So, she wanted him to come to demon world and escape the hellhole he found himself through.

Anxious, but open, Ash contemplated it and promptly accepted her offer as he wanted nothing more to save her, love her and be there for Saiko no matter what. After promises were exchanged, kisses shared and their love cemented i nto a relationship; they both fled into the night and left both of their factions to pick up the pieces of what may undoubtedly spark a conflict between their organizations.

Returning Home

To the sands of Demon World did Ash and Saiko dare to flee from it all. After Ash left everything behind in Karakura Central, Saiko took him to an unnamed forest in one of the many sections in the endless zone of the Sirsa Nation's out lands. It is there where they would take refuge in a lush, plum forest with rich stars in the atmosphere which made it seem like a little piece of heaven in the depths of hell. For it this serene setting which was Saiko's home and she invited him into her manor to recover.

As, at this point, Ash was as sick as a dog and his body was extremely frail. Therefore, she took him to the top of her estate and prepared to connect herself to the Demi Network. This is because she was able to establish a magic based bridge to some of Shadow Fall's finest healers. And, through their satanic magic, channel a healing based sigil around Ash's decaying body in order to restore some of his health, vitality and life back to make him thicker, fuller and less sick. Saiko even went as far as to inject more of her own energy into him in order to accelerate the process.

Which, fortunately for them, worked. As, after a few minutes of this, Ash leaped into Saiko's arms, pressed her confessed against the ground and showed her that he was getting back to normal after he confessed he was so happy to be with her. And those words were all Saiko needed to hear to know that her sacrificial actions were worth it. Even if she died, as long as she could make him happy, that's all that mattered in the world to her.

With one final kiss, she'd embrace her new lover before the likes of Neoveta Asthavon arrived on the scene and questioned both them as to what they were doing. In an explosive entrance, she was furious because neither of them knew the extend of consequences that their actions may cause. However, since Saiko was still her sister, she would not skewer them both where they stood. They would not be slain, if for not for no other reason than the fact that Neoveta herself had a creed to uphold. However, it was clear at this point that their lives would forever be changed....

...but Saiko was ready to face these dangers head first with this ray of light in her hands. As, no matter what, she would not let anyone or anything take this away. She would cling, hold and fight to the bitter death for this happiness she had.

Therefore, after having seen her resolve for this love, The Demon Princess seemed to otherwise ease off the desire to want to separate them. As, when observing this, the Asthavon appeared to reflect and contemplate on her own love affair with the demon known as Belle Viyae. With this cord of empathy made, Neoveta saw no reason to destroy them in that instance.

More than anything else, Neoveta was testing the depths of their commitment to one of another. As being lovers of war carried on it a hefty and heavyweight that could lead both of their lives towards disaster. And, if neither of them were prepared to stake their lives for it, then it was nothing more than a shallow farce that was a liability to Shadow Fall. Hence, after understanding that this was a test, Saiko seemed to ease and soften her stance on this fellow sister.

It was not in their blood to truly want to kill one another based on the fact that demons have a strong bond with one another. When they are placed into pacts, many of them often grow strong and otherworldly ties to one another. So even if Neoveta grew violent with them, the greater part of Saiko did not believe she would kill them. And, through her bond with Ash, he to began to understand that and wanted to build a bridge to have her in this new family they were creating as well.

Begrudgingly, Neoveta seemed to accept this outreach to her. To her, it was at least a sign he wasn't there to be a spy and risk Shadow Fall being compromised. Furthermore, if nothing else, they had the leverage of having the Vanguard's son in their grasp. If it came down to it, The Princess was not against using him as a pawn. Granted, the greater part of herself seemed to want to be able to make it work for her sisters. So, she accepted his love, but promptly left afterward as she had no interest in seeing what they were going to do afterward.

When they were ultimately left to their own devices, both Saiko and Ash felt waves of relief of finally being able to be with one another properly. Sure, Saiko still had many duties to perform for the likes of Shadow Fall, but the next few months were going to be rather happy time between them. Their love would flourish and repair one another's spirits the more time they spent with one another. It was quite the happy time for them and it made every job she did with Shadow Fall seem to fly on by. Counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until she could see her beloved once more and fill his warm embrace quell the depths of her unhinged soul.

Hence, it is, for this reason, that Saiko decided to forge an entire mountain to enshrine their love. Mount Anael was named after Saiko Mori's human given name. It stands for love and was founded based on her affection and devotion to Ash Iramasha. It is where their future would be carved out and where she could hopefully start a family one day. Something that she had so desired since the days she fought alongside the Gotei 13 for the hopes of her human family. It was going to be their home, their place in this universe where they both belonged. That is all that she wanted and she finally had that much within her grasps. It was such a wonderful feeling to possess that it even managed to alieve the glumness of her heart; if only for a short while.

Opeartion Moon Masscare

Related Threads:

On April 2nd, 2416 all out war was declared on the surface of The Moon as both the Vanguard and Shadow Fall reached the apex of their clash against one another. This resulted in Saiko being drafted to battle and she was forced to put her might as an Archduke to use. Therefore, she saw to killing many thousands of Vanguard operatives in order to cease their progression forward against attacking Shadow Fall. There was little emotion felt in it for her because it was what they were signed up to do by taking up the art of the sword.

It is also why she seemed to quickly come to terms with the likes of Tsubasa Unabara slaughtering her own Shadow Fall operatives. However, this encounter was conflicting because this was yet another shadow of her past coming back to haunt the woman. Yet, by this time, the woman's resolve seemed to have hardened. As she was no longer afraid to confront him and express her sentiments of fondness for both him and his family. Even going as far as to state it was the reason why she was against killing one of his own during the Iceland Conflict when Saiko had battled against his daughter.

But, when Tsubasa dared to endanger her life, Saiko showed a sense of malice because of the fact she did not want to die. For once in her life, after many years of aimless existence, the woman had a reason to live. She wanted to carry on the flame of her life so that she may continue to live the blissful existence made by both herself and Ash's love. Therefore, she engaged in a battle against the person who had introduced her to the Soul Society. As, without Tsubasa seeing the potential of her strength, it is highly likely that she would have never walked down this corrupted road to begin with.

And while the battle grew intense, it seemed that the spirit of Saiko managed to break through the bloodlust deluding the mind of The Unabara. She had managed to overwhelm his battle spirit, restore him to the man he used to be and he expressed a great gratitude to her for that action. Even extending to the point of considering her his daughter. In that moment, despite her inability to properly express her emotions, she was happy to hear that as she had no desire to kill him or fight him. He was a good friend and ally and it was a bond she had no desire to sever after all that she had been through.

So, once their battle had ended, the two would have reformed their relationship and extended a sense of understanding among one another. Despite everything being dead and obliterated around them, all that mattered to Saiko was having this much sentiment crafted in both of their hearts. As, after their clash concluded, she would have proceeded to finish the job and destroy Sector H; effectively stealing database information, equipment, and other sensitive information on the Vanguard in the process.

After concluding with that battle and venturing back down to the earth, the moon endured heavy damage and had a good chunk of it destroyed it. Not only that, but it appeared that the black world had reformed itself and started scattering it's chaotic energies throughout different realms. This created a total sense of disaster in the world. So, As pieces of debris fell to the earth from both the explosion and The Queen of Demon's chaotic assault against the cosmos, Saiko was assigned to deal with falling space junk which fell to the earth as a result of these two events.

Thus, The Mistress of Glum was assigned help dispatch of the chunks of rock heading towards Florida with the help of Vanyel. While she wasn't a fan of his erratic behavior, it did show the woman understood how to hold her demeanor and lead the male as an Archduchess of Shadow Fall. As they both worked together to destroy an entire meteor field of debris that had endangered this section of America. It is unclear what happened to the two after their encounter, but it is assumed that Saiko was able to otherwise walk away and regroup in Demon World to go comfort and protect Ash as things got more out of control in the universe.

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ENTER Saiko Mori

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


Physiology Traits

The Medicine Of Spiritual Love: Ash Iramasha's energy has a physical and metaphysical influence on Saiko's body. From the moment they met, the resonating pull of his spirit attracted Saiko and caught her like a moth to the flame. She clings to his essence as her body relaxes, eases and feels at peace when she is within the vicinity of his energy. For one reason or another, it acts as a medicine and her entire instabilities can be repressed and restrained when ingesting, inhaling or touching the molecules of energy which have been produced by Ash's body.

However -- is it really so weird? The world they live in is one infused with spiritual, supernatural and otherworldly sciences, concepts and constructs. Thus, the notion of "love at first sight" and the concept of "soul mates" has played rather well into this allure and appeal the two have for one another. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to their positions in life, but the bond between spiritual mates cares not for such trivial things. All that matters is what the heart wants. And what the heart wants? The heart ultimately gets.

Night & Darkness: Whenever the covers of night and darkness blanket the land, Saiko often finds immense comfort in the safety of the moon's alluring glow. Naturally, as a demon, her psyche and body feel most relaxed during the the midnight hours because it's in their blood to feast off the nocturnal elements.

Therefore, she can often see a simple 0.5 times multiple boost in her overall stats whenever she happens to find herself in a thread where the setting is placed at night. This applies to most of her racials, powers, abilities and skills. Even if she is teleported or thrown away from the environment, the effects will still last for two to three post afterward.

Marked: As stated in her relationship section, Saiko is marked by Mana Asthavon. With her being Saiko's maker, it is hard to otherwise resist her. Granted, she doesn't ask for much, this bond physically, mentally and spiritually makes it hard for her to tether away her loyalties to her and Shadow Fall. The reason for this is because the pull between makers and those turned is one that that ascends to a level of relation that most other races cannot comprehend.

If she were to break this bound, it would be akin to her ripping out her heart, shooting herself in the head and otherwise jumping off a cliff. To surmise: it's like death. Hence, she isn't too keen on causing herself another further damage and grief to her psyche than needed because of this marking. There have been tempting thoughts to do so, but the hesitation and fear is too much.

Holy Energy: Sickening. That is one word to describe the reaction that Saiko's body has to it. While Saiko doesn't seem to fear it, she isn't too keen on staying near it for prolonged periods. With how strong her own corruption and demonic energy is, it takes absurdly high amounts of the stuff in order to cripple her. However, even with that being the case, it is still possible for her to feel irritation when around the stuff.

Saiko can have symptoms ranging from dizziness, coughing, sneezing, nauseous, vomiting, cramps and a sense of general uneasiness when she encounters the element. She can attempt to stifle it and reduce the effects on her, but it still isn't advised she stay around it for too long. As from time to time it can make focusing and summoning her powers somewhat difficult. This is because of all the irritation which inflicts her body and makes it a challenging task to properly handle all of the precise and intricate abilities which lay in her hands.

Sleep: The body of Saiko doesn't need much, if any, sleep. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't have benefits. One of the primary reasons why Saiko sleeps is because she dreams. And in those dreams, she can control her own reality and find mental release. Therefore, sleep is beneficial to her as it allows her time to come down from the day and sort out her disturbed thoughts. She often wakes up feeling refreshed, energized and healthy. It's almost the best time of the day because there is such a placid and calm release upon awakening.

Regardless, the second reason that sleep can be cruical to Saiko as it allows her body a period of time to be idle and inactive. Without diverting all the different sources to her mentality in check, body balanced and conscious awake; it can begin to focus on healing and improving her body. Since Saiko naturally has a fast healing factor, it would more than likely take one or two nights to fully heal from most clashes she finds herself in. As her energy can refuel itself rather quickly when she isn't active. Although, if she was on the verge of death or suffered critical injuries, Saiko has been noted to take longer in order to restore herself. Somewhere around a few days to weeks in some cases.

Feeding: When it comes to feasting, Saiko's self-sustenance doesn't necessarily need it. The reason for this is because her spiritual core can sustain itself by constantly devouring her inner soul. What this translates into is the fact that her own constant strife of anxiety, sorrow and instability can be used as a metaphysical substance which her body naturally feeds off of to maintain it's existence. She is the essence of melancholy, so it makes sense that such a thing could occur when you consider how in-tuned and harmonized demons are with their powers.

Ergo, she doesn't need to consume much of anything per say. Sure she'll get grumpy, irritable and somewhat exhausted; but she won't ever die from not eating. Instead, any kind of feeding is considered a means of healing, psychological relief or a means to make her stronger. There are many different ways in which Saiko can feast due to her half demonic, half-shinigami make-up. And, because of that, there are many varying levels of satisfaction had from these methods.

There can be moderate levels of satisfaction had when Saiko is able to eat traditional solid foods. Things such as meats, vegetables, sweets and other delights can be tolerated and enjoyed. These can be broken down, turned into additional energy and made to help her recover from battles. However, she seems to indulge in these because they also seem to remind her of the days when she was human and it has an odd psychological effect on her. So, for Saiko, she eats traditional food as a coping mechanism and it helps to relax her ever fried nerves.

It's also quite possible for Saiko to feast upon the elements of sorrow, sadness, depression and all things melancholy. This gives her a special type of fulfillment and nourishment because it's one of the core elements of her powers. It would be akin to a meat eating animal finding the tender delight of consuming flesh for her. She has been known to visit insane asylums, war zones, hospitals, graveyards and other such locations where this glum is rich and vibrant in order to further fill this beastly hunger.

However, what is most notable about it is that she is capable of absolving the torment of someone else's anguish. That is to say when she feasts off someones sullen nature, it's possible for them to begin to feel relief and relish from Saiko absolving them of their mental anguish. Without any corruption left in their mind, they can be free of these thoughts for some time to come. As it isn't to say it won't return, but they could find great satisfaction and content after being feasted upon. This even applies to elements of anxiety and irritation as they are within this spectrum as well.

Additionally, because of her demonic nature, she can find nourishment from consuming the flesh, blood, bones and organs of other living creatures. Whether they be animal, human, demon, shinigami or mythical in nature; if Saiko can touch it -- she can eat it. And if she can eat it -- it can help to mend her. If she were to partake more in this aspect of her demonic essence, she'd more than likely be able to further her progression. This is because their vital essence would accumulate over time in order to serve as long-lasting stamina, fuel and life to assist in Saiko's body being as refined as can be. Instead, the only blood she'd ever want to take is Ash's because it feels her void with love and light.

Which then brings us to the final way Saiko can devour: energy. It is possible for her mouth and the particles of power which make up her energy to consume other systems. Now, this doesn't mean that she can consume an opponents energy and become super strong. No. What this means is that she can consume free flowing spiritual particles, exuding energy from those recently decease and any energy which isn't necessarily claimed. If she does this, her body can rapidly repair, heal and become stronger if she is not in combat.

However, if she were given blood or energy by someone at her side, it would be possible to mend her injuries, restore her health and improve her energy by noticeable measurements. As, going back to her bond with Ash, it would be possible for her to feast upon his blood and energy in order to rejuvenate upwards of 2/4 of her energy, health and stamina. Granted, like most things, there is a limit. Demon's cannot infinitely feast, so there comes a point where Saiko feels "full" and is unable to feast on things which help her to heal. When that occurs, these benefits stop more often than not.


» Fast Energy Summoning:Overall, Saiko's speed and shunpo are rather advanced and quite nimble when it comes to the way her body moves. However, this doesn't deal with the skill sheet as much. No. Saiko's general means of offense and defense can be summoned rather quickly. And by this it refers to the way in which Saiko utilizes the currents of energy within her body.

The pathways of power which flow through her are often overcharged and brimming to life with fast acting release points for her aura to be released through. As, the particles of energy that are generated from her body can be unleashed at quick rates of speed and with little warning as she has practiced this art for many decades on end during her time in Shadow Fall. Furthermore, with the influence of Mana's bonding pumping through her veins, it's no wonder that she has such a swift time when it deals with anything metaphysical.

As, additionally illustrations of this attribute to work is when it deals with the formation of energy attacks on par with cero. It is possible for Saiko to form dozens of them at a time through this natural trait associated with her half-ling body. The primary limitation to this, though, is that she needs to watch how fast she depletes her energy. For, while she can release these assaults abnormally fast, it doesn't detract much from their side effects or the volume of energy it takes from her. Since, it's fairly useless if you blow all your ammo in one swift blow.

Therefore, even with that knowledge in mind, she can still summon and produce many sorts of supernatural or magic based attacks with little to no warning. This makes her quite the threat to deal with as she synchronizes this with her keen mind and instinct in order to try and overwhelm her opponents. It's apart of the factor which has allowed Saiko to endure some of the harsh and rigid operations she had undergone for Shadow Fall. As when it comes to the first person to draw the gun, Saiko is usually the person to shoot first and fastest.

» Particle Perception: Being that Saiko has a keen mastery over her energy, it makes sense that she'd eventually develop a sense of heightened awareness from this study. And, through this command, she has produced a natural ability to otherwise chain and network these particles of energy produced to her body into her senses. In turn, she can sense and perceive many sorts of natural and supernatural shifts in the environment around her upwards of one thousand meters in all directions.

An example of how it is utilized is simple: she is capable of sending trace molecules of her power into the atmosphere around them. Then, she'll bridge a metaphysical connection to her body and synchronize it to her smell, sight and overall sense of perception. From this bond, she can then begin to estimate all sorts of alterations in the space they travel across. If there is a hidden trap in the area nearby? It's possible these particles can pick up on that and Saiko can be warned. If there is a long-ranged attack coming? Again, Saiko would have heightened warning and time to prepare.

Primarily, it is used to pick up on many sorts of disturbances to help her begin further refined and on point with her assaults. As, she believes that constantly being aware of the ever fluctuating situation of the battlefield is important to having the upper-hand. Therefore, she invested the proper training and time to let this ability become natural to her. Granted, if her focus is disarrayed or broken, this becomes somewhat hard to use. Hence, why she trained her mind to better keep up through the many decades. As this is a mental ability as much as it is a metaphysical and energy based attribute.

» Body Built For Abuse: Saiko's body is one that can take quite the vicious pounding. Since the world she was born into was filled with monsters, it was only natural that it would attune itself to that and seek to form a constantly healing base for it to thrive off of. Therefore, her demonic blood (blood which was given to her by Mana Asthavon no less) awakened a type of fast acting healing to cope with the demands of combat that she faces.

An illustration of this recovery pertains to in combat usage. If she was dealt a heavy wound to one of her arms, Saiko could more than likely rip it off and grow a new one from her energy alone. This is because she has infused and imprinted a blue print of her body into her soul. Once a critical injury is dealt to her, it will access this blueprint and begin the task of recovering what was lost. This form of metaphysical healing would craft a new limb with all the same nerves, muscles, tendons and bones as the previous one within the same or next post.

On top of that, it is even capable of restoring copious amounts of blood to supply Saiko with the needed essence of life to keep her breathing and kicking. It is why she is capable of taking many sorts of cuts, wounds and injuries without feeling the effects of massive blood lost. Her demonic physiology seeks to mitigate those humane limitations at any corner it can. So this also allows her to endure harsh climates, pressurized environments and form a means of superhuman durability and endurance.

You could place Saiko in an environment where gravity is ten times earth and her body could withstand the pressures being thrown against her body. Throw her in the flaming hot pits of a volcano and she will be injured and burned, but her body would eventually heal and come out of the boiling pit damaged but alive. And, even if you throw her into a place of little oxygen, Saiko could undoubtedly tap into her demonic functions in order to reduce, if not, eliminate her need to breathe the stuff in.

So, having said all that, one can see how she made it into the ranks of Shadow Fall's Archdukes and Archduchess's. The primary limitation to this is that it often takes some form of energy to to induce the effects of healing and regeneration. Therefore, after she is beaten enough, these forms of recovery will eventually begin to tapper off and she'll be prone to taking more long-lasting damage. As, for example, Ash Iramasha was able to induce a form of brain damage to Saiko after she was worn down long enough. And, Hayden Iramasha made a long lasting scar across her abdomen following their clash when she was worn down. Since, if anything else, metaphysical assaults seem to have longer lasting effects on her body.

» The Three Sources Of Sullen Power: Ever since the day that Saiko was marked as a half-demon, the body of The Melancholy Maiden shifted and produced three channels for her tap into. The first channel is her own resource of reaitsu and energy. Originally, both she and her Zanpakutô spirit shared the same medium of energy and worked as one unit of energy to be divided among the two of them. However, after her evolution, Saiko's body reacted in a peculiar manner and gave her a specialized and personal source of energy. Then, it did the same to her Zanpakutô Spirit and it made it to where it is as if there were two people living on within Saiko.

Now, as for the third source of energy? It's the most obvious and tainting one: the third pathway of power which The Melancholy Maiden draws on -- her demonic blood. Since most types of demons have a form of tainting prowess, it is only natural that Saiko would receive her own cluster from The Queen of Demon's. This is considered the root of what plagues and curses her soul. This infection of sanatic power is what infuses itself into her psyche and agitates the psyche of Saiko to become further distorted. It is what holds her pact and bond to Mana Asthavon and holds great restriction and heaviness within her spirit.

With how intense and intimate the bond between makers and those turned are, it would be far too painful and terrifying to remove. As, demon's have a form of understanding and connection which goes far beyond most other races comprehensions. And, due to this fact, there are unimaginable wavelengths of emotion, awareness and ties that these creatures undergo. Which, in general, keeps Saiko enslaved and loyal to Shadow Fall because of the twisted grasp between her and her maker. All thanks to trio of tainted energy which flows through her essence.


» Jack Of Weapons: Although weapons aren't Saiko's strongest suit, she still has a fair knowledge and experience with most types of weaponry. This stems from her lengthy enrollment with Shadow Fall and the training she acquired since she has been apart of that organization. Give her a knife, axe, scythe, gun, gauntlet, sword, plasma ray or whatever else you can throw at her and she'll seem as if she has a pretty commendable control and command over that tool. More than anything else, Saiko simply considers any weapon or object that enters her hands as an extension of her body.

The reason for this is because most Archduchesses's are trained to be as versatile as possible in order to maintain their power and reach. Hence, many of the instructors within Shadow Fall's faction gave her tutoring and expertise on how to utilize these weapons in combat. In fact, to go a step further, almost anything can be a weapon in the hands of Saiko. For instance, if she is in an area with large debris, she'd be keen to utilize large chunks of steel material from buildings in order to penetrate and stab opponents with the increased kinetic and physical force associated with her prowess.

Granted, she is no master or anything like that in them, but she isn't a complete loss of talent either. As with her intelligence, power and training -- she is a lethal machine. Saiko has even gone as far as to utilize entire missiles by using the wisps of her energy to carry them and launch them at opponents without straining her body. So it is possible for her to use large-scale equipment in mid-combat and give her a further edge when it comes to weapon based fighting. And with the inventory she has access to with her alliance to Shadow Fall? This is a rather daunting skill to possess.

» Ambiguous Hand-To-Hand Craft:There is no one particular style that Saiko seems to use. This is because Saiko has a strong understanding of what her body is capable of and knows how to use its talents. And, due to her training in Shadow Fall, she has picked up and analyzed different types of H2H used both in practice, in theory and on the battlefield. Together with her high prowess as a half demon, Saiko's hand-to-hand is something that she has personalized to suit her abilities as opposed to a disciplined method.

Thus, to be more accurate and to the point: one can call her kind of fighting adaptive and improvisational in nature. This is because she will test the waters with many sorts of different grappling moves, submission methods, direct strikes, precision hits, choke holds, take downs and everything else in between until she finds something that sticks with an opponent. She is not one for shame and will switch her style on the fly. Which both makes her flexible and dangerous as she doesn't restrict to just one type of hand-to-hand style or technique.

To add to this, the body of Saiko is one that is durable, fast and filled to the brim with power. Combining these elements with her hand-to-hand gives it another edge. As she is able to often overcome her opponents with speed, attain highly accurate hits with her focus and devise unique and unconventional attacks with her dexterity and prowess. Additionally, with her strong sense of perception, it also makes her prone to invoking on the fly blocks or evasions when dealing with another opponent in close quarters combat.

And, if she runs into something that is capable of out-skilling, out-maneuvering or overpowering her own style? Then she will observe, learn and apply those practices in order to further cultivate and grow her enigmatic hand-to-hand further. For all these reasons and more is why Saiko's direct combat is something that should not be discounted. She will do whatever it takes in order to turn her body into a weapon and use everything in it's disposal to leave her foe a beaten pulp.

Uncanny Accuracy: Saiko possess excellent targeting skills after her many years of constant battle and combat. There are two primary factors for this expertise flourishing and coming to life. One of the first is that her mind is one that is moving and twisting with constant high speed thought. So, with that said, her inhuman brain can assess and determine multiple targets at once in order to have deadly aim.

She is able to analyze and deduce precise paths even from a thousand meters away with her supernatural senses going to work for her to assist in this superb marksmanship. And alongside Saiko's in-depth understanding of her body, she also ascertain the needed strength to fire a projectile, measure the amount of energy needed for energized attacks and get a feel for the opponents own level of strength from the energy they exude from their body and how much force is needed to make them bled and hurt.

Even if she is dealing with numerous targets that are moving, Saiko has proven time and again that she is more than capable of dealing with a cluster of opponents. As, in many of her clashes, she has pitted herself against numerous Captain-Class opponents and either thrived or managed to hold her own. For, Saiko is always determining which will be the best method of delivery to send her attacks at.

Hence, the supernatural aura of her energy has picked up on this and formed a means of "targeting" in order to further take this precision to the next level. If Saiko is able to evaluate and access a target, the prowess within her will inscribe instructions into her energy in order to create energy seeking attacks that lock on to an opponent energy frequency for further accuracy in some cases.

Furthermore, this even applies to the realm of her deduction as she is able to hone, focus and ascertain whether what she is experiencing is a reality or an illusion. For example, if one attempted to induce hallucinations into Saiko's mind, she could attempt to begin using her precise perception in order to break it and find her way back to reality.

Therefore, as you can tell by the amount of training invested into this ability, it's not something that one should underestimate when it comes to Saiko's arsenal of skills in her inventory.


» Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Ude No Kanashimi [Arm Of Grief] [腕の悲しみ] is the full name of Saiko's Zanpakutô. However, he prefers to keep it short with "Kanashimi", or "Grief". Now, more to the point: the reason that he was birthed with this name is because Kanashimi was created and tasked with the duty of withholding the essence of Saiko's melancholy. And, in turn -- his own.

They are both one in the same as he merely resembles and reflects the dejection, isolation and core of despondency which lays and beats within her heart and blood. So many of the supernatural constructs which are associated with his and her prowess stems from the core element of their soul's depression and corruption.

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Slender. That is one of the keywords to remember when it comes to Kanashimi's appearance. He stands at a height of six foot even and weighs somewhere around one hundred fifty pounds. So it's natural that his frame would be so slim and fitting.

Meanwhile, the skin which covers his body seems as dead as a zombie's. It has shades of grey and blue intermixed into it that gives it the look as if he had recently deceased. And, if one were to touch it, it would feel as cold as a corpse's to. This sensation generally reflects the melancholy and coldness of Saiko's soul for the most part. After all, he is a messenger of glum and sorrow.

So, since he is the representation of Saiko's grief, it is only befitting that his eye color is as blue teardrops. Often times, it will even have an azure flame burning from out of the right eye socket as well. This is the flame which represents the ever flaming spirit of The Melancholic Maiden's prowess. And, much like his eyes, Kanashimi's hair is a deep blue and has a rather lengthy ponytail to it which extends down to his lower back.

Additionally, he is often seen wearing a lengthy hooded jacket which extends down to his upper legs. It has a star white star imprinted on the right breast bone, while he keeps the upper part of it zipped and exposes his bare chest and abdomen to the elements. Kanashimi also appears to have odd stitches around his torso area to further compliment his deadened look as well.

Around his waist is also what appears to be a massive white and gold holster that holds many types of potions and spare energy packs. Presumably, he uses these to assist Saiko in her times of need by transporting them to the material world to help his master. Digressing, the last noticeably thing about the male is that he appears to wear a black colored pair of combat pants and boots to complete his appearance.

Note: It's also possible for his eyes and energy to resemble Saiko's plum aura. This is because they share a strong bond and it isn't uncommon to see either of them shift and change between their purple and blue energy signatures.

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Zanpakutô Spirit Personality

» Caring And Protective Of His Master: Since they are one in the same, Kanashimi does feel a sense of care, concern and need to protect his master. It's as if he was tending to another portion of himself and feeding it love to make sure it thrives. That is why the two same to share a rather loose and understanding relationship when it comes between the pact of Shinigami and Zanpakutô Spirit. It serves to mending into a union where they are both open and free to exchange their hearts and minds with one another -- as they all share the same heart and mind to begin with.

Therefore, unlike most other Zanpakutô, it was deemed unbeneficial for the two of them to be at odds or to hide anything against one another. As they both understood from day one that the they shared the same body and persona. Think of it this way: would it make sense to tear apart your teammate who is trying to assist you in your goals? Would you withhold potential game changing knowledge or prowess from someone in your group if it could turn the tides around? More than likely -- you wouldn't. This type of logic is the logic that Kanashimi follows.

He's even gone as far as to materialize himself during mid-combat in order to assist his master. These include acts of himself taking over her body and controlling the particles of energy associated with Saiko's reaitsu in order to guide her in combat during times of mental distress. As, he has saved her life on more than one occasion in the fields of war when her mind just couldn't handle it. But, from a survival instinct point -- it makes sense. Without Saiko -- there is no Kanashimi. Without Kanashimi -- there is no Saiko. It's as simple as that, yet he still feels a fondness and general friendliness with his master because of that bond they share. As it woudl be akin to hating himself if he did anything otherwise. ANd that just doesn't fly with him.

» Everything Is Melancholy And That's Okay: You'd figure the essence of melancholy would be a pretty glum dude, right? Well, you'd be half right and half wrong. There is no doubt that there is a lot of sorrow, dejection and all that wonderful stuff within his heart. However, unlike Saiko, he's learn to accept it and go with the flow. If everything around him is sullen and dejected? Then that's fine. In fact -- it's peachy keen! It's all about rolling with the punches and embracing the sadness of the world to make you stronger. As everything is a hopeless and tiring affair, but that's as normal as breathing at this point for Kanashimi.

For him? He has no hope in anyone or anything but his master. And, because of that, he is free to act as he will. If he wants to act super sad? That's fine. If he wants to get super upset? Again, it's okay. If he wants to act aloof? Again, free to do so. So, because of this flippant logic, the male has decided to simply adopt a coping mechanism which gives him a pretty loose and free flowing spirit about it. As if you are already beaten and thrown in the deepest pit of the mud known to earth, there really isn't anything else that anyone or any force can do to smash you lower into that hole. Thus, you can do as you please with this bitter acceptance of reality!

» Fierce Ambition: Unlike Saiko, he is willing to be the final resolve which puts the hammer through her intentions. Since his master can have periods where she lacks the clutch to finalize her plans, Kanashimi is the last gear which gets the job done. Therefore, he is willing to do any and everything in order to ensure that these desires are met. Killing, lying, stealing, running away; whatever it takes -- he will do. The only thing he will not do is anything which goes against his masters wishes.

For example, if Ash had been caught up in one of their affairs, he would not hold him as a hostage or use him as a meat shield in order to secure Saiko's safety. That is because he is a very important piece of her heart and holds monumental significance to their inner world. Therefore, he could not act against that and get him caught up in these dirty deeds. If anything, he'd awaken and summon a greater power than Saiko herself because of his bite-back personality and seek to shield this boy with all of his will.

After all, they share the same spirit -- so he loves Ash Iramasha as much as Saiko does and wants to protect him. So, excluding him and Saiko, Kanashimi seems to have very little regard for anyone else's safety, feelings or belongings. Everything and everyone is just expendable to him and is waiting to be used and abused to secure his, Saiko's and Ash's desires.

» Inner World: The Inner World of Saiko is one that is filled with infinite night. The clouds are a rich shade of purple and nothing but a purple moon shines above a foggy, island. The isle itself is one that is filled with ruins, skeletons, chains and dead plant-life. It reeks of death, decay and dejection; as if a great war was fought and nothing but the scars of that battle plague this land. As all around the atmosphere of this place is glum, despair and tension.

If one pays close enough attention to the surroundings, they can almost hear constant cries for help, screams of terror and the crunching of bones as the many lives that Saiko take play in an infinite loop intermixed against the sounds of her terrified soul. It all makes for an inner world that is filled with regret, dread, sorrow, death and blood. For there are many rivers of human remains which flow and bled in this Zanpakutô's inner world.

And, much like Saiko's own temperament, the temperature can range from raging hot to burning cold on the flip of a switch. The nights here are like days and blend into one of major extremes and huge lows. Some nights there can be storms as wild as a hurricane, and other days can be as quiet and barren as a desolated and abandoned prison. It all depends on the fluctuation of Saiko's mind and how it influences her ever turbulent inner world.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance: There are two forms of Saiko's Zanpakutô. The first is it's fire based state of being. While in her sealed state, she can freely control the size and shape of Kanashimi upwards of about five hundred meters in terms of width and height. Often times, it will have a plum flame to it in order to match the color of Saiko's spiritual energy. However, there are times where both she and Kanashimi can be dyed in blue fire to represent his reiatsu. As they both work on different spiritual wavelengths.

Regardless of that fact, she can summon and seal away her Zanpakutô within her inner world with but a simple mental command. So, that makes summoning it's solid and material form more easy. As in it's tangible form Saiko's Zanpakutô takes the shape of a spiked canon. While in this form, Kanashimi appears to have a large blade attached at the end of it's barrel. Additionally, this weapon seems to have a rounded series of front facing ports at it's mid-way point. As it goes down in it lengths, it is able to discharge powerful blasts from it's canons; among other supernatural attacks and spells.

The tethered to the weapon appears to also possess a battery of gun turrets disturbed around its blade and casing that point in all directions. These turrets are often not normally visible, as they retread back into the casing when not in use. Furthermore, this cannon lance also has a trigger and handle on one end, with a chain tethered to it which allows Saiko to manipulate it from long-range distances.

More than anything else, though, Saiko prefers the free-range control that she has over her Zan and often keeps it in it's immaterial form until Shikai if she can avoid it.

Ude No Kanashimi Material Form:Click Here For Link

Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities

» Tendrils Of Melancholy: While in her seal state, Saiko prefers to fight utilizing her energy. More often than not, she'll form many spirals or tendrils of darkness to surround her or expand out of her body. These can be used for many purposes depending on how hard she solidifies them. For example, she's rather fond of forming numerous tentacle extensions from her back and using them as blunt force objects in order to attack from long distances (up to 100 meters in sealed) and keep herself protected from strong or multiple opponents. As, Saiko is capable of using the potency behind her magic in order to make these appendages as strong as a foe with master level strength when it comes to the brute force damage behind their blows.

Another way that these Tendrils of Melancholy are utilized is that she can channel many of her abilities or equipment through them. For instance, Saiko is rather eager to infuse proprieties from her Death Energy into these tendrils and channel their corrosive elements through them as a nice medium to launch her attacks from. This can lead to the appendages having corrosive elements to it that allow her to melt or burn through attacks depending on how the DE is utilized. Now, it isn't limited to doing just that, but that's just an example of how she combines her abilities. Often she sticks to two to four combines at a time to keep from over blowing her spiritual circuits; although she can kick it up to six if she really needs to. It's just more taxing on her body and mind to do so while in her sealed state.

Now, to repeat, this isn't the only way it is limited to being used. As Saiko's energy can also entirely devour her to form as a type of full body defense. As she isn't opposed to engulfing her entire body in her energy to protect against opponents attacks by creating many layers of energy to shield herself during times of intense combat. In fact, it's also possible to heighten her offense at the same time because she can still launch her attacks at the same time. Thus, this sealed ability is rather handy and is essential to her reducing the need to unleash into her shikai based form. The primary drawback is that, of course, it depletes her of energy and becomes more burdening as it runs low or she is injured.

» Zanpakutô Materialization: Due to their exceptional bond and understanding, both Saiko and Kanashimi are capable of summoning him to the battle field on a moments whim. This is done in order to better assist her combat and bestow upon Saiko an ally to assist her in times of need. Usually, he will begin to materialize out of her body through the clusters of energy which surround his master. After that initial summoning, Kanashimi will then often stay within a one thousand meter radius of Saiko in order to keep their connection stable.

Following his complete release on to the battlefield, the core of his energy will separate from Saiko's body and it would be as if you were fighting two of her at the same time. The reason for this is because they both seem to possess different clusters of energy within their corrupted body. After the modifications done to her body proceeding her becoming a half demon, it seems that Saiko both has her own volume of reiatsu alongside a pocket of demon energy. And, because of that, Kanashimi can safely disparage without her losing much of anything.

This then makes it more conflicting for the opponent due to that fact that these two make a dangerous duo. Imagine having a partner who knew all of your moves, tactics and abilities inside and out. Then, envision that you shared a union of the mind with this partner and could react with decades of hardened experience at your sides. This is what it is like for both Saiko and her Zanpakutô spirit when they fight alongside one another.

Granted, he'll after retreat back into her after either himself or Saiko takes on too much damage. This is because it distorts the stability of his separation and because he generally wants to look out for his master and give her the best of his ability. Furthermore, most spiritual damage (not physical) which inflicts her -- inflicts him -- and vice versa. So it only makes sense that he would take as much drain as she would over the fight. As Saiko considers this a massive expansion of her body when he separates himself from her.

» Sorrows Reach: Those who attain vast quantities of power often have some form of specialized effect that their energy influences and commands on the area and people that it encompasses. With Saiko having quite the bountiful resources at her disposal, it makes sense that the richest shades of melancholy can expand and influence the environment around her. Therefore, when she unleashes this spiritual energy, a wide array of effects can happen and produce varying results depending on the way in which she wishes to utilize their effects.

Thus, to begin, one of the first effects which can occur when encountering her spiritual energy is a nagging, numbing and dulling of all will attributes. Once you inhale or come into direct contact with Saiko's reiatsu, it is possible to feel your mind begin to rot out and become hazy. This is because the depths of her Zanpakutô takes on varying aspects and attributes pertaining to depression. And, depression is known to induce difficulty focusing, induce feelings of hopelessness, "dumb" down the mind and increase the amount of pain that a being feels.

Therefore, with this knowledge in mind, most opponents will feel at least one of these symptoms plaguing their mind if Saiko is determined enough. This is because the potency of her energy is enriched and augmented by the numerous channels of energy that are infused within her body. It also isn't to say that it is unbreakable, unstoppable or anything like that. No. There is just a high chance of it influencing the mind due to the high volume of power behind it. Even those of zero tier or harder will more than likely need to focus or dispel the miasma for the effects not to linger and sink into them as well.

Primarily, it just isn't wise to spend too much time up close and personal with this energy. If at all possible, constantly cleanse yourself when engaged in combat with Saiko. Even if one is strong of mind, it can corrode and chip away at their body and mind until it becomes tainted with melancholy and glum. And with the enhancing magic at Saiko's side, she can accelerate these effects and progress the decay with the wicked prowess at her side. So even if it turns into a battle of wills, the metaphysical gap that Saiko's powers bridges can transform and mold itself into a force strong enough to fight against a foes mind.

Second, Saiko has the ability to influence these depressive traits on attacks and other energies in her environment. For example, it would be possible for her to decrease and null the energy from something such as a cero attack being shot off within a five hundred meter radius where her reaitsu is released. This is because her energy mimics the aspect of depression which lowers and depletes a person of vitality, energy and life. Therefore, this effect is inscribed in a metaphysical influence and seeks to zap the prowess out of whatever it touches. It then results in her having a nifty form of defense when she is able to channel and summon this outlet of her Sorrow Reach.

It can also be applied physically as well. Since, it is possible for her to engulf her entire limbs or weapons in this energy. Then, when she punches or strikes someone, they can feel portions of their physical energy, spiritual energy, or sometimes, both steadily leave them. The amount which leaves them varies more so on how much effort and energy Saiko herself puts behind it. The most she is capable of leaving at a single time through this method is usually 1/4 of their overall energy. If she is able to strike something like a core (akin to the Shinigami's soul chain), then there is the potential for it to exceed that and jump upwards of 2/4th's.

Furthermore, Saiko is also able to apply this alongside her magic to induce further metaphysical effect. Such an illustration of this would be her utilizing the "sluggish" and "slowed" feelings that depression causes and embedding that into the particles of energy associated with her reaitsu. This act will often be performed through the mind and handled with her analytical mind. Once this procession is over, she'd then be able to do something akin to reducing, if not, stopping projectile attacks such as bullets, lasers or even attacks from knives or swords from hitting her at the last moment if she times her ability correctly and is able to perform it successfully.

As, more importantly, this ability does have drawbacks. One of the first is that she often tries to only utilize one or two of these attributes at a time. If she isn't focused on her other abilities, then it is possible to use them all at once, but it still takes a delicate balancing act and these are meant to be handled with care. Otherwise, if she breaks her concentration when using it defensively, it's possible for the effects to loosen and break relatively easily.

Additionally, since it relies on energy, it's possible for this ability to weaken and lessen over time as the battle prolongs. This is because the pool of resources within her souls power will eventually fizzle out depending on how much damage she takes over the fight and how much energy she depletes. Therefore, it isn't a prowess to just blindly and carelessly use. Especially given it's max reach of one thousand meters. As, the further she uses, the more complex and intricate it becomes to bare and hold. Which is why she seems to prefer using it in smaller rangers.

For, each and every time she summons her melancholic energies, Saiko needs to be assured that she will be able to control it. Otherwise, these attributes which make her weapon can be turned against her and cause negative effects against herself. As she has been known to induce psychological and physical damage upon herself based on the very nature of her abilities and not having control over them or herself at times.

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ENTER Saiko Mori

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


Saiko's Corrupted Shikai

Shikai Name And Theme: This is more of a personal name that both Kanashimi and Saiko dubbed their Shikai based on the sullen themes of her prowess. Thus, The Essence Of Melancholy is what they aptly titled this release because it is the unleashing of the sorrow sealed within their spirit.

It represents the depressive elements which brew inside of Saiko's heart and reflects that in it's released form. Hence, many of the abilities associated with her shikai take their roots from these glum filled aspects of Saiko's spirit and seek to unleash them in these terrifying powers of melancholy.

Shikai Release Phrase: The Shikai Pharse used to unleash Saiko's Shikai goes as followed: "Release our sorrow, Ude No Kanashimi".

Now, this phrase can either be stated mentally or verbally. So long as Kanashimi acknowledges or feels her call, he will unify with his master and unleash their power. However, if done verbally, Saiko will more than likely see a 0.7x more boost in her overall capacities because of the power incantations have in the world of Shinigami. Most of their magic and supernatural functions are often empowered by wordily enhancements, and Saiko's demonic blood seems to capitalize and amplify it due to her distorted nature as being a half-breed. So while this may not normally occur in typical Shinigami, Saiko's satanic blood seems to alter and influence this process.

Shikai Appearance: Upon releasing her Shikai form, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in the way that Saiko's physical appearance alters. The only noticeable shift which occurs is that her right or left eye will have a sudden eruption of energy which resembles a violet fire. This symbolizes the ignition of the inferno which blazes in her soul when Saiko's spirit is ignited with this intense feeling, emotion and power. It is for this reason why most opponents will often feel a darker and deeper shade of dejection, dread and pain which pulsates and flows through the energy which leaks and exudes from Saiko in her shikai form.

As, in terms of what it does to the environment, it will often darken and increase the intensity of the atmosphere as her energy becomes further corrupted and filled with sorrow. Often times, the adjustments to the space around her will induce temperature changes to make it bitterly cold. While, in the heavens above, it is not uncommon for strong thunderstorms to rain down and wash out the area as her inner soul cries it's anguish upon the world. Since, overall, awakening this power is bringing the suffering within her heart out for all to see in the material world and making it bleed in heartache with The Hand of Grief.

Psychological Alterations From Her Shikai

Endless Hunger: When Saiko is released within her shikai, she has noted that she becomes extremely hungry and wishes to devour any and everything in sight. The physiological aspects of her demonic systems craves it, enhances it and brings it out since her element of depression and the void becomes strong. All she wants to do while in this form is infinitely consume and ingest whatever material she can get her hands on in order to fill the emptiness within herself. It's a maddening element and one that makes it somewhat difficult to manage and wield this form properly at times.

Wandering Concentration: It is rather hard to focus when the great part of you feels apathy, disinterest and general fatigue, instabilities and broken melancholy within. Therefore, while in this form, Saiko has been noted as having a sense of in and out thought akin to being a daydreamer. It is possible for her to entirely lose herself in intrusive thoughts, depressive mindsets and sorrow filled hallucinations.

Everything can seem hazy, it can be hard to focus on targets and many solid thoughts seem to simply turn into mush. It's why she needs the utmost of will to navigate her way through this murky land of blackened thought. As it is the only thing keeping this abyss of sullen waste from consuming her alive.

Increased Sorrow: The anguish which beats within the heart of Saiko intensifies and becomes all encompassing while within her shikai. Chills run down her spine from the soul gripping grief that penetrates her body, the mind becomes filled with blackened thoughts and everything feels so void and empty within herself. It hurts, it stings and it makes her want to wallow and drown in the tears of her own pain, grief, nostalgia and regret. As this transformation is the embodiment of her decades worth of sin, inaction, short-comings and blood paved by her demonic ways.

Tiredness: Although her body has a great deal of stamina, the mind has a way of playing tricks on a person and infusing beliefs that are there. Such is the cause with her fatigue and weakness. Depression is an element which bleeds into the body, washes over the person with exhaustion and submerges them in a sea of blackened thought and tiresome embodiment.

Therefore, during times of peak stress or idle time in a battle, it isn't out of the question for Saiko to feel as if her whole body had the entire vitality sucked out of her. As, with her melancholy, it would make her feel as if every movement, every thought and every breath was an arduous and exhausting movement. Since, depression is a life killer and corrodes both the mind and soul.

Swinging Thoughts: It's a cyclone of twisting and churning thoughts that tick and tock within the confines of Saiko's mind. Therefore, it's hard to get a grip on what direction she wants to go with her waking consciousness. Does she want to perceive the world in a slow and sluggish way? Or does she desire to be filled with ever fast moving thought? Maybe she should be happy, or perhaps sad?

It's hard to pick a mood and stick with it while in this transformation without extensive control over her emotions, mentality and psychological instabilities that brew and contort within her embodiment. The extremes are utterly and totally mind breaking at times and she just wants to find balance, foundation and a way to keep these horrifying sensations and thoughts from devouring her whole. That is all she ever really wanted to have for her own.

Shikai Weaknesses

Temporary Effects: This is an important thing to remember: most of the effects which stem from Saiko's shikai are not permanent. Many of the effects which stem from her release and influence the opponent often only last for a few post, the duration or the thread or one or two threads afterward. Even if she is able to dissolve an opponent of energy, it will more than likely be restored after the battle is over or after they get healed.

Mental Effects: This shikai is one that eats and amplifies the mental disturbances of Saiko's mind. So it is rather uneasy to use based on the fact it augments the sorrow within Saiko's heart. Therefore, this can cause many alterations to her already fragile psyche. As shown in many of the psychological effects, it eats away at her and uses this as fuel to empower her. Therefore, it isn't out of the question for her to lose her grip on this shikai when these cycles of grief overpower her. This can allow opponent random opportunities to take advantage of her weakened mental health and attack when she is frozen in these thoughts.

Ability Usage: Ignoring the traditional augmentation boost that most shinigami get upon releasing into their shikai, Saiko is usually limited to using two to three of these abilities at a given time. The reason for this is because it can become quite extensive and exhausting to fully utilize multiple facets of these powers at once. This is due to the fact that her shikai is one that is rather highly powerful and has many advanced applications to it. Therefore, she often prefers to either focus solely on one complex ability, or summon basic usage of the numerous abilities associated with her shikai.

Physical Effects: At times there can be a wide variety of physical symptoms which plague and ache Saiko's body from her soul's representation of depressive elements. Many sorts of aches, cramps, pains, dizziness, blurred vision and other bodily annoyances can take place at any given moment when she is released within her shikai. When her energy depletes, or when the injuries compile on, these traits can accelerate and make it unbearable to stay in this form and is often the reason why she powers down back to her base after she is pushed hard enough.

Preference To Smaller Areas: While the abilities of Saiko can be applied to long-range distances, she often prefers to use them in more confined and smaller areas because it helps to keep things less stressful for her prowess. If one takes into account how many factors you have to calculate for in battle and the energy needed to spread that influence, it's no wonder she'd come to that conclusion. Therefore, she often restrains herself within a space extending upwards of a city block or two as opposed to fully utilizing the large scale potential of her shikai.

Acceptance [Story Weakness]: More than anything else, if someone is able to accept Saiko in one of her truest essences, then there is a chance that she may cease in her rampage and begin to power down. The reason for this is because her heart does desire for her pains and sorrows to be acknowledged by others. So, in line with that thought, this weakness was forged within her body and may come into play if an opponent is open enough with her to dare to try and reach Saiko. It is why Ash, unknowingly, has such a strong hold on Saiko's body.

Mental Soothing: It's also possible to lessen and de-power Saiko's shikai by attempting to bring comfort, serenity and ease to her mind. This is because many of the constructs from her shikai brew from a negative and very violent place. If a foe were to try and bring light into that darkness, then there is a chance she could become sedated and power down as a result. This is because another desire of Saiko heart is to just find a way for the pain to stop and for the release of comfort to be brought into her soul.

Shikai Abilities

Hungering Dejection: It's rather par for the course that most Shinigami will receive some form of enhancement boost upon awakening their Shikai. Thus, Saiko is no different than many of the others whom have unlocked this form. However, due to many clusters of energy that lay within her embodiment, and because of Saiko's high union with Kanashimi, the amount of improvements which she attains in this state is somewhat higher than the average Shinigami.

Saiko is able to amplify her powers, abilities and skills in Shikai by upwards of nine times. This covers everything from her speed, durability, strength, volumes of energy, racial attributes and everything else in between. The reason why this occurs is because she is converging and combining all three streams of energy which flow through her body and augmenting all three cores at once.

Why is this the case? That is because this modified shikai takes into account her demon blood, Kanashimi's cluster of energy and Saiko's personal reserves. It takes these channels of power and adds them all together for one immense boost. As her demonic blood is worth a three times increase, Kanashimi receives a three times increase and then Saiko herself receives a three times increase in order to make for a total of nine times when added all together.

Granted, due to how high of an enhancement this form has, it's somewhat more unstable and dangerous to use. This is because the corrupting elements of her demonic blood make it more difficult than the average release to form. As, since she is a hybrid, it's only natural to assume there would be complications in wielding it. These can range from injuries being inflicted upon her bodily being, energy burning faster than usual, shorter release times, mental disturbances and other circumstances such as that. They can occur separately, or all at once; it all depends on the circumstances of battle and how far gone Saiko herself is when it comes to the woman's health, psyche and stability of her energy levels.

As it takes a strong balancing act of mind, body and soul in order to keep this fractured self from falling apart in her Shikai form. There are many things which nag and pull apart at the embodiment of Saiko while in her released state. It is apart of the reason why she focused on making her base states so powerful as she doesn't like to use her ascended states due to these instabilities.

Melancholy's Dullness: Numb, numb, numb. That is the primary thing which those whom are depressed wish to be. No more pain, no more thought and no more horrid sensations to embrace their being. Since Saiko is the mistress of melancholy, she hones in on this element and transforms it into another attribute to make her shikai rather troublesome to deal with. When in this ascended body of sullen, the amount of pain suppression which Saiko is capable of generating is capable of ignoring large volumes of pain dealt her way.

How does this numbing work? Well, the nerves within Saiko's body are suppressed and lowered in order to help her withstand the anguish of combat. For, while it is isn't a complete and total abolition of pain, it is extensive enough for her to endure the pain of being cut in two and still only feel minor burns and jabs. Since, in this illustration, it would induce a feeling akin to someone drilling around inside Saiko's body using a surgical tool of some kind.

The only problem with this is because of her unsteady psyche, it is possible for these nerves to be influenced by that and open more pain receptors as her state of mind cycles rapidly in combat. So there may be periods of time where she is able to ignore every last bit of pain and damage dealt to her, and then others where even the slightest touch is overwhelming. This is because her shikai is attuned to her mind and this can cause great effects and influences upon this power. Therefore, she needs to keep a steady grip on things, or she risks this turning into a double edge sword and this numbing failing her.

Suicidal Impulse: This ability focuses more so on the suicidal impulses derived from both Saiko and the composing element of depression. It draws in on that construct, breathes destructive life-ending qualities into the world and seeks to cause implosions to all that it touches. As, this ability travels through the medium of energy which flows through Saiko's body. Once she summons this ability, a black and plum aura will extend forth from her body and push waves of similar light outwards from her body.

This light extends upwards of three hundred meters and is capable of causing the element of self-destruction to be inscribed into the objects it touches. The feat is achieved through the particles of spiritual energy which extend from Saiko acting as a medium to induce the effects. Therefore, if they touch a construct akin to lightning, they could cause that cluster of electricity to implode on itself and become eradicated through this self-destroying element. If a cero were to be in the range? Then it would simply disburse and vanish into nothingness.

This can also apply to organic of supernatural beings, but it doesn't kill them in one hit. Instead, Saiko needs to have this light or she to herself touch the opponent. If she were to try and pierce their organs with this weapon? Then some of them could begin to die or become heavily impaired by it. These effects can compile on until the targets body rots and dies depending on how effective the attack is.

So, with that said, it is possible to fend off against this attack by creating various barriers, armors and shields against it. This is because it starves off the effects from reaching the opponent so quickly or automatically. Additionally, she is only limited to one to three impulses per turn and they generally have a range of a city block or so. Furthermore, since she always illuminates a black or plum light when releasing this ability, an opponent could use their deduction, put two and two together and attempt to avoid getting hit by it by dodging or attempting to dispel it somehow with their abilities, magic or equipment.

Alongside that, the effects aren't absolute. For example, in some cases she may have this impulsive aura touch an opponents attack, but the results may only have half of their original intended effect. Which, in the case of a cero, would result in half of it's attack power dying out, but the rest of the cluster of the attack could still very much hit Saiko. So, this ability isn't something that is the end all of end all. Which, in it out of itself, is quite ironic considering it's name.

Prolonging Woe: Depression leaves one to hold off and prolong many of the facets they hold dear in life. Thus, procrastination is a staple of melancholy because of the fact it drains a person of energy to do much of anything else. Hence, this is another attribute of sadness which Saiko's shikai transformed and blossomed into an ability. For Prolonging Woe takes these attributes and applies it to her body or attacks in order to delay the effects of injury or ill effects upon her body.

For example: if someone were to induce an injury which resulted in Saiko's energy being sealed by 1/4, she could apply Prolonging Woe and have that influence postponed until three to four post later. The attack which the opponent made still made it's hit, but it is greatly deferred and allows Saiko more time to either make her finishing move or escape.

The same applications can be applied to her attacks, but at a much shorter interval of time. For instance, an energy attack shot off from Saiko could be slashed in half by an opponent, but with Prolonging Woe, that occurrence would be delayed by one post. Therefore, she'd have an extra post to try and make the attack hit before it diffused and disburse. Either on her target or away from her target depending on how her aim was and what occurred in between the post.

Saiko is even capable of extending this effect to nearby objects and people as well. All it would take is for her to spread energy on the material she wishes to influence with this ability, mentally activate this energy and inscribe the intended effects through her energy being used as the medium to make these supernatural phenomenon come to life. So she could potentially save the lives of her allies and comrades by doing this if she can apply it to a wide enough area.

With that said, nothing this grand doesn't come without it's side effects. One of the first is that it often takes away energy from Saiko in order to perform. Each shift and alteration made by Prolonging Woe steadily eats at her depending on the extent to which it delayed. The greater the injury or harm made to Saiko, the more energy it'll eat up in the long run.

Additionally, it has a radius of upwards of one hundred to two hundred meters max before it becomes too difficult to maintain. This is because there are many factors for this ability to take into account when it comes to striving off damage or modification to either Saiko or the environment and people around her. Furthermore, it can also become more incinerate and tiring to use when she is trying to harness it for multiple objects or people; so she may often opt to use it on singular objects or herself if she can avoid it.

Lastly, this move can only be used for one or two injuries per post before it caps it out. When it comes to the morphs used on Saiko, she cannot use it again until she cancels out the current shift on her body or waits until the prior shift runs out. Therefore, she needs to choose which injuries or effects she'll delay, and which she won't. And, when it comes to non-organic objects, she is usually only able to maintain one or two at a time per post as well.

The Misery Of Isolation: Detach. Break away. Hide. These words describe some of the intensive sensations of a spirit with great depression within their heart. When one feels so overcome with grief that the only option left is to maul away into the abyss, the construct of isolation becomes quite the powerful theme within this sullen filled powerset. Therefore, the soul of Saiko resonates strongly with this sentiment and brings it out in an ability compromised to keep her further safe from the dangers of the world and the pain looming around every corner.

Thus, this ability is capable of detaching and isolating external influences from harming Saiko. When it is activated, a grey aura will exude from her body and she will begin forging various constructs through this energy in order to induce it's effects. As an illustration, one possible way she could use it is to create a small sphere around her body in order to bypass and ignore the effects of a nuclear blast attempting to annihilate her. Or, in another, she can create makeshift shields which need to come into contact with an opponents attack in order to isolate it from this existence and disparage it's effects into a separate realm so that the attack does not reach Saiko.

It's also quite possible to turn this offensively as well. Since if there was a threat to Saiko's safety, it could transform and attempt to divide an opponent's embodiment. For example, Saiko could attempt to create a sphere around an opponent and induce a dome of confinement. If the foe manages to get caught within it, then she could ignite the attack and attempt to disconnect and disengage them from their source of energy. This can result in moderate to large loses of energy which heavy spiritual damage to the opponent and can potentially knock them out of the fight because of it.

So, in theory, she has the capacity to detach the bonds her enemies have with their powers. However, she can never permanently as it always recovers and comes back. Much like the waves of isolation and depression within herself.

Henceforth, due to how extensive this prowess is, it's obviously limited to one or two applications per turn. Additionally, an opponent has a few options to deal with this attack. They can either wait until the shield drops if Saiko applies it fully to her body and go in for the assault, or they can simply avoid it if she applies it in a free flowing energized state.

Furthermore, if it is used into a shield, they can just attempt to attack her from behind or the sides in order to evade it as well. Along with that, this ability often has a one post cooldown before it can be used again if Saiko attempts to cover her ENTIRE body. (I.E. creating a full 360 sphere)

And more importantly, when applied to anyone else but Saiko herself the effects aren't always absolute. For example, an opponent could attempt to create a barrier while they are trapped within one of Saiko's shields in order to lower or resist the effects. There would be a struggle, yes, but it isn't certain.

Lastly, this ability is only capable of being utilized once per post to avoid it being abused.


Bankai Note: As of this writing (3/19/2016), it is worthwhile to note that Saiko has never once actually transformed into her Bankai Form. However, after she reached the proper tier for it, the metaphysical protocols were put into place by Saiko's energy to allow her to ascend into that form when she wills it. And, after much meditation, she was able to divulge the mechanics of her Bankai.

So, with this knowledge in hand, she is absolutely terrified and unsure of what transforming into her Bankai will do to her. Thus, only under extreme circumstances does she intend to unveil and utilize it. This is because it is a rather unstable bankai for a number of reasons. The first reason is because it irritates and agitates Saiko's psyche. In turn, this cases her mental state to become more unstable and causes havoc on controlling her powers at times.

Secondly, because of how strong it is, it is possible for her to burn through energy reserves if she isn't resourceful or strong enough to will it from exuding through her body. It takes a strong balancing act in order to properly wield the feats and extents of Saiko's Bankai. And it's why it must be used with the utmost of caution and care.

Bankai Name: Makihige No Fuan [巻きひげ の 不安] is the name of Saiko's Bankai. It translates into "Tendrils of Anxiety". This is considered the second evolution of her depressive cycle and plays on the fact that depression often descends into anxiety and anger. Therefore, many of the constructs in her Bankai take elements from these traits and seek to bring them in devastating metaphysical effects to both herself and the world around Saiko.

Bankai Release Phrase: "Break, distort and scream in dread Makihige No Fuan"

Bankai Appearance & It's Meaning: Wash away the black and drown it in terrifying white. The primary colors of Saiko's Bankai are drenched in white, magenta and hints of red. Whatever garments she happened to wear prior to her transformation will automatically be devoured by her neon white reaitsu and turned the same color as her frantic soul's hue. This also applies to Saiko's hair and her skin also seems to turn a few shades paler.

Although, what turns brighter is the explosive shades of pink and red in her eyes. As the flame of plum energy which shun in her eyes new represents the shades of anger and anxiety which brew and loom past her melancholic exterior. While attached to her back is two wings of silver, black, pink and crimson shades. They are compromised of four smaller wings each and they appear to turn downward and symbolize an angel's halo with closer inspection.

And, lastly, she longer is able to wield her gun-blade. Instead, when she summons her Zanpakutô, it takes the form of a large curved scythe. This weapon is also dipped in hues of white, silver and pink to further represent her wild soul. As it is drenched in the endless blood of the lives and souls Saiko has claimed with her prowess. Once this final weapon is materialized, the body of Saiko will then begin to predocially flicker with static and make it seems as if she is not really tethered to this reality.

For, altogether, this symbolizes the fall of her angelic nature. Saiko's parents took on Hebrew based angel names in order to give Saiko her human name. So, now that she has fallen into the corruption of demon blood and tainted her soul, the downward wings and halo further represent the glimpses of a fallen angel. While, the scythe she wields takes ownership of the reaper side of her Shinigami powers and properly makes her grim reaper with this symbolic weapon.

It all paints the picture of Saiko's soul: a depressive, anxious girl born into a world of killers and death. While her soul has pulses of light, love and affection; it is drowned in corruption and taint from the environment she was brought into. Thus, her soul reflected those colors and even took that death for it's own to become stronger with her Death Energy. While she had the capacity to turn into an angel, it all turned into tragic dust when her own cowardice, betrayal and desperation made her align and pack with the demons. Even if it was for a cause of ensuring the souls of her friends and family were protected in hell, it came at too high of a cost and she sold her soul to the devil.

For Saiko can never forgive herself for the sins and acts she has committed and seeks to find her resolve in being a killer and an entity which does not belong in neither the realm of demons, or world of humans. A lost and distorted soul forever drowning in the blood of her own sorrows until it leads her to the final sea of death and release with the recklessness of her actions.

Full Body Appearance: Click Here

Bankai Weaknesses

OOC Note: This section is shorter because it is still playing off many of the weaknesses in her former release. So if you have not read up until this point, then I advise that you do.

Strain On The Body: Due to how extensive the augmentations are in this release, it's natural to assume that some type of strain will be felt on Saiko's body. This is another factor as to why this form is unstable because it taxes her a fair bit due to this fact. These strains can range from further destabilization of her psyche, complications wielding her powers, extreme mental pains that cease her movement and the potential to totally go berserk and lose herself in these horrifying feelings of unreal anxiety.

Fear: More than anything else, her own fear will restrain this transformation. Since it's quite easy to lose herself in this alter ego, Saiko tries to avoid releasing her bankai unless there is no other choice or if the threat is quite grave. And, more than that, Saiko is rather afraid of the weaknesses already inscribed into her shikai becoming more powerful in her final release. Therefore, many of her opponents will more than likely not see her bankai unless they present themselves as a high enough danger to warrant the awakening of this transformation.

Amplification Of Shikai Weaknesses: Many of the weaknesses the Saiko possessed in her prior form are still very much active in her bankai. In fact, more than anything, they are amplified and made more potent. The reason for this is because while her bankai is augmented to such insane levels, as to are her weaknesses and is apart of the reason why this form is so unstable to begin with. It's a double-edged sword more than anything else. This can cause her body to have random periods where her regeneration doesn't work, her physical form to distort, attacks to not properly work and things such as that.

Large Energy Consumption: It goes without saying that a release as extensive as Saiko's bankai is one that drains a lot of energy. Therefore, she often tries to control how much her transformation is augmented by. This is because if she is not careful, Saiko can last this form rather quickly depending on how many extensive abilities are used one after another. So, it is fair to say that this is a powerful ascension, but at the same time it's one that needs to be used swiftly for the best usage. As she aims for quick and rapid kills or take downs when in this release. Hence, the whole restless.

Psychological Alterations From Makihige No Fuan

Intense Anger & Irritability: There is something which is quite the staple in Saiko's bankai: anger. While in this transformation, Saiko is very prone to fits of rage that seem almost a tad bit absurd. Why is that? Well, even the slightest of things can sit her off. Talking funny? Break a bone. Missed an attack? Wish death on herself and the family of the opponent. Now, that doesn't mean she can't regulate it, but the feelings of wrath are like volts of overpowering hatred.

The reason why this trait has unlocked itself while in is because the chains of her repressed fury are unleashed and free to flow wherever they may go. Since, from the illustrations above, Saiko will scream, shout and holler all sorts of obscenities at any and everything which stands in the way of her happiness, ambitions, goals or those she truly wishes to protect. And with this sense of self no longer bond by the shackles of melancholy, it has to make the most of the time it is allowed to express her heart's pain with a damning screech to the heavens.

Racing Thoughts: The thoughts of Saiko's mind while in her bankai are ones that move like the waters of a flooding river. They never end. They never cease. And there is an unending stream of awareness which bombards every corner of her mind. Thousands upon thousands of thoughts can be processed, comprehended, ingested and contemplated at every given second. These can range from tactical plans, bouts of internal introspection, imagery of the past, visions of the future, whispers of those she loves and so many other numerous subjects.

However, this is not a good thing. While true it can help to make her accuracy absurdly precise at moments, it can form into a double-edged sound. So many horrifying thoughts can drown and submerge her mind in it's own hell. What if she dies? What if she makes the wrong move? Will she ever see Ash again? Is the path she following right? These questions and so many more can rush her and overwhelm the maiden without the assistance of Kanashimi doing his damndest to keep his master grounded in reality and mind stabilized.

Restless: Move, move, move, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! That word is the one thing that describes the body of Saiko while she is released in this state of frantic anxiety. She can't stay still, she can't stay put and she has to always move around! Otherwise, if she doesn't, the dreadful claws of terror will grasp her and break the grip she yields on reality. Therefore, Saiko is an ever moving force in this universe that will never cease movement and will always move at the fastest of thoughts and speeds. She has to stay in constant motion by making some form of physical or metaphysical movement with her body! THERE SIMPLY IS NOTHING ELSE!

Absurd Boldness: Extremely direct is one way to describe Saiko while in her state of frenzied anxiety. The reason for this is because the adrenaline within her body is like an unending eternal flame that burns and sets ablaze her entire being. With this intensive rush blinding all else, the crux of her persona shifts and she is able to become extremely straight forward with it.

In this state, she will call things as she sees them, adopt a more crude language and become extremely aggressive in reaching her goals, ambitions and dreams. While she possesses some of these traits in weakened versions in her base, they reach absurd levels in her bankai and become an exaggerated self of Saiko; forming into an alter ego almost. One that seeks to push her further and further towards breaking the bonds of her own imprisonment.

Unstoppable Ego: With everything else broken and unbound in this prime state of stellar being, it's hard for Saiko not to feel as if she is the best, the strongest and totally unbound by the consequences of the world. While she is subjugated to the horrors of her own mind, she feels so detached from it all that perhaps nothing really can harm her. Delusions of grandeur seep in and she begins to believe that she is one of the strongest forces in this existence. Therefore, her arrogance and self pride are off the charts while in her bankai. Since, as far as she is concerned, her own self-importance triumphs over everything else.

Fighting The Devil Of Decline & Distraction: This bankai is feared by Saiko because of how unstable it can be. When it comes to how her mental health goes? This is no exception. She is prone to losing her grip on reality quite the many times while in this state of absolute dismay and fear. It can feel as if the entire world around her is surreal, unreal and like it doesn't even exist. Or, at other times, it can feel as if her sense of self is hollow and that Saiko herself ceases to have a place in this world.

Pulsating and pulsating, this feeling throbs and blooms more seeds of instability. All of her senses are over pumped and everything is too bright for her. Sounds, taste, voices, touches; everything is magnified by this disruptive element seeking to break her and make her give into the insanity which lurks behind her soul. Hallucinations become stronger and form into visions which don't exist, yet seem so real. The voices of this madness whisper and call at her to give in; but she still persists and fights against these demons of her own mind.

Fighting, fighting, fighting and fighting; she will fight this decline with her alter and refuses to die. This determination is resolute and amplified just as much as these stabs of lunacy. Even if she is a disgrace, even if she is a killer, murder demon and awful person; she will deny this decline to entirely devour her. No matter if she must die, she will die as the glum of melancholy and not this contorted fraction of a self which can barely hold a grasp on reality. This fear, this overpowering fear, will not be the end she seeks. No matter if living is a nightmare, she will do her best to clash against these internal beast.

Bankai Abilities

Shikai Retention: Mending Panic And Melancholy: Many of the attributes from Saiko's previous transformation can transfer and be used at any time during her bankai. This is because it is suppose to be the evolution and merger of both her panic and melancholy nature infusing into one enraged element. So it isn't out of the question for her to call upon her former abilities while this ascended state is released. In fact, most of their attributes are undoubtedly stronger because of the dramatic augmentation boost which comes with her bankai to begin with.

Therefore, many opponents will still feel much of the glum and sorrow in her heart while in this heightened state of power. When one senses her energy, it is a cyclone of so many demented feelings and sensations that it almost feels unreal trying to read the girl. The derealization effect of her unstable form is just that potent and gripping because of these infusing elements.

Lover's Plea And Control: No matter how far gone Saiko is in this transformation, there are protocols put in place that will kneel and stop on the mercy of her lover: Ash Iramasha. Even if her internal self is nothing but static, the instinctual nature of her purely physical body will cease and turn animalistic for him and his call only. This is so that she may not hurt him and drag his beautiful soul into the distorted and broken essence that is her spirit's true face.

Therefore, like a dog following it's masters command, the chaotic energies of Saiko's essence will wait on call for his desires. If he wishes for her to attack? She will attack. If he wishes for her to defend him? She will defend him. If she wishes for her to die? She will die. He is the only one who is allowed to have that power over her as only he has the power to save or break her.

Anxiety Rush: Power, power, power, power! MORE POWER! When the energy is rushing like an electric storm within, the heart desires more power and seeks to unlock the static rush of this surging force. Therefore, to keep up with the dramatic burst of her previous release, this bankai has an overall augmentation rate which empowers the user by upwards of eighteen times their non-released form. Therefore, it's this simply translates to the fact that Saiko's bankai is two times stronger than her prior transformation.

It is expansive and covers her strength, speed, defenses, powers, abilities and techniques alongside her racial. So, she is able to take her prowess to a frightening and dramatic new level. It is one of the main factors as to why she unleashes such daunting powers in this release state to begin with. As this body is reinforced and made to deal with the worst supernatural threats known to the spiritual realm. And it is all thanks to her three origins and elements all tethering together to infuse the terror ridden Saiko with new strength to overcome.

Granted, it is also the reason why this form is so unstable as well. It's a dramatic increase in fighting power and it takes it's toll on her body. Thus, at times, she'll also lower the amount that it augments her in order to ensure that her bankai can last longer in a fight. Otherwise, she often feels all sorts of physical and mental disturbances which make it rather difficult to focus and control this prowess. These can range from blurred vision, dizziness, instabilities within her energy and eventually the ceasing of her bankai and depowering of her back into her shikai or base state depending on how much energy she exhausted.

Eluding Sense: The unstable nature of Saiko's being is one that influences every facet of her bankai prowess. So, with this being the case, the metaphysical nature of her make-up causes bizarre effects on the body she wields in this form. One of those features is that it is possible for her energy to become unreadable and foreign. The reason for this is because her essence, during periods of time, fades in and out of existence.

Therefore, the characters may perceive Saiko as nothing more than a jumble of static mess when they feel her presence nearby. Her sense of smell would be void, all sound would be white noise, the sensation of touch would become empty and her spiritual presence may give off a vacant sensation as if she has no energy what so ever. Throughout some post, these may shuffle and confuse the opponent as it isn't something that last forever. (As, the way I plan to use it is to mostly just further play up the distorted theme going on with her Bankai.)

Additionally, the opponents can still interact with the physical and supernatural constructs of Saiko. As in order to attack, she must still possess enough of an attachment to actually get hit in return. It's just, more than anything else, it will be extremely difficult for those even with skilled sensory abilities to perceive Saiko's abstract essence. As she isn't entirely unreadable, but it's quite the arduous task to hone and focus in on her presence when the random burst of destabilization occurs with her body.

Infectious Dread: It is not wise to approach Saiko's energy unprotected. The reason for this is because it is possible to drown a person within the same madness which rips apart the very fabric of Saiko's soul. Thus, with how contaminating and toxic her element is, it is possible to fall under the influence of her prowess by inhaling it, touching it and ingesting the particles of energy which exude from Saiko's body. When this occurs, immense distortions in the characters sense of reality can occur.

One of the first is that they may as if their entire essence is unreal. It is possible for them to question their very existence if they are unable to fight against this invasive thought. Or, in other cases, they fall under extreme anxiety and become entirely paralyzed and frozen in absolute dismay. Perhaps they may even begin to hallucinate, see things that aren't there and hear things which don't exist. Eventually, their whole vision may become static and their psyche can temporarily break and their ego become absolved if they let Saiko's disruptive element shatter them.

It can very much be a better of willpower, as even Saiko uses hers to try and sustain her existence, but it can also become toxic physically. This is because it takes on the aspect of anxiety and this construct seeks to clench it's screeching fangs into the inner most core of the persons body. Thus, physical symptoms of this metaphysical infection can cause fatigue, restlness, sweating, trouble breathing and immense pains all over the opponents body. It compounds, intensifies and makes it seem as if they are inhabiting a walking, living, breathing hell within themselves and it can lower their overall health and damage steadily over post.

If left unchecked, the opponent will more than likely faint based on the system below:

Time Until Unconsciousness

0 Tier: 10 post
1 Tier: 6 Post
2 Tier: 2-3 Post
3 Tier: 1-2 post
4 Tier And Below: 1 Post

With that said, it can be cleansed, opponents can form barriers against it and it isn't automatic or anything like that. However, if you go in against Saiko without any form of shielding -- you will more than likely faint for the duration of the thread. The only one who is immune to this is Ash Iramasha because of her bound to him and how there are many protocols infused into her bankai to protect and leave him unharmed. To him, it will only feel like absolute hurt for his partner, but he will remain fine.

Static World: This ability symbolizes the corrupted and broken way in which Saiko perceives reality while in her base and shikai states. When one reaches a state of pure panic and anxiety, it is easy to lose your grip on how your perception is of the world. Therefore, this power can only be used when Saiko is in states of great mental distress and risks damaging her psyche for prolonged periods of time if she does not utilize this ability with care.

When she awakens her bankai, this materializes and resonates strongly within the particles of energy associated with her spiritual and demonic energy. In turn, this produces a power which allows her to distort and alter the existence of the space her molecules of energy occupy. This then allows her to perform feats which are primarily related to how Saiko perceives reality in that given moment based on her mental state.

An illustartion of this is that if Saiko views the world too large from her point of view, this ability can activate and produce more space around her body in order to create a gap between her and her opponent on the battlefield. Or, if Saiko felt as if her body was falling into an abyss from the sheer fight or flight response anxiety brings, then gravity could potentially alter to be near zero in small defined space for a brief period of time (somewhere 1-3 posts).

The primary crutch is that in order to utilize this ability, it has to take it's strength from whatever franatic state of mind Saiko is in and how she perceives the world from that terror.

Now, having said that, due to the scope of this ability, it is often limited to one usages per turn with a one to two post cooldown. And, when intermixed with other abilities, it becomes rather difficult to wield and dangerous. As the wrong calculation can induce metaphysical damage to Saiko. Injuries which can result in her energy bleeding and pushing her back into her shikai or base states. Or, she can cause long-term injuries to the pathways of energy within her body, break them and disallow usage of her bankai for 1-5 weeks (OOC time). It can also make her ill and cause her to just plain black out.

Furthermore, the larger the area Saiko applies this ability to, the more complex, intricate and overall tiring it becomes to manage. Even if her bankai is capable of mass range assaults, it doesn't mean it is beneficial or efficient to use. This is because there are a constant variety of factors that need to be calculated in combat. And since a battle with her bankai is one that is moving at absurd speeds, it isn't wise to perform such a feat unless she KNOWS it is going to work. Therefore, Saiko prefers to keep this ability restricted to smaller ranges to not tire herself out and allow the bankai more time to stay functional.

Other noticeable things to document about this ability is that it is constantly causing non-reactive shifts around Saiko. By that, this refers to distortions which do not effect the opponent. For example, an aurora borealis can appear in the sky, rainbows mist can overflow the field, TV like static may overfill the battlefield (Which may potentially cause issues with perhaps seeing things; but not necessarily hurt them) and just general sensations of emptiness can be felt in the atmosphere. This is because it is the inner most essence of Saiko's soul bleeding out and baring it's deformed self for all to view in it's pinnacle state.

Derealized Form: A hollow, hollow, hollow being. That is what Saiko is when her final transformation is released. Due to her lack of attachment with the world around her, the reflection of Saiko's soul finds power in that distortion and brings it fully to life across every orifice of The Frantic Mistress's embodiment. For, when she is able to ascend to this form, the internals of Saiko's body will be broken down and turned into purely energized material. When that occurs, this allows her to become insanely durable as she is no longer an organic being and is a creature which can phase in and out of reality.

If one were to stab her straight in the skull? All they would find is an empty cluster of raw energy. Pierce her in the heart? Nothing is there but light and overwhelming anxiety. Now, this all isn't to say that she won't feel pain, will not take damage and have her health brought down. Quite the opposite: her perception of pain is horrifyingly heightened and enhanced while in this immaterial state of being. While she will reform, regenerate and patch up the holes; it is still akin to having your brains blown out. So, imagining that, it's still an awful experience which can leave her open to attacks and force her back into her shikai or base form.

Thus, it all simply means that conventionally killing her in this form is absurdly difficult. This is because she is at the pinnacle of her power and it's designed to make her as durable as possible. But, more importantly, the symbolism infused into this ability further allows her derealized self a chance to spread it's wing and release the instabilities within. It is why there appears to be TV static that flickers and distorts Saiko's being while she is in her bankai. This is that element coming into play.

It should also be noted Saiko will still need to keep track of how long she is in this state. This is because her energy is not infinite and she runs the risk of committing suicide if she runs out of enough energy to sustain this feat. Therefore, it is unwise for her to stay in this state of being for too long. If her concious mind isn't concerned with it, then the fear from her subconcious mind will most likely yank her out of this state when she is unable to sustain it.

  • Detachment Of Her Body: As a sub-ability, Saiko is also capable of immaterial shapeshifting. Since her consciousness is tethered more so to her energy in this state, it's possible for Saiko to mend the shell of her former flesh and bone body to whatever shape suits her fancy. For example, it would possible for Saiko to split herself in two if an opponent were attempting to slash through her body coming from a downward, vertical angle.

    The primary limitation that it has, however, is that these shifts are absurdly short. Within the same post, Saiko will usually mend back to her shell and be put back to normal. So, it would be possible to swing around and attempt to slash her again from behind, following the previous illustration, if the opponent was quick enough. (OOC Note: As that's how I mostly intend to play it to keep things fair and interesting.)

    Having said that, though, it still has a wide range of possibilities. It can produce great evasion tactics, induce surprise attacks and she can even apply the same to her attacks if push comes to shove. She can break herself down into thousands of microscopic pieces, or reform her being to be nothing but a wave of decimating energy ready to act as a tidal wave and drown the opponent in her horrors.

    So, with that knowledge on the table, it is also limited to 1-2 usages per post before this ability reaches it's maximum shifting usage per turn. The comfortable range for Saiko is one, while 2-3 is pushing it and leaves her feeling winded and tired. Additionally, it is worth noting that during these shifts Saiko can attempt to phase through damage and evade attacks until she reascends back to her humanoid shape. Which is the best time for the opponent to attack more often than not.

Shredding Distortion: One of the primary things to avoid in her Saiko is the touch of her scythe and wings. The reason for this is because they are capable of breaking apart and distorting the material they touch. These two extensions of Saiko's spirit possess within them highly potent clusters of Saiko's soul and embody some of her strongest traits from the symbolism of her release because of how distorted how psyche can become in this state of being.

Therefore, a proper illustartion of how this ability is utilized is if someone were to fire a burst of energy at one of the wings. It is possible for her to distort the particles of energy assoicated with the attack to twist it out of shape and have it break in two to avoid it hitting her. Or, in another example, she could utilize her scythe to try and distort the nature of an object. This could potentially lead to something like a blade being twisted into two, projectiles being deformed into melted piles of liquid or even distorting the solid earth below her feet into mush.

The primary thing to remember is that it must otherwise distort, twist or contort the nature of what it touchese and nothing more or less. Therefore, it is a power with many applications, but not without it's limitations as well. One of the first is that in order to produce the effects -- the ability needs to be traveled through a medium that can support it. Therefore, with the strength of her Zanpakutô, both her wings and scythe are the primary vessels of contact that can support it. Saiko can attempt to channel this into her arms as well, but this is more tiring on her body and leaves her more at risk for taking serious side effects. Hence, it can be inferred that this power needs some form of direct contact.

Additionally, while these abilities can be passively activated and maintained, it doesn't mean they do NOT drain her of energy. This ability generates quite the intensive effect, so it would make sense that each alteration that is made steadily takes away her energy. Therefore, Saiko needs to make a choice of when to keep this in it's passive state, and when to deactivate it. Otherwise, she runs the risk of her own instabilities furthering, power draining and her bankai dispelling.

Furthermore, this ability will weaken somewhat as her health is broken down more. So, there is a chance to wear her down if an opponent is able to last a reasonable duration of time against Saiko. For instance, if she were in one of her periods of mental distress, this ability would cease functioning and they could have an opening to stab and induce further decline of her health. Which, in turn, would force her closer and closer to breaking her bankai and descending back into her shikai or base form. (As, more than anything else, I plan to play this bankai fairly for story sake and not abuse it's power as it's quite extensive.)

Lastly, the bigger the object -- the harder it is to distort. The reason for this is because it takes increased conscious focus from Saiko to influence. This then takes away mental resources and drains her mentally. And, because of the mass of the object, Saiko will undoubtedly have to use more energy in order to cause an effect on it. Therefore, like many of the abilities in this bankai, she prefers to use it on smaller objects and within confined spaces as opposed to abusing it for large scale usage.

Therefore, while this ability is grand and great, it isn't without it's checks and balances. Saiko needs to ensure it is utilized properly, or it will devour her as well. One wrong move and it is all over.

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ENTER Saiko Mori

Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


Symbolism Of Death: This is more of a personal view of how Saiko sees her Death Energy. Since she was born in a world of death and decay, it only makes sense that the prowess of rot and causality would become one with her. Seeking great empowerment from her last name's sake, the title of "Azrael" beats strongly within this powerset. For death is as much of apart of Saiko's life as is sorrow, heartache, dread, anxiety and all things glum. Furthermore, with the blood of a reaping shinigami within her, it further pushes the agenda with her being a grim reaper and a god of death.

» Memento Mori: This is another ability that is allotted to Saiko from her DE Force. She is capable of sensing when a creature is on the verge of death if they are within a one thousand meter radius of her. The DE Field which radiates around her body is capable of picking up on the lingering sensation of physical and metaphysical decay on person. From this, Saiko can feel a chill of sorts and have a sixth sense of sorts which alerts her to the probability of death coming.

This can also be applied internally to herself. As the same feeling will wash over her body if Saiko's life is in danger. It is often at those times that she knows when to retreat and pull back if she isn't in one of her reckless and suicidal moods. If she feels it when she is ready to die, then Saiko will simply prepare herself for the inevitable end and march to her demise.

Additionally, it's worth noting that those close to her heart can be sensed even between dimensions. For instance, if Ash was on the verge of death, Saiko could detect it even if she was in Hueco Mundo and he in Demon World. This is because there is a strong bond between them and they've spent a high amount of intimate time with one another for her energy to band and connect with his own. So there are trace amounts of her energy which live on within him and alert her to danger for him. This also applies in reverse as Ash's own DE could undoubtedly sense if Saiko was in peril as well.

» Empowerment By Death: Sentimentally? Saiko finds this ability befitting. She was born into a world of death, so it makes sense she'd find power from the decay around her. Hence, this is more of an environmental advantage than anything else.

The DE Field which resonates with her body is capable of feasting on the evaporating energies of those whom who are recently deceased. It's reach expands upwards of one thousand to two thousand meters and is best used in war time events, scenes of mass devastation or other types of occasions where death is all around her. This is because she is capable of increasing most of her attributes, regardless of form, upwards of 1.5 to two times normal.

Her body is capable of breaking down this decaying energy, cleansing it and then using it as excess fuel to burn to help her last even longer in combat. It helps to increase her stamina, improve her speed, harden her defenses, produce higher volumes of energy and regain upwards of 1/4 of her health in best case scenarios. Now, having said that, it can only be used one, two and perhaps three times per thread. But, no further than that. And, each time it is repeated, the effects are reduced by ten to twenty percent depending on the circumstances of the battle.

The reason for this is because there is only so much energy that her body can siphon and feast off of before she drains the environment dry. Along with that, it would overstimulate the circuits of energy that already flow within her and cause an imbalance. If not kept under control, this imbalance would simply cause her harm in the form of vomiting blood, losing energy or damage to her organs and regenerative factors during combat. So it's not an infinite get out of jail free card, as opposed to something that should be activated when circumstances call for it.

» Death's Cleansing: Due to the nature of DE, the particles associated with this force are constantly being generated within the core of Saiko's being and spread throughout every inch of her internal body. With their corrosive and rotting elements being put to work, many of these molecules are frequently checking to see if there are any foreign objects which will harm Saiko. They can detect disturbances ranging from foreign energies seeping into her body, external substances, toxins, poisons and other alien elements which seep or come into contact with her body. (So, that's also to say it isn't limited to those material either.)

Then, once they've accessed Saiko's knowledge base from the memories and thoughts in her brain, or Saiko herself wills it, these particles can cleanse and purge a wide array of foreign substances from her body. (So that means this can be performed automatically or consciously) This is done in order to reduce the chance of her being greatly harmed by many sorts of bodily assaults, viruses and other elements which plague and seek to break her body from the inside.

Thus, it isn't possible for her to fall to these methods, but it's quite difficult because of the high volume of death energy which pumps and courses through the veins of Saiko. Granted, it lessens and eases as she burns through more of the energy. During those weakened moments is when she is more susceptible to these agents. Though, as soon as enough Death Energy is regenerated and produced within, it will go back to work trying to expunge the toxins and serve to try and accelerate the rate in which Saiko can recover from battle, sickness and poison.

» Preserved Youth & Prime Body: Around the time she was marked by Mana Asthavon, the Death Energy that she received had metaphysical attributes to it which caused adverse effects to Saiko's body. These particles associated with this supernatural element killed the rate of progression in which her body grew and halted her to forever be in the prime of her youth. It is why she looks as if she is closer to her late teens to early twenties based on pure physical appearances alone.

Additionally, this is apart of the factor as to why she can accelerate and grasp many sorts of physical and intellectually aspects rather quickly. Everything from her brain, muscles, organs, heart and everything else which makes up her energy and essence are attuned and tweaked to be at peak performance. So it's only natural that she'd have a form of increased development depending on the amount of effort she places into her desires.

For instance, she found herself naturally being able to train and improve her general speed to be on par with a Shinigami's shunpo after she trained her body within a month following the aftermath of the War for London back in 2411. Or, in terms of intellectual pursuits, it can take her anywhere from a few minutes to hours to grasp complex subjects because her mind is constantly in a sped up and prime version of understanding and comprehension.

Although she isn't quite sure if she is semi-immortal, Mana did comment and say she had long, lengthy and cursed life ahead of her for hundreds of thousands of years to come. So, assuming she isn't killed in combat, it can be inferred that Saiko received a massively prolonged life from this aspect of her DE Force.

The Deconstruction of Death: This ability is rather straight forward, but still quite potent and dangerous to wield. What this attribute of Saiko's DE Force allows her to do is disturb and induce the lose of cohesion between organic and non-organic material. The particles of her death energy act as a medium in order to launch these effects once Saiko has imprinted the needed mental calculations and sought out the target she wishes to unleash these assaults upon. As, in other words, she can cause molecules to disband and collapse upon each other.

Death is always thought of to break and tear the essence of all things in life, so this aspect of her DE Force seeks to bring out this element wholly. Although it isn't not automatic or instantly makes people implode, it is still quite dangerous in the way that she utilizes it. An instance of how this ability is utilized in practical combat is that Saiko can gather a cluster of DE Force to infuse into an energy attack. While the opponent may think they are getting hit with a simple energy blast, The Deconstruction of Death can attempt to rip apart and break the attachments a foe may have with their body.

This can then lead to a varying of physical and metaphysical results. For example, she can collapse and cause the flesh, bone and skin to break down on an opponents arm in other to rip apart limbs with this energrized blast. Or, if she focused and attunes her to the field of metaphysical, she can attempt to disintegrate the volumes of energy within an opponent. In turn, this would cause energy to leave their body and bring them closer to being left powerless for the thread because they would have no ammo to fight. (I.E. no energy means the fight is over more than likely)

So, it isn't an instant death or anything like that. Opponents can defend against it with a wide variety of shields, seals, abilities and things such as that. Additionally, since this is a rather powerful ability, Saiko often tries to only use one or two applications of it per turn in order to avoid over shocking her nerves. As, if she abuses the ability too much, it tends to cause backlash and injure her in return. For instance, if she attempted to use it while she wasn't in complete control, it would backfire and begin to injure her body by ripping apart her regeneration, causing psychological stress upon her mind and possibly even making Saiko knock out from the strain.

Ergo, it's rather important for her mind and body to be in sync with this prowess. As it's also worth noting that full deconstruction of material is usually impractical given the fact it's not necessarily probable to destroy energy. Furthermore, the range that his prowess has is around one thousand meters and often becomes increasingly difficult to manage when applied to large-scale areas. Hence, she prefers precision and pin-point applications to it as opposed to mass destruction. Hence, this ability isn't without it's checks and balances.


Shadow Fall Armory: Saiko is an Archduchess of Shadow Fall. Therefore, she has access to many of their resources associated with that organization. Below are some of the tools that Saiko has in her arsenal in order to help her have the further edge in combat and become a dangerous foe. [Most equipment there]

Mass Soldiers: Saiko is the Archduchess of the Sixth Circle of Shadow Fall. So, having said that, she commands a vast and large squadron of demons, hollows, monsters and killers. Ergo, she is capable of summoning mass hordes of Shadow Fall soldiers at her side when the situation calls for it. These all can range anywhere from 4-5 all the way upwards of 2-1. And, in a thread, she'll often limit herself to around one thousand or two soldiers as to not waste needless men and women alike. She'll only resort to more if the army she is facing out numbers her own or if her plans fall a bit short.

» Lovers Locket: It's as the title says: a lovers locket. Shaped in the form of a heart, this piece of energized accessory was forged between the energies of Saiko and Ash Iramasha. Thus, it has hues of plum, shade and hot pink flowing across it's wispy ends. Because of this, it is considered to Saiko to be an extension of their affection and helps to keep her balanced and calm when she is not near the wavelength of Ash's spiritual energy. It keeps all of the negativity and instabilities from entirely consuming and devouring her like it would have on that glum day in Iceland.

Hence, it has heavy sentimental value to her heart and soul based upon this strong cluster of tenderness infused into the locket. As, even if she is far away and in the midst of internal and external hell, she can always take a glance or a touch of this gem and be reminded of the happiness she feels with him. Therefore, it serves as a medium to soften the tension in her mind and spirit just as the real Ash would.

And, because of this, it can even be considered as a tool which acts to improve and bolster her fragile will and sense of self. Since, with it, Saiko has psychological effects that make her feel stronger, pleasant and ready to fight for the man she serves to make happy. As with his love, she believes she can find a better tomorrow and, perhaps, the decayed and rotted love which sinks deep within her heart.

Limbs Of The Devil: The Limbs of The Devil are pieces of black colored armor which is attached to Saiko's arms and legs. Although, due to it's demonic roots, it can extent and cover her entire chest as well if need be. Since, more than anything else, they are constructs from Saiko's demonic energy that were formed following Iceland. Once she was able to get far enough away from Dr.Hebi following her escape from his lab, she constructed these pieces of armory in order to better deal with brute force opponents and the stresses of combat.

Thus, one of the first features that it has is particles of Ash's energy within it that she was able to retain from their run-ins with one another. There are clusters of Ash's energy which flow through the veins of this armor. During times of extensive mental distress, these chunks of his essence are capable of being injected into her body and calming her down enough to think straight and use her powers. It may not always totally take the strain away, but it can make it manageable and puts less strain on her mind. So, having said that, there are a limited supply of these doses. Usually, Saiko can use three to four per thread and they'll often last anywhere from three to six post with a three post cool down in between.

And, on the subject of energy, the second feature this equipment provides is emergency reserves of Saiko's energy. Within all four limbs is 1/4 of Saiko's overall base energy and she is capable of summoning upwards of 2/4 to 3/4 of that. Much like Ash's energy, these reserves will inject their fuel into her body in order to restore and boost energy lost by Saiko during the clash of a fight. However, it will often take anywhere from one to four post in order for it to kick in. Additionally, she is only able to restore 1/4 at a time and she cannot automatically apply all quarters of this energy at once. This is to keep things fair and balanced.

Next, with all this demonic essence brewing in it, the strength and speed of these limbs are meant to augment Saiko's natural durability, striking power and speed by two times it's natural limits when activated. In turn, this allows her to have more of an edge when her powers begin to lower and taper off. As each of these limbs are capable of producing damage strong enough to equal an advanced's Hakuda user strength on average, and a masters whenever Saiko is in prime health. Granted, as the demonic energy within this armor wears off, so does these effects. Additionally, Saiko can face strain from producing and moving around at these absurd forces. (I.E. breaking bones, cramping, muscle tearing and things of that nature)

Alongside that, it is also possible to wear and dull the armor over the duration of the fight. This is because it will naturally wear down like anything else. So, if it is targeted over and over, it will eventually crack and dissolve back into Saiko. As, after every thread, it will eventually mend itself and repair since it was made from the constructs of Saiko's demonic energy to begin with. However, she won't be able to use it for the duration of the thread to keep things balanced.


Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Advance
  • General Speed: Advance
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Adept
  • Breakdown Skill: Advanced
  • Necromancy Strength: Adept
  • DE Barrier: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Notes: I am placing some of her old skill sheets from her former application into this update/revamp. The only ones that she wasn't given was her demon and will skills. If given 0-5 or higher, I intend to update some of her current ones.

Additionally, it's worth noting that she is a half-breed if you didn't gather that much after reading this far.


» Ash Iramasha: His happiness matters above all else. With that simple line spoken, one can begin to understand the sort of relationship that Saiko has for her partner. He was the one who gave her new life and his innocent warmth is one that she seeks to claim for his own. As through the fields of war, these enemies of opposites sides found love at first sight and seeked each other out above all the treason and strife which were linked between their two factions.

With his light at her side, maybe there could be a way from her glum and barren world. As with him? She can smile, she can laugh and feel the tensions of her minds jarring grip ease and lessen. And to feel that sensation -- is incredible. To feel her shattered and crumbled heart beat with anticipation, life and joy is something she had long since forsaken and suppressed within herself. But with Ash? He broke all that and unlocked her heart with his altruistic, caring and loving nature.

But, even with all that affectionate though, Saiko understands the greed of her love for him. As it was his misfortune for having loved a monster such as herself. Yet, even knowing that, she still doesn't want to see her blood on his hands. He doesn't deserve to share the burden of the murderer she grew to be. No. Since her life is of little consequence, she will do whatever it takes to be his knight and warrior and fight to the death to keep his happiness. That is all she cares about at this point.

For while the warmth of passion is strong now, the inevitable end looms at her shoulder and she is ready to ride this out until the very, bitter bloody end.

App Links:

» Hayden Desmond: A brute straight to the core. That is all Saiko could feel from Hayden during her encounter with him on the field of battle. This looming sensation of a vengeance and wrath washed over the man like a monstrous plague and infected him to the point of nearly breaking. It seemed he was ready to do whatever it took to slay the evil he perceived. To which -- Saiko could not agrue that much against him.

In fact, she was more than willing to die against him, Ash, Tsubaki and Tetsuya in the hellish war for Iceland. With all the blood on her hands drawn from the thousands of Vanguardian soldiers she slayed, the urge to die and the impulse of suicidal intentions was just that strong on that day as she engaged in that battle against this tribe of heroes. It would have been a befitting end for a executioner such as herself, but that -- it would not be, would it? That bastard Doctor saw to that.

So now, thanks to her prolonged life, she has not a clue of where the relationship between her and Hayden stood. However, she certainly sensed a hint of remorse that things ended the way they did. As, if nothing else, her observation of the male indicated one thing: he did want to save her. And for that, she pities that wasted concern on a killer like herself.

App Links:

» Carter: One hopeless angel. That is all that Saiko recalls from their encounter during the destruction of the Soul Society. Back in the hell's of Demonic Incursion, Saiko clashed against many of her old comrades from the first division. During which, she ran into the Angel Shinigami known as Carter after her slaughter. Despite the blood and lives she threw into disarray achieving Shadow Fall's goals, this boy still tried to plead and speak words of kindness to her.

He believed that his angelic prowess could overcome, purify and convert such foul blood as her owns into something pure. It was a tragic joke to her as there was no coming back from what she has done and the path she choose for herself. Apart of herself wanted to take his hand and leave this darkness -- but that was a joke. One he himself, ironically, would find later at the same person who tainted her: Mana Asthavon.

Following the Reformed Arc, Saiko did indeed receive the updated reports from Shadow Fall's intel and read over the summary of The Angel's encounter with that devil. From the documents she read over, apparently he to fell prey to her corrupting ways and she could only wish him the best for the glum road he to would soon follow. For, upon reading that, she acknowledged that another soul lost became lost to the abyss and melancholy of this life.

App Links:

» Dr.Hebi: B-a-s-t-a-r-d. Those letters help to spell out how she feels about this scum. There is a special place in hell for him because of the fact he tried to play savior to someone whom desired not to be saved. During the clash for Iceland, Saiko was more than prepared to have a proper end for someone as vile as herself. Yet, this slithery-snake saw against that and preserved her life when it was edges away from fading into the comforting end of death. And for that -- she hates him.

She hates him because she does not see herself as being worth saving. Instead, internally, she felt as if there was no real reason for him to even bother with such a ludicrous and insane act. Add to the fact there was no telling what this perverted dreg did to her unconsciousness body and she certainly felt violated to say the least. Saiko felt that she was not anyone's pet-project and she certainly wouldn't be his. So only contempt and hatred could be had because she battled against compassion and kindness every day she wielded her blade for the legion of Shadow Fall.

For him to believe he could decades of blood, sorrow and corruption is laughable at the very best. Yet, even if she won't admit it, she will at least think rationally from time to time on how nice it is to have been spared on that day. As, if she wasn't, perhaps this quest to find Ash might not have happened and she would not have known his sweet love. And for that, she can at least give him proper thanks; even if she hates his guts for doing so.

App Links:

» Tessa Marrowmind & Cogimo Shigoru: Pity. That's the first thing that comes to mind when Saiko thinks of these individuals. These two encountered one another during the hellish conflict of the Black World Arc. While Saiko sought to complete a classified mission for Shadow Fall, she had came across both her and then Captain Cogimo Shigoru. She had no desire to fight either of them, and tried pleading with them to cease in their efforts, but it seemed the two had a bone to pick with her.

Thus, they engaged in combat -- and promptly lost. Yet, even though she had the chance to end both of their lives -- she let them go and gave them the chance to recover. That is because Saiko could see the pain in their eyes after the hardship their realm suffered following demonic incursion. So, she held no contempt or hatred in her heart for either of them. As both sides were merely doing their job. Hence, there were not personal feelings involved and she wrote them off as being worthy of dispensing mercy.

App Links:

» Kyouhai Suzumori: Pure hatred. That is all this shinigami had for her. And -- rightfully so. The reason for this is because the male was apart of the first division during the raid of the Soul Society following Demonic Incursion. There were intense feelings of fear and anxiety over such malice held for her soul, but she did not fight against. He had every right to hate her for the betrayal she placed against her former comrades. Relishing in the blood of the demons, leaving her allies to die and becoming the enemy they trained to fight against were all valid reasons for him to loathe her very essence.

Hence, if he were stronger on that day, she most certainly would have allowed him to kill her if the tides of fate had changed from their clash. But, yet again, her polished and refined skills as one of Shadow Fall's finest shined and prevailed. He was promptly defeated alongside his allies of the first division, Carter and Hiroshi Saito. After that clash, nothing but remorse and sorrow was felt for what befell her former ally. Even if she won, it wasn't something that satisfied her heart at all.

App Links:

»Tsubasa Unabara: She'd rather not recall the feelings for this individual. That's the first thing that comes to mind when Saiko reflects on her ties to Tsubasa. The reason for this is because she'd rather seek to move past him due to the fact of her own shortcomings through the choices of her actions. This person was the one who allowed her to originally find a home in the Gotei, but she burned that to the ground and drowned herself in the blood of demons for her own desires.

So, because of her betrayal and despair, she seeks to evade him because what was once full of hope and potential was now depraved and bloodied when it comes to the aspects of Saiko's sullen soul. Thus, Saiko would rather him not see her like this as she feels, in a way, that she let him down. And that is a feeling which hurts as a former comrade. However, it is one she intends to bare as she understood quite clear what the road she traveled was going to be filled with.

App Link:

» Mana Asthavon: The Devil. That's what Mana Asthavon is. Although she was the one who gave her new found power, it came at the terrible price of being absorbed and engrossed into their sick and twisted game. The humanity she once had was bled, drained and taken away from her by this demon. And, in it's place, only a monstrous killer was born.

However -- Saiko holds not much malice for her. The only reason for this is because she made the conscious choice to accept her offer and deal. By making that decision, she made a pact in blood and soul to wish those she cared for be taken care in the darkest pits of hell. In exchange? She would serve them with her loyalty until her last breath. That was the deal forged and imprinted into her soul by this creature. And one she is obligated to keep.

As, after all, the bond between maker and those turned into demons is one that most other creatures cannot understand. If she were to tether and kill this bond, it would be akin to ripping out her own heart and killing apart of herself. That is how intense the connection between both herself and Mana is. Ergo, she is enslaved to this accursed link because of that horrifying binding of the soul and mind.

App Links:

» Khala Asthavon & Deveta: Distant, but fearful. Unlike Mana, Saiko has a far bit of fear for Khala. The reason being is because she seems rather unpredictable and more sinister in intention from the blood that she shares with her. Of course Mana is no saint, but she seems more humane than this entity. Given all the unreal bloodshed and strife Khala caused during Demonic Incursion, it was surreal to witness that horror. So, all Saiko really knows about Khala is that she is someone to be feared and kept away from. If there is one person to never cross, this is going to be that person.

While, just like Khala, Deveta is another enigma that should be avoided at all cost. She knows even less about him other than the looming dread that flows through her heart by beating his essence. This demonic blood which courses through her veins warns that he is a foul being and it fills her with absolute terror when thinking about him or whatever this beast is. For now, however, it seems he has no interest in her and that is just the way that Saiko wants to keep things between the two of them if at all possible.

App Links:

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Artist: Vetrom - Song: Heartache - Word Count: n/a

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

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Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


Artist: Vetrom - Song: Heartache - Word Count: n/a

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

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Saiko Mori [APPROVED, 0-3; Hybrid] JCRrxmK


Artist: Vetrom - Song: Heartache - Word Count: n/a

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. esting the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

Testing the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo. the system to the application in order to get a dope flow on this track. Come at me bro I'm going to show you the pathway. This is just an experiment to see how this flows, yo.

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