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Safira | Bewitching Gold Serpent

» Name: Safira Aldrovandi.
» Alias': Serpent of the Sands.
» Age: Chronologically: Four-Thousand (Approx.).
» Gender: Female.
» Race: Arrancar.
» Sexuality: Heterosexual.

» Aspect of Death: Pride.
» Estigma: A mark underneath her right eye and finger nails.
» Former Hollow-Type: Menos Class (Vasto Lorde).
» Hollow Hole: It's somewhere.
» Reiatsu Colour: Green.

» Affiliation: Formerly a Privaron Espada under Sosuke Aizen four-hundred years ago even though she never encountered any actual combat under his service and after Aizen's defeat Safira abandoned her race to instead direct her attention towards her own desires while ripping the three-digit tattoo off her body and burning it.


» Contradictory: Safira is a very contradictory person, naturally she behaves like one expects a typical hollow who has a vain and arrogant attitude, while seemingly an antagonist although despite her cruel ways there are times when she seems both kind and considerate to others. Because of this she can be very hard to predict since she seemingly does things on a whim in an effort to make it harder to read her as she so puts it if anyone were to try and point out her hypocrisy.

As a result there will tend to be mixed opinions, with some people having met her and coming to view her as a kind of benevolent ruler while others might see a more tyrannical side to her where she is both selfish and exceptionally cruel towards people. Despite this neither of these visages are wrong, she is a very difficult person to predict and follow but one thing can be put down to a static trait in the ever-shifting attitude she puts is her goal and ambition to see that goal will never change. Everything will always lead back to her own desire.

» Determined: Tying to her ambitious nature Safira's willingness to achieve her own authority and power is unmatched, she is will not stop and will go to extreme lengths as she did in the past by massacring all her subjects unlike in the past she understands that power is only great if you have people to witness it hence why she came to this conclusion that there must be limits but to obtain that authority, power and recognition that comes with it but she knows very few bounds and will overcome obstacles as she has all this time to get there. No matter how long it takes she has all the time she needs.

» Intellect: Like the creature she took as a hollow the nature is very much there which gives her a cunning and manipulative nature that is often attributed to the serpent. She is skilled at diplomacy and leading, having been in such a position of power many a time only to lose it from an individual with more raw power than her. Safira boasts an impressive level of empathy, being able to understand people's situations by putting herself in their situation in a thought but even though she is good with emotions she is quite apathetic herself and most of what she does show to people is because she wants them to fill in the gaps and perceive her as something she's not.

Safira shines through with her strategy however prefers not to engage in combat immediately and instead observe before she does and make preparations before engaging so that she can have the most advantage that will all but assure her victory. In essence if she doesn't feel mostly confident in her certain victory then she is more likely to prematurely leave rather than bother seeing the end through. Her wisdom extends to areas of science and philosophy which can be surprising but primarily is due to her spending time as a hollow to observe and learn what scholars would teach before attacking them.

» Possessive: A greedy individual, once she gets her claws into something she'll pursue it and desire it constantly. It is a sense of entitlement that makes her be under the impression that something she has had, will always be her's and that whoever takes it from her is just borrowing it or keeping it warm for her. This is primarily material objects that she will seek to reclaim into her possession and even things like authority which she has had before in the past before she lost it, she has not forgotten what she believes to be her's and so she will seek recognition as a leader on top of her immense greed and envy.

» Predatory: Coming from her hollow tendencies Safira is a predatory character, she doesn't enjoy fighting more so in that she loves the thrill of having control over a pack, she enjoys hunting and making people squirm under her presence like they are her prey. This gives her a warped idea of a relationship, making her prefer people that appear stronger and more dominant than her and to subdue them under her influence and force them to submit to her because inevitably using them up and exhausting their worth before finishing her toying with them and discard them like a corpse.

With her opponents she likes to behave like a cat with a mouse, toying with them for her own amusement before she inevitably kills them or gets bored and lets them live depending on how she feels. She will play mind games and show a great deal of sadism and arrogance to her targets which only gets worse if her opponents visibly cannot handle her. If she were to actually face someone she deemed a threat then her games would be much shorter if not completely ignored and she'd jump straight into being serious about a fight since she'd prefer to be the winner for certain rather than risk it for some fun.

» Vain: For Safira few things matter as much as she does, there is a level of arrogance and vanity that few could hope to match with her. She somewhat cares how she is viewed even though she won't admit it but ultimately if she feels her own approval and sense of it's okay then she will disregard any other criticisms as blasphemy. Any mark on her appearance is an irritation to her which is why having to tear off layers of her hierro due to damage irritates her quite a fair bit but won't shut her down due to this, instead her entire frustration will translate into anger and hatred towards the ones that caused the issue.

While inherently selfish Safira knows when to check herself, as a monarch she can put aside her own vanity to give some attention to it and make everything work smoothly. As to her something she controls or has is a reflection of the person in charge, therefore for her to control something and it to be in shambles would look bad on her part. Therefore she will make efforts and have a great deal of responsibility over things that she does.


Safira is an ancient hollow that has existed for a good deal of time, enough to predate the Gotei by a good while. Despite her lengthy life all hollows have to begin somewhere and she is no different, albeit not in the typical sense of a human becoming a hollow after death Safira is a hollow born of a child whose name is lost to the sands of time around four-thousand years ago, around the time of the first civilisation. From this poor child's death a hollow would be born that carried with it the grudges of those affected. A dispute amongst families and the murder of her large and decently noble family within Sumer made her the catalyst for these grudges, all tearing at her and turning this mass of collective hate and negativity into her creating a monster.

She terrorised the city, spurring on stories and myths about demons that lingered in the night as she chased them and made them suffer. Taking children in the night like what had become of the little girl who's life was taken by her family's enemies. Despite this though there was very few to opposed her, civilisations had yet to develop enough for something such as the Gotei and so the world became her playground, wandering and exploring more of what it had to offer while inspiring many stories of monsters and how to ward them off, sometimes in her sadistic ways she would lull people into a false sense of security such as leading people to believe that certain practices would ward off these "monsters" before she struck and feasted on them for her amusement at seeing their horror from their wards failing them.

It gave her pleasure, it gave her satisfaction but more importantly it gave her understanding. She never always struck immediately, sometimes she would look and learn from scholars and philosophers of the place she was lurking and gain their insights, even trying to devour these great minds and trying to have their own understanding that she lacked. Because of this Safira became more learned than just a normal hollow, an instinctual creature that tried to humanise itself.

After travelling most of the world freely and causing terror she stumbled upon other hollows within the world, it was to be expected that she would eventually run into something similar but it was still fascinating. In her first true fight where she felt her life at risk Safira's hold over her victim's life and slow killing of them before devouring them brought a great deal of pleasure, a satisfaction that she had never felt before. Power and competition. When her opponent realised it wasn't going to win it had tried to flee through a thing she had never seen before, a black void. This too would be something she tried to understand and the next few years were dedicated solely to hunting more of these other hollows to get that same satisfaction that humans just weren't providing her anymore.

Over time she culled hollows, becoming stronger until she was able to figure out the ability to make these "Garganta" that her brethren were using and with it she was able to enter into Hueco Mundo where she found a great deal of joy, it was a hunting grounds where there was nothing but a dog-eat-dog situation and so she went on hunts, living for the thrill of sensing another hollow and then setting traps or chasing them down. Over time this translated into a disappointment though, the thrill was getting less and less. There wasn't the same buzz she got and even some of the human world was more fun because she actually learnt things from them. With hollows it was just a challenge which was slowly dying.

It prompted her to seek out more power, but not in the typical sense. She started subduing hollows, creating her own little pack and group. Having control over people proved to be more enjoyable than chasing down by herself and they provided both company and allowed for her to work her brain in how to use her group effectively. There was the odd power dispute but by this period in time she had more than enough power to deal with the lesser hollows she had as company.

With time this became more organised and larger, it was no longer a mere pack of wild animals but becoming more civilised as she put her knowledge from Sumer into trying to develop a civilisation. She assigned groups to go hunt humans and drag them back as well as other hollows sometimes, Safira's creation of a small city out of the quartz like structures of Hueco Mundo began something that had yet to really be well-known in Hueco Mundo, a kingdom that predated Baraggan Louisenbairn.

Not all things lasted forever though, Safira while a powerful hollow had yet to breach into the realm of Menos-class. It's why when she heard news of an immensely powerful hollow that wandered around aimlessly and was giant she was intrigued, investigating herself she looked upon a Gillian for the first time and sought to see it be killed. As a result she was once more stirred on by this idea of a higher power and so she took as many of her hollows as she could and went to attack the Gillian. During this clash while they were making headway they were ultimately no match and the Gillian killed and devoured most of her hunting party before she and a few others tried to flee.

As they fled the Gillian gave chase until it came upon her base of operations and the thing laid waste to it. Anguished that all she had done was destroyed she felt a bitter rage at this creature and so she consumed the last remnants of her followers before attacking it again and she herself was being devoured. That's where there was the void with the many souls inside of it. A fight for dominance but upon realising it was not the end she forced her way to the top, establishing dominance and taking over the Gillian's body having successfully reached what she wanted even though it had cost her everything to get there.

Menos-Class Hollow
Safira's existence as a Gillian was short, her ego recovered when she realised things were not over and filled her with a vigour that defied the idea of death and going peacefully into the void with these others. She was their Queen, their dominant one. It's why she would change, not in size but shape. A giant lamia-like hollow that had become an adjuchas where there was no fear of losing her mind but the looming fear of regression back into that darkness where she would never recover from.

The hunt was back on for her, this time without caring to establish an army. It was just her now, and so she wondered just how to make this work. After a while she deduced the best way was to let some hollows live and tell them to spread a tale, creating a lair for herself it was easy for the large adjuchas to overpower with both her poisonous environment and physically large body. She became a creature that gain infamy amongst circles of hollows and encouraged them to come and attack, occasionally one would escape because she either let them or they fled the moment they laid eyes on her.

Despite this she consumed enough that she would eventually reach the final tier of Hollow evolution, Vasto Lorde even though she had become unaware of it. The lingering hunger had all but gone and her fear of regression with it. As she shrunk down to a more reasonable size even though she was still quite large by Vasto Lorde standards, Safira spent her time in this den satisfied with her progression and left wondering what else she could do. What else could she do for amusement as the weariness of age seemed to hit her at this final ascension.

As time drawled on and the sands of time continued Safira once again had a small pack but this time on a lesser scale. More for the satisfaction of control that she used to have over the previously large kingdom she had developed. Safira's small pack drew less attention to her from opposition of other hollow powers such as Barragan who had fancied himself the Hollow King of Hueco Mundo and other Vasto Lorde Hollows or adjuchas, she no longer had a need for opposition. The sands were her playground.

All good things come to an end as well as freedom, for the first time in her existence as a hollow she would learn the feeling of being subjugated and controlled by another being.

With the defeat of the Hollow King by a shinigami spreading through the sands Safira was curious, there was also words brought to her by her pack that other Vasto Lorde such as a shark and various others were disappearing and news of hollows that had removed their masks. Curious but unwilling to approach the situation but instead wanting to view it from a distance, eventually the Espada would catch word of the Vasto Lorde-class Hollow dubbed as "Gorgon" and it was only a matter of time before she was hunted down.

With her well established territory even though the adjuchas arrancar were more than capable of dealing with Vasto Lordes they couldn't outlast her toxic effects that had become so concentrated and it took one of the Espada to handle her who was able to defeat her and tear off her mask for the trouble of losing a limb. This same Espada would later be defeated by Safira who had become an Arrancar when she tried to achieve a position of power but recognised that she couldn't defeat the hogyoku-enhanced new generation and Aizen himself.

This revelation prompted her to avoid rebellion and accept her shackles for the time being, waiting for a chance to either seize control or escape. Having taken the Eighth Espada title from the arrancar that had defeated her due to the nature of her gigantic her resurreccion was unable to be released in Las Noches due to damage concerns much like the Gran Rey Cero. It was this situation that caused for Safira to be defeated by an enemy exploiting this by the name of Nnoitra Gilga. With her defeat - even though it was undeniably due to his own foul play - she was demoted to Privaron Espada with many other naturally occurring arrancar that previously held the Espada title which would only add insult to injury.

Her position as Privaron Espada was tolerable, she spent most of her time out hunting other Vasto Lorde Hollows, that was the same situation for when the Winter War broke out and word reached her ears. Needless to say the moment she received word that Ulquiorra had been defeated by Ichigo, the other Privaron Espada were defeated and overall the entire group was in chaos while Aizen was gone Safira took her opportunity to get out, shedding off her layer and burning the tattoo that was a mark of subjugation and shame on her name.

During this period of time she decided to roam the many worlds that existed, hoping to get a bit of exploring in and indulge in things that had changed since she had touched the human world many millennia ago. She studied things to educate herself and try to remain superior, her ambitions were primarily on her own improvement but that didn't mean she didn't do the odd fight in World War Three and other situations. She would occasionally seek out fights in Hueco Mundo with other hollows and arrancar, seeing a rather rapid and quick progression in evolution which fascinated her about how quickly things could change in four-hundred years compared to two-thousand and more of relatively consistent happenings.


Safira, with her serpentine origins her body sports a very tensile physiology and allows for her to flex and bend herself in almost impossible ways that allow for her to escape and contort to a plethora of means. She makes use of her flexibility to acrobatically dodge, grapple, and constrict targets to trap them in holds which disable them. Her fighting style shows a mixture of hit and run tactics, swift executions, and flamboyant displays rather than anything subtle.

By mixing her fighting style with her own hollow powers she is able to infuse attributes of her poisons into her fighting moves to her advantage by infecting people as they clash.
» Charizma Killer: A technique which is corrosive in nature, causing visible burns and specifically towards energy-based defences, it creates an opening for her to utilise other poisons but can be easily blocked by using a inorganic and physical objects since it is the opposite of what it was created for, if something made out of spiritual energy was to come into contact with this poison it's total effectiveness would drop considerably at the point of contact.

» Nitro Fireflight: For a brief moment she empowers her own speed and can strike as though she was twice as fast for a single action, this is due to poisoning herself which allows for her to increase the flow of energy and body functions to give a surprise strike albeit a double-edged sword in that every consecutive use drops her own resistance to her poisons and after three uses during the encounter she would become vulnerable to the same effects of her poisons as other individuals.

» Violet Burning: The attack involves her causing a wound which spreads a burning agent and an anti-coagulant through the bloodstream of her victim, causing a great deal of pain that builds up over three posts that feels as if their whole body is burning from the inside and can cause some people with low tolerance for pain to faint meanwhile their blood will rush out more profusely and become thinner which can be a problem for any wounds sustained over three posts.

» Cero: Safira is quite a prolific user of her cero and bala with more focus on her cero. By using her understanding of cero she is able to form constructs out of them, such as making balls and throwing them, or shooting them as a bomb rather than a beam, alternatively she has also display the ability to grant them more complicated shapes such as weapons, barriers, and projections such as snakes and so on. She is capable of using the more advanced applications such as the Gran Rey Cero, and Cero Oscuras.
» Vile Lance: Forming a cero in her palm, Safira can utilise Vile Lance in a couple of methods. Rushing a target and impaling them at close range, launching it at a target from afar, or converting the cero into a short-term melee weapon by wielding an ornate silhouette of a spear formed from the cero. The most common application of her Vile Lance is aimed at spearing her target and due to its simplicity she is capable of using it for a number of more advanced applications such as "crucifying" a target by having them be impaled in multiple places by her spears which restrain them in a most painful way.

» Tainted Gospel: Creating a clump of her spiritual pressure in her hand, Safira's Tainted Gospel is designed to incorporate the toxic nature of her hollow powers to infect and rapidly breakdown oncoming attacks. Most beings' reishi is too dense to be split apart but many energy-based techniques can be broken down by the green miasma which is left in the area after the bomb explodes, the ambient effect scales off her spirit class but direct hit with the attack itself can incorporate her cero skill. The affect can be resisted with user's reiatsu such as hierro, and their general spiritual pressure.

» Lost Eden: A technique which involves launching a blast at a target, transmuting the environment to be poisoned by her power. This area causes people to take poison damage over time, meaning the longer they remain in the affected area the worse they will come out of it. The area lasts for four posts.

» Heaven Eater: By all accounts a Gran Rey Cero, it is initiated in much the same way. Preferring to take her own idea towards it she renamed it and gave it a slight modification that instead of using her just her blood she could draw in blood that was laying around her from the environment to further empower it however trying to draw in more blood would require her to charge for a post and then also be in an area where there is blood to draw in.

» Second Advent: Utilising her energy she is able to gather it as a clump in her hand before expanding it around her in the form of a sphere that can catch an opponent off guard if they are around her, it is quickly deployed but at the cost of being only moderate in damage compared to something more serious. It also serves as a quick defensive measure.

» Wicked Eraser: A cero that forms as a large ball in her hand, by launching it at her target it implodes momentarily before exploding outwards to potentially shake defences and have more impact to it due to the sudden change of force it has. It is highly condensed but slower moving than most typical ceros making it easier to dodge. She can only produce one every three posts.

» Inferno: A cero that she spreads as a green energy across the ground, immediately causing damage to a person's feet or legs if they are caught by it however the true power lies in her letting it continue to build for two posts while steadily giving it energy, after this period it explodes upwards and does heavy damage all around her. It does have the potential to be interrupted however.

» Paradiso: Considered the opposite of Inferno, she fires a blast of her energy into the air where it gathers and draws from her energy pool. Once this is done for two posts it explodes outwards in a massive shower of ceros that can inflict massive damage to the environment and all those within its range. Like Inferno, it has a window to be interrupted.

» Descorrer: A technique which allows one to create garganta, due to her former status and many travels she is quite adept at being able to create pathways between different realms, even being able to create ones that open up immediately back into the same realm which can make it helpful for getting through the wide expanse of Hueco Mundo very quickly if she needed to. She can make use of descorrer to open up garganta that allow her to see what is going on and survey something or then project it as screens through a tunnel effect to show other people events in real-time. It is however possible to track her via these if they are around adept sensors making it a potential double-edged sword.

» Gonzui: A technique that Safira has maintained since she became an Arrancar, Gonzui is a technique where she can quickly regain energy if she needs it or if she is feeling particularly bored can use it to kill a large group of people in a hot minute. The most basic and easiest application of Gonzui is to locate a group of souls over a kilometre radius that are exceptionally weak and devour them, while in the past this technique would've been incredibly strong due to most people lacking much spiritual power and making it easy to devour the souls due to the lines between spiritual and physical being blurred it is much harder albeit not impossible.

Instead of becoming useless she can inhale and draw in the loose energy in the environment to feed on instead which allows for her to regain some energy. She can also feed on weak individuals still so long as they are within two-hundred metres of her, this requires they be five-tier and NPCs, however even so she can only do a wide-scale Gozui once per thread and it will recover twenty percent of her total energy reserves at most if she is in a spiritually rich environment.

» Hierro: Through her serpentine nature, Safira is able to create layers of hierro over her body. These essentially function as skins for her to shed in the event of taking damage. By taking damage through the course of the battle, Safira is able to prevent the damage from being reflected onto her actual body by using the hierro layers as stand-ins. This provides her a highly versatile and potent defence mechanism where she may sustain sometimes greivous wounds just to shed them off and remove the ailments. For example, should she sustain third degree burns over her entire body it is possible for her to peel off the hierro and discard it to appear unscathed.

This does have some limitations, as it is not true regeneration but substitution, such as if she were to find one of her arms cut off then Safira shedding a layer of hierro would not suddenly mean that arm would come back, and were she to find her head removed from her body then it would not suddenly be restored. While amputations cannot be recovered from cuts, burns, toxins, and so on can be removed through shedding a layer.

When all her layers are broken, Safira will not have the benefit of being able to use hierro or the unique defences that this approach provides for eight posts before they reform. At Elite she has access to four layers of hierro which she can use to protect herself.
» Hierro Emisiones: A technique that she developed with her unique form of Hierro Safira is able to take a layer of her defensive skin through breaking the energy down that maintains the barrier through dismantling it with subtle vibrations which loosen it, these vibrations cause her hierro to drop two tiers in defensive effectiveness until it has been prepared. Once this layer is broken down into raw energy she makes use of it in the form of a radial blast of kinetic energy which ignites to form flames made out of her cero.

The technique has a faint hum as it occurs over the post of preparation it takes to break down the layer meaning people with heightened spiritual senses and hearing could potentially catch onto her defences weakening and being prepared into something. As a final note its damage will scale off how much damage her body has endured, if her current layer has her near death then the attack will be incredibly weak meanwhile using a full-functioning layer that has yet to be scratched would operate at the maximum strength.

» Hierro Uraeus: The second application of her layered Hierro is the ability to tear off a layer and apply it to someone else. Like the offensive application of tearing off her defence she must first give a post before ripping it off completely. Once it is off though instead of using it to create an explosion of energy she grafts it onto another person, allowing them to take on her appearance and gain this layered Hierro until it's broken. She uses this more for manipulation purposes which she employed during her days as a Privaron Espada with her Fraccion being look-a-likes for her. The affected's energy signature is also filtered to be more like her own through this Hierro however someone who looks more closely or has a pretty keen sense of spiritual sensing could likely tell the discrepancies that marked it as a fake. Furthermore it has a weak-point on the forehead that if struck will not have the same protection as the rest of the body which is due to her applying it by touching the forehead and coating it over the target, as a result it functions like the story of Achilles' where his mother held his heel which prevented the invulnerability from affecting his heel.

» Pesquisa: She has an acute sense of sensing, primarily due to her body being highly perceptive to changes in her environment such as temperature and vibrations however this also applies towards the movement and flow of spiritual energy. As a result her actual piercing effect such as forcing her senses onto a target and trying to see past what's superficial is difficult which can make it hard to tell from a glance what her opponent potentially has but this demerit comes with the benefit of giving her an incredibly perceptive overall sensory perception which can allow her to notice even the slightest shift of energy change within a target to get a warning while they charge it before most others at the cost of being unable to look too deep.

She can apply this on the grand scheme of the battlefield. Giving her an excellent understanding of a hectic situation and to compose herself correctly under these circumstances while her pesquisa is a lot less effective in a fair fight where it is just her and an opponent.


» Name: Ouroboros

» Appearance: Safira's sealed power takes the physical form of a ring on her finger which appears to be a snake eating its own tail. But giving it more than a quick glance and it becomes apparent that the ring is actually more akin to a familiar and actual living thing rather than just a ring. On command it can become anywhere between five metres in width and one-hundred metres in length as its maximum dimensions. The snake holds the same capabilities of her with hierro and capacity to utilise cero like it was its own hollow.

While it possesses some quirks to it it cannot speak but will always abide by her will making one speculate it is like an extension of her mindset rather than just a pure object and so while it can be destroyed it isn't totally necessary for Safira to release her true form because the snake is connected to her and will reform after a time if it is damaged beyond what one would normally call repairable.

» Sealed Power
»Arrogant King's Alcohol: The primary example of Safira's power, it takes the form of allowing for her to both create, manipulate and induce poisonous attributes through her reiatsu. An example of this is her capacity to transmute her bodily fluids into having various different chemical effects, such as her saliva functioning like a pleasure inducing drug or her blood being acidic and poisonous. On the most basic of applications she can infect something so that if becomes poisonous in nature such as spreading her energy through a water source which leaves a signature for a short period before it would inevitably disappear leaving the water having transmuted into a poison.

Safira's poisonous effect can be applied to her energy and body, allowing it to seep into others bodies after they are struck by an attack. Which allows for her to apply a number of detrimental affects to a target by fighting them ranging from paralysis, numbness, blood clots, and so on which come down to testing a target's durability and spiritual power.

The target's durability often determines the effectiveness of her poison and ability to resist whereas their spiritual power boils down to how well they can counteract the effect which is derived from her own spiritual power. In the case of durability it checks against her hollow nucleus, in the case of spiritual class it checks against her own.

She has a high tolerance if not nigh-immunity to her own poisons which allows for herself to use her own body to host them. If she has time to prepare they can be more advanced though such as creating poisons that are specifically effective against different races, sexes, or increase attributes of the poison such as its robustness to fight against the immune system or have more advanced transmission methods.

It is possible for her to augment herself at the cost of poisoning herself, she is able to increase her own capabilities by 100% for every rank of her hollow nucleus but she will put stress on her body which causes damage every round. The damage also scales off her power so if she was to use the maximum boost then she would sustain more damage every round by the third round one could expect to see her layers of hierro expended and blood to be coming out of every orifice of her. She cannot use this in her resurreccion, and it will not carry over.

Any poison that would reasonably cause death quickly requires permission from a staff member in the case of an event to utilise and naturally permission from other RPers to use lethal functions of this power on their characters. As an important rule of note due to Safira's power only working on organic creatures, anything inorganic is basically immune with the exception of poisons that have high acidity.

» Stigmata: Through the usage of her zanpakuto, Safira is able to "scar" another individual and grant them some of her power in the form of a stigma. This can manifest in different ways depending on the individual and what they themselves are like. For example, one might find the stigma begin to fuse with their powers, or it may simply occupy their soul as a separate source. It may manifest as an inner-spirit and convert a shinigami into a vizard for the duration of possessing it, or it might cause an arrancar to display chimera like properties. Each case is different and no two stigmata are likely to resemble one another.

The purpose the stigmata is to cultivate her own power through having it proliferate among others. Rather than a sole pathway of development restricted to her, she cultivates her power to develop along a series of different routes simultaneous to increase the rate of development. While she does have the power to recall the fragment of her powers inside of others to reclaim the stigma and all its development, the reality is that it may leave a shade or not be perfect while also requiring her to be in the vicinity of the individual.

Due to being fragments of Safira's power they will must relate to her serpent theme, poisons, or her aspect of death being pride.


» Name: Ouroboros.

» Release: Released with the phrase "Swallow me Whole, Ouroboros" and after which her sealed zanpakuto will proceed to devour her at a size where it's able to do so before she warps into her resurreccion.

» Appearance: Once the smoke clears Safira's form remains relatively humanoid in appearance. She still looks like a humanoid but her Hollow aspects are very visible. She becomes incredibly tall being about twenty metres in height and one-hundred and fifty metres in length Her lower body becomes a snake tail and she possesses six arms.

» Abilities: When she enters her release form Safira's powers augment drastically both spiritually and physically although the latter is primarily due to her massive growth that attributes her mass into physical power. Despite the drastic increase of power this form provides Safira relies on the raw power rather than finesse it can provide which is due to her own inexperience from a dislike at how ugly the form makes her look and how annoying the size is.
  • Combat Reset: Similar to the way her Hierro works entering into her release form will regenerate her completely while resetting her hierro stacks. It only occurs once.
  • Monstrous Size: Safira's body is exceptionally large in her release form, even naturally she can only reach a minimum of being fifty metres in length and two metres in width for her serpentine lower half. Despite this already large form her body is actually modified to be smaller than what it should be, mainly to conserve reiatsu as Safira is aware that this large form is incredibly hard to maintain for any given time due to its draw on her reserves. Despite this though if she desires she can increase her size exponentially as she pleases at the cost of massive amounts of energy and the upkeep gets higher the larger she gets.

    Her strength can potentially increase ten-fold at maximum output but at the same time that would immediately drain her of all of her energy, also required to be used the moment she were to enter resurreccion so she had her entire reserves and so it is an extreme example and the best she could ever achieve with it. A more reasonable example of her trait is expending twenty percent of her total energy to raise her strength and durability by two-fold for three posts and with her form already burning on her reserves she will quickly need to try and find a means to recover her energy stores if she were to rely too much on this attribute and it reflects onto her attitude, making her feel the primal feeling of hunger that arrancar had lost upon tearing off their mask.

    Instead of this Safira's body is undergoing regression rather than merely pulling on attributes of her hollow self, it is actually trying to return her to a state of being a hollow which drives her to go to lengths such as attempting to eat souls, absorb energy and hunt down sustinence the longer she tries to maintain it and the lower her reserves go. In the event she goes below ten percent of her reiryoku it wouldn't be hard to say she would resort to becoming a monster in trying to devour souls and losing her reason until she finally passed out and her form sealed again or recovered enough energy to regain reason.
  • Hollow Reproduction: Through the devouring of souls they become part of her being, with her release of Ouroboros she is able to give birth to hollows asexually which can be done in a number of ways. To name a few there is her ability to exude or vomit a black muck that she can throw little bone fragments she creates in her hands into and through this black mass they can become hollows as she releases these souls from her body to take form. An alternative method is those that are devoured by her, it is possible for those that if she were to hollowify immediately due to the poisonous nature of her insides causing very rapid erosion of the soul chain.
  • Feathered King's Mantle: An ability that lets Safira's resurreccion create a large plumage of wings with sharp feathers that can function as blades. She can use them for slashing, defence purposes or launching the metallic feathers as projectiles with the same material composition as what would normally be considered sealed zanpakuto durability. Due to her large size she cannot fly using these wings however.
  • Malicious King's Alcohol: A stronger and more potent version of her previous poison ability, instead of before where she required some time to prepare her poisons for specific effects in her resurreccion she can create poisons and chemicals in great quantities much more efficiently. The most common example of this is utilising it with her wings to launch poisoned blades in great quantity at targets or exhaling a large mist of chemicals all at once but it should be noted she can only utilise large quantities every few posts since excessive drawing can drain her energy very quickly much like her form in general. Therefore she will try to limit the amount of area of effect uses of this ability.


(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
» Durability: Advanced
» Speed: Elite
» Strength: Advanced
» Martial Skill: Advanced

Mental Skills
Willpower: Advanced
Deduction: Advanced
Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills
» Cero: Elite
» Nucleo: Elite
» Aumentar: Untrained
» Sonido: Advanced


New Year Burst 2023
Durability: Adept → Advanced

Spring Burst 2023
Cero: Advanced → Elite

Golden Burst 2023
Martial Skill: Adept → Advanced

Arrancar Changes
Regeneration → Aumentar. No change of skill level.
Updated Hierro mechanics appropriately.

Snake Buffs
Expansion of Cero + Martial Skill.
Updates to Arrogant King's Alcohol.
Addition of Stigmata to sealed powers.

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