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Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:18 am
= Completed =

Turn Back The Pendulum: It all starts, After Life
[A look back to a Hanako, back in her academy days.]

Turn back the pendulum: I know what you did last week
[Once again Hanako meets Tento and the two of them make peace]

The New Captain's Summons
[After graduating from the Academy, Hana participates in what first seems like a harmless tryout for new recruits, in the form of a test of various skills. But the Captain of the 4th Division has his own ideas how to perform these tests and soon things aren't as harmless anymore.]

Business as usual
[After being accepted into the 1st Division, Hanako sets out on her first mission. What begins as a routine patrol of the Outer Rukongai soon takes a turn for the worse, when her partner vanishes and she is attacked by a bunch of Hollows. But in the end, the trip seemed to be only an illusion.]

A Day at the Dojo
[What began as a normal day of training and exercise for Hanako turned into a sparring and ended with an emotional storm and the winning of a friend.]

If that thou hast the gift of strength...
[When she attended the tryouts for the 4th, Hanako witnessed the incredible power of Ulv Auber. So naturally, she sought her out and asked her for help in getting stronger. Things took an unexpected turn and Hanako learned the basics of a new technique and a lesson for life.]

Graceful and Grateful
[After almost destroying the lunch of Hime, Hanako got into a conversation with her. What had almost been culinary calamity ends up being a pleasant talk between two women. For the first time Hanako tells someone about the events of her first mission, still unsure if it really happened. When Hime believes her, it encourages Hanako to search for some answers.]

Once I saw a flower there...
[After her last encounter with Ulv Hanako comes back to embark on a steamy adventure. Confused by her own feelings she seeks out Ulv. Although it starts out like the wet dream of a naughty schoolgirl, in the end it turns to a short but galvanising nightmare when Hanako realised she bit off more than she could chew]

High Noon
[Being one that always looks for opportunities to improve her skills, Hanako gladly accepted a general invitation for a training, that Magnolia Everfrost, the lieutenant of her own squad, had issued. The training, focused on swords, came at a time when Hanako still believed that her sword wasn't a real Zanpakuto. However Magnolia would go about to force Hanako to change some of her views, at least open her mind to some possibilities. Also, the young Shinigami found a deep respect and admiration for Magnolia.]

The Castle of Sand and Moonlight
[After their training, Magnolia invites Hanako on a journey to Hueco Mundo, the homeworld of the Hollows. There, Hanako learns something about the transience of things and a door in her mind is opened forcefully. (discontinued, posting partner went inactive)]

The Book of Rain (past/solo) - Part One
[A glimpse into Hanako's past, when she was a young human girl. The mortal girl Ameko was a radically different person than Hanako. Empathic, emotional and artistically inclined, rather than the well trained, at least outwardly cold amazon she would come to be more than half a century later.]

One Lump or Two
[Hanako engages in a demanding, but ultinately very rewarding training session held by Jaeden Crow. Not only did he allow Hanako to work on her sword skills, he also found a simple way to grt her out of her comfort zone and improving strength by weighing down her blade. Additionally he taught her the first three forms of Shigue Shirin Ryu (two offensive and one defensive. Hanako will probably never use the latter because of the unique und emotionally painfull way she activates it.).]

Broken Fists, Staunch Defense
[By chance Hanako runs into Elyss and begins an intense sparring session in hand-to-hand combat. The two women didn't pull any punched, but had to stop the session when an injury on Elyss's arm, that hadn't healed yet, started acting up. Afterwards, for relaxation, the two of them visit a public bath, wherr they learn a lot about each other. The biggest surprise comes in the end when Elyss seemingly asks Hanako out on a date.]

Your own personal demon
[On a field trip to the world of the living, in search for Hollows and answers, hanako meets the demon Yuukinan and her hellbeast-companion Ikari. What starts as a chance encounter turns into partnership of convenience, when the three are trapped in the cave in of an old mineshaft and some strange properties of the rock seals almost all of their powers. Working together they find a way out of the caves and defeat a Hollow, that used the caves as trap. And when the three parted again, they did so as friends.]

Waking the Innocent
[In the human world, in search for clues about the Hollows that had invaded Rukongai and attacked her in her very first patrol mission, Hanako encounters a Hollow named Hastur. It turns out that Hastur is vastly different from all Hollows she had met or heard from before. And though he seemingly suffers the aftermath from a devastating attack on what was once his home, he is able to give Hanako intel that shines a new and alarming light on her investigations.]

In a corner of the mind (Inner World)
[For the first time Hanako manages to enter her Inner World and establish contact to her Zanpakuto Spirit. It sparks a great joy in the young woman, who was deeply troubled by never have heard anything from her sword before. However, the Spirit doesn't seem to be able to talk and thus wasn't able yet to tell Hanako his name.]

Feel like Christmas
[A short meeting between Yoriko, hyped for christmas, and Hanako, who doesn't really understand it all.]

It's a terrible life
[Following the intel she got from Hastur, Hanako enlists the help of Elyss Kishimoto and sets out to the Rukongai to find the Hollows that allegedly live there, right under the noses of the Gotei. The first destination is the ruined village, where Hanako has her first encounter with these creatures. Upon arriving there they are caught in an Illusion, showing them alternate lives as humans in the mortal realm, where they are hunted by nightmarish monsters. Only slowly they can fight their way back, confused by memories of reality bleeding through. Hanako, named Ameko Sato, a cop, in the Illusion, constantly hears voices in her head, which add to the confusion. In the deciscive battle against the monsters, where Ameko/Hanako and Elyss try to stop the monsters, Hanako finally begins to remember, when her Zanpakuto, Bakumusha, is able to pull her into her Inner World for a short while. There she finds out that the Spirit can speak, albeit only a few words. With his help she releases her Shikai for the first time. As Elyss also remembers they crush their enemies with overwhelming force. At the end Hanako is left with two realisations: The one that made the Illusion has escaped, and that one thing in the fake life had been real: Her name really had been Ameko Sato once, before she lost all memories.]

hurry now, a bright future awaits us
[A social gathering at Hime's office. To Hanako occasions such as this are far out of her comfort zone. She decides to attend anyway, even in a new bought dress, to push herself out of isolation and become more than just the ice-queen that exists only to work and train.]

Distant Futures
[A strange letter arrives from a man Hanako has never heard of before. But he is the new Captain of the 4th Division, so she follows the letter, requesting a meeting, promptly. The unknown man, Yoshitsune Kobayashi, turns out to be no one else than Jaeden, adopted into a noble family and with new name. What he proposed to Hanako is shocking to her: He wants her as one of two Lieutenants under his command, rebuilding the Fourth and making it into what she should be. Hanako, realising her chance to do something that really mattered for the mission and duty of the Gotei, accepts. Finally her idealism seems to bear some fruits. And with this, Hanako leaves the First Division with one crying and one laughing eye, to rejoin the Fighting Fourth.]

Freeing Yourself
[With the help of her new Captain and an intense training, Hanako learns to better control her Shikai as well as it's the true ability. However, she also learns that she has to be very careful how to use this ability.]

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale
[By chance Hanako meets with Solhammond Palliser and they engage in a short hand-to-hand sparring session]

By my hand I will remake the world [event]
[When the King of Vastime looses his battle against his inner demons, Hanako has to make the Fourth Division battle ready, while Captain Kobayashi and a Vanguard is already on their way]

Not my vice
[After they had no contact for weeks, it is probably a surprise for both when Elyss Kishimoto pays a visit to the Vice Captain of the 4th Division, to deliver some reports, only to find out it is Hanako.]

[Laskt and Hanako meet in the forests of Rukongai. (sadly discontinued since Laskt doesn't seem to be able to post and the thread is at a standstill since february) ]

Life and Smokescreens
[The Soul Society detects a powerful Hollow signal in the mortal realm. Hanako takes lead and confronts the Hollow, but he is not what she had expected]

Where Warriors Gather
[When Captain Kobayashi calls for a division-meeting, the Fighting Fourth assembles]

I don't want to, but I know I have to [Inner World / solo]
[On one of her regular visits to her inner world, Hanako and Bakumusha engange in a long overdue battle, unpleasant for both, yet inevitable]

40 Fathoms
[A malfunction of the senkaimon sends Saera and Hanako into a dark and dangerous adventure]

Shopping with Grace
[A visit from Hime brightens Hanako's day. (Sadly, yet again a thread that was discontinued because of a vanished posting partner)]

Distant Horizons
[Amon Breach and Hanako visit the Lieutenant of the Healing Corps, Takehiko Kuchiki, to learn about his unique abilities and gain a new point of view.]

[(Discontinued, no posts from partner since june)]

Who Needs Sleep? (Redux)
[(Discontinued, no posts from partners since july)]

The Anti Social
[A training session were Hanako tries to help like she has been helped before]

Gone With The Wind
[The Fighting Fourth is shocked when the Captain Commander herself delivers the news of Captain Kobayashi's death]

Drinks to celebrate
[Different people handle bad news differently. Sometimes all you need is some company, food and booze]

Clinch River Gotei Briefing
[A briefing for a mission with mysterious energy, mysterious enemies and very little answers]

Cry! Fight! Stand Tall! Captain of the Fourth!
[Tensions that had been building for a while between Hanako and Elyss. Things finally come to a head when Elyss singlehandedly attacks the Fourth Division]

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