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 Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:42 pm

"Can you face your fears?"
— Hanako Ikezawa

Basic Information

Name: Henrex Astillon
Other Names: Henny [Taichou and Arianda, among other close friends.]

Titles: The Insane Raven, Raven Boy, Emo Raven [Mirja], Keeper of the East, The Unholy Storm, King of Storms

God Of The Iga Shinobi: This is a title that Henrex was given to the ninja that resided in the Iga mountains. After he was easily able to mold himself to adapt to the beliefs and practices of the ninja, as well as master both the basics, the most advanced arts of the ninja, and even some of the secrets that only Soke -- the ninja grandmaster of the Iga ninja in both name and title -- had been able to learn, decipher, and master. Through this, along with his already immense skill and power, the men and women in the Iga mountains proudly claimed Henrex as a God among their shinobi, even if Henrex profusely denies it.

Appearance Age: 18
Real Age: 860 as of 08/31/2416
Birthday: 08-31-1556 [August 31st, 1556]

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Primary Religion: Shintoism

Gender: Male
Host Race:
Blood-type: O-Positive
Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious
Nationality: Japanese & Irish mix

Organization: Gotei United, Guild of Heroes, and Vastime Nation
Position: Covert Ops - Vice Captain [Gotei] | Class 3 Hero [Guild of Heroes] | Code-Name: Nevermore [Vastime] | Corporal Henrex Astillon

Familial Relationships

Kitarune Astillon (Sister) [MIA]
Zanthor Astillon (Father) [MIA, PRESUMED DECEASED]
Nikora Astillon (Mother) [DECEASED]
Takeshi Masamoto (Connection Unknown) [DECEASED]
Taoska (Tao) Astillon (Cousin) [MIA, PRESUMED DECEASED]
Rikane Astillon (Brother) [DECEASED]

Main Theme: KY0UMI - Unravel [Tokyo Ghoul]
Battle Theme: Undertale - Spear Of Justice
Fight Back Theme: Skillet - The Resistance
Critical Fight Theme: Two Steps From Hell - Archangel
Shikai Theme: Undertale - But The Earth Refused To Die
Bankai Theme: Skillet - Feel Invincible
Transcendence Stage Theme: Undertale - His Theme

Reiatsu Color: Azure Blue
Quote: "The loneliest are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged are the wisest. All because they don't want to see anyone else suffer as they did."

Appearance Written: In terms of general appearance, there is one word that can describe Henrex; short. Always has been, and most likely always will be. Standing at around five foot three inches, with his steel-toed combat boots usually boosting him up a couple inches, which leaves him at five foot six. The next thing that can describe something about Henrex would be his hair. After the months within the Iga mountains, and training with the shinobi there, Henrex soon found himself hindered by the long length of his hair, and quickly took a knife to it, dramatically reducing the previous length that he had for his hair. His hair has been noted to be pitch back, although has been also noted to be a light color of grey, or even brown in a certain lighting.

The theme of black is something that has been noted to be a constant theme within his attire, and his bodily appearance. When it comes to staring into the seemingly vacant lots that are his eye sockets, they too are as black as midnight. Henrex full well has the ability to change this, and make his eyes appear as something much interesting naturally, but there simply is no real drive or need to do something like that. Digressing, the rest of Henrex's body is relatively slim, but is also the tiniest bit bulky at the same time.

After going through a large amount of training -- specifically strength training -- with Mirja, as well as doing so while he was training on his own for the specific reason, Henrex's body has built up quite a bit from that, muscles being one of the apparent results of that came from such. Now sporting a six pack on his stomach, and having a small bit of natural muscle if one were to rip his shirt off of him. But alas, one would rarely see that from him, as he continues to keep his body covered to this day.

Moving towards his back, there is the staple of his appearance, and where a good portion of his titles come from -- the two jet black wings that rest just under his shoulder blades. These wings reach outward at around five feet each, and are able to change their size according to Henrex's will, as to prevent awkwardness when it comes to movement in combat, or in everyday life. Moving towards the final bits of his appearance, the next thing would be his ghostly pale skin, which has been noted to not change in tone in the slightest, even with the months that has gone by.

» Appearance Image:

General Attire

Ninja Attire


Vastimian Uniform


Shinigami Attire


Casual Attire


Formal Attire




Emotional/Emotionless: There comes times where Henrex is a very unstable person in the realm of emotions. As a writer, and as a very soft and tender person, his mind is very fragile -- his emotions even more so. Whenever it comes to extreme jumps or dips in his emotions,

But, this is also a double-edged sword. While he is emotional at times, his mind and heart can also do the opposite -- usually directly a large emotional shift or outburst. Instead of allowing his emotions to take the helm of his actions, they lock up. His mind becomes clear, and his heart becomes blank. This is due to his training as a ninja,


Undying Willpower:

Traces of Insanity: This trait is something that has recently attached itself to Henrex's mental psyche, as of the last few months. It was something that came to fruition because of one specific individual named Arianda Vael. In the late-ish days of September of 2416, Henrex had sought out the demon girl as a result of Mirja's recommendation when she found out about his demon half. Since his powers and demon half in general was highly unstable, unable to really put any knowledgeable effort into control over it with the blood being something that surfaced just before that, Henrex knew that he needed help, and he was desperate. Traveling to Europe and arriving to the doorstep of the Archduchess of Shadow Fall, Henrex requested her aid in what he had come for in the first place.

She accepted, and took him in partly because of the fact that Mirja had sent him. But, Henrex would soon come to regret that decision. For you see, his body was abused quite a lot during these training sessions to help him not only build up in power and control physiologically, but also physically. However, there would be one other thing that had been nearly broken in the process: his mind. The training that Arianda had put him under was something that was supposed to allow him to quickly take a hold of what his body could do, and capitalize on that. But, there was one main unfortunate side-effect. That would be the madness that threatens to tear and rend at the folds of his mind.

To begin things, this side-effect was purely accidental, and something that Arianda tends to apologize about just about every single time it starts to take a true toll on him. The effects that have been noted to come from something like this would mainly be a large amount of voices that reside inside his head. The first thing that should be said about this is that there is no definite number that can be counted. With them constantly change pitches, tones, and so on, it makes it impossible to full pinpoint how many voices there are. But, it can easily be guessed that there are well over a few hundred. Another symptom that can be noted is one that is something that is primarily only noticed by someone who looks directly at him when this happens.

Have you ever seen him flick his head slightly, or suddenly tense up? If you have -- well, then you should probably get him talking about something. These subtle actions of the human body are usually signs -- for Henrex at least -- that he is experiencing auditory delusions. This isn't something that's too bad with him, mostly brief noises that cause him to turn his head for a bit, before returning back to the way that he was. But, the more scary part is that they've become more and more frequent, and more and more...personal. He has been seen to hear the voices of the deceased -- usually the same as the others, which means that they usually are very brief when it comes to lasting. These are all the further his symptoms have shown, but as time goes on, his insanity will only serve to grow more and more.

Genocidal Tendencies: One of the coping mechanisms to his depression. Leads him to have a tad bit of a Jhin trait, with Kyoki taking on a lot more of Jhin in a similar fashion.



A Loving Heart:

Melancholy Burned Into The Soul:

Creative Mind:



Longing For The Past:


Kyōki (狂気, Insanity): The Voice Of Irrationality



Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Falsity and deception is his best game. It doesn't take a genius to see that, after see what is behind the lies that he spews. Opposite to most of Henrex's mindset, who is a very honest and good person, this...thing is not. He is one of the best when it comes to deception. While he is very messed in the head, he is by no means stupid. He is unnaturally cunning, able to create just about anything that someone wants to hear right off the bat. However, this is only a sample of how far his silver tongue can go. While a major limit for some is to create things on the spot, "Maddened Henrex" is capable of an immense level of persuasion that can leave people to think that he's not who he seems. So, when near him, be cautious.

He Loves To Play:

Partially Remorseful: Within nearly everyone that does something wrong, there is a tinge of regret for their actions. As someone who is birthed from the mind of a tender, caring man -- Kyoki is someone who also shares some of those feelings. While he does not feel them to such an extent as Henrex does, Kyoki does feel remorse for the hurtful things he does, and sometimes even the things he says. It's what shows that he has such a link towards Henrex, by sharing at the very minimal one personality trait with the "original".



Hatred of Liars:


The Arts:


  • Chess
  • Writing
  • Caligraphy
  • Swords
  • The Arts
  • Reading
  • Chocolate
  • Masks
  • Cherry Blossoms


  • Daimyo Kamakura
  • Large Crowds
  • Brats
  • The Power Hungry
  • Most Big Cities
  • Rats
  • Liars
  • Hell
  • Anything That Lowers His Speed


  • Poison
  • Dokugan Ryu
  • Inami Asthavon
  • History Repeating Itself
  • Losing his mind
  • War


Now the spirits of heaven all commanded the mighty ones, He Who Beckoned, and She Who Beckoned with words, proclaiming:

"Make firm this drifting land and fashion it in its final form!"

And so proclaiming, they gave them a jeweled halberd of heaven to aid in this undertaking. So the two spirits stood on the floating bridge of heaven, and when they lowered the jeweled spear to stir the sea below, its brine swished and sloshed around as they churned it. When they pulled it up, clumps of salt dripped from its tip to pile up into an island.

— The Kojiki, An Account of Ancient Matters (Izanagi and Izanami)

Henrex as a child, born with the two wings he still bears today

Birth: Welcome To The World

"Sekai e yōkoso, Henrex Astillon."

Welcome to the world.

Childhood Arc: Constantly Training

Henrex, during the Circle of Three training as a samurai

Teenager: Devout Guardian Of Japan

Adulthood: The Downward Spiral of Loss

Henrex, looking at the remains of his home -- after it was burned to the ground

Death: The Spillage of Red Ink

Life Of A Ronin: The Wandering Arc

Reincarnation: The Life Of A Shinigami

-Write Rukon life

-Write Shin'o Academy life

Tainted Blood: The Life of a Hybrid

Henrex, finishing his training and accepting his calling as a ninja

Shinobi Training Arc: The Pathway To Acceptance

Nostalgic Embers Arc: The Final Trip Home & Acceptance

After the acquisition of Saigai, Henrex overlooks the destruction of the laboratory he was tested on, with the man watching in approval at the retaliation

Caanan Arc: The Lone Screams In Isolation

Present Day: Continuous Corruption

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:42 pm

I. Further History

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:42 pm

"Without subtlety, a sword is but an iron bar."
― Dracule Mihawk (One Piece) on Yoru.

Natural Abilities

Extreme Versatility:

Immense Spiritual Power: When he was alive, Henrex had worked his way to the top through his training. As of such, he had quite the formidable amount of power. When he died and entered the Soul Society, everything had been taken. He was forced to start from the ground up once again. Eventually, he has reached the heights that he has today. After all this time, there is one thing that has been noted about Henrex -- his massive increase in spiritual power as the time went on. As he continued to get stronger, his spiritual power has as well. While he maintains this under a fine level of control, he does have quite the large amount of power, being the Vice Captain of the Stealth Division of the Gotei. If he were to ever fully release his spiritual power, the aura of his power would feel as if a storm were coming. The smell of ozone filling the area, as well as a large sense of dread filling the area he is in.

Unshackled Speed:

Strength: This is the other general skill that Henrex focused on outside of his weaponry and his speed.

Jack of Weapons: This was something that came shortly after Henrex finished his training with the shinobi in the Iga mountains. One of the main concepts of the ninja is to use everything that they can as a potential weapon, mainly through substitution for other weapons that would normally be more effective due to the material and properties of the former. While skill in various weapons are not the strongest suit for Henrex, he is most certainly good. While he is mainly a swordsman, he is not against using his other tools such as kunai, shuriken, and kama as examples. The reason for this is due to -- as said before -- his ninjutsu training, which called for him to master multiple weapons, and to be able to use them all -- while not always being at once, though that is an option.

Give Henrex any kind of weapon -- a sword, a scythe, a spear, kunai, shuriken, bo staff, anything, and he will be able to at least wield the weapon with a small bit of prowess. Even the common, everyday items that would not be considered weapons can be used -- or, to go a step further, to use random objects that are not considered "weapons" but any standard definition. This is again, a result of his training as a shinobi. The ninja are meant to not only be extremely versatile within their weaponry, but also meant to be able to be adaptable as well. When it comes down to the mission, a weapon may save a ninja...and a lack of one might destroy a ninja.

Insane Intelligence:


Extraordinary Senses:

Expert Martial Artist:

Master Swordsman: There is no other skill that triumphs all of Henrex's natural skills, and shows who Henrex really is than his natural talent with the art of the sword. There is little denying that Henrex Astillon was born to wield a blade. Being raised as as a samurai, as well as obtaining the skills of the ninja later in his life, Henrex has had many teachers in kenjutsu, all of which has lead to him becoming a master of the blade himself. From learning different ways to wield a sword, to learning the different sword styles of Japan and some of China, Henrex has done everything he can in order to further his skill as a swordsman. When it comes down to the sword styles that Henrex can use, there really is little that he can't. While there are many sword styles that Henrex has not either learned or mastered, he is most certainly willing to learn even more to be able to call himself a true master of the sword.

Ninjutsu: What would a ninja be without their training? A dead man or woman, that is what they would be. The ninja have been around for hundreds of years, and these core concepts and skills have been the essentials for one to become a true shinobi. But, that is not the entirety of what the shinobi follow. While samurai have their seven virtues of bushido, ninja follow the code of niniku. Many people believe the ninja to be faceless, merciless assassins, but they truly are the opposite. While they are, in technicality, assassins for hire -- they prefer to avoid direct killing when it comes to missions and jobs, unless they are directly required to.

Henrex is extremely well versed of all the ninja arts -- as noted by the ninja grand master of the Iga shinobi, Soke -- and has been noted to be nearly unmatched in a good portion of the ninja arts. Rumors even went around saying that Henrex could possibly have been a reincarnation of the legendary samurai-to-ninja, Hattori Hanzo with how skilled he was, as well as how he became a ninja. So, with that said, below are a list of the techniques and skills that a ninja learns with the art of ninjutsu.

  • Bōjutsu – stick and staff techniques
  • Chōhō – espionage
  • Hensōjutsu – disguise and impersonation
  • Intonjutsu – escaping and concealment
  • Kayakujutsu – pyrotechnics
  • Kenjutsu – sword techniques
  • Kusarigamajutsu – kusarigama (chain-sickle) techniques
  • Naginatajutsu – naginata (polearm) techniques
  • Seishinteki kyōyō – spiritual refinement
  • Shinobi-iri – stealth and infiltration
  • Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons techniques
  • Sōjutsu – spear techniques
  • Sui-ren – water training
  • Taijutsu – unarmed combat

Unique Abilities

Tattered Feathers Of A Fallen Angel:


Body Manipulation:


Flame Creation & Manipulation (Hereditary Trait):

Armor of Hachiman: The protection of the gods is something that many wish to be able to obtain. Having their deity, which they admire so dearly -- be able to descend and protect them. It is a dream worth having. Henrex doesn't exactly get the blessing of the actual Shinto god of war and divine protector of Japan, Hachiman, but he does name this ability after him. This -- as the name says -- creates a set of armor around the user, which can vary in shape. This armor has incredibly defensive prowess, and has been known to increase in defense as the stages progress.

  • Rooted Body of Hachiman: This is one out of three armors that encompasses Henrex's skin, or his physical body in general. This armor -- as said before -- covers Henrex's skin with a purple, shining aura that surrounds him from head to toe. Forming a strange mouth at...well, his mouth, Henrex is essentially defended at a skin deep level with the "Rib-Cage" armor. In addition, Henrex can manifest a rib cage and arm around his body, with the arm able to move freely for combat. This skin has an incredibly high level of defense, and is able to last for six posts before fading, and having to wait that exact time to use it again.

  • Standard Armor: As the name entails, this is what gave Henrex the inspiration to call this the "Armor of Hachiman". This is a literal purple suit of armor that covers Henrex like any other armor would. This also grants him a pair of swords that manifest in his hands when the armor forms itself on his body. With the armor plating having multiple gaps in where the armor is placed, there are noticeable points where the armor can be bypassed. Even then, coming into contact with the armor itself can show the ability to be an extremely potent source of protection. This lasts for around eight posts, and has to wait that exact time in order to be used again.

  • Aura of War: This set is another type of armor that covers Henrex's body in it's physicality. However, unlike the Rib-Cage Armor, this gives off the appearance and the vibes of something along the lines of an aura. However, it is much more solid that it would appear to be. Having an even higher level of defense than the standard armor, this is proved to be one of the most problematic for others to attack, even for those with immense strength. However, this is the most unstable form of the armor out of them all. Unable to last for more than three posts, and with a cooldown of five turns, this armor is something that can definitely tank things, but the length of time that it lasts is what causes Henrex to stay away from this set.

  • Divine Body of Hachiman: This is the final stage that Henrex's armor can take, and is quite the sight to behold. It is also an armor that covers Henrex's physicality, with it actually taking the appearance of something, instead of just being a literal suit of armor, a rib-cage, or an aura-like appearance around the body. Creating a strange purple gem that is affixed to Henrex's forehead, and covering his wings -- making them look like paper -- as well as granting him a set of two katana in his hands upon activating this, this form can be considered to have the largest defense of any of the other armors. This has a level that is even higher than that of a Master Hierro, and could be considered to be just under a Grand Master, although this is simply not the case. However, it has been noted that this lasts around twelve posts, and has a cooldown period of around ten posts.

Mental-Based Powers

Personal Tulpa - Ken no kibō (剣の希望, Hope Of The Sword): The spawn of Henrex's swordsmanship is rather simple. With azure blue light surrounding his hand, then jettisoning outwards to form a large blade, that is Henrex's Tulpa. This weapon has no defined shape, and due to Henrex's extreme prowess with bladed weapons, he can make this weapon take on any kind of blade that he wishes, thought he prefers to keep it in the shape of a large great sword. When it comes to how this works, the blade is quite literally an attachment and extension of Henrex's arm, with Henrex's arm gripping onto an "imaginary" handle of the blade.

The weapon itself -- while active -- can be manipulated to change it's shape, which allows it a large amount of versatility in combat. This works in a way similar to Body Manipulation, with the applications and techniques that are available are up for Henrex to find out and fully utilize. However, there is one major limit to this -- which would be how far the blade can be extended. The maximum length that this can be extended to would be around one and a half miles.

Full Tulpa - Ken no gādian (剣の守護者, Guardian Of The Blade's Hope): The Full Tulpa of Henrex Astillon is truly a creature that fits the term "guardian". Standing at nearly forty two feet tall, along with it's bulky attire to reflect it's amazing strength, completing it with a large katana to be unsheathed and sheathed at any time, Ken no gaidian is quite the monster. The main power that this creature possesses is it's titanic strength, especially within the blade of the sword, able to cause immense effect on the world around him with simple swings, such as causing massive gusts of winds -- an example of how powerful this creature is. Not only that, but the creature can also use the hat on it's head, the sheath, and it's physical body to attack, although Henrex and the Tulpa prefer the weapon.

Cardinal Seal

Cardinal Seal Appearance

Cardinal Seal Release Appearance

» Cardinal Seal Release Powers: Most of the abilities that Henrex has when he activates his Cardinal Seal are based on improving his body, rather than giving him a larger pool of electrical techniques to draw from. As he has his Zanpakuto, there is no real reason for him to have more electrical, or storm based techniques that are "external" in usage, and so, Henrex's Cardinal Seal is mainly for bodily, or internal improvement -- boosting his speed, charging his body with electricity, etc.

Immense Speed Boost:

Charged Body:

Eye of the Storm:

Dragon Hide:




Eagle Claw Fist:

Taiji Fist:

Lotus Palm:

Mantis Fist:

Bone Corrosion Palm:

The Sixteen Fists: What ARE the Sixteen Fists? Well, they are a collection of various techniques that the shinobi have used for well over six centuries. These techniques, as shown by many shinobi during the Edo era of Japan and beyond, have been noted to have one main concept -- Use the entire body as a living, breathing weapon. So, with that said, it should be noted that users of this "style" of martial art are extremely unpredictable, and can often be seen using this kind of style to break through defenses, or, even more so, for surprise attacks to go through defenses. These are considered more advanced maneuvers with the fists, and are not commonly used as such. While two of the following are actually concepts that one should be aware of when using this kind of style, these techniques should not be taken lightly. These techniques can be found here.




Wind-Fire Kata:

Gentle Breeze Sword:

Soul Draining Blade:

Jade Flute Sword:

Yin-Yang Blades: Yin and Yang are often represented by two opposite, yet complimentary forces. Within the school of Wudang that was present in the Edo era of Japan, there was a style that allowed someone to focus their inner yin and yang in order to focus on both an offensive, and defensive fighting style. Through this, one can utilize two separate stances in order to fight using this style -- Yin Stance, and Yang Stance. The two have their similarities and differences -- mostly differences -- but, when used right, it can be used to trip up an enemy with a switch that they might not be expecting.

  • Yin Stance: Yin is commonly represented by a female character. Yin is negative and passive, and thus, so is the stance associated with it. Instead of being a very aggressive part of the Yin-Yang Blades, Yin relies on calm, defensive movements that aim to create openings within the guard of the opponent. Considered by the alternative name of the "Covert Stance", the way that the user moves is supposed to something akin to the Drunken Fist martial art, where the user imitates defense -- usually through light blocks, using just enough strength to prevent any damage from a usual strike -- before switching stances when they have the chance, potentially gaining the upper hand and giving them the chance to deliver powerful and punishing blows.

  • Yang Stance:

Frozen Melody Blade:

Standalone Techniques

Steel Tempest:


Raven's Flight:

Shock Step:

Mirror of Amaterasu:

Frost Step:


Kuji-in: This is by far the most important lessons a ninja can learn. Back in the old days of the shinobi, magic was considered a myth, or legend. Anyone who was known to practice the supernatural, many would be mocked, and seen as a joke among the samurai, and farmers. But, magic was very far from being fake. In fact, the shinobi -- specifically the Iga ninja that Henrex trained under -- had trained in these arts for several years, even before magic's plausible existence was brought out. Over the course of time, there have been over eighty-nine total hand seals, or hand signs made, This comes under the assumption that all kuji-in users are the same, when this is anything but true.

Every single kuji-in wielder is different in the terms of having the same "spells" for their ninja magic. While there is a broad limit of 89 total seals for one to have, they are not in any way the same -- most of the time. There are a few fundamental principles that come with learning kuji-in, most of which are fairly simple. The first thing would be that there are nine seals in kuji-in which are the core of the entirety of kuji-in, leaving a practitioner with around eighty empty slots to fill with their own hand seals. These are what builds up the area of ninja magic, and gives people the power to create their own hand seals. Now, it should be noted that just because every single kuji-in practitioner is different with their seals, it does NOT mean that it is not possible to learn other's hand seals.

It IS possible to do so, but this usually requires consent of the owner in question. Another thing that should be noted about kuji-in seals is that they are impossible to copy by seeing the technique alone. In order to fully understand what the seal does, they MUST sit down with the owner ICly, and figure out how to perform the hand sign, as well as figure out how to use the "Zai" hand seal in the way that they owner does. Since Zai controls over the elements of nature in the way of altering the nature of one's energy. It is the most important thing to know when creating or modifying a seal.

The nine core hand seals can be found here.


Den'atsu Setsuzokuryu (電レルム接続, Voltage Connection Eye): This is the evolution of Henrex's eyes. Through this, Henrex can see any type of energy that exists in the world and can deduce things much easier than with just his senses. Each type of energy has a separate color to it -- for example, Demons have a deep crimson red energy color due to their Za Koa, while a Shinigami would have a light blue energy color due to the standard spiritual energy. This goes even deeper than that, as not only can he sense the energy type that someone has, but also can deduce the amount of energy that someone has left, or even how much energy of one race they have in them -- in the case of a Hybrid or a Ziamichi.

This level of perception can go down to the smallest amount of energy, leaving Henrex with the ability to deduce exactly how much energy his opponent has left in him. This is something that was also fueled by the demon's ability to utilize their energy in order to discover such through Knowledge of Environment. Yet another visual ability that Henrex has access to with these eyes would be the enhanced perceptive clarity that it grants. This has a main power and a sub-power to this. The main power would be that Henrex's eyes allows him to read just about any sort of subtle body movements.

From tensing muscles, twitching eyes, mimicking movements, to even going as far as reading lips, this power of the eyes is deadly if given in the proper hands. Another ability that Henrex's eyes possess would be the ability to track those in high-speed movements. Whether it be Flash Step or normal speed, Henrex is able to track someone like that fairly well. While people like Shadin Yuudeshi and Tsubasa Unabara gives him a large amount of trouble, (factoring in that they are actually going at speeds that would screw up his tracking) he usually can track someone on his level, and slightly above that. However, that is not all of what his eyes can grant him.

Currents of Conflict:

-Can generate currents from his own conflict?

Heaven's Connection:

-Allows him to connect with everything in his body, allowing a connection between PhantomTech and eyes?

-Allows him to channel energy more efficiently with connections to his Reiatsu vents?

-Modifies his portal abilities (Senkaimon, etc.) to connect to all realms

The Realms of The Kojiki:

  • Realm Of The Earth: The first of the five realms is the realm of the living, or the Realm of the Earth. Alternatively known as Realm of Haniyasu, the kami of the earth, this world is meant to reflect the world that mankind lives upon. Being a place where souls are trapped, and held down for as long as they live. Thus, the main powers of this realm revolve around gravity. Gravity is largely considered to be the chains that hold down the inhabitants of Earth, and so, the manipulation of these metaphysical shackles of mankind fit in well with the group of five. The main restrictions of this ability is the range of which Henrex can perform this in -- which is twenty feet all around his body.

  • Realm of Beasts: Based off Hyaku Monagatari, and Japanese legends such as Onryo, Kuchisake-onna, etc.

  • Realm of Gluttony: Nom.

  • Realm Of Izanagi: Delves into revival/creation of life, extremely limited and locked currently. Creates electric chains/uses electric currents to target the nervous system or primary movement limbs of the body to paralyze them. Create blue rods that deliver and receive energy from sources implanted into them (will need tweaked and more thought put in.)

  • Realm of Izanami: This world delves into the aspects of rebirth, in a way. Named after Izanami -- Matron of the Dead and wife of Izanagi -- this realm mixes both her powers over the dead, as well as her former powers over creation. This realm works in turn with the Realm of Beasts. Instead of granting a special ability to Henrex himself through this realm, this gives a special ability towards the summons in the Realm of Beasts. If a summon were to be killed, drastically injured, or anything of the sort, the Realm of Izanami would be able to restore them, giving them another chance to be used. This can only be used once on each summon, and can be incredibly draining on Henrex's stamina, sometimes leaving him exhausted after overuse.

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:43 pm

“It stood calm against the suburban storm raging around it. The thunder screamed across the sky; it slapped the clouds into a heated turmoil that flew towards the south.”
― J.D. Stroube, Caged in Darkness


Zanpakutô Name: Raiu (雷雨, Thunderstorm)

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutô Spirit Personality


Occasionally Serious:




Fatherly Figure:


Somewhat of a Joker:

Inner World

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: Henrex's Zanpakuto is...strange, being that he is able to manipulate the aspects of it, which in turn also allows him to change the size, shape, and certain properties of it (albeit for a limited amount of time for increases in certain properties). While this does show his extreme versatility -- a very large part of his kit -- this is something that Henrex has performed enough to grant three main appearances for his Zanpakuto. These take the form of a three-pronged kunai, a ninjato, and a standard katana.

Kunai Form

Ninjato Form

Sword Form

Sealed Zanpakuto Powers

Zanpakutō Manipulation:

Storm Manipulation:

Sealed Zanpakutō Abilities

Weather Manipulation:

Temperature Manipulation:

Water Manipulation:

Lightning Manipulation:

Air Manipulation:

Cloud Manipulation:


Ochiru kaminari (落ちる雷, Falling Thunder):

Fukami kara no yobidashi (深みからの呼び出し, Calling From The Depths):

Teisū dōkan (定数導管, Constant Conduit): As a person who's main powers come from the aspects of storms, it should be obvious that his powers will delve into lightning. This certain ability is...very common in the theme of lightning. With Henrex controlling such a large amount of lightning, it should not come as a surprise that he would be able to absorb his element. As electricity comes into contact with Henrex's body, his body automatically responds to it by allowing it to enter his system, breaking down the electricity into raw energy that is quickly transmuted to match his own energy type, granting him a tiny portion of extra energy to draw from. While this works well with regular lightning, as well as lightning made from spiritual energy, other types of energy -- such as a Sugiuran's Psions, or a Demon's Za Koa energy are a bit harder to deal with.

While spiritual energy, along with regular lightning are instantaneous when it comes to transmutation to match him, other foreign energy sources that are vastly different to his own take a lot longer, as well as more downsides. For Psions, Za Koa energy and the like, it does not grant him any extra energy to draw from, and takes around three posts to fully transmute.

Hageshī gōon (激しい轟音, Torrential Roar): Blast of water and electricity

Storm Kata: This is a sword style that Raiu created to fully utilize the aspects that make up both Henrex, and himself. While it originally started out as a sword style that Henrex created, Raiu was able to fully extend it's capabilities through his own powers, which are also granted through Henrex due to Raiu being his Zanpakuto. The main way of using this kind of sword style is using a large, or long bladed weapon in order to make large, sweeping strikes that aim to give out large damage in the form of incredibly heavy strikes. However, with Raiu being able to control all the aspects of storms, he has shown to further the style by adding in parts of his abilities. For example, a thrust attack could shoot out a lightning bolt, or a simple swing could let out a wave of water, or a massive gust of wind. While there are many applications to this sword style, these are only mere examples of what it can do.


Shikai Release Phrase: Lightning screams, and thunder wail! The winds howl, and the rains hail!

Shikai Appearance: The appearance of Henrex's Shikai is actually rather basic. Similar to how someone like Zin Yuudeshi's Shikai works -- when the release command is said, does nothing aside from flare his spiritual energy, and causing a large amount of lightning to sprout from the hand-guard of the weapon, and coat the blade in a large amount of said lightning. Other than that, this is all that comes from Henrex's Shikai.

Mental Alterations From Shikai

Increasingly Aggressive:

Easily Irritated:



Shikai Abilities:

Den'atsu Regalia:

Pressure Winds:

Raiju Summoning:

Shikai Weaknesses


Bankai Name: Arashi jisshi keitai (嵐実施形態, Storm Embodiment)

Bankai Release Phrase:

Bankai Release Actions:

Bankai Appearance:

Mental Alterations From Bankai

Bankai Abilities

Tide Jewels: Spawned at his wrists, can be sent out one at a time or all at once to create a massive explosion of water.

Scalding Winds:

Kaminari Ryujin:

Bankai Weaknesses

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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:43 pm

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”
― Mikhail Bakunin

The Hollow Within

Inner Hollow Name: Saigai (災害, Disaster)
Inner Hollow Titles: The Calamitous King, Hakai no chichi (破壊の父, Father of Destruction),
Inner Hollow Age: Unknown, presumed to be in the thousands.
Inner Hollow Gender: Male

False Appearance Picture:

True Appearance Picture:

Inner Hollow Personality

Inner Hollow Personality



Creativity in Destruction:

Serenity in Chaos:


Powers of a Corrupt

Natural Abilities

A Body Unshackled By Time:

Abundant Energy Reserves:

Unstable Energy:

Master Swordsman:

Experienced Hand-To-Hand Fighter:

Racial/Unique Abilities

Hollow Racials:

High-Speed Regeneration:

Sekai no kaitai (世界の解体, World Deconstruction):

Jigoku no saigai (地獄の災害, Hell's Disasters):

» Hollow Mask Appearance:


Vizard Powers

General Mask Powers
  • Power Augmentation
  • Enhanced Spiritual Power
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Mask Regeneration

Hollow Consumption:

Access To Hollow Skills:

Enhanced Regeneration:


Resurrección Release Phrase: Sakujo, Saigai. (削除, 災害: Delete, Disaster)

Resurrección Release Actions: N/A

Resurrección Appearance

Resurrección Abilities

Continuous Corruption: Inverted forms of his abilities

Temporal Destruction:

Spacial Destruction:

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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:43 pm

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


General Information: Within this stage, Henrex has an entirely new powerset. He loses access to all of his previous powers from his Zanpakuto, his Inner Hollow, even to most of his natural traits such as his regeneration. The only thing that remains is his taijutsu, his kenjutsu, his swordsmanship, and his natural speed and strength. As to make up for this, Henrex gains a new set of abilities only available to him in this stage.

Terms of Use: Unknown

Release State Name: Chōten (頂点, Pinnacle)

Chōten Release Actions: Henrex must put away all weapons, before clasping his hands together in a pseudo-prayer, before speaking the release phrase.

Chōten Release Phrase: Kansei sa seru, Chōten (完成させる, 頂点: Finalize, Pinnacle)

Chōten Appearance:

Mental Alterations From Chōten

Absolute Serenity:



No Remorse:


Physical Condition

Transcendent Spiritual Power:

Immense Levels of Strength:

"Surpass Mankind" Level of Speed:

Absolute Self-Control:

Nigh-Inability to Feel Pain:

Chōten Stage Abilities

Buddha Beads:


Amenonuhoko (天沼矛, Heavenly Jeweled Spear):

Yawarakai-Te (Tender Hands): Self-Healing, and able to heal others.

Juuchi Yosamu (10,000 Cold Nights):

Hagaromo (Feather Dress):


Ama-no-Iwato (天岩戸, literally means "The cave of the sun goddess" or "heavenly rock cave"):

Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙の剣):

  • Dazzling Offensive:

  • Glorious Charge:

Eye of Izanagi:

Body Of The Sun: Amaterasu's Blessings

Body Of The Sun - Amaterasu's Blessings:

Samsara Break:

Chōten Stage Weaknesses

Extreme Fatigue:

Immense Energy Drain:

Immense Pain:

No Access To Prior Abilities:

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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:43 pm

Equipment/Other Resources

» PhantomTech: Yes.

Phantom Tech Powers

Data Storage:

Immense Mental Capacity:

Code Crafter: Creates code for things, such as attacks.

Code Crafter Techniques

Code Breaker: This is simply the ability to break any kind of code that he has made, disassembling it back into raw code and drawing it back to either the Lexicon, or his PhantomTech in general (or anything connected to those things).

Phantom Tech Abilities

The Lexicon: Similar to Archive Magic. Is a giant digital system that can download, upload, etc

World Scribe:

Optical Camouflage:

Other Equipment/Resources

» Denreishinki:

» Gokon Tekko:

» Gigai:

Self-Made Equipement

» Access To The GRID:

Ninja Equipment

» Kunai:

» Shuriken:

» Blowdarts:

» Kusarigama:

» Fukiya (Blowdart Tube):

» Makibishi:

» Metsubushi: [Effects Only Last One Post]

» Ninjato:

» Kaginawa:

» Wooden Water Spiders:

Equipment Received From Other Sources

» Cassiel's Confinement:

» Jou-no-Chi: The Blade Of Order:

» The Nemesis Rune:

» Access To The Hero Network:

» Cybermind Purchases #1:

» Cybermind Purchases #2:

» [url=][/url]

» [url=][/url]

» Item Name: Heikō (平行, Parallel)
» Item Type: Henrex/Alternate Persona only

» Used For: Offense

» Item Description:

I. Relationships with Other Characters

» Zen:

App Links:

» Hayden Desmond:

App Links:

» Kuro Okami:

App Links:

» Arianda Vael:

App Links:

» Cirno Iramasha:

App Links:

» Shadin Yuudeshi:

App Links:

» Ichika Yuudeshi:

App Link:

» Mana Asthavon:

App Links:

I. Relationships With Other Races





The Sugiurans:


The Iramasha:


I. Relationships With Organizations

Gotei Reformed:

Shadow Fall:


The Yuudeshi Family:

Vastime Nation:

The Vanguard:

I. Other Relationships/Affiliations

Astillon Family:

Kodai (古代, Ancient):

Wanderer's Valley:

Wudang (武当):

Shaolin (少林):

Scholars (君子堂):

Tangmen (唐门):

Royal Guards (锦衣卫):

Palace Of Shifting Flowers:

I. NPC Information

Lust, Henrex's Guardian:

Zhao, The Crazy Companion:

I. Education

The Basics:



Chinese Education:

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation:
  • Cero:
  • Mask Protection:
  • Hollow Control:

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill:
  • Garganta:
  • Cero/Bala:
  • Regeneration:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

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Subject Post 8PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:43 pm


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Subject Post 9PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:44 pm


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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]   Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:44 pm


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Henrex Astillon, The Unholy Storm [REVAMP] [Previous Tier: 1-2+] [WIP]
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