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Thu Sep 28, 2023 1:23 am

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Liltotto Lamperd
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details:


NEW Mortal Vessel
The human incarnation of the Stomach of the Soul King, borne of a wish for a child and a great power’s desire for humanity - the remnants of her previous life’s ego lying in as a personification of this inherited power within her soul as a spirit, not much unlike that of a Zanpakuto.

Such a potentially catastrophic power could only be contained within a body capable of handling it without being torn apart, Liltotto’s body actually acting as a powerful seal forged by that sacrifice’s conditions.

Because of this, her true power cannot be casually unleashed - it is like she is operating with a constant seal until such a thing is broken, the ability to do so granted by the newly forged bond she made with that spirit within her. She cannot gain any further increases to her Spirit Class in her basic state or false release state - such increases left only to her true release.

REPLACING Spiritual Resistance
Liltotto appears to have a natural "resistance" to any kind of offensive spiritual energy, taking the form of her body passively 'eating' it, which forms a full-body protection. While it isn't significant enough to completely protect her from stronger attacks, things like passive harmful field effects, a normal hollow's acidic touch, poisons, etc. will just end up broken down and consumed, hardly bothering her.

REPLACED WITH Dissolutive Coat
Liltotto’s body possesses a natural protective coating not much unlike that of an Arrancar’s Hierro, except rather than being a spiritual hardening of defenses it is a deconstructive barrier. Rather than acting as a barrier, it is sort of a natural immune system for her, specifically targeting the spiritual in order to negate it via her body passively consuming the harmful force - Things like a hollow’s Acid Touch, malicious ambient field effects, sprayed toxins, etc. are hardly a bother to her normally.

It behaves protectively in proper altercations as well, scaling with Power Control vs the opponent’s respective attack skill; if they are evenly matched, it will reduce the damage dealt by 25%. If it succeeds her skill, the reduction is only 15%. If it is inferior to her skill, the reduction is 50%.

Child Soldier ADDITIVE
Having been raised in the Lichtreich as an “outsider”, Liltotto’s previous incapability of forming Quincy weapons had been met with ruthlessness in her training, and by extension a need to adapt. In her younger years, she primarily learned to fight with evasiveness and the studying of her opponent, as she was forced to fight her more capable peers unarmed. Where she lacked in physical strength she made up for with smarts and terrain advantages, using whatever resources she could to defeat her opponents rather than raw strength or power. This was training she was engaged in her entire life in preparation for the invasion, so it was quite cutthroat and lacking in mercy or excuse.

Upon growing older, she was able to train with arms typical of a thousand years ago, catching on quickly and being able to competently use anything she got her hands on and got a feel for wielding, proving herself to be an unconventionally threatening combatant to the spiritual back then and even into the present with tools or resources at her disposal. She also is a prolific hunter, being quite skilled in the use of tools both antiquated and new.

Mediated Power ADDITIVE
Ever since she was little, she has had a foundation of needing to have control over her consumptive abilities, thoroughly training herself to lash out only in expected ways, having pinpoint control of her bite’s strength and empowerment as well as working herself to a point where even her hunger can’t drive her power, as her greatest worry was in lashing out to bite or eat another. She also has considerable control of what she swallows, being able to spit out undesirable substances or objects.

Between the entities she ate prior to her long sleep and after, developing new abilities to survive the wastes was of little issue. With relation to her experiences, she is able to formulate constructs and abilities from her own native reserves, with both imagination and emulation of the Quincy she witnessed growing up, able to seamlessly modify the nature of these weapons from their basic constitution and determine who or what is harmed by them. If ever pressed, she may create something new for that unfamiliar situation, and with practice to such can add something new to her arsenal.

REMOVED Excellent Swordsmanship
Due to the pressures of the growing chaos in the world around WW3, Liltotto taught herself the art of the sword. Mostly going off of literature, she learned how to use the weapon she could manifest to the best of her ability. She shows great skill in the use of a sword, despite being self taught.



False Name: 饕一 (Touitsu; Gluttonous One)

False Phrase + Action: "Nodo, Touitsu (嚥饕一; Swallow, Gluttonous One)" - Liltotto reaches into her mouth and pulls a weapon out of the darkness that juts from her throat.


Left Ajar
Upon releasing, Liltotto gains the boost of her equivalent level in Kreuzen, except that, rather than operating at the scale of a Letzt Stil, this state scales exactly as a Vollstandig’s potency in exchange for her to not have to abide by a time limit.

In this state, Liltotto gains the ability to open ways through a Garganta not much unlike Hollows or Arrancar by tearing the space in front of her open with her weapon. The stability of the Gate is based off her Power Control, but even at higher levels she can only traverse through with at most a small party of people (Less than 8). It is not practical for combat given it’s small size and inflexibility.

Though with her present defenses this may not be a typically shown ability, Liltotto gains a healing factor much like an Arrancar who chose not to give up their natural regeneration. Almost as if another force is knitting her flesh back together. Small, white ribbon-like structures form to pull back together and restore any wounds, however it is entirely limited to wounds that aren’t immediately or impendingly deadly to her as it takes time for the spiritual fibers to do their work. Though, it does leave her hungrier.

(Ex. A hole punched through her chest to damage her heart or lungs is far more irrevocable due to the extensive amount of and complexity of the organs damage without any outside assistance, but a sliced arm is capable of being restored if the strewn arm can be retrieved. Extensive damage to the head, brain, or other delicate areas are similarly too complex to mend on it’s own.)


Tools of Remembrance

The weapon Liltotto pulled from her throat is no simple tool, but rather a smaller fragment of her true power. The lives that have passed through her prior and current self’s body have left behind their selves to nourish her development, and many of those are of warriors from a time long past who had surrendered themselves. This enables this weapon to change shape, to the form of a bow, sword, or spear, to be used much like in those lives used to purpose them, empowered by them. (Cannot transform twice in the same post)

Of The Quincy
A compiled form based off of the power Quincies hold, their pride and desire to slay the hollows terrorizing mankind, Liltotto’s own will used as a basis to unite and wield those emotions and memories into a manifested form: A bow. Although the handle of the weapon is formed from her own Reiryoku, the larger form and attacks created by this bow are of Reishi gathered from the environment, and therefore result in the destruction of the soul of those she slays with it.

Regen (Rain)
Rather than simply firing many arrows at a designated target, this technique looses hundreds of arrows into the sky and ground within a single, large projectile, the result creating an opposal rain of teeth-like arrows with a peculiar quality; each arrow falls or rises at a random variety of speeds, turning one large rain into a lasting, tricky to predict environmental hazard. It lasts a sizable duration (3 posts), and the minimal area it can affect is about a 20 meter radius, the most being the extent her current spirit class allows.

Vollkrampen (Full Claw)
The full extent of her basic bow’s power, Liltotto draws her bow tautly for a moment, before a vast array of arrows tethered to large, reinforced chains are unleashed, lunging for or bouncing off of surfaces to gun for their target. These chains have the same reaching and tightening elements as their lesser ability, though they are much larger, stronger, and numerous, allowing the capture and restraint of more unruly or larger targets in a fraction of time. In addition, the chains possesses 25% of the disintegrative properties her body possesses, so those ensnared will also find their defenses deteriorating at whatever appropriate pace.

Samen (Seed)
To the unsuspecting, Liltotto may appear to foolishly miss several of her arrows, these instead striking the ground, wall, or whatever surface rather than her opponent. In actuality, each of these arrows possesses a splintering of her Reiryoku, loaded with a trap she can plant anywhere the arrow falls. This is simply a more far reaching and underhanded method to fill the battlefield with her hazards.

Of the Death Gods
A compiled form based on the power Shinigami hold, their existential duty and work, Liltotto’s own will used as a basis to unite and wield those emotions and memories into a manifested form; A sword. Being killed by this have their soul consumed by her power.

Satsu (颯, Flurry)
With but one hand or extended by the chain that connects to her arm at the end of the weapon, Liltotto can loose a methodical flurry of slashes to fend off attacks or slice into her enemies, skillfully spinning the sword around herself with a blade sharpened with sizable control and will. She can also split the sword in two to double the amount of strikes, the weapons connected by a lengthy chain.

Jugeki (重撃, Heavy Strike)
With a two-handed swing, Liltotto unleashes a sudden torrent of energy in the shaped of a snapping jaw that tears through the earth toward her enemy to slice into them, the sharpness and potency of the attack being enough to slice limbs off or even split targets cleanly in two. Though the size of the controlled slice is not tremendous enough in size to raze a field nor able to travel further than 5 meters, the concentrated blow meant to be a mid-ranged, devastating strike.

Ketsu (歇, Rest)
A true strike for weakened or opponents nearing death, the point of her blade radiates with energy, delivering a devastating stab to her opponent’s vital organs or head to finish them in a single stroke, the resulting pulse bursting from the tip enough to violently yet cleanly tear apart the part it makes contact with. This technique’s effectiveness is only ensured on weakened, near-death enemies.

Of The Living
A compiled form based off of a living individual's own will to survive, persist, and evolve with Liltotto’s own will as a basis to unite and wield those emotions and memories into a manifested form: A spear. Entirely formed of her Reiryoku, it is resemblant of a Fullbringer’s precious object amplified by their spirit. Being killed by this has their soul consumed by her power.

With an upward or downward swing, Liltotto multiplies the sharpness and strength of her weapon’s strike with a swelling crash of energy with teeth-like formations, making the edge of her blade powerful enough to slice into even particularly tough opponent’s defenses. The area size of this strike can be increased to cut even into larger opponents, at most a 2-3x increase in blade length without losing power.

With a labored swing, Liltotto can instead make her weapon incredibly blunt and capable of smashing or crushing power, the seemingly lightweight weapon crushing an opponent with a swing. If cuts do not work, this is to give her the option to smash by similar means of empowerment.

A combination of the prior two ability’s traits - with a directional stab, Liltotto can thrust her weapon forth and deliver a powerful piercing blow to gouge a hole in her opponent. Though requiring her to be grounded and stable, this strike proves powerful to create a smaller spread but equally devastating wound.



(Disclaimer: I am not intending on her to have access to this right away - I want this narratively only to come up during a dire situation, be it the next fighting event or something down the line. It's meant to be recognized only as the nuclear, high-risk option.)

True Name: Kaiseijin Soshu (徊聖人葬主; Wandering Saint, Lord of Burial)

Invocation + Action: "Mata Sho Nichi wa Sawaru, Kaiseijin Soshu. (又昇日は触徊聖人葬主; Rise To Feel The Sun Again, Kaiseijin Soshu)" - Liltotto stabs her belly with her weapon. She must be in her False Release in order to execute this motion, or else would require something or someone powerful enough to penetrate her body.


Zaitetsuo (罪餮王; Gluttonous Sin King)
Upon releasing, Liltotto gains the boost of her equivalent level in Power Control, scaling much like a Letzt Stil, however sacrificing 300% of the potency for a longer duration, circulating tremendous internal reserves from her stomach as opposed to drawing in external reishi. Upon this extended timer running out, she will fall unconscious due to using up her own reserves, and will be unavailable for the rest of the thread. (6 posts; will not increase with advancement!).

Saijunkan (再循環, Recycle)
Being devoured by the Stomach of the Soul King is in actuality not the end for those who have been consumed. The consumptive power of the fragment is only half it’s true power, rediscovered with Liltotto’s reconnection with and acceptance of the spiritual embodiment housed within her soul.

Entities that are digested by the stomach are actually broken down into basic components - their mental constitution: personality, memories, emotions, are consumed and kept perpetually within the being as sustenance and the formation of adaptive abilities, while their physical constitution is near entirely separated from their personal makeup, later to be released. However, this is not the destruction of the soul, but rather the taking apart and reconstitution of it: newly born souls cleansed of their life’s sins and vices are released into the cycle to start anew, spared of their sins in life and done as a hollow, to be but the burden of the saint to bear so that they may not be subject to eternal suffering in Hell.

This release does not happen automatically however, Liltotto’s body preventing the free departure of new souls, and thus only occurs upon the ending of her release in the consequence of having expelled all of the energy locked up inside of her.

Reiho (霊芳, Spiritual Scent)
In this state, Liltotto’s eyesight is weakened to such an extent she may as well be blind, but that isn’t to say she is helpless. Adopting her previous life’s method of sight, this is a sixth sense not much unlike Reikaku, however it is tied to her sense of smell instead of sight, serving largely the same purpose in the sensing of other’s energy and orientation, but with several differences:

- Reiatsu is emitted off of their owners much like a pulsating mist, and can leave visible “scent trails”. It is possible to overwhelm this by having too many signatures active at the same time. The origin of the scent is always the brightest, allowing her to easily differentiate the actual entity from tricks such as speed clones or sprays of energy.

- This “mist” moves and intensifies according to the owner’s emotional state, effectively giving the ability to discern the apparent intent of an opponent. Readings may not be fully accurate, but Liltotto in this state will instinctively react accordingly to what she can pick up.

- Attacks, fields, or otherwise also give off the same “mist”, intensifying at points of expulsion and tossing traces in the anticipated point of initial touchdown. (Ex. If a Hollow were to be firing a Cero, she would detect a considerably dense collection of mist, having an extra second or two to get out of the way or react as the particles would be thrown in the direction of fire).

- Entities do not have to be within line of sight to be detected, this alternate sight allowing for 360 degree vision, but the range of which she can pick up those not in front of her falls off past 50 meters, appearing more like ghostly smudges or translucent mists that could be mistaken for weaker scents.

Iji (意地; Will)
Even in this form’s seemingly erratic movements and motives, Liltotto has not lost control of herself. Rather, this form is an extremified externalization of her instinctive wants and needs within a situation, most lines of active logical thought closed out to ensure the fixation is not disturbed or deterred in any way. To make the long short, allies aren’t at direct threat of being harmed by her if they aren’t a direct hindrance to her goal.

Senryo (川靈; River of Spirits)
From her release action, the outburst of energy from stabbing herself is actually the externalize current of Reishi finally being released from her stomach, flowing in and out of her to be used by her for the duration of her the release, appearing like translucent black currents of water-like constructs flowing around and into her body. The amount of Reishi is comparable to a reishi-dense plane, dissipating as the release fades out and the energy passes on.


Shokuju (織綬; Weaving Ribbons)
Despite her appearance, upon releasing her body converts to Reishi for it’s duration, covering radiating black flesh in what can only be described as pure white pulsating spirit ribbons with the only color being hints of gold and yellow structures.

These aren’t for show or modesty; they are in fact a construct of her Reiryoku, serving the purpose of restoring her body to it’s original form (Aka her typical, healthy body.) should any harm have been dealt to her: weaving wounds shut, reattaching or reforming discarded limbs, even able to retrieve her head if that were to be lopped off. For the duration of this release, the majority of wounds one would find difficult to survive from are able to be mended, short of complete annihilation.

Though this high rate of healing does not last upon the end of this state’s run, so if Liltotto were to incur significant damage before the dispellation, it will stick.

Shukei (終警; Final Warning)
A roar unheard by the world for generations, the mere sound and sensation of this roar strikes fear into those who listen, especially beings blindly driven by instinct. Beings of lesser mind or fortitude will be struck with the horrible terror of cornered prey, causing them to flee or enter a state of confused panic, overriding their natural instincts temporarily with the need to save themselves from the coming threat: a god hungry for their sins.

Anyone or anything possessing Adept and above in any of their Mental Skills will not be hit with the pure, blinding fear, but will feel the instinctive dread - to what amount will depend on whatever further level or the individual themselves.

Zaisei Ouyoku (罪清王翼; Sin-Cleansing King’s Wing)
The ribbons decorating her body serve another purpose - they are her wings, and her mouths. Even a mere touch of these deceptively static-looking cloth strips will tear apart and consume anything they touch with far more potency and at a far faster rate than contact with her being, an amplified version of her ability to bite through and consume most anything, able to be used as a method of movement by violently swirling or pushing against surfaces, or to be extended to directly inflict contact with a weaving of these deceptive forms.

Their movements are highly reactive and instinctive - hardly much thought or deliberation is put into where and how they are orientated, moving along with environmental stimuli to react to danger. Anytime they are broken, they are simply restored by the constant flow of energy reinforcing them. The furthest the ribbons can reach out is about 50 meters.

» Supporting Material:

So, this is the result of a character arc I had in mind for Liltotto all the way back when she was first approved - I had set her up with the intention of expanding upon her later, both because on the onset I wasn’t very sure of what the full extent of ‘her’ should be, and she was a character in a place that had the potential for major growth.

While the “end” wasn’t entirely clear to me until this year, Liltotto’s character definitely went from an outcast to someone who opened up to and connected with people, formed a dedication to a cause she actually believed in, and wants to actually participate for lack of a better word.

Going on to actually face this part of herself that she has felt nothing but dread toward, particularly the consequences of ‘letting it loose’, felt like an important part of her arc to continue on. She needed to stop fearing this imagined negative self in order to grow and fully realize her strength as a piece of the Soul King, so with the latest thread in her timeline (as of this upgrade) she does just that - goes down, conflicts with, until finally coming to a level of understanding, and then finally accepting and seeing the spiritual manifestation of her power as a mutual than a monster. She has the satisfaction of knowing the people who othered her were wrong to do so instead of being tortured by the idea that maybe they were right.

It took a lot of thought and consideration of her current abilities to figure what would be a natural expansion of them, and I feel I have done my best to present the actualization of the aforementioned themes.

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I. Additional Information

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