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Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:03 pm



How obnoxious can all these people be? Kakine wasn't too fond of people acting as if they were heroes. Heroes die young and live worthless lives, there was no need for someone to have to force themselves into such a role. It seemed that those wishing to defend the Gotei weren't very prone to understanding that line of thinking however, the clashing of energy continuing to extend itself from the center of attention. Stefan Soan was obviously the target for the group that attempted to attack him, their actions being quite heroic indeed. Sighing quietly to himself, he watched as Stefan had his way with those that continued to move forward.

Zen was in quite the awkward situation, his body already looking battered despite him only recently entered Bankai. Kakine knew little of the Captain given his time in the gotei, the loud bang that rang throughout the air catching him by surprise. It seemed he had quite a few things up his sleeve despite his tattered look, Kakine's eyes drifting towards the other two women that seemed to take part now. One, if they were to be described, was a tiny dog. At least, to Kakine's eye she resembled that of a dog. Yuki seemed formidable despite the strength she gave off, his eyes taking in the lone figure now as he watched. Lycoris was a member of the Gotei, though Kakine very little about her. It was obvious that the Gotei was in for some trouble with the band of defenders that had arrived in place of the stronger folks of their ranks.

Turning towards the exploded buildings that Carter, a Captain, had caused to become utterly destroyed, Kakine sighed and watched Stefan carefully. At least, he attempted to watch the man. In reality, Kakine had become distracted from a boy that ran straight towards him. Of course, the shinigami was attempting to reach Stefan, but running towards Kakine was the last thing he should have been doing in such a situation. The wall that previous stood towards his back now extended forward, smacking against Henrex's form in an attempt to halt his idiotic rushing.

"Seems like you wanna be dead, apparently." Turning away from the annoying man, Kakine attempted yet again focus, watching events unfold yet again as Stefan had his way. Each movement was precise, his actions only worthy of a master in his art. Deflecting and slicing his way through the assault was child's play for him, something that left quite an odd taste in the Yuudeshi's mouth. Why wouldn't he just kill those around him and fight Kakine on his own? Fighting someone of a Child's strength wasn't the most fun, and it seemed that his attempt to destroy the Gotei was a bit lack luster.

Clearing his throat, he jerked a thumb towards Henrex before groaning. "I don't really understand whats going on. You say you want to destroy us but you could have ended everyone here before I even arrived. Is there really a reason to keep fighting if you aren't killing those in your way? Way play with your food?" Questioning Stefan, the Zero Division Leader folded his arms before continuing. "I mean, do you really just want to kill people that are so weak compared to yourself?" Kakine knew of who Stefan was as a name, not a face. He seemed different than what his name brought forward, his actions were without a doubt powerful, they lacked any really death threats to the Yuudeshi however.

Of course, he could be entirely wrong, his eyes gazing to the side of his figure before a wave of spiritual energy exerted itself from his body. It went backwards, continuing to push the wall that once rested behind him towards Henrex, attempting to remove him entirely from the equation. "If need be, just fight me. No reason to kill others. Killing a Yuudeshi would be an Achievement anyways, maybe you could even get a reward."

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A Test of Strength (Assault on the New Generation) - Page 3 Empty Re: A Test of Strength (Assault on the New Generation)

Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:25 am

A Test of Strength (Assault on the New Generation) - Page 3 JCRrxmK

Artist: Final Fantasy 13-2 OST - Song: The Last Hunters (Battle Theme) - Word Count: N/A

It seemed as if things would finally rise above the level of slight annoyance to actual battle with two sides combating each other. Stefan Soan had placed himself into a position to be assaulted on all sides by multiple foes simultaneously. Almost anyone else would quickly succumb to an assault of this magnitude, but when it came to fighting few stood on par with the beast of the Monsuta. His entire existence had revolved around battling the greatest of the great, a blood lust that had alienated almost every single person he'd come into contact with over the years. Even Stefan himself had previously had trouble keeping this lifestyle up consistently, but on this day none of that mattered. All that mattered was the thrill of risking death every single second. There were only two options for him now: Defeat all those who now stood before him, or die trying. There would be no fleeing, no imprisonment for Stefan. There was only destruction, either his or theirs. Time to find out who'd be sleeping in a casket tonight.

The first person to try going on the offensive again was the small girl who'd previously attempted simple trickery to bring the Monsuta Imperator down. This time she apparently went for a more direct attack as she attempted striking his neck with one his legs. Instead of reacting in the same way as he'd previously done, the Vizard instead opted to pursue a more dramatic response. With a slow breath in and out, time suddenly seemed to slow down as everything began moving, to Stefan, in slow motion. This was due to him being able to focus on every single movement and action going on around him, using his sharpened senses to first get a clear picture of all the events and people near him and then to pick up every single change no matter how small. If his body wasn't what it was, it likely wouldn't be able to keep up with his brain in situations like this...however he had trained himself to become the epitome of physical dominance. It was time to act.

With time slowed down to the point where every single millisecond was picked up by Stefan, the Shinigami girl's kick seemed like someone had pressed "Pause" with the remote. When her leg was near his neck, Stefan suddenly ducked to the ground with his open palmed left hand keeping him up and balanced. Moving so quick Kakine would be the only person likely even able to keep up with his actions, the Vizard's leg shot up like a bullet where his foot impacted the ground-facing side of Lycoris's knee. If it made impact, the bone in her knee would likely shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces while the rest of her leg would be prone to massive internal damage as well. However to prevent the girl from being launched away or trying to leave, Stefan used his much greater reach to grip her right wrist with his own right hand to pull her down and then up as he rose back to a standing position. During this movement he'd positioned her arm behind her back and twisted her front away from him so he now held her in a hammerlock. With a great amount of force he flung her forwards, aiming directly for the door of a nearby building.

This wasn't the last time Stefan would have to deal with an aggravating girl in this battle, however. The Shinigami he'd previously swatted aside was now trying out her own attack on him. She sprung up using a movement-enhancing technique until she was directly above him, where her tail then tried swirling around his neck. Again with the fucking neck.... Despite the thorny fur that covered the entirety of Yuki's tail, Stefan was able to grip it without any risk to his hand simply due to the dramatic difference between their Spiritual Pressures. Stefan's was on such a level his skin was like steel compared to the feather duster that was the girl's tail. After having his fingers wrapped firmly around said tail, the Soan pulled down with enough force to bring the entire woman down with it. As this happened his left hand launched upwards to meet her throat as she was ripped from her previous location. Holding her now by the neck, Stefan prevented any air whatsoever from reaching her lungs with his grip capable of shattering stone with no difficulty.

It was about this point in the battle when Stefan noticed the attack he'd picked up coming from the Gotei Captain could end up killing the person he was holding. Friendly fire is bullshit... Even with time slowed down to his senses the blast of pseudo-science Zen had launched at him still appeared to move quite swiftly, forcing him to react spontaneously. During the fraction of a second he had to get his thoughts in order, something suddenly ran through his mind. By the time I get rid of the girl, that energy is gonna be on me. If I do that I won't have time to form switch Mugenku into a shield. Unlucky.

With a single motion Stefan sent Yuki flying to the left into whatever rubble had survived the battle so far, creating a gap big enough between the two fighters so she wouldn't be hit by Zen's attack. However that left almost no time for himself to dodge or block it so instead he decided to just place his arms in front of his face and accept the pain. When the heat blast hit, the clothing covering his arms were vaporized on impact and his arms themselves were singed pretty severely. Immediately after this occurred, the pressure wave made contact with his body as well. Despite the force of the pressure coming from his own physical strength, thus putting it on a level far above what had so far been sent his way in this battle, Stefan refused to be pushed back even a millimeter. To be forced back was pathetic so he absorbed the complete force of the pressure wave into his body, not giving himself any room to soften the blow. This meant he suddenly felt pain through every single bone in his body, especially in his forearms which took the majority of the impact. Ow..."

When the dust settled from the explosive attack Zen had unleashed upon Stefan, he stood looking a bit worse for wear. His clothing, skin, and hair all seemed singed and damaged and there was blood dripping from his forearms where they'd been torn up. However, something was wrong. A smile was plastered across the invader's face as he not only remained still, not trembling or reacting to the pain he was in whatsoever. His bright green eyes turned to focus on Kakine as he spoke. Apparently he was questioning the Vizard's purpose and point of being here in the first place, and why he was bothering to let the weaker Gotei members try to get any hits in. The acting Captain Commander wondered why Stefan didn't just fight him mano a mano. Considering Kakine was now guilty of the same exact thing Carter had been, stopping an ally, in this case Henrex, from trying to fight that thought certainly crossed his mind. However Stefan didn't actually get annoyed until the mention of the man's name.

"Yuudeshi? Am I supposed to care about that name? Killing you wouldn't be an achievement, it'd be the same as putting anyone else down. You aren't worth more than the kid you talked down to and your name is worth jack shit to me. Yuudeshi? Like I have any fucks to give about you or your family. But congrats, you just made it to the top of my shit list for thinking your name is special. First I gotta get rid of the dick that tried killing his ally though so stay away and your intestines will remain in your gut for at least a few more minutes."

With everything he felt needed to be said out of the way, Stefan turned his gaze and attention to Zen who was still quite a ways away from him. Gripping his Zanpakutō's hilt with his right hand, Stefan drew it from it's sheath and spun it once clockwise until it rested with the blade held horizontally in front of him, the top facing to the left. After placing his left hand at the katana's tsuba, he tore it across the back of the blade which sparked a truly massive explosion of energy that enveloped the entire area. Mugenku was now covered in chaotic bolts of what appeared to electric energy that shot out in every direction. Not actually being electricity, this was a technique Stefan Soan had created and mastered over the last hundred years known as Roaku. Boiled down to it's core, it was essentially the Zanjutsu version of the Flash Goddess's Shunko. Possessing enough power to utterly destroy even Captain class Bankai, this technique was far far stronger than the Raitongiri Stefan had used to destroyed Zen's barrier earlier in the battle. If any of the weaker Shinigami attempted to approach him at this point they'd likely be torn to shreds in the process. It was clear Stefan wanted to deal with Zen now without any interruptions.

Utilizing Sui-Muko, which involved using Void Energy in his limbs to act as a dramatic boost to all of his movements to the point where he could keep up with flash step users without using any step techniques himself, Stefan launched himself from where he stood in the direction of Zen. As he did he actually was using a step technique, one of his own creation: Oto no Ugoki. By adding in multiple steps to increase his movement speed and momentum, this skill combined with Sui-Muko allowed Stefan to easily outpace even speed-oriented fighters of his own power level. Every foot Zen was capable of moving even at his maximum speed, Stefan was able to cross ten. If the Shinigami Captain tried running away or dodging, the Vizard's explosive speed would reduce the likelihood of that working to essentially null.

It wasn't until Stefan even reached Zen that the ground behind him would be blasted apart from him moving across it while his Roaku was active, decimating the terrain even further than what had already been done to it. The danger from just standing near Roaku would be enough to warrant defenses from the Captain or he'd likely suffer proximity damage including severe burns. However, any barriers erected would likely be smashed to pieces as Stefan swung his empowered Zanpakutō downwards diagonally from Zen's left shoulder to right hip. If this made contact the man would not only be massively lacerated but his very skin would be torn asunder from the sparking energy swirling around Stefan's Zanpakutō. There wasn't a Kido around that could survive this strike, let alone defend Zen from it. Even if the Shinigami did somehow manage to protect himself or dodge away Stefan would unleash an immensely powerful explosion of thunderous energy from his Roaku aimed directly at the Captain just as strong as the previous strike was. Both of these attacks were capable of taking Zen out of the fight if they hit directly, making it even clearer Stefan had become aggravated with his actions. Due to the destructive and chaotic nature of Roaku, as well as absolute control over it being required to use it in any way, Stefan was not worried about his own power being turned on himself again.

The aftermath of Stefan's attempts at one shotting Zen and completely removing him from the battle meant the terrain had become incredibly different than it was just a moment ago. There were no longer any buildings, houses, or even rubble near Stefan anymore. He stood in a circle of just dirt over two city blocks wide as even the age-old concrete coating the ground had been vaporized. Cracking his neck, Stefan Soan was ready for anything about to come his way. He had no plans to fall today.

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Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:54 am
There was nothing Zen could do. Well there were 2 things he could in the short period of time he had to react. From the moment he saw Stefan shift his gaze towards him he knew he was in trouble. He didnt have enough time. A white shield appeared infront of him. He then said "Kirakira, tsuki yo". Infront of that white shield formed a dome shaped full moon shield. He had put out his bianca ability, which would half the damage of the next attack that hit him. He also put an extra shield infront of that, but it was really meaningless.

As the sword tore through the shield it would face some resistance, the drop in speed causing it to do less damage. Still it hurt like nothing he had felt before. It tore through his skin, at the same time no blood was lost, as the wound would instantly cauterized itself due to the pure energy that came with it. If that wasnt enough, he was blown back by the explosion that utterly decimated the building around. Of course that meant that Zen didnt stop until he hit something about 3 blocks away.

Barely conscious he said "Heavenly pillars, come down and protect the fallen" as he said this incantation 5 20 foot pillars came down from the sky and fell around him, creating a 20 foot area around him. The pillars formed a barrier around Zen. While it could withstand up to a kido 58 he knew that wouldnt be enough to stop Stefans attacks if he targeted him again. This barrier would slowly heal him, but as time went on it would grow weaker and weaker.

Then things went black as he lost consciousness.

[Zen exit thread]
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Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:59 pm
Darkness take you!

Enter Henrex Astillon:
The Angel of Darkness

A Test of Strength (Assault on the New Generation) - Page 3 JCRrxmK

Artist: ThunderCats | Song: Wilykit's Lullaby | Word Count: 500


Henrex hadn't even gotten his strike in. Someone blocked him. This was the second time that he had been denied to attack. A random wall had came out of nowhere and stopped him, letting him crash into it and hit his face and nose. Recoiling and flying back with a hand on his nose, with his teeth clenched in rage. The grip on his sword tightened, and then he heard something. The voice of the girl who had called him pathetic. His eye slowly shifted into her direction.

"Are you really complaining about more backup? Quit being bitchy. It's cute, but not necessary."

Henrex's eye moved away from her, then back towards the person who had sent the wall towards him, forcing him to stop. It was....Kakine Yuudeshi. His eye narrowed with annoyance. It was annoying that he had be denied to attack twice. He said seemed like he wanted to be dead. Sighing to himself, he turned towards the Right Hand of the Soul King. His eye locked onto him. Saying nothing, Henrex simply prepared himself to attack again. However, he wasn't going to attack immediately. Instead, he would sheath his sword. Raising his right hand and pointing his index finger at Stefan, Henrex would recite the incantation for a very widely known Kido spell in the Hadō section. Hadō #31, Shakkaho.

"Ye lord. Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man. Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south."

A red orb of energy sparked to life upon the palm of Henrex Astillon's hand. The orb sparked and flashed with the lightning of the spiritual spell. Opening his eye, he allowed the Kido spell to leave the palm of his hand, flying towards the Vizard. He may not have been the best with Kido, but he did know how to use it. Turning towards Stefan, he slowly moved his hand to his sword. Wrapping his pale, gloved fingers around the hilt, he simply stared at the Vizard.

Sliding the weapon from it's sheath, Henrex immediately lowered the weapon to his side. He felt strangely calm. He felt no anger. No fear. Nothing. He simply ease. His eye slid around in the socket to the others in the area. Zen was down, and so was Carter. Two captains down. This left three moderately powerful Shinigami, the Right Hand of the Soul King, and a Vizard who could probably kill them faster than they could move.

Henrex was outmatched, but he knew that he had to do. Survive. He didn't have to win, but he had to survive. He still had things he had to do. He wasn't going to die today. Re-adjusting the scarf around his face, and spreading the black and purple wings on his back, Henrex prepared himself to fight. Denied to attack twice spent a message throughout his head. He wasn't thinking straight. He had needed to calm down and think. Now that he had, he was ready.

I walk a path...with no end....

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Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:15 pm

A Test of Strength (Assault on the New Generation) - Page 3 JCRrxmK


Artist: Pendulum - Song: Crush - Word Count: 1,223

In the midst of her assault Yuki could make out certain details within the battlefield around her. One was the familiar cracking and snapping of bone as her opponent’s leg smashed into the cloning girl’s knee. If that wasn’t painful enough, she’d then been tossed away, a crashing noise heard off in some distant building. Most likely she was out of the fight, unless she had the same sort of regenerative abilities that the wolf did. It was a shame too: she had been acting as a fine distraction, both for herself and for the captains who joined the fight.

For a moment it seemed as though her attack had worked out perfectly. Yuki’s tail managed to curl around Stefan’s neck, tightening as best it could, and while her spiritual pressure even with the unleashed Shikai was not enough to harm him she had hoped that with sheet strength alone she could begin to suffocate him. However the man’s hand was then shifted to grab onto that very same tail, tugging against it with a strength which was, compared to Yuki, entirely unmatched. Her tail was forced to abandon its attack, and soon she found the man’s other hand grasping at her throat, aiming to choke the life out of her! Even she would not last too long without air, but the man’s hands were now, for this moment, occupied.

With a blur of movement her Zanpakutō was cleaved downwards, diagonally tilted in towards the man’s neck in an attempt to decapitate him! Or, at the very least, to slash open his throat. Regardless of how this managed to turn out Yuki’s right ear did perk up, twitching once as she detected an attack from one of the captains. At this rate she would be hit by it, and it would certainly be enough to take her right out of the fight, if not slay her immediately. But perhaps her opponent would be too focused upon her to notice it? Maybe it would run right through her body, and then hit Stefan. If that were the case she would have completed her objective, although it would’ve certainly turned out bad for her.

However, as it turns out, Stefan did notice the attack. Instead of using her as a shield, as she would have expected to happen, Yuki was tossed aside and right through a nearby building. Her head impacted with stone, and while it hurt she was both durable enough to endure it and currently covered by a protective aura of dense spiritual energy. With ease she crashed straight through the wall, and then another piece of wall which still remained standing. From there she bounced off one pile of rubble, and then another, before finally rolling to a stop against a third.

Deep breaths were taken to recover the air that she’d lost, and once she had managed this she pushed herself up to her feet. Everything seemed to be in working order. A few bones had been bruised and her throat still hurt, but the regenerative power of her Shikai was already working on fixing both up. Any throbbing pain which remained was pushed out of her mind, for it would not help her at the moment. Turning to face her opponent, Yuki managed to pick up the scent of blood. Either her attack hit or the captain’s attack hit. Most likely it was the latter, but still that was a victory in her mind, for it meant that she had acted as a proper distraction!

Anger started to well up within the wolf, who continued to drift deeper into her natural ferocity. Simply a distraction was good enough for the mission, but it wasn’t good enough for her. All it did was show the world how weak she really was. No, by the end of this she would need to inflict a wound upon him personally. The aura which surrounded her flared out slightly, flickering more wildly like a growing flame.

Suddenly chaotic energy filled the entire area, as Stefan seemed to be preparing for something bigger. Even at her current range tiny cuts occasionally appeared upon her uniform. Getting any closer would end her life at the moment. Moving in to an attack was pointless. She would need to bide her time and wait for another opening. When Stefan bolted forward Yuki followed, although at a distance, hoping to keep close enough to launch an attack with flash step, although not yet utilizing it while she waited for the proper moment. It was quite difficult to even attempt keeping up with the monster of a man, and while she did start to lag behind she still attempted to at least keep within the general area. She also had to worry about flying debris cast off by the man’s sheer explosive burst of movement, but that wasn’t much of an issue for her considering most of it simply bounced off her protective aura. Even if she couldn’t exactly see him she could still follow his scent, although it was becoming increasingly difficult due to the amount of debris particles being uplifted into the air.

Within the brief moment of impact yet another captain was taken out of the fight, impacted by the monstrous attack, which had sent him flying off to who knows where. Hopefully he was still alive, not that Yuki could really focus too much on it for the moment, nor would she given the current state of mind she was in. Next it was the black winged Shinigami’s turn. Immediately following Stefan’s attack he unleashed a kido towards their opponent. This would serve as her distraction.

A burst of energy flowed through her legs as Yuki utilized flash step, moving to appear on the opposite side of Stefan. With any luck the kido would give off a more powerful energy signature, which might draw the man’s attention towards it. Still, there was another captain who remained, and creating an opening for him to exploit was still her primary objective. Actually drawing blood from the invader was simply something which she desired. Either result would bring her at least some happiness and fulfillment.

Another burst of energy followed when the kido neared Stefan, this would designed to bring her right in behind the man. Each flash step was draining, especially while her Shikai was active, and at this rate she wouldn’t be able to last too much longer. Still, it wouldn’t matter much anyways if she was simply taken out of the fight, so she might as well throw everything she had into the encounter. Crouched low, Yuki held her blade in both hands to her right side, although only very briefly before it was thrust forwards and up towards the center of his back! With growing ferocity and the power of her Shikai Yuki pushed every ounce of available strength into this one attack. If she was lucky then she would create a proper distraction alongside the Kido for the only remaining captain to utilize. If she was really luckily then she might even break through his spiritual pressure and run him through. But if she was unlucky then she would be intercepted yet again. This time her opponent might not be so forgiving, but she would simply have to wait and see how things turned out.

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