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Request a Name

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Request a Name - Page 5 Empty Re: Request a Name

Thu May 25, 2023 8:39 pm

  • Character Name: Kaminari Hatakeyama
  • Language: Japanese

  • Character Description:
    > Personality: Friendly, welcoming, protective, energetic, and a tad bit eccentric

  • Ability Description: I'm asking for multiple kido names and one fighting style name.


    1. Personal Instant Shield:
    It's an instant shield that can protect her and two others.

    2. Large Prepared Shield:
    Its a shield that can protect a large area and must be set up ahead of time.

    3. Tracker:
    Its a small mark that allows her to trace whoever she puts it on.

    4. Tether:
    Its a spell that connects her to another person so she can use her kido on them from a distance.

    Fighting Style:
    A personally created martial arts technique designed for agility and speed. Inspired by a mixture of capoeira and taekwondo. So, it's fluid, dance, graceful movements, focusing on kicks and heavy strikes to disable the opponent.

  • Application Link:
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Request a Name - Page 5 Empty Re: Request a Name

Sat May 27, 2023 3:02 pm
Request a Name - Page 5 Banner-ichibe
The Monk's Chosen Name

For Serenity:

» Kanji: 片急扇
» Pronunciation: Henkyousen
» Meaning: "Instant Emergency Fan"

» Kanji: 閉閣門
» Pronunciation: Heikakumon
» Meaning: "Sealed Tower Gate"

» Kanji: 盲響蛍
» Pronunciation: Moukyoukei
» Meaning: "Blind Echo Firefly"

» Kanji: 天縄
» Pronunciation: Tenjou
» Meaning: "Sky Rope"

» Kanji: 風強花輪流
» Pronunciation: Fugou Karin-ryu
» Meaning: "Windswept Flower Wheel Style"

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