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Akira Tairitsu Multi-Upgrade.  Empty Akira Tairitsu Multi-Upgrade.

Sat Feb 10, 2024 12:59 pm

I. Upgrade Information

»Character Name: Akira Tairitsu.

»Character Application:

»Upgrade Details: Kido Advance —-> Elite.

» Supporting Material: Akira within the short timeframe of being here has always been fixated with Kido, ever since Mirai revealed that the Gotei knew about him, it shook his desire to prepare himself for the fallout. It has been since such an incident that not only has Akira thrust himself into dangerous situations about going out his way to rely on Kido as a way to regain a level of instinct with it once lost and beyond. It also his usage of Kido that he is using to begin forming devastating responses to the threat of his life.

Summary: Before the attack, Akira demonstrated a casual level of Kido usage but also insight into his day to day.

Summary: A social thread which forced Akira to contemplate his current skills and strength which ties into the day to day usage of Kido Akira goes through

Summary: Akira is accosted by a member of the Gotei, demonstrating quick usage of Kido but waking him up from his dream world.

Summary: This is where Akira overcomes his fear of being noticed, engaging in Dragon whilst showing a vast array of creative uses of Bakudo and Hadō modification.

Summary: Shortly after his Inner Hollow fight, Akira shows attempts at inlaying Bakudo and Kaido whilst simultaneously keeping conversation with Reida, showing his adaptive nature and ability to multi-task in that situation.

Summary: Another brutal engagement after being healed, believing he requires another situation to push his limitations before joining the Vandenreich. He demonstrates attempts at inlaying, creative modifications and a glimpse of a defensive spell he has been working on.

Summary: Akira is recruited and is heard out by Emil, listening to this theory of a bio-weapon created by Kido.

Summary: Stella provides Akira with insight into Blut and one half of a key into his new spell, allowing him to continue on his advancement and unique ways to use Bakudo.

Summary: During his time in South America, Akira runs into Kizuna as they discuss Hierro and unlocking the missing insight into a defensive spell he is working on.

Summary: Returning to the City of Lights, Akira is confronted with an issue created by a misunderstanding. He loses his fight against Solomon but major attempts at inlaying are made though backfire. Once again showing a new way of using Kido for him, casting a spell then combining it after.

Summary: After sometime, Akira scrubs traces of his existence from back home and is hit with a brutal situation. Zathrusta takes control temporarily and demonstrates an attempt to inlay himself using Akiras body.

Summary: Akira during Africa shows an insight into inlaid incantation and furthermore demonstrates a semi successful usage against Hollows, his creativity with Kido also seems to have increased drastically by concealing strong spells in confined areas upon his person.

» In-Character Summary: Akira in a short amount of time has engaged and evolved socially, thus effecting his outlook on Kido usage as a whole. These threads aren’t all but the most relevant threads which mimic this, furthermore it shows I feel the mental advancement he has come.

I. Additional Information


Righteous Embodiment:

Elemental Duality:

Maw’s Modification:

Sensory Stimuli:


»Upgrade Details: Focus/Willpower Beginner -------> Adept.

» Supporting Material: Akira was a former member of the Kido Corp and had been relatively detatched from engagements since his rogue nature, ever since the strike from Gotei members Mirai and Hana. He has I feel more than managed to reach back to his former skill levels, furthermore regaining a firm level of intention to grasp his ambition of striking outward. The following threads have a combination of his journey and development in these aspects.

Summary: Akira before the attack demonstrating a passive and apprehension to truly engage beyond his sphere, talking with Aiko but former issues.

Summary: The first time Akira engages with a Shinigami affiliated with Urahara in a long time, panicking and eventually leaves at the first opportunity, ready to sever ties and conceal himself.

Summary: Calypso offers advice to a stagnating Akira, whilst he takes a bit of it to heart, he acknowledge a lack of drive to commit to anything beyond his current state.

Summary: He is attacked by Mirai, the revelation setting him into a panic and causing his first Vizard awakening in a long time. The man flees as quick as possible. This combat instinct triggering the start of his fomer instinct as comfortability is dashed away. (Focus)

Summary: He laments a little to himself, though Sabriel is the first to offer support in his ambitions and thus sparks an idea that maybe he needn't be afraid of his desires. (Willpower)

Summary: Due to former events, Akira witnesses a horrific scene and is ready to leave. At the last moment he resolves himself, aware that his ambition will never come true if he continues running. Dragon uses alot of AoE and brutally destructive abilities which force him to rely on instinct.(Willpower + Focus)

Summary: Bloodied and beaten, Akira faces his Inner Zanpakuto's anger with him and Zathrusta's first attempt at claiming the body. He is warned that any further stagnation and he will not come forth at all. (Willpower)

Summary: Saved by Reida, Akira feels further justified and made aware of the Vandenreich as an option. (Slight focus due to his vulnerable state and the newcomer + Willpower)

Summary: To test his limits, an unexpected foe appears who enjoys using quick paced combat and has the ability to conceal themselves entirely. (Focus + Willpower)

Summary: Akira divulges his plan to Emil about building a counter measure, funded and successfully taking steps toward his goal. This rather suspicious activity has Akira use alot of instinct to get a measure on Emil and the surrounding situation. (Focus + Willpower)

Summary: Certain of his goal in mind, Akira manipulates the situation to begin a mass acquisition of mercenaries in the form of Isamu, Kurai, Sabriel, Medeia, Catherine and Vicente to seize China. Kurai being touchy and unpredictable forces Akira to be on edge at all times. (Willpower) (Focus)

Summary: Akira commits to his ambition wholeheartedly by shaking hands with an incredibly dangerous individual, bringing him into the world of Brazil of which whilst not individuals he believes are good for the world, self righteously goes for it. Due to the danger of Brazil and Arrancar, Akira is thrust into the lions den of assuring his surroundings are safe. (Focus + Willpower)

Summary: Another Gotei incident, Hana strikes from the treeline and triggers Akira's PTSD forcing Zathrusta to take control. After an engagement though Akira manages to wrestle it back. (Focus + Willpower)

Summary: AFRICA is a warzone, requiring him to hone his instinct in and acquire all he has brought in. The surrounding area is chaotic, alongside Sigurd who strikes from nowhere and Joshua who was infinitely quicker. Akira relies heavily on impulsive response. (Focus.)


[b]»Upgrade Details: Two Narrative based racials to add to Akira.

Hollowed Out:

Turbulent Soul:


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Akira Tairitsu Multi-Upgrade.  Empty Re: Akira Tairitsu Multi-Upgrade.

Mon Feb 19, 2024 3:28 pm
[mod]After discussing the needed changes and coming up with required balances, everything seems to check out now. I'll be going ahead and approving this. [/mod]

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