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Elyss, again. (Sieghart) Empty Elyss, again. (Sieghart)

Sun Sep 03, 2023 4:42 pm

I. Upgrade Information

» Character Name: Elyss Kishimoto
» Character Application:

» Upgrade Details: Kido to Advanced from Adept / Zanjutsu to Untrained from Advanced / Birth of Shunko strats

» Supporting Material:

Kido Support (Start of understanding Kido) (Shown practicing) (Further Kido usage) (Unfinished but will display Kido usage)

Shunko Support (Experienced the use of Hakuda)

Zanjutsu Support (Tenmarin died)

I. Additional Information

Rudimentary Shunko:

This is far from anything applicable in a sensible way. Elyss has simply begun exerting energy from her body in a sufficient manner from before after experiencing Shunko techniques and training her own usage of Kido. If anything, this is just showing that she has the capability of learning Shunko, but her usage of energy has now begun showcasing itself in somewhat explosive detrimental ways.

A punch can now come out with an extra kick, like an explosion, and her leaking Reiryoku now has a warm sensation to it. Anyone with a knack for Kido will be able to see the hint of fire in Elyss' Reiatsu, bleeding out with her exertion, but it's clear the redhead lacks any refined training of it.

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