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Tue May 14, 2024 3:38 pm
Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Stella Bauer
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details: Steigen ---> Adept , Strength ---> Adept , and possibly blut -----> Advanced

» Supporting Material: Stella has many different training sessions with experienced fighters and beings. As well as some hardships in actual battles between things as strong as Gillians and a particularly nasty vizored. I believe that she has done enough training and has Feats to allow her to be improved a little bit.

In this thread Stella and Meni are sent on a mission to investigate some mysterious happenings in China. Where they engage in a fight with Akira, and Stella has a few Feats in this one as well as pushes her to attempt to not be a hindrance to Meni.

In this thread Stella engages in combat with a Menos grande to protect a countryside Japanese village. Pushing herself to her limit and potentially past it she is able to force it to retreat.

In this thread Stella engages in a light sparing match with Mura. During the match she accident breaks Muras sword and informs him of someone who may be of assistance in finding a blacksmith.

Stella engages in training with Veralia for another session, and Veralia teaches her how to better be in tune with her surroundings. Veralia assists her in learning how to hide her presence.

Natasha takes Stella out on a mission to see if she has what it takes, and to show her what a mission is actually like. They battle a few hollows, and Stella manages to show that she does know a little bit about fighting.

Stella and Veralias first meeting as well as a mini fight where Veralia sees what the quincy can do. Stella learns that arancar are scary, and that she is a small fish in the sea of spiritual beings.
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